Blonde Bombshell Surprise

Blonde Bombshell Surprise

Blonde Bomb Shell Surprise by Shannon

Well I did it. I went blonde today. I dropped my husband off at the airport this morning and he asked me why I was in such a good mood. I told him “Oh nothing.” I was going to the salon after I dropped him off. Little did he know that within a couple of hours I was going to be blonde. I spoke to my stylist last week and told her I was thinking of going from my shoulder length brown hair to a blonde bob. She said it would look great. When I walked in it seemed that she was more excited than I was. Well she asked me how light and I took a deep breath and said light, light blonde. We agreed on a chin length bob with bangs then out came the sissors. She cut off about 8 inches from the back and I about freaked. I asked her to turn me around away from the mirror until she was done. My pulse was racing. Finally she was done. She told me to shut my eyes while she turned me around. I opened them and I couldn’t believe it was me. I talked to my hubby tonight and it was hard not to tell him. I just told him that she just did a little something different. He flies back in on Friday and I plan to go get a makeover then go pick him up. His birthday is Saturday and he has always encouraged me to go blonde. So finally I did.

Well it was the moment of truth. I went to pick up my husband at the airport and let him see his newly blonde (& bobbed) wife. First I went to my stylist and she did my make-up and set my hair. She used hot rollers to give my bob a little body. It’s been a few days but when I look in the mirror I’m still in shock.

It seemed to me at the airport that I was getting the “once over” more often by other men than when I was a brunette. I have to admit I loved it.

He got off the plane and was looking all over the terminal for me. He looked over me several times and one time it seemed he even made eye contact. I finally had to wave at him. You should have seen his face. He stood there for 5 minutes with his mouth open and eyes wide open. He walked up to me and started circling me. The only thing he could say was WOW! I had never seen him speechless until then. He loves the do and so do I!

Oh yeah! When we got home I found out why Blondes have more fun!


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