Lockless in Las Vegas

Lockless in Las Vegas

Lockless in Las Vegas by ManeMan and ManeLess

Jack had a love/hate relationship with hair. Women’s hair. For years, it was ‘the longer the better’. Until that fateful day when a pair of scissors and a coming-of-age of sorts introduced him to a thrill that contradicted his life-long infatuation with butt-length locks.

One closing of the scissors that sent over 18 inches to the floor made him a changed man. He loved playing with the length, but the cutting sexually charged him. But finding the perfect partner for such a sensual adventure eluded him.

Then he saw Amber’s on-line profile. The right age. The right interests. And one hell of a funny observation about their shared interest in hair. She was the one.

Now, after a couple of months of effort, Jack was waiting for her to come down the jetway at the Las Vegas airport. It took Jack exactly forty-two emails… one really big misunderstanding… seven phone calls and a whole lot of persistence, but he was getting exactly what he wanted. Amber was really here.

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He knew her in an instant. The smile on her face indicated that she knew him as well. And the intended friendly handshake was abandoned for a familiar hug and the first of what would be many passionate kisses. So much for making this just the meeting of friends that they had planned!

“You’re not disappointed that my hair isn’t to my butt, are you?” Those were her first words when the kissing finally stopped. He could honestly say that he wasn’t.

“Hello to you too… and no, I’m not disappointed about anything!” Jack would have said more, but she was kissing him again, with an enthusiasm that had many people watching. ‘God,’ he thought, ‘this is going to be great!’

As they walked to the baggage carousel she played with the back of his hair, curling softly at his shoulders. He’d stop once in awhile to bury his face in her hair, drinking in the scent and the sensation of her locks on his skin.

To a casual observer, they were long-separated lovers, now reunited and unable or unwilling to disentangle themselves from one another. Even carrying out the bags to the car, they remained in physical contact.

In the car Jack needed a minute to just look at her. Her hair. Shiny. As brown as dark chocolate with tiny golden lights. It wasn’t even as long as his, but it was glorious. And it belonged to a woman who wanted it gone. But first, it seemed, she wanted another kiss.

“Jack?” As she spoke his name, she leaned in. Her lips were soft and full, gently tinted with a kissable shade of wine. He was ready to feel those lips on his. Her tongue tangled with his own. Instead he got hair. A mouthful that had slipped from behind her ear into the line of their intended kiss.

“What’s this?” Jack asked playfully, holding the wayward lock between two fingers.

“I do believe that is my hair,” replied Amber, grinning.

“Correction.” Jack looked at her with devilish eyes as he spoke. “I believe that is MY hair!” And without a moment’s notice or hesitation, he pulled out a pair of scissors and snipped it off. He brushed it across her lips before he finally gave her that kiss.

Amber moaned and ground her lips into his. Jack ran his hands up the back of her nape, letting the silky strands slide through his fingers. He could tell by her kiss and the movement of her hips in the seat that she was as turned on as he was.

“I hope you don’t mind that I, well, that I just sort of whacked this off,” said Jack as their lips finally parted. He looked directly into her eyes as he spoke. There was no mistaking her desire for him to continue. “You liked that, didn’t you?”

Amber’s response was throaty and sexy. “Um hmmm. I liked it very much.” But that was all she got out before she sought out the next kiss.

They had yet to leave the airport parking lot and it was obvious to Jack that he could shear her bald right there. But for all of the thrill of the chase, he wanted it to last all weekend. Or at least all night.

“Wouldn’t you like to see a little more of Vegas than the inside of my car and the airport? Let’s head for the hotel and some dinner.”

Amber faked a pout, twirling another lock of hair around her finger. “But I’d really like another one of THOSE kisses….” The lock was in front of her lips and Jack knew exactly what she wanted.

“Are you perhaps tempting fate just a little? I want to kiss those lips, not that hair you’re holding. Yes… it’s silky and soft… but I can bury my hands in the back of it. There’s plenty back there for stroking and fondling. This front section may just have to come off now!”

Jack’s words were partly teasing, but when Amber held out the lock to him the scissors were still in his hand. Then they were around the lock, very near the hairline. “Schnick!”

The lock fell limp in Amber’s hand, leaving stubbly little bangs on one side, with a nearly brow-length fringe from the previous snip. She looked like a six-year-old left alone with play shears… all raggedy and uneven. It was a look so sexy to Jack that this time it was he who kissed first.

On the drive to the hotel, Amber couldn’t keep her hands off Jack’s hair. “I’ve never been with a man with long hair like this. It is so soft. And I would kill for some of this curl!” Jack pushed his head back into her hand as she fondled his length. He decided that he loved it when Amber played with his hair almost as much as he liked cutting off hers.

“Well, we’re here. Are you hungry yet?”

Amber flipped down the visor, looking for a mirror. She smiled when she saw her lopsided bangs. “What do you think? Do I look presentable with these chopped-off bangs?”

Jack grinned, knowing – or at least hoping he knew – where this was headed. “You’re sexy as hell. But you’re right, maybe we need a little touch up before we go inside.”

Grabbing a random hank of hair from just over Amber’s ear, Jack twisted it tightly. With scissors in hand, he cut through the twist, taking four tries before the lock was severed. The twisting left the remains at a weird angle, with a layer chopped off at ear length and a layer just tapering down to her shoulder.

“There. Now you’re looking good. No. Make that great! Welcome to Las Vegas!” Then, handing the lock of hair to the dumbfounded valet along with the keys, Jack said, “Lets go eat!”

Dinner was an event for Jack and Amber. The waitress was unable to keep her eyes off Amber’s hacked off hair. Amber loved the unorthodox attention and couldn’t resist teasing her just a little.

“Any dessert tonight?” asked the poor girl, trying hard not to stare.

Jack declined, turning to Amber. “Anything for you, baby?”

With a wink at Jack, she faced the waitress and said sweetly, “How about a pair of scissors so my lover can finish my haircut? Then maybe he can help you with yours!”

“I’m sure we don’t have any,” mumbled the girl nervously as she dropped the bill on the table. Her long blonde waves bounced as she hurried away, leaving Jack and Amber to laugh at her apparent fear that they were serious.

“Maybe we’d better settle up the bill and leave, before they throw us out of here,” said Jack when he finally stopped laughing. “Then all I need to know is whether you’re checking in here. Or coming to my place.”

Suddenly as serious as a judge, Amber replied. “Honey, I’d bet there aren’t any scissors in the hotel room.”

“Point well taken,” said Jack, as arm in arm they headed for the valet stand and Jack’s car.

The valet brought up the car, with the collection of shorn locks neatly piled on the dash. Jack slid it into gear, pulling ahead only a few feet.

“Can you wait a minute, honey?” asked Amber.

Jack almost said why, until he saw Amber with the uncut side of her hair twisted in her hand and pulled toward her face.

Jack could feel himself beginning to get erect. She wanted more hacking. Right then. With the valet watching! “Now?” he questioned, not believing his incredible luck.

“Right now. Right here. The whole damned right side, please! Amber was serious and Jack wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass.

He fumbled for the scissors, finding them with the already shorn locks on the dash. He chopped randomly at the right side of Amber’s hair, at various lengths, but mostly just above her shoulder.

Kiss. Cut. Kiss. Hack. Jack and Amber were wild with sexual tension. “More please. Cut off more!” Jack heard Amber’s breathless request and managed a few more snips before he heard the horn of the car behind him. Laughing, they pull away from the restaurant, leaving the curious valet staff behind.

The Las Vegas lights filled the dark car, reflecting their excitement in Amber’s eyes. She reached up for the visor mirror, but Jack’s hand stopped her.

“No more peeking until we get to my place! Trust me. You are one gorgeous shaggy mess!” That was all Amber needed to hear to prompt her to kiss Jack’s neck, nibbling, sucking and biting until he finally said “Hey… I’m trying to turn into the driveway. Easy!”

With a bag in each hand and Amber right behind him, Jack opened the door and turned on the lights. It was his first chance to really see his handiwork on Amber’s head. Chopped, cropped little bits of hair here. Longer lengths there. Hardly any in some places. The front, sides and top had really been butchered, leaving the only long hair in the back.

Jack pulled Amber to a mirror, showing her the result of their frenzy. She squealed with delight.

“It is a shaggy mess!”

“No… a gorgeous shaggy mess!” responded Jack. The kiss that followed let Jack know that with Amber, it was all fair game!

“So… shall we buzz off the rest of this, baby?” asked Jack, between kisses. His clippers lay ready… oiled and primed for action by his bed.

“Not just yet,” replied Amber. “I want one of those wonderful hugs of yours.” She snuggled up against the full length of his body. Leg to leg, stomach to stomach, chest to chest and lips to lips. Her arms wrapped around him and her hands found the back of his hair. With the scissors she’d brought in from the car.

“Scrunch. Schnick. Scrunch.” She had cut off a huge hank of Jack’s hair! A large ponytail that left the back center of his head with its own shaggy mess!

“Now we are a pair! Me with only long hair in the back and you with only long hair at the sides! We fit like yin and yang!” And with that she slid her hand to the front of his jeans while she kissed him with a vigor he hadn’t seen before.

Then, just as quickly as she laid waste to his hair, she turned, dropped her dress on the floor and ran to the bathroom. Standing nude by the shower, Jack got his first good look at her. Certainly built for sex! And God! That sexy, cropped-off mess of hair!

“Come wash what’s left of my hair for me, Jack. Then I’ll do yours!” She had the shower already running and hey, who was Jack to turn down the best invitation he’d had all day. He didn’t remember having ever stripped so fast.

The water on the remains of Amber’s dark brown locks gave a whole new look to her face. For the first time Jack could really see the outline of her head and it was perfect. She faced him as he lathered her head, wishing for a razor. His erection was not to be missed and Amber didn’t.

Sliding to her knees, she took Jack fully into her mouth as he washed her hair with a gentle massage. She created pressure with her tongue and lips that made Jack want to explode. Licking and sucking… even biting just a little… until she felt his need to come. Then she stood up, and, wrapping a leg around his hip, slid him into the hottest, wettest pussy he’d ever felt.

For a moment her forgot her hair. Hell… he even forgot the hank missing from his own head! He thought of nothing except moving in and out of her neatly trimmed box until they both fell against the shower wall in a wet, wasted heap. They were both still wet when they made it to the bed.

With showers and blow dryers long forgotten, Jack and Amber rolled around on the bed. Neither one of them had a body part that had gone untouched or unkissed. She had brought him to erection and climax three times. And couldn’t count the number of orgasms she’d experienced with Jack’s hand, mouth and cock.

But it was Amber that remembered the clippers, lying ready by the bed. Jack watched as she touched her own clipped pussy with its neatly trimmed brown curls. Then, removing the clipper guard, she pushed it against her bush, laughing as the hair fell away! “You’ll need to lather and shave this in the morning,” she said.

“My pleasure,” was the only thing he could think of to say.

Watching her buzz her own bush made him erect again, but this time, instead of taking him with her mouth, she straddled him and slid down on him. She pulled up a lock of his hair and clicked on the clippers with a pop! The clippers made quick work of the lock, leaving a bit barely two inches long.

“What do you think of this?” teased Amber, tickling her already hard nipples with Jack’s shorn curl. “I think you like it… because I can feel you liking it right… down… here!” Her free hand went to her clit as she slid up and down on Jack’s throbbing erection.

As if that wasn’t enough of a visual, Amber picked up the clippers, popping them into action once more. Placing the clippers’ guardless blade behind her ear, she pushed them up the side of her head, then down the middle to her forehead. Odd lengths of her ravaged brown locks fell to Jack’s chest, leaving a pale strip down the center of her shorn head.

Jack had taken all he could! Rolling over, with Amber still riding his cock, he assumed the dominant position, thrusting into her hot box like a piston in an engine! What was left of his long locks fell forward on Amber’s face and chest as she shuddered and whimpered from the intensity of her climax. His final thrust made her bury her teeth into his shoulder to stifle a scream as he filled her with all he had.

Stunned and sweaty, to say nothing of being satisfied, Jack looked down at Amber. Her hair was a sexy mess…. shaved down the middle, shorn everywhere else, except the back, which was still fairly long.

“Hey lover! Don’t be looking at my hair like that!” Amber seemed ready to go again. “You should see your own… Mr. Mullet-gone-wrong! Hmmm. Maybe I should just do something about…”

Amber never finished her sentence. Her lips were to busy with Jack’s. She didn’t stop kissing him until she heard the pop of the clippers and she knew the time had come.

Jack slid off from her, holding the buzzing clippers in his hand. Reaching down with the other hand, he rubbed her buzzed-bare pussy. “Time to make the top look like the bottom, baby!” Then pulling her to a sitting position, he finished what she started. In minutes, the gorgeous shaggy mess was a memory and in its place, a beautifully bare head.

Amber couldn’t believe her eyes. Big and brown. Consuming half of her face, now that there weren’t any chocolate locks with which to compete for attention. Her hands joined Jack’s in adoration of her newly nude head. And then they found the way to his head. Still covered with hair, but obviously not for long.

“I believe you might need a little evening up here, lover. Shall we be twins?” Jack knew Amber’s question was a rhetorical one. Or so he thought. He watched her leave the room, returning with a chair and the scissors that started the whole glorious night.

“Please take a seat!” said Amber, draping him with a towel as he sat. The first thing to go was the entire hank of hair that covered Jack’s right ear, followed quickly by a large ‘Schnick, schnick’ that took the left side.

Then the scissors fairly flew, snipping off any bits that stuck out over the comb Amber used as a guide. She scissored the sides and back quite close, blending them in to the inch-and-a-half-long top.

Amber put down the scissors and picked up the clippers. Placing them at the base of Jack’s neck, she leaned over and whispered in his ear. “The world is seeing your neck for the first time in over a decade, lover. Should they see your entire head bare too?”

She could feel Jack’s heart beat in anticipation as she tidied up his hairline. She even laid the clippers at his temple and watched his eyes, wondering if she’d make him her twin. Not knowing made him want her. To kiss her. To feel her tongue entangled with his own. Her lips on his dick and eventually, his dick buried in the folds of her hot, hairless pussy.

Carefully pulling the hair-covered spread from the bed, Jack and Amber collapsed on the sheets. But this time they didn’t fuck. They made love. Slowly and softly. Enjoying all of the new tactile delights that their shearing created. And when they climaxed, it was together, in a wave of gently enduring heat. They were still entwined when they woke some four hours later.

They showered together, taking long enough to exhaust the hot water. Jack couldn’t believe that a bare head could be as sexy as one covered in butt length hair, but it was. He put a mound of shave cream on Amber’s head, but she rinsed it off under the shower. “Let’s save that for later.” she said, as she ran off wrapped in a towel.

After shaving and blow-drying his new short crop, Jack followed the aroma of coffee to the kitchen. There sat Amber in a skirt, silk tee shirt and a new brown wig of shiny brown hair that just reached her butt. And the infamous scissors. “I’d be happy to serve you your morning coffee, lover. Provided that you are willing to ravage your waitress.” And with that, she set down his cup, leaving the scissors by the spoon. Then, tossing her new locks over her shoulders, she headed for the bedroom.

The coffee would be long since cold by the time Jack picked up the cup again.

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