Dressing for Pleasure

Dressing for Pleasure


The Dressing For Pleasure gala event is held annually over a three day program commencing Friday morning and running through until departure after a huge brunch on Sunday. The fashion show, a real extravaganza was held on Friday night (November 18, 1994) and was an adventure with Marie Constance as hostess. This year she took us on a wondrous journey to the worlds of the Erogenous Zone!

The show was held with an audience of over 300 in the Tamiment Lodge in the Poconos. The stage set-up was complete with a runway into the audience and was filmed professionally by a TV crew for later sale and distribution by Constance Enterprises as DFP 1994.

All the participants were amateur except for one or two professional dancers. The models wore costumes from around the world and most displayed on sale in booths for the entire event. The display was fantastic as usual and the cast rehearsed continually for two full days prior to the show. As expected nearly all costumes were items ranging from exotic leather to fetish PVC, latex, rubber, exotic French maid uniforms, and boots and heels. Lots of chain adornments were very evident, and expected.

The evening was divided into two acts, allowing a breather this year, and as usual the show ran a good two hours. Besides the bizarre clothing exhibited, the presentation itself is done in skit form with scenes in motion and ballet to please all eyes on the stage and runway. The two acts were broken into scenes that ranged as the interplanetary rocket whizzed our flight crew and passengers on their way. The dancing and pantomime was at its best that we had seen at these events. This year the spectacular included the capture of a stowaway on the space ship. As Act I was nearing its conclusion the stowaway appeared in the dark gloom hiding in around, behind, and under the space ship’s seating. The lighting was dim and the fog was sweeping the stage when she was discovered. A chase and grappling eventually led the victim to be a captive of the Dominator! She was dressed in what appeared to be a loose black flowing smock of little form.

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Eventually she was seated and tied into a chair in the center of the ramp in the middle of the audience. Two warriors subdued her as a Magician appeared replete with flowing red lined black cape – and rather than a wand, he held an electric hair clipper!

An electrical outlet plug was located on the ramp and the clipper was activated, despite the frenzied struggles and pleas of the victim. The chorale blared to the Dominator and the stow-a-way was sheared on the spot. Her hair fell to the runway floor and minutes later only a few strips of short hair were visible on her now stubble hair where the clippers missed in the fury and excitement of the scene.

Off came the magician’s cape and swirled over her head, seated and still tied into chair. Following theatrical gesticulation this cape was whisked off and the captive, now shorn was found released and wearing a most meager red leather bustier/teddy with only a small strap for the crotch and halter neck.

All the performers danced off the stage as the curtain fell. By the time Act II was renewed our newly shorn dancer had rejoined the cast with a fully shaved head, finished and shining – and wearing some of the fanciest head pieces of jewelry, chain, and arrangements imaginable. She was indeed a raving beauty!

The gala was finished by having all of the crossdressers unexpectedly being called to the stage and paraded to the audience in their finest. The applause rendered the hall in a deafening clamor and hullabaloo – showing the immense appreciation for the talents and efforts that had been displayed through the evening.

And, in closing, I would be in reprehension if I did not remark on how enchanting this shorn model displayed herself for all the succeeding events, especially the Grand Ball on Saturday night. Eyes that followed her were in admiration of her beauty and style of head garments she wore as she danced that last night away, never without a partner!


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