Shaving My Girlfriend Sheleg

Shaving My Girlfriend Sheleg

Shaving My Girlfriend Sheleg – Ron

What can I say? Well, to tell you this story, I must spread some background about me and Sheleg.

Me – I’m an Israeli guy, 17. In time when I was 16, I felt more lonely then ever. My need for a warm, gentle, understanding and pretty lass to give me love back was strong enough for everyone to see. “The Guys” of mine know about a fetish of mine connected to hair – I loved – I still love – touching and playing with a girl’s hair. Thus far is the only hair fetish of mine they knew about. In the secrets of my heart, I shaded the other hair fetish of mine – the love of watching the 000 blades of sharp clippers cutting a girl’s hair out to bald. I remember that shortly after I discovered that fetish in me, I was very surprised to see a lot of hair-cutting related net sites, and even a service of videos showing girls getting clipper cuts. Although those sites were “The Loving Of Short Hair On Women” sites, and I was, and I still am, a lover of long hair, it didn’t disturb me enjoying those sites.

One day, the luckiest day in my entire life, a day I’ll thank to god all of my life for having this day to happen to me, I met Sheleg. Sheleg was a very special girl, for all kind of reasons. She was about my age, had deep and shiny dark green eyes, a shy and touching smile, gentle lips, beautiful brown hair, which reached till her shoulders, and a very special name. Sheleg is the Hebrew word for snow. I’ve never met anyone else having this name.

This wonderful day, I went to Tel-Aviv to visit the biggest mall in Israel, in order to buy some CDs and books. Now, I’m collecting CDs of soundtracks, not songs – but music soundtracks. Very few people I know have the love for pure music (that means not songs but melodies). That’s why the soundtracks shelves in CDs stores has very few people standing by them. When I reached the store, I noticed Sheleg, of course still not knowing her, standing by the soundtracks shelves. At first, I just searched the selves for an interesting soundtrack, not doing anything about the sight of this beautiful girl next to me. I have a love for a simple look, and that’s the reason to why I think Sheleg is stunning while others agree she’s pretty but not stunning. And right there, 2 meters from me, she’s searching the ‘S’ shelf. After a short time, which seemed to me forever, I had the courage to start a talk. There I said, “What are you looking for?”

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As she opened her mouth to answer, the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard came out of it.

“I’m searching for the ‘Speed’ soundtrack.”

In 5 seconds I found it for her. I froze, knowing there was nothing I could say to her. Luckily, she asked me, “Do you know something about it? ‘Cause I’m quite new in this, and I don’t know if it’s good enough to buy…?”

“Of course, I have this one at home. It’s a must-have. Believe me, you want to buy this one.”

“Oh. Thanks.”

And then was silence. She made her way to the cashier and I felt I must not let her go away. Her look was absolutely what I dreamt about all my life. So there I found my self taking the first CD I saw (I was standing by the ‘D’ shelf, so I took ‘Dragonheart’, which was found out to be a great CD) and walking towards her. We both paid for our CD’s and went out of the store. I walked near her, and I could see she was embarrassed with that. So I started out a little talk.

“So, you say you’re new in this business.”

“Yeah, I am.”

Her smile, my god her smile…..

“How did you get in to it?”

“I’m a movies freak, and one day after I saw ‘Jurassic Park’ I saw in a CD store the soundtrack. I listened to it and the music simply made me cry…”

“Yeah, the ‘Jurassic’ soundtrack is good… I have it…”

“It sounds like you’re kind’a old in this thing.”

“I am, I’m collecting for 2 years now.”

She smiled, half embarrassed, half politely. And the – silence again.

“What’s your name?”

“Sheleg. Yours?”

“I’m Ron. Nice to meet you very much. You have a wonderful name.”

“Well, thank you very much.”

“So, where are you going?”

“I thought of getting something to eat in ‘Burger King’ or something like that…”

“Mind if I join you?”

My heart couldn’t bear the tension waiting for her answer. She smiled a bit, considered the option of eating lunch with me.



Ok, I know you’re getting angry, you want to get already to the haircutting scene, if you haven’t abandoned my story yet…. I’m coming to it…. Just wait a little more….

And that’s how I met Sheleg. I found out she lived in a city 2 miles north from my town, and I found out she was the perfect lass I always wanted to myself. She gave me her phone, and since then we’re together.

While our relationship was developing, she noticed every time we met that besides hugging her, kissing her and holding her hands (This is something I enjoy very much. Whenever we sit somewhere I love taking one of her hands and petting it) I loved to touch her hair and play with it. Once I asked her if it bothers her, but she said it didn’t.

One of the things we love to do together is going to the beach, lying on the sand, looking on the stars and talking. We both shy, so our “sexual” relationship back then wasn’t anything more then hugs, kisses, hands-touching and things like that. At that time I never saw her body without clothes on it, I even didn’t see her with bra, I didn’t wanted to ask (it would be rude) and she never took down her shirt when we were together.

One day, when we talked on the phone, she told me she intends to go to audition to an Israeli movie. I wished her luck, and was very happy for her. The day of her audition, I phoned her to hear how it went.

“Hi Sheleg. What’s up?”


Her voice sounded lifeless.

“What do you mean nothing? How was the audition?”


“Did you pass or not?”

“I passed it.”

“Great! I’m so happy for you. Aren’t you happy?”

“I’m happy,” she said again with no excitement at all.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”


“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

The few days after the audition she was more serious than ever (and she was already more serious than other girls when she was herself). She always claimed nothing was wrong. I didn’t manage to understand her sudden silences and thinking face.

One day that week, when we were on the beach, lying on the sand and talking, she started to talk about it.

“Do you like my hair?”

“Of course, you know how I love playing with it, and you know I think you have lovely hair.”

“No… I mean…. Is my hair like the only thing you like in me?”

“Honey, don’t be ridiculous”. I kissed her. “Don’t you understand I really love you? I mean, you’re the best thing happened to me in my life. I really love you. Ok?”

She sobbed.

“Sheleg honey, what’s wrong?”

“Will you love me even if I cut my hair”? she asked, started to wipe tears.

“Yes. Of course I will.” I kissed her and touched her face.

“I mean really short…Will you love me?” Now she was actually crying.

“Listen. I love your hair. But I love you more. I’ll love you no matter what length your hair is. Do you understand?” I tried to make her understand it. She moved her face up and down, in order to say she understands.

“Why do you want to cut it?” I asked after she cooled down a bit.

“This audition…”


“I got the part… but I have to… (crying again) I have to shave my head in order to play it.”

I gave her time to wipe away her tears.

“Look, I love your hair, but if you decide you want to do this I’ll still love you. I’ll support you whatever your call is, but it’s your call, not mine. Do you want to play the movie?”

“Yes, very much, but I’m afraid of shaving all of my hair,” she sobbed. “I mean, I like my hair very much, and I don’t know whether to do this or not…”

I looked on her beautiful face. It would really be a shame to shave this beautiful brown hair, which made her look very beautiful, yet the thought of pushing the clippers into her shoulders-length hair turned me a bit on. If you ask me, I preferred she won’t do it, because I loved very much her hair, and I was afraid that if she shaved her head she might like it and never grow it again.

“I’m willing to accept every choice you make,” I said. “You must have been thinking about it the last few days, haven’t you?”

“Well, yes… I think I want to do this, but I was afraid that you wouldn’t want me if I do, and I don’t wanna lose you…”

“You won’t lose me, I won’t let it happen. Never. Under any circumstances.” And I meant that.

It took her time, but after few days she decided that she was going to do it, a bit excited, a lot scared, but she went for it. Me? I was shaking those days. I was really scared she wouldn’t grow her hair again. I was afraid to ask her to grow it, because it might give her clue I hadn’t wanted her to do it, and I wanted to make the impression I’m with her on every call she makes.

“I want you to do this,” she said to me the day she decided her mind.


“I want you to shave my head. I cannot do this without you.”

“Oh, ok.”

I couldn’t resist asking her.

“Listen, I want you to promise me…”


“I want you to promise me you’ll grow your hair back.”


“I will, I promise. I love my hair, I will grow it back.”

I felt relieved very much. All that I had to do then was to enjoy shaving her head.

The day had come, and they were almost ready shooting the movie. I took Sheleg to my apartment, thanking very much my family was in Cyprus for the weekend, so I had an empty house.

As she realized it was about to happen, she was a bit sad. I didn’t know she liked her hair that much, almost as much as I liked it. (I’m still sure I liked her hair more than she did….). And that, my friends, is the part where the “Action” begins.

I wore my hair long, so I had to buy clippers especially for the event. I took my scissors, and when I came with the equipment to the living room, I saw her sitting on the rug, crying. I knew I had to be gentle on that cut.

I combed her hair, as if saying goodbye to it. At that moment I thought her hair was so beautiful, stronger than all the time I knew her.

“Are you sure about that?”


“Are you ready?”



With that I took the scissors and before cutting her hair with them I regretted and took the clippers immediately. As I turned them on, her sobbing went a bit stronger. I kissed her crown.

“Please give me your hand…,” she sobbed.

I gave her my right hand, held it strong, and the only thing I could say that moment was, “I love you.”

With that I pushed the clippers into her hair, from front to crown. The brown hair, which I loved so much, started to fall down to the rug with every move that I did with the clippers. Her scalp was seen. I felt my little tears. I pushed the clippers very gently and slowly, to be as gentle as I could. When I finished the “first level”, her front was totally bald, while her sides and back were still with shoulder-length shiny thick brown hair. The sight made me cry. I continued by clipping her left side, knowing that for shaving her right side I’d need to take my hand from her (I sat behind her), and I didn’t want to do this. I finished clipping her left side and her back. I sat there, listened to her sobs.


No answer.

“Honey, I need my hand please…”

I felt I could cry asking her for my right hand back. She let go of my hand. I passed the clippers to my right hand and started clipping her right side. The sight of her beautiful hair falling on the rug turned me on, but it hurt too. Finally I was done. I putted my hands on her scalp. It felt weird, and I felt I already missed her hair. She was really sobbing. I pulled her backwards and held her tight. I kissed her cheek. Her shoulders looked different without her hair touching them. We both got up.

“Go see yourself in the mirror.”

And she went, wiping her tears on her way, tears that burst again when she watched herself in to mirror. She touched her scalp with her hands. She came to me. I hugged her very tight. My eyes when hugging her were concentrated on the pile of gorgeous brown hair that was once hers.

As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t lie to myself. I didn’t like it. I enjoyed a bit the shaving, but not the result. After the shaving I recall she said, “I swear to god, I never gonn’a do this again.”

I was glad she didn’t like her bald scalp. That promised to me that I would manage to put my hands on her hair, like I loved to do.

Days have passed, almost one year. The movie wasn’t a success. Pity. Neither Sheleg nor me think that it was good, and we’re a bit disappointed. Sheleg became a bit rich in terms of teens. She is saving her money for University. As she promised, she grew her hair back. It’s almost the same length as it was before the shaving. I was amazed to see how quickly it grew up. Our “sexual” relationship developed some more, and not long ago we were necking and she was without her shirt and pants. I love her very much, and I must say I enjoyed the amount of love she has started to give me since that haircut. The sight of her hair touching her shoulders again makes me the happiest in the world….


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