Lisa’s Hair Adventure Part II

Lisa's Hair Adventure Part II

Lisa s Hair Adventure Part II

While Lisa was brushing her new shoulder length style, I opened the perm kit. She said to use the small rods in the front and the larger ones in the other areas. I combed a small section of hair near the crown and rolled it on a large roller. I continued to roll up the hair in back. I started to use the smaller rollers on the bangs. She said I was doing a good job. I was becoming very sexually aroused while rolling her hair. Also I noticed that Lisa didn’t have a bra on under the t-shirt. I applied the perming solution and noticed that she was also enjoying this process. I put the plastic cap on and set the timer. We went into the living room. We watched TV and soon the timer went off. We went over to the sink. I took of the cap and applied the neutralizer. I rinsed her and took out the rollers. I shampooed her hair and helped her dry it. Her hair was very curly. Lisa asked me to start coloring her hair. I mixed the solutions together. I brushed back her bangs and started to apply the hair color at the hair line. I soon had the hair in front saturated with hair coloring. She tilted her head to left and I started coloring the right side of her head. We both were getting aroused. I next did the left side. She tilted her head forward and I started applying the color to the hair in the back. At this point I could see that the color was very red. Lisa noticed also and said she hoped the final color would not be that red. I finished the back of her head and applied some more of the solution all over. I ran my fingers through her hair to make sure the color had covered all her hair. Lisa set the timer for 20 minutes and I washed the solution off my hands. What happened next I was not expecting.

She took off her t-shirt very carefully as not to get a lot of solution on it. She stood there for a moment and as I looked at her beautiful breasts. She took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom and proceeded to undress me. She finished undressing and said to lay down. I so aroused by her beautiful face and body in addition to her hair full of red coloring solution. She got on top of me and rode me until I exploded in ecstasy. I lay on the bed for a few minutes and enjoyed the moment. The timer went off. This time instead of rinsing her hair in the sink we went into the shower and I rinsed out the coloring solution. I put in the conditioner that came with the coloring solution. While waiting for the conditioner I took the soap and washed her all over. When I was done she did the same to me and got the shampoo and washed my hair. When we got out of the shower Lisa quickly went over to the mirror and ran her fingers through her curly red shoulder length hair. I got the hair dryer and started drying her hair. As her hair became dry I could see that it was curlier and redder than either of had expected. Her bangs were very curly while the rest of her hair was full of looser curls. The color was very red although Lisa said it looked natural except for her eyebrows. She asked if there was any solution left. I said there is about a 1/3 left. She took the bottle, went over to the mirror and applied a little to her fingers. I sat in the chair as I watched her do this. I said isn’t that dangerous to do. She said not as dangerous as when she goes outside with a killer looking for her. She said she would be careful. After she finished she held the bottle for a minute and said that I would also look good as a red-head. Before I had very long to think about it she was applying the solution to my short light brown hair. She set the timer and then facing me, sat on my lap and proceeded to ride me again. We went back into the shower and she rinsed my hair when the timer went off. Lisa also carefully rinsed her eyebrows. She then dried my hair in a few minutes. We now both had the same color hair. Lisa looked at her watch as said we needed to leave soon for class. She fussed with her hair one last time and when across the hall to get her books…..



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