Allison’s Story

Allison's Story

All during high school and college Allison ridiculed others who were more fashion extroverts than she was. She did mean things to some of those folks including two friends, Karen and Rebecca. They had by quirk of fate all gone to the same local state college as well in the same town. Allison herself was quite conservative. Shoulder length undyed brown hair neatly combed. One ear piercing in each ear. No unusual or extrovert styles or colors of clothing. She was very pretty, but very conservative in her dress. She always made fun of the more extrovert in fashion tastes, particularly these two “freakos”, as she called them.

One time in high school she had a friend break into Rebecca’s locker and leave a package of cigarettes in plain sight. A school official happened to be walking by and saw the cigarettes. Rebecca said she did not know how they got there. She was saved from getting into trouble only by the fact that it was known by others in the school administration that she was a fitness freak, and that she never had any telltale odor that smokers usually have on their clothes. The tricks continued, and by the time they had all graduated from college the two friends had had enough.

Karen and Rebecca decided it was time to get even.

All through school there was Jon. Allison had a crush on Jon. Jon had an athletic build, but was not an athlete. He was a computer systems genius. Whenever the equipment broke down at whatever school he was at, even though he was a student, he was requested to look at the problem, because the service agreement with the computer vendor always stated 24-hour response time. He was considered a hero by both student and teacher alike because the time it took him to resolve a problem was usually less than an hour. He had guessed at Allison’s interest in him, and thought Allison was pretty looking, but boring. He had dated Rebecca, who he thought was very cute with her red buzz and triple pierced diamond ear studs. Rebecca was pretty too, but opposite of Allison in style. Jon and Rebecca had very different interests, and nothing came of the dates, although they remained on friendly terms thereafter. Jon had dated Allison once, but thought she was a bit aggressive. If this had been Rebecca being aggressive, he’d have gone along for the ride, but it did not suit Allison’s type to be aggressive in that way. So throughout high school and college they never dated again. Jon was an enigma. From his appearance, Jon looked as though he should be dating Allison. However he always said. “I just don’t like this punky fashion style for me personally. I think girls who dress this way are cuter, and in many ways more feminine, if they don’t take it too far, than the conservative dressing ones. Each person must decide for himself, or herself. I choose for me a more conservative style.”

Allison saw the two others at a ten-year high school reunion. Each had married, and done well in a small business in the fashion industry. Rebecca now had a honey-blonde buzz, wore ten rings, going up her ear and had a small diamond stud in her left nostril. She wore a red mid-thigh miniskirt and matching sleeveless top. She noticed a butterfly tattooed on Rebecca’s left ankle. She was the owner of “Earringer” at the local mall, they specialized in “piercings above the neck.”. Rebecca’s husband was manager of a large automotive repair place. He too was successful.

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Karen owned a beauty salon. She had been more conservative than Rebecca in school, and that apparently continued. A simple auburn bob replaced the spiky short platinum hairdo which she had in school. However not apparent was her five-pierced lobes hidden by the bob. She had only had one hole in each ear in school. Her conservative dress hid her navel piercing, and very detailed rose tattoo on her right shoulder blade. Her husband was a middle management businessman. He rubbed the spot on Karen’s dress, the right shoulder where the tattoo was, and Karen would giggle.

Jon was there too, a trouble shooter who would go to far corners of the US, Canada, Europe, or Asia at the drop of a hat. He had not yet married. No time. He had met an English girl on one of those trips. She had a blonde buzz, and five earrings. She had a pretty face and a nice figure. Jon was sad when they broke up. She was a very kind person. She wanted more time than he had to give. He was resolved to change jobs, and work closer to home more so that he could start a relationship.

Jon went and talked to Rebecca and Karen, and reminisced with Rebecca about their High School days. He did not talk too long as he saw Rebecca’s husband sneer at him.

Karen mentioned Allison: “She’s always liked you”

“Yeah, but she is boring. If she had your style, she would be interesting.” Jon replied. “Besides, she’s always picking on you guys and making mean remarks about how you guys dress. You know I always thought your style was sexier than those who dressed like Allison”

Later that evening, Jon, after having made small talk with other old acquaintances, happened to catch the three friends talking by themselves. Rebecca waved him over. “Allison has gone too far,” she said. “She pulled another stunt tonight.”

“You know, she secretly wishes she could have a style like ours. She is a coward not to admit it,” said Karen. “Her sister Sandy told me about this.”

“Let’s fix her,” said Rebecca.

Jon said, “I see nothing, I know nothing. But, if it’s something she secretly really wants, has always wanted. Well… Here’s my number. Call me when you’re done. We can set up a pseudo-accidental meeting. This may be why she had been so weird. She might turn out OK”

The next week Allison was due for a trip to the salon. She needed a trim. Her regular salon couldn’t take her as they had flooding from a recent rain and closed down for two weeks. Certain individuals were aware of this lucky situation, and judiciously slipped a business card for Karen’s salon into her purse. The name of the salon did not mention Karen by name, so Allison suspected nothing. Allison made an appointment. The receptionist insisted there were only evening appointments available. Karen silently listened to the conversation nearby. Allison made the appointment for Friday after work.

Karen made phone calls.

“Rebecca bring your piercing equipment and the gold hoops we were talking about…..”

“Sandy, we got Allison coming here. Want to watch?”

“Jon your new lady will be ready Saturday”

Jon replied “What?”

Karen said, “I will call you. Oh, what hair color would you like to see on ‘your woman’?”

It suddenly dawned on him what might be happening. He replied, “white-blonde platinum.”

Karen said, “Gotcha. Bye. I will call you”

Friday at 5:30 P.M. Allison entered Karen’s salon. All business cards with Karen’s name had been removed. Allison suspected nothing. The hairdresser had finished up with apparently the last customer in the salon except Allison. That person left.

The young hairdresser said to Allison, “Just a trim, right?”

Allison was tired and followed the stylist into the shampooing. She shrugged her shoulders at the sight of the small gold nose stud in the left nostril. She went to the back room and saw three other stylists. All with very short hair of vivid colors, each with no fewer than three earrings in an ear, and all had either gold or diamond nose studs. Allison had a sudden uneasy feeling as she leaned her head back into the shampoo basin. She was somewhat relaxed however after the first sudsing. In her weariness after a long day at work, she closed her eyes. The second sudsing of her hair felt different, somehow, but she tried to relax. Then SLAM went the door. She looked up and saw Karen standing over her. All the other stylists are now gone. She looked over across the small room and saw Rebecca approaching. In the other corner she saw her sister. She was suddenly afraid.

Karen said “Take it easy. No one is getting killed or maimed or permanently hurt here. You have always given us trouble about our style. Yet Sandy here says you secretly wished you had it.”

Allison said “No, NO, NO”. She looked at Sandy, and said “Why?”

By this point she was tied to the shampooing chair. The others held her down.

Sandy replied, “I wanted multiple earrings when I was in high school. You convinced mom and dad that only hookers and drug addicts did this, and they wouldn’t let me do it. I had to wait until I was 18, then listen to their screaming for a week until mom talked to a friend who reassured that I was not going down the drain because of the three gold balls on each ear. Well, now I have seven earrings in each ear, and the black buzz cut with bangs I always wanted, and boyfriend Steven loves them. In spite of you who can’t even admit that you love this style but are afraid to do it.”

Allison’s hair was pulled into a ponytail at the base of her neck, then SNIP went the scissors.

“Oh gawd,” she cried. Next she saw Karen put a peroxide solution on what was left of her hair. “Oh gawd,” came the cry again. She asked for something to drink.

They gave her a glass of Diet Pepsi with knockout drops in it. In fifteen minutes, she was very drowsy

“This will give us about four hours.” Karen said.

“They continued to let the bleach work, then rinsed it out. Then a vile smelling solution was applied to the hair. It was rubbed in, allowed to sit for a few minutes, and rinsed out. Allison’s hair was now white. Karen switched on the clippers. Back and forth, methodically, white hair fell everywhere. At this point Allison let out a “Hmmmm” and smiled faintly. Karen shut the clippers off to inspect her work. She said, “Could use a touchup here and there.” At Allison’s hairline there was almost nothing, gradually increasing up to 3/8″ on the side and back her head. The top was trimmed to about 1″ with scissors and a light perming solution had been applied. Her hair was washed again to get rid of all remaining chemicals, and she was left under the drier for 15 minutes. She was taken to a different chair where, when she came to, she could see the pretty new hairstyle. She was retied to the chair, as she was due to wake up soon.

The others ordered out for Chinese food, and Sandy went to pick it up, and returned.

“Rebecca. How is your sweet and sour chicken?” Sandy asked.

At this moment “Oh gawd!” could be heard from the next room. Allison had awakened.

“Well, Ali, how do you like it?” Karen said.

Just a whimper could be heard from Allison.

“When we are through eating, Rebecca, it will be your turn.” Allison knew what this meant. She was bracing for a labret. But, they did not have that in mind.

Sandy said, “Look, we will give you some food if you want it, but you must behave. We are helping you to become your true self. In the end you will thank us, and you won’t bother us anymore.”

A weak “I am not hungry” came from the newly Platinum Blonde Allison. In truth she was famished, but after the Diet Pepsi, she didn’t trust anybody. She wanted to be awake. Whatever they did. She wanted to be awake.

An hour later Rebecca came into the room. She laid out her piercing needles. And opened a box containing earrings.

Rebecca said. “We’ve decided that you will have seven earrings on each ear going up the side. You’ve got one hole, so we will put in six more for you: two more in the lobe and four in the cartilage. We will make sure they are not removable while the holes heal. Then, If you wish to change earrings you may, but only with our help. But we think once you get used to the style, you will leave the diamonds in the cartilage, and change only the earrings in the bottom holes.”

Allison was stunned. She thought, “My ears will look like Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese.”

“We have anesthetic and antiseptic here. Don’t worry, your ear will not fall off.” Rebecca displayed a series of three pairs of hoops, each 1-1/2″ diameter, and four pairs of diamond studs. “Notice. Once they are in, you can’t take them out. The hoops will be fastened in by a tiny bit solder. You will look great. If, once you get used to these, you want more piercings in your ears, I will do it for you.”

Allison said, “If this is painful, give me more of that drugged-up Pepsi”

Rebecca said, “Fresh out! But, as I said there is anesthetic.”

As it turned out her existing hole was too small, so the earring had to be forced through.

“Are you stretching my existing hole?”

Rebecca replied, “Not much. That will come later. You will want it. But the earring is a larger gauge. We need to do a little. When you decide to get the eyelets in any of the holes in you lobe, I can do that for you.” Allison shuddered. Rebecca had the cold matter-of-factness of the surgeon who took out her tonsils when she was 10.

The ears were pierced six more times each. The cartilage piercings were stinging, particularly after each earring was locked into place. Allison had a feeling come over her. She looked at herself in the mirror, and decided that she now looked very sexy, and began to admit to herself that this was what she’d wanted.

Rebecca said, “Time for a break! More work to do.”

Allison said, “More work?”

Rebecca said, “Yes. Your left nostril, and your navel. We are not doing anything too radical here. No tongues or anything like that. Besides, eyebrows are popular, but still controversial.” Somehow Allison felt relief. Even in her secret moments. She genuinely did not like eyebrow rings or labrets in lower lips.

Rebecca said, “We are not going to make you a freak, just make you a little more interesting. You have nice eyes and lips. No need for anything pierced in that area. I would recommend against anything like that for you>”

Shortly the needle was put through the flesh in Allison’s left nostril. A diamond stud was inserted, and locked into place.

“Your head is done except for make-up. I will help you there,” said Karen.

“Hey Ali, you are starting to look cool!” said Sandy.

Rebecca removed Allison’s blouse, and her navel was pierced. Allison looked at her navel ring, pierced through the top of her navel and touched it.

“This thing is quite cute,” she said.

“Do we hear an admission that this is what you’ve always wanted?”

Allison said, “I guess so, but I am not so sure about any other piercings.”

The others laughed

Allison said, “I want to be called Ali now.”

Ali said, “I am hungry. Can we get a vegetarian pizza delivered?”

They stopped the makeover when the pizza arrived, and they ate. It was midnight. Then they continued until finished. It was now 3 A.M. All were tired.

Ali’s ears throbbed a little as did her other piercings. She looked in the mirror at her apartment. She smiled, and ran her fingers through her short white locks, then she undressed and went to bed.

She awoke at 11 A.M. and her new piercings were still a little painful. She used the preparations Rebecca had given her. She had a glass of orange juice and went to sit beside the pool at her apartment. A nosy neighbor lady did not recognize her at first, then did, and said, “What have you done to yourself?”

Ali replied, “I made a little change.”

The woman shook her head in disbelief, and said, “I thought you were always such a nice girl. Now I am not so sure.” Ali thought to herself that her mother would probably get a call from this woman saying that she had better have a talk with her daughter, as, “your Allison is turning into a slut.” Allison knew she was still the same decent honorable sort. No slut. Not fallen. Not bad. Just able to express herself.

The neighbor’s son, about the same age as Ali, stopped by to see his mother. As he left, he noticed Ali. He wondered why he had never seen her before. He thought she was real cute. He stopped and talked to her for a minute. Even asked her to dinner. She declined his invitation, because she had something to do that evening, but maybe another time.

The neighbor woman saw her son leave after talking to Ali, and said to the platinum crowned girl with fancy ears, “Don’t you corrupt my son!” Ali just laughed, and replied, “Corruption is in the eye of the beholder.”

She went back to her apartment. The phone rang. “C’mon Ali, we have to shop,” said Sandy’s voice on the other end.

“I’ll be ready in 20 minutes. Pick me up,” was the reply. Ali dutifully put antiseptic on her ears, nose, and navel. She tousled her hair on top. No need for the sides and back. She said to herself, “Boy am I going to save time. Cindy got me into this, and she said that I am her project. Touchups are on the house!”

They bought six new outfits that day. Sandy had Ali dress in the black pantsuit.

At the apartment the doorbell rang. It was Karen with a make-up kit.

Karen sat Ali down, and gave her new make-up. She looked like a model. The only major change was the reshaping of the eyebrows. This being done, Ali was ready for she knew not what.

They went to the dance club. There sitting at a table was Jon in a sport shirt, with tie and coat with slacks. Typical Jon, Ali thought. She went down sat beside him. He said “Wow! You look great Allison.”

“Allison is gone. It’s Ali now. You like?”

His reply was, “Would you like to dance?” They danced until the club closed at 2 A.M. Then Jon decided he wanted to continue this elsewhere. Jon and Ali went back to her apartment, and found that Jon was so turned on by her new look, that they were engaged in lovemaking until the sun arose the next morning. The both fell asleep from exhaustion. When Jon awoke, he could smell fresh coffee. It was noon. He came to the kitchen of Ali’s apartment, and saw a fresh pot of coffee, eggs benedict, and sourdough toast laid out most artistically. Ali was sitting there in her black negligee, playing seductively with the three hoops in her left ear. Somehow the pain in her newly poked holes was gone. Just a slight tingle at most remained in her fresh piercings.

In the center of the table was a razor, and lemon scent shaving cream. Jon noticed this, and said to Ali, “Is this an invitation?”

She replied, “Hmmm well. Don’t take anything off the top, but if you want to do the sides and back. I bought a wig, bob style and blonde for work. Once they get over my nose stud, nothing will be mentioned.”

Jon woofed down the breakfast so fast that he almost didn’t notice how good a cook Ali was. He thought to himself, “How does she keep her nice shape and cook like this?” She made him clear the table while she went to shower and wet what was left of her hair. She then came back to the kitchen, and sat down in a kitchen chair, handed him a pair of clippers, which he switched on. Gently he went over the sides and back of her scalp until they were nearly smooth. He left the 1″ lightly permed plume in top. She opened the can of shaving cream, and put some in his hand. He rubbed it all over the clippered part of her head. He then took the razor, and made slow passes taking the last of the stubble away from the sides and back of her head. He was getting so aroused that he had to stop a couple of times. When it was gone, Ali commanded “Again! And remember: be careful of the top. I want to keep that.” Jon did as he was told. When he was finished, Ali had him apply aftershave, dry her head, and then had him apply special waterproof make-up to the bare part of her scalp to match the rest of her skin. There would be time to tan later, and then less of this make-up would be necessary.

Jon was exhausted at the end of this session of lovemaking. He thought that they should set up housekeeping together, maybe even consider marriage… He collapsed after four more hours, and slept for ten. Ali liked his thoughts. But, was also interested how to vary her style to keep things interesting for him and her. She would have two weeks to consider the next style. That was her next appointment with Cindy. Unless Jon got to her first!

The End


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