Kristen’s Cut

Kristen's Cut

Kristen’s Cut – Rome3674

It was Saturday, and Kristen had a 12:00 hair appointment at a salon she’d never been to before. The salon was close to home, and, from what her friends had been telling her, a very trendy salon. Before heading out to her car, she looked into the mirror one last time, and told herself that she could do it. She was going to cut her blonde, all one length to her waist length hair very short today. She had found a picture of a model in her Instyle magazine with a cute crop, and she had been obsessing over the last six months on whether or not she should just chop it all off. She felt outdated and in desperate need of a change. Today was going to be the day.

As she looked into the mirror, she pulled a section of hair forward and ran her hand through it; it was so soft and silky, with a sweet fruity aroma. She then gathered it all behind her head and tried to imagine what she would look like with short hair. She whispered nervously to herself, “This will be all gone.” Her body trembled slightly and her hands started to shake a little. She released her hair and picked up her keys and headed to the salon with her stomach in knots.

She arrived at the salon at 11:50, so she decided to ease the tension. She looked through her purse and found her cigarettes. She lit one and took a deep drag, and felt her nerves edge off just a little. She tried to keep her mind from thinking about all that hair that was about to fall, but images kept floating to her mind. Silky blond hair sliding to her lap and to the floor, this began to make her tremble again, so she took some more deep drags, tossed out her butt, and then took a deep breath, opened her car door and walked up to the salon door.

With a shaky hand she gripped the door and pulled it open to hear the sounds of a bell going off. The smell of the salon hit her like a freight train. Perming solution, coloring, and the slightly burnt smell of hair dryers filled her senses. She heard the quiet chattering in the back, some laughing, scissors snipping, and more then anything else, her heart racing.

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She walked up to the receptionist desk, and an 18-year-old girl with a short spiky pixie and multiple earrings in her ear greeted her gleefully. “Hi, how can I help you?”

“Hi, my name is Kristen and I’m here for my 12:00 appointment with Tracy.”

“Great we’ve been expecting you. Tracy said to tell you she’ll be up here in a moment, she had to make a quick phone call home. Why don’t you have a seat and wait for her over there,” said the receptionist, motioning to the seats in the waiting room. “I’ll let Tracy know you are here.” With that the young girl got up and walked to the back of the salon, and disappeared.

Kristen walked over to one of the seats and sat down. She glanced into the salon to get a feel for what was going on. She noticed that all of the stylists were young women in their mid-twenties, and all had really fabulous hair. Three women were getting their haircut. One lady was getting her nails done, another woman was under a dryer, and the last woman was having a purple paste being applied to her hair. Kristen’s eyes ended up concentrating on the ladies getting haircuts. One woman was getting her long brown hair trimmed. On the other side of the salon the other two women, who seemed to know each other, were getting their hair cut, and laughing hysterically, engaged in conversation. The one woman was getting her long brown bangs snipped just above her eyebrows, and Kristen watched her shoulder length bangs slither to her lap. Kristen gasped, she could not believe how relaxed and calm the woman seemed. The other woman was getting her shag cut into an inverted bob with a shaved nape, and electric clippers were eating away the length at the back of her hair. Kristen was shocked to see a woman have clippers placed on her head, her stomach rolled over. She watched as the stylist made pass after pass up the back of the woman’s head and piles of long hair floated down to the floor. She tried to imagine what that would feel like when she was startled by a woman’s voice saying, “Hi, I’m Tracy. Wow, you have really pretty hair.” Tracy extended her hand.

Kristen shook her hand and nervously said, “I’m Kristen. Thanks, I’m actually tired of all this long hair.” Kristen could hardly believe what had just come out of her mouth. Her stomach was knotting up again.

Tracy ran her hand through her hair and smiled and said,” Well, let’s head back, and see if we can do something about all this hair.”

Kristen was led towards the back of the salon, Tracy put a cape on her and had her take a seat with her head back in the wash basin. As Tracy rinsed Kristen’s hair, Kristen was intrigued with Tracey’s beautiful hair. It was a short shag, just below her chin. Kristen was getting extremely anxious by now. However, Tracy began to massage shampoo into Kristen’s hair followed by a deep conditioning. Kristen closed her eyes and enjoyed feeling Tracy’s fingers pull through her hair and massage her scalp. Her stomach stopped knotting up and she finally felt some relaxation. After 7 minutes of a massage, Tracy wrapped a towel around Kristen’s head and told Kristen to come over to the chair on the opposite side from the two women getting haircuts. Kristen sat down in the chair and was too nervous to even notice the hair on the floor from the two women who were getting a blow dry now. Tracy asked, “How are we cutting your hair? Would you like to look through some books, they have some great pictures of short hair since you’re tired of your long hair look.”

Kristen took a deep breath, and with every ounce of courage said, “That’s OK, I have a picture.” She pulled out her picture with her unsteady hands and handed it to Tracy.

Tracy took a look at the picture and then looked at Kristen. She went behind her and pulled all of Kristen’s hair back from her face and lifted it off her neck. She moved Kristen’s head around and said, “Kristen, I think you picked out a wonderful cut. Are you sure you want to go this short, the top is not longer than an inch and a half, and the nape is only half an inch? Have you ever had your ears exposed before?”

Kristen nervously replied, “Cut it all off. I’m sure, and I would love to have that crop. I’ve been thinking about this for six months, just cut it off.”

Tracy, with a smile on her face, said, “OK, let’s do it.” With that she sectioned Kristen’s hair. All of her hair was up in a clip while two inches from her nape was let down. Kristen’s heart started to pound, and her face started to get hot. Tracy began combing out that long section. She then walked around to the counter and picked up a pair of 6-inch long scissors. She walked behind Kristen. She combed out a small section between her two fingers about a half an inch from Kristen’s scalp. Tracy could feel the weight of the waist length hair in her fingertips. Kristen could feel Tracy’s cool hands on the back of her neck, and all she was thinking was no one’s hands had ever been this close to her scalp before with a pair of scissors. Tracy then opened the scissors and placed them even with her fingers, and asked one last time, “OK, last chance to back out, are you sure you want to go through with this?”

Kristen, with a tremble in her voice, said, “Cut it!” With that, Tracy closed the scissors and with three quick snips: snip… snip… snip, a 3-foot length of hair slid down Kristen’s back and gave a little splat on the floor as her wet hair landed. Kristen felt her neck bare, where a long section of hair had once been. Her heart was pounding. Tracy wasted no time and picked up another small section, and snip… snip… snip, splat, splat! Another… snip… snip… snip, splat, splat! Snip… snip… snip… snip, splat, splat, splat! With the last of that section cut, Tracy began to run the comb through Kristen’s newly shorn hair, checking for evenness. A pile of long blond hair collected behind the chair. Kristen felt as though her head was lighter and she could feel a chill on the back of her head. Her eyes were beginning to water. Tracy bent down, picked up a long lock and she let it fall down Kristen’s shoulder and showed her what she’d just cut. Kristen looked in horror at the long piece of silky hair. She picked it up and felt its full length. A tear slid down her cheek.

Tracy undid the next section, which brought the hair from the top of her ears on down. She picked up a small section, this time a little longer than the previous section and a little more angled. Kristen felt Tracy pull at her hair and felt how close she was to her scalp and it raced through her mind, Oh god, not more hair, what have I done? Another tear came down. Tracy aligned the scissors with her fingers and snip… snip… snip, splat, splat! Snip… snip… snip, splat, splat, splat! Snip… snip, splat! Snip… snip, splat! Long hair was tumbling down with even greater speed. Kristen could feel her hair being freed from her head, and with every splat, Kristen let the tears flow. She was so scared, she felt the length of hair there one second and then all of it gone in a minute. The cool air was getting more intense as her hair fell to the floor. The pile of hair was beginning to look like a thick carpet on the salon floor. Tracy combed through her shorn hair, snip… snip… snip… snip. Kristen really felt the comb combing through her shorn hair in the back. What a different sensation. Every time Tracy combed through her short hair, Kristen felt a chill down her spine. Tears stopped coming from her eyes, and for some strange reason Kristen felt a little excited and confused at the same time.

Tracy then undid the rest of the back of Kristen’s hair. Her hair on top and on the sides was still clipped out of the way. Tracy combed through her waist length locks several times. She was admiring its length, and so excited about cutting it all off. She placed her fingers so that it was angled about 3/4 of an inch to an inch and a quarter from a small section of the back of her long hair. Scissors were placed along her fingers and snip… snip… snip… splat! Tracy was entranced by the long hair falling to the floor and Kristen was enthralled with the feeling of the back of her head being exposed, and the lightness from the lack of hair. Snip… snip… snipp, splat, splat! Snip… snip, splat, splat! Snip… snip, splat! Long hair was covering the floor in a large pile of blond. Some of the hair had even dried a little. Tracy was moving with amazing speed slicing off the rest of Kristen’s luxurious locks from the back of her head. Tracy ran her fingers through the back of Kristen’s head and admired how soft it felt. Kristen’s trembled, not out of fear, but out of excitement. It felt so good to feel Tracy’s hand caress the back of her short hair. Kristen excitedly reached back and had to feel for herself. It felt wonderful, it was so soft, and so short, and she loved it.

Tracy undid Kristen’s left side of hair and let it hang down about a half an inch above her ear. Kristen’s hair was flowing to her lap. Tracy then picked up the scissors, placed them just above her ear and began to snip… snip… snip. Long hair slid down Kristen’s shoulder and fell into her lap. Tracy cut out a small sideburn as the last of that section fell down into Kristen’s lap. With each cut section, Kirsten gathered all the hair and was running her fingers through it and was amazed the she had had so much hair for such a long time. Tracy undid the next section from an inch and a half above the ear. Kristen could not even tell her hair had been cut as it hung to her lap. Tracy angled her scissors so that it was cut from 1/2 an inch to about 3/4 of an inch. Kirsten could not wait to see her long hair slide down her shoulder and fall into her lap. Snip… snip… snip… snip. Kristen watched how once again her lovely ears became exposed, as all of her long hair fell to her lap. Another great sensation Kristen had never experienced before. The rest of her side was let down. Her top and right side were still pinned up. Kristen watched as Tracy angled her fingers so that the hair was cut from 3/4 of an inch to one and a quarter inches. She again with great delight watched her ear come out from beneath the curtain of blond hair. Kristen smiled with delight at the large pile of hair in her lap. She could hardly believe all of this was once on her head. The same process was repeated on the right side and Kristen’s head was feeling so light. Like a major weight had been lifted. She sat in the chair staring out at this image of a beautiful woman with short hair looking back at her. She had great cheekbones and big beautiful eyes. Her ears were adorable. Kristen could not believe it was herself she was seeing. All that was left was the top of her hair.

Tracy undid the top of her hair and Kristen once again looked as if she had had nothing cut. Tracy lifted a section from the back of the top section, and with her fingers an inch and a half from her scalp, snip… snip… snip. Long sections of hair were falling furiously around Kristen’s body. Three-foot lengths of hair were falling in her lap, on her arms, and down her back. It was if it were raining long silky blond hair. Working her way forward Tracy was cutting the rest of Kristen’s hair short. At last, all that was left were her bangs. Tracy held them straight and cut into them at a slight angle, snip… snip… snip… snip, snip… snip, snip…. snip, snip… snip… snip. Tracy ran her fingers and comb through what was left of Kristen’s hair. Satisfied with the evenness, Tracy pulled out the clippers and cleaned around Kristen’s nape. Kristen flinched as she heard the clippers come to life and then felt their tingle as they clipped the edges of her nape. Tracy brushed off the loose hair from Kristen’s neck. She applied some gel and spiked it up and blow-dried her hair. She undid the cape, and a mountain of hair fell to the floor. Kristen looked down in shock at all the hair. Then looked up and saw Tracy standing behind her with a mirror.

“Wow, it looks great,” Kristen, said, as she felt the back of her head.

Tracy said, “Yeah, you look so much better with short hair, you are beautiful.”

Kristen thanked Tracy and paid for her cut and made an appointment in 4 weeks to come back for a trim. The whole ride home all she could do was feel her hair and how sexy it felt.


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