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It was a typical Thursday evening and I had just gotten off work. I was bored and didn’t feel like going home. It was about 6:30 PM and I decided to go to the local mall and see if any hair was hitting the floor. I’ve had pretty good luck at the local Visible Changes. Recently though, not much has been happening there. I figured Thursday night should be pretty good because women would be getting their hair cut before the weekend.

I arrived at the mall shortly before 7:00 PM. As I was walking toward the doors I spotted a gorgeous long legged blonde beauty. My guess is she was in her mid to late thirties. Her hair hung just past her shoulder blades and swung gently behind her as she walked. Her hair glistened as the light from the sunset reflected off it. I was walking about 15 feet behind her, watching every move she made. As she approached the double doors to the mall she stopped at a large outside ashtray and took one last drag on a cigarette. I don’t care for women that smoke, but this lady made it look elegant. As she put the cigarette out she slowly exhaled. I just stared as the smoke floated past the hair that slid off her shoulder and now hung past her face. I slowly approached the doors, not wanting to appear that I was following her. I was in luck, just as I grabbed the handle a couple also arrived and I was able to hold the door open for them. I only had to wait a couple of seconds for the blonde to reach the door as I held it open.

She said “thank you” as she walked past me into the mall. I waited until she was about ten feet in front of me before I entered. We were in the food court area. There were lots of people there. I was able to follow her without looking suspicious. She was an angel. At the end of the food court I would make a left and walk down to the Visible Changes salon about halfway down the mall. At the end of the food court she turned left. Now I began to get my hopes up. As she walked through the mall I could see she was angling for the salon. My heart began to beat a little faster. She walked up to the appointment counter and began talking to the receptionist. I continued to walk past the salon. I knew it would be at least ten minutes before she would be seated in one of the stylists’ chairs. After you checked in you had to wait to have your hair washed before being seated for your haircut.

I did a little window shopping and then headed back to the salon. I walked past the receptionist’s desk and found a seat in the crowded waiting area. The blonde was nowhere to be seen: she must still be in back getting her hair washed. Sure enough, a couple of minutes later she was escorted out of the back area and shown to a stylist station almost directly in front of me. Today was going to be my day! I just knew it.

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The stylist, a man, arrived shortly after the blonde was seated. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about because of the noise in the waiting area. It became obvious they were talking about a different hairstyle by their hand gestures. The stylist walked over to a stack of books and selected one. He flipped through it as he walked back to his station. He began showing her several of the styles. I couldn’t see any of the styles because their backs were to me. The only thing I could see was her reflection in the mirror on the wall in front of her.

They decided on a style and the stylist began combing out the beautiful blonde hair. It hung down the back of the chair. The moment I had been waiting for wis almost here, the first snip. I would find out very soon what kind of a haircut this would be. The anticipation was incredible. The stylist stepped behind the blonde and began sectioning the back of her hair. There was only ONE problem! I can’t see what he was doing. His body was blocking my view. I quickly scanned the crowded waiting area for another seat. There was nothing that would give me a better view of the cutting. DAMN!

The stylist was about to start cutting and I wasn’t going to see the scissors snip their way through those golden locks. All I could do was watch his arm and try to guess how high he was cutting. This was agony! The stylist combed her hair out for the last time, picked up his scissors and began to cut. This haircut was not going to be a trim! It appeared he was cutting across her neck! I watched the hair fall to the floor. UNBELIEVABLE! This blonde beauty was getting her hair cut off. I had to see! He was already pulling down the next section of hair.

A lady at the other end of the waiting area was called to a waiting stylist’s chair. I all but sprinted to where she had been sitting. Several people were giving me an odd look as I sat down. I didn’t care. I was totally consumed by the blonde’s haircut. I sat down as the stylist was finishing his cut of the second section. WOW! He was cutting her hair off at the hairline! Each snip released 18 inches of golden blonde hair.

He finished cutting the hair off on the back of her head. Next, he combed a section down over her right ear. His scissors then traced the outline of her ear. Each snip teased me as more and more of her ear was exposed. He continued to cut her hair down the hairline until he reached the base of her nape. The next section he pulled down was methodically cut to an inch in length. He repeated the same process on the left side. I only caught a glimpse of the left side being cut in the mirror. I had to sit in agony because I couldn’t actually see the scissors’ work.

When the left side was complete the stylist released the clip holding the remaining hair on top of her head. The locks cascaded down covering the freshly cut back and sides. The stylist moved to her left side (I was in luck, if he had moved to the right side I wouldn’t have been able to see the cutting). Beginning at the front of her head he combed out a section of hair and held it between his fingers. He then scissored the section off about an inch and a half from her head sending the rest to the cape and floor. The blonde showed no reaction as she was being shorn. She just sat calmly in the chair and watched the stylist make each snip as he worked his way towards the crown.

When he finished cutting the top he picked up his brush and blow dryer and began styling her hair in a boyish style with a side part. Her hair was about an inch and a half long on top and an inch on the sides ending at her hairline. He quickly finished styling and picked up a mirror to show his customer the finished look. He held it behind her and as she looked in the mirror she took her right hand and ran it through the hair in back. She began at the nape and went all the way up to her crown. She did this a couple of times. She then took both hands and ran them through the hair on both sides. She was talking to the stylist the entire time. I couldn’t hear what she was saying; the stylist was just nodding his head. A short conversation followed.

I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. I watched a beautiful woman get all of her hair cut off into a boy’s hairstyle. WOW! My adrenaline was flowing. I looked down and noticed my leg was trembling uncontrollably from the excitement of watching the haircut. This day would go down as one of the best days of my life. I looked around the salon to see if anyone was staring at me. I was now aware I had been totally engrossed in the blonde’s haircut. WHEW! No one seemed to notice. I concentrated on calming down. My leg quit trembling.

As I turned back to the lady in the chair my heart stopped beating. The stylist was holding electric clippers and a comb in his hand. THE CUT WASN’T OVER! I MUST BE IN HEAVEN.

He gently pushed her head forward. Her chin was almost touching her chest. He lifted the hair at the base of her nape with the comb and buzzed it off. The next swipe removed the hair above the first swipe. He continued this process up to just above the bump on the back of her head. He again started at her nape and repeated the comb and clipper routine. Each pass of the clippers removed almost all of her hair. When he finished the back her hair had been tapered down to nothing at the hairline and gradually increased to about half an inch. He quickly blended the longer hair at her crown with the buzzed nape section. I had died and gone to heaven. This was my dream cut. I never thought this scene would make it out of my fantasies.

The waiting area had thinned out since the haircut started so I moved back to my original seat behind the blonde so I could watch the rest of the clipper work. The stylist attacked the left side of her head next. Using the comb he lifted the hair above her ear and clipped it all off. He worked his way back until he met the back of her head. He quickly blended the buzzed hair with the longer section and moved to the right side. He moved to her right side and lifted the hair above her right ear and buzzed it off next. When he finished with the clippers he placed them on the counter. That’s when I noticed the smile on her face. She was beaming. She didn’t wait for the hand mirror. Her hand darted to the back of her head and began rubbing the tapered hair. She kept feeling the buzzed hair. The stylist had used the clippers to taper all of the hair below a line that went straight around her head and an inch above her ear.

She looked fantastic! This was my dream girl. Talk about sexy, this lady was now off the chart. I had to meet her. As the stylist was brushing the clippered hair off her neck and shoulders I was thinking of a way to approach her. I watched as the cape was removed and her hair slid to the floor. The floor, it was covered with golden blonde hair. While she was waiting to pay for her haircut I was frantically thinking of something to say. I stared at her. She was playing with the buzzed hair on her nape. She would slowly run her hand up the back, feeling the stubble as it passed under her hand.

I decided to try the direct approach and compliment her on her new haircut. I thought of an approach. “Excuse me, I just wanted to let you know your haircut looks great. My name is Brian, I don’t normally do this, but I was wondering if we could get a cup of coffee in the food court and talk.” Hey, it’s all I could come up with under the circumstances.

She finished paying and was walking out of the salon. It’s now or never. I followed her out into the mall and was approaching her when she got real excited and started to run, I stopped dead in my tracks. That’s when I noticed the brunette running towards her. They met in the middle of the mall. The brunette was very animated and just kept rubbing the blonde’s head. The next thing I knew the two girls were embracing and kissing. KISSING! My dream girl was gay and she had a girlfriend. I was stunned. All I could do was gawk at them. My fantasy trip to the salon with my dream girl and this was as far as it was going to go. I was crushed!

The lady’s calmed down and the blonde grabbed the brunette’s hand and began to lead her towards the salon. No way! Was the brunette getting a haircut too! This was truly going to be a day to remember.

Just so you know, this is a work of fiction. Any comments would be appreciated.



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