From Sable to Sabald

From Sable to Sabald

From Sable to Sabald by Ransom King and Dwight Mullen

Sable found herself stripped naked and bound in a barber’s chair as she woke from a drugged slumber. The drink she had received at the victory celebration, for winning the WWF bikini contest, must have had a sleeping pill in it. That mixed with the alcohol had put her completely out, and for quite a while by the looks of her current predicament. She was now in the middle of the ring under the glare of the spotlights. Still under the influence of the drugs she could not quite focus on everything around her, and the lights stung at her watering eyes.

From behind her she heard the voice of the woman that she had beaten in that contest. It was Jacqueline, and her voice was full of seething anger and contempt. “Since you like to show skin so much, I’m going to help you show everybody every inch of skin you have. When I’m finished with you, your new name will be Sabald, you cocky bitch.” Jacqueline glared with hatred at the naked blonde wrestling manger, turned wrestler, that she had bound in the barber’s chair that now dominated the center of the ring. Sable yelped like a kicked dog as Jacqueline grabbed and yanked Sable’s beautiful long blonde hair and began braiding it into a three-foot ponytail. She made sure that she was not at all gentle as she pulled so hard on Sable’s hair that it felt as if it would rip out of her scalp.

As soon as Jacqueline had finished with the braiding, tying the end with a pretty ribbon to save her trophy, she grabbed up a pair of seven inch barber’s shears and began her desecration of Sable’s beautiful, angel-like, blonde hair. The black beauty began using the shears on flaxen hair. Sable screamed out in shear terror. “STOP, please,” and then only sobs as Jacqueline made the first sawing cut through the massive blonde ponytail of her nude captive sitting helpless in the barbers’ chair. Sable struggled in vain against the white cotton cords of rope that bound her hands and feet, and that wrapped around her body holding it against the sweaty leather of the chair. After five minutes of hacking through the blonde hair, Jacqueline pulled the braid free from Sable’s ravaged head. She held it high above her head as she would a championship belt, her trophy. “Oh my. Tsk, tsk. Poor helpless Sabald, do hold this for me while I finish off the pathetic remnants of your hair.” She dropped the long blonde braid in Sable’s naked lap. Sable’s beautiful blonde hair was now a mess, the front fell into a jagged and hacked bob; while the back was a tuft of various lengths that stuck straight out from her head in every direction. “Why Sabald, your lovely hair is a frightful sight. This lack of style will never work for you. I think I should fix it for you.”

Jacqueline walked over to the nearest turnbuckle where a set of chrome-plated clippers hung, oiled and ready to mow through the thickest of hair. She pulled them off her hook and began pulling them, along with their long, heavy-duty extension cord, towards her hapless victim who would become like a sheep awaiting the shears. Electric clippers in hand, Jacqueline thumbed them on. They buzzed to life with a loud hum which echoed in the empty arena. Using a number two guard on the clippers, the muscular black wrestling-babe proceeded to reduce the blonde beauty’s butchered hair to one uniform length of a mere quarter-inch. The clipper’s first attack run mowed a path beginning at the short tuft of hair on the back of Sable’s head all the way to the center of her forehead. Sable’s silky bangs slithered down across her tear-streaked cheeks before floating onto her lap to join her thick severed braid of hair. Jacqueline savored every pass of the relentless clippers, tossing the golden strands that piled up on the blades high into the air to let them float down all around her most hated rival. The psychological torture was working exactly as she had expected; and with every pass of the clippers moving down the sides of Sable’s delicate head, Sable sank further into the chair, settling herself to a hopeless resolve that indicated that her spirit was being broken. Five minutes after the clippers had begun eating away her precious locks, Sable’s hair had been sheared to all one length.

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“There isn’t that better? Your pitiful blonde hair is one even length now, at least what is left of it that is.” Jacqueline showed her bikini rival her freshly cropped hair in a hand mirror. Sable’s expression turned to embarrassed pain and humiliation, and she turned her face away from the horrifying site of her exposed visage. “What? Is it not short enough?”

“No, no it is too short!” Sable cried out. “Please don’t cut any more. I’ll be bald.”

“That is right Sabald. You will be completely bald.”

Jackie removed the clipper guard, tossing it carelessly over her shoulder, then thumbed the clippers on once more. She climbed up into Sable’s lap as she pushed the vibrating blades into Sable’s remaining blonde hair at the center of her now high forehead. The blades quickly heated up as they cut a swatch down the center of wrestling’s most beautiful head; a two and a half inch strip ran from her forehead to the nape of her neck. Sable’s pale scalp to showed as barren as a desert landscape through the buzzed area. Jacqueline just smiled as she saw the results of her handiwork, which prompted her to work even faster with the clippers. In mere minutes Sable was well on her way to completing her journey to become Sabald. Jacqueline felt the former blonde’s clipped scalp. “I could leave you like this, Sabald, but you still have too much hair for my liking.” Sable had no response, and merely stared back at her tormentor with a blank expression. The only sound in the arena was the sound of shaving cream being released from its tin prison onto Sable’s stubble-covered pate. The black beauty roughly spread the lather over her rival’s remaining hair. “Now for the fun the part Sable, this is where you become Sabald, with a smooth shaven scalp. Have you ever felt a baby’s bottom, Sable? Oh dear, I hope you don’t develop cradle cap.” Jacqueline’s laughter filled the arena and echoed off of the high ceiling for a painfully long time for Sable’s ears.

Taking the straight razor in hand, Jacqueline began her last step to turn the blonde into a baldie. She slowly began scraping away the foamy from Sabald’s head. She lifted the first blade full of lather and blonde stubble and displayed it to the woman bound in the barber’s chair. Sable’s pale scalp was completely exposed where Jackie had run the razor. The beautiful black barberette continued to use the razor on the former blonde’s head. With each pass of the razor it left Sable smoother and balder. Jacqueline worked with the razor until the front of half of Sable’s head been shaven smooth and shiny with just a hint of pink glow from the scraping of the cold steel. Using the hand mirror, Jacqueline showed Sabald what she would look like once she was completely shaved. “There, is that much better? You’re going to like it much better once I finish shaving you, bitch.” Putting the mirror and taking up the razor Jackie resumed the work with the razor. The straight blade moved farther and farther back on Sabald’s ever growing smooth head. It took nearly thirty minutes before the Jacqueline had finished her work with the razor on the completely bald woman sitting in the chair. Wiping away the last traces of the shaving cream from Sable’s ears and head, Jacqueline moved to the front of her bound victim. Jacqueline stared quietly at her finished product, contempt and satisfaction struggling to take their places on her face. A strange chuckle uttered from within her as she then began to remove her red leather outfit letting it fall onto the mat at her feet. She removed every item of clothing until she too was naked as her captive. Sable (Sabald) stared back at her with confused anticipation.

“There. We’re all done here. Now everyone can see every bit of your beautiful skin Sabald, just like they will have to see mine. Yeah, that’s right; because of you I now have to show every bit of mine as well. You see my man wasn’t pleased with me losing to a blonde bitch like you. He lost a large amount of money on that contest; so to punish me he shaved my head right after the match.” As she pulled the elaborate black wig from her shiny, bald, ebony pate she threw it into her bald rival’s lap. Insane laughter began erupting out of Sable’s long quiet mouth as she realized the absurdity of this whole situation. “You know what I hate the most about you Sabald? I shaved your head bald to get even with you, and as much as I hate to say it; you look even better without your hair.” Sable’s laughter only increased at this statement, and tears of pent-up nerves began to rain down from both girls. Then Jacqueline began to rub one hand on Sabald’s bald head and the other on her own shiny smooth scalp. Jacqueline reached for a box that sat at the base of the barber’s chair and pulled out an expensive silky blonde-haired wig. “This will perfectly match your former hair,” she said to Sable. She traded it for the long braid which had been sitting in Sable’s lap, and then began to walk slowly toward the edge of the ring. “Of course you must understand that I’m not stupid enough to untie you myself here and now. I will send someone to untie you as soon as I am safely to my limo. Well, bitch, I guess I’ll see you in the ring.” As Jacqueline made her walk naked towards the exit of the arena, all the two bald women could do was laugh and cry about their baldness.


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