Lesson Well Learned

Lesson Well Learned

A lesson WELL learned – HeadBuzzer

“Hahahaa!” stated Mark as he prepared his equipment for tonight’s victim…

You see, Mark is in high school and there is this girl named Christine in his classes and he thinks she is a real BITCH since she is inventing false rumours around their high school that he is gay every time she is in public. He will teach her never to be in public too much.

So his plan was to sneak into her house this evening around 2 a.m. and give her his choice of a haircut.

So he packed his school bag full of haircutting equipment: scissors, combs and a clipper with a few guards…

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Finally, he got to her house, all he had to do was open her window (her room was in the basement, Mark had found this by spying a bit). Mark was dressed in a black Ninja suit and had put a paintball mask so she wouldn’t recognize him and he would try to speak the least possible.

So, Mark approached her house. He was about to open her window when he decided to see if her parents were not there. He checked the driveway and no cars were there, meaning that her parents were probably out of town or something. “Perfect!” thought Mark.

He opened the window but Christine wasn’t there, he decided to search the house. He kept going about, until he heard her singing in the shower. He directed himself towards the bathroom and with the most silent footsteps he had ever made.

He picked the lock on the door and came in. “OH MY GOD!” Screamed Christine nude in the shower. Mark wasted no time, he grabbed her by the arm and seated her on the toilet seat.

“Now listen up, you little bitch! You’re gonna do as I say! Got it?” Whoops, Mark had forgotten not to talk…

“Holy shit! Is that you Mark?” asked Christine in a fearful voice.

“No use for this now!” said Mark as he threw the mask on the floor.

“What are you doing?” she said.

“I’m here to teach you a lesson, to make you stop your little rumors you whore!”

“What are you gonna do?” she asked.

“I’m gonna give you a haircut my little friend…”

With this being said Christine immediately started to cry and scream, she tried to open the door and get out but Mark pushed her on the floor and told her to stay put or she would become bald… So, she seated her little naked butt on the toilet seat again.

“Let’s see what we can do with your hair!” said Mark.

Christine’s hair was about shoulder length and it was a nearly blond colour with pink stripes through it. Not to mention her sexy body and her big breasts.

Mark got out his scissors and immediately started to cut around her head. Christine was immobile, still in a very large state of shock. Slowly her hair formed a deformed chin length bob. Mark handed her a little mirror and she started to sob.

“I guess I’ll go shorter then!” screamed Mark as he produced the clippers with a no.2 guard on them.

“GOD NO!” screamed Christine as she got up and started to try to punch Mark, but it was useless. Mark just rammed the clippers through the left side of her crown as soon as she approached him. Hair went flying everywhere and a fine line of stubble was left in the path of the roaring clippers. Christine fell on her knees holding a strand of hair in her hands.

“You asshole!” She kept touching her head with the line of stubble on her head, trying to believe this was all not possible.

But it was and she surrendered. She seated herself back on the toilet seat and told Mark to finish the haircut in a nice voice.

“Finally, now it’s my turn to have some fun!” exclaimed Mark as he removed the guard and plunged the clippers in the left side of Christine’s crown…

BUUUZZZ! Mark was buzzing the entire left side of Christine’s head with a no.1 guard. BUUUUZZZ!

Well, he kept going, BUZZ! Soon all the hair from the left half of Christine’s head would be nothing but a small fuzz.

BUZZZ BUZZZ BUZZZ BUBZZ! Christine raised her hands and felt her hair. “Oh my GOD! My hair!” And she kept looking in the mirror as Mark continued his work.

“There, now we take some foam and we lather it on your head!” Mark was now placing shaving cream on all the hair that was buzzed. So he got the straight razor out and shaved all that was buzzed until it was smooth and shiny.

“There, all done. I only shaved half of your hair because you were so cooperative. Now, if you tell anyone I did this I will shave the other half.” Mark gathered his stuff, went out the window and ran home.

Meanwhile, Christine just stood up and stared in the mirror. “What a fool, if he would have known that I was going to shave it ALL off tomorrow!”

So she went upstairs and got his father’s clippers and buzzed all the hair on the right so that her hair would match. BUZZ BUZZ BUUUUUUZZ! And she got out the shaving cream and razor and started to shave. Until her head was entirely smooth and shiny.

The next day she went to school, everyone liked her hair and she actually thanked Mark.

Ever since he’s been going to her house every two weeks and keeps her head smooth and shiny…


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