Kelli’s Card Game

Kelli's Card Game

Kelli’s Card Game

Kelli was getting ready for bed. She’d given her long sunny-blonde hair 100 strokes with the hairbrush, done the stretching exercises to limber up her taut young body, brushed her perfect teeth…the normal bedtime routine. She’d just slipped into her form-fitting black teddie when there was an angry knock on the door. Cautiously Kelli made her way to the foyer and looked through the door’s peephole. It was Amber, her rival! What was that little bitch doing here at this hour? Kelli opened the door. “And just what do YOU want? Make it fast, I’m just about to hit the sack.”

“Alone? Why, Kelli, that’s rather unusual for you, isn’t it?” Amber taunted. She stood in the entryway with her hand on her hip. The hall light shone on her ebony hair, which spilled down almost to the middle of her back. Her full lips parted in a cruel smile. “At least, that’s what I hear.”

“Cut the crap, Amber,” Kelli snapped. “It’s late and I have to work tomorrow. What do you want?”

“Just this. We both want the same man, let’s stop kidding ourselves. Only one of us can have Roger. I propose we settle the matter with an unfriendly game of cards.”

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“And just how is a card game going to decide which one of us gets Roger?”

“Easy,” Amber said. “We’ll wager our looks.”

“What do you mean?! That’s ridiculous.”

“Is it? Would Roger want me OR you if we weren’t as beautiful as we are? The loser won’t be ABLE to compete for Roger. Come on, Bitch. Let’s settle this.”

Kelli tensed at the insult, and she could feel her temper rise. “All right! You’re on! Get your bony ass in here and we’ll settle this!”

Kelli stepped aside to allow Amber to enter; as Amber strode into the light Kelli could see that she was carrying what appeared to be a medical bag. Amber dropped the heavy bag on Kelli’s dining room table; it landed with a crash. They both sat and Amber drew the cards out of the bag and began to shuffle. Kelli got herself a bottle of wine and one glass. “I’d offer you some wine, but I don’t want to,” she said to Amber hostilely.

“Fine,” Amber replied. “I didn’t come here for that.”

The first hand was dealt. Kelli had two queens and garbage. “Give me three,” she demanded, and got no help. Amber took two.

“I’ll start the betting,” Amber proclaimed. “I wager one lock of hair.”

“WHAT?” Kelli cried.

Amber sighed dramatically. “Look, it’s easy, Dimwit. If I lose the hand, you get to cut off a lock of my hair. And vice versa. We said we were wagering our looks. Chickening out?”

Kelli squared her shoulders. “No way. I’m in,” she said, “AND I raise you a lock of hair!” Kelli wondered how big a “lock” was, and how safe her hair was, guarded by only a pair of queens. She shivered at the thought of her hated rival poised above her golden mane with scissors.

“I see your two locks and raise you an eyebrow,” Amber stated.

“Oh, God!” Kelli thought. “My eyebrows?”

“C-call,” she said nervously. “Two queens. Beat that!”

Amber smiled her cat-ate-the-canary smile. “Three two’s. Time to pay up.” With that she opened the medical bag and pulled out a pair of scissors and electric shears. She stood and approached Kelli.

“W-w-wait a minute,” Kelli stammered, ” I d-don’t…”

“C’mon, Loser, time to pay up. If you’d won you would have been at my hair in a second. Now shut up.”

Kelli bit her lower lip and tears streamed down her face as Amber gathered a lock of hair, about the circumference of a quarter, and chopped it off very close to Kelli’s skull. Only about a quarter-inch of bristle remained. She then moved to the other side of Kelli’s head and sheared off another hank of hair. Then taking the electric razor she carefully and thoroughly removed Kelli’s left eyebrow. “Oh shit….” Kelli thought miserably, “Maybe I can draw in a new eyebrow so no one will notice…and maybe a new hairstyle will hide the missing…It’s not too bad yet. I can still win…”

Amber sat down with a thud. She carefully wrapped a rubber band around the locks of hair. “So soft…” She raised it to her nose. “And so sweet-smelling, too.” She laughed cruelly. “Your deal!” she chirped at Kelli.

Kelli gathered the cards, shuffled, and dealt. She had nothing! Despair filled her as she kept her high card, an ace, and dealt herself four new cards. She thrilled to find that two of them were aces! Let’s see this bitch beat THAT!, Kelli thought with savage triumph. “I bet two locks!” she proclaimed.

“I see that, and raise you two teeth,” Amber stated cooly.

“Oh, god,” Kelli thought. “My teeth?”

“Amber, maybe we’re going too far here. Looks are one thing, but…”

“You have a beautiful smile, Kelli. Beauty is what’s at stake here. Now either bet, or concede. But if you concede you forfeit, and I get to alter you however I see fit.”

“A-alter me?” Kelli gasped.

“A bet is a bet, god damn it. Now fold or bet! Stop wimping out!” Amber roared. Kelli felt nauseous, but was pretty sure her aces would win out. “C-call,” she said. “Three aces!”

“Full house,” Amber stated in triumph.

“Oh god…” Kelli said, “please no….don’t…” as Amber rose dramatically and approached her with the bag. Amber’s eyes held Kelli in place. It was almost as if Kelli were a bird, and Amber the snake creeping up on her. Kelli sat motionless, her eyes wet with tears, as Amber sheared off two more locks of Kelli’s hair, which was beginning to look patchy. She then drew an aerosol can from the bag and with her other hand spread apart Kelli’s lush lips, exposing her immaculate white teeth.

“Don’t worry, Kel, this won’t hurt a bit…” She sprayed the aerosol onto Kelli’s gumline; instantly Kelli felt her mouth go numb. Amber tunked Kelli’s gum with a finger. Kelli felt nothing, didn’t even flinch. That’s when Amber drew the pliers from the bag and tightened them on one of Kelli’s front teeth. Kelli could feel the tugging, but she felt no pain as Amber yanked out her tooth and laid it on the table. Another tug, and two of Kelli’s front teeth were gone!

“God, Kel, you look hideous,” Amber taunted.

Kelli ran her tongue into the wide gap in her smile and began sobbing—her beautiful smile gone forever! She looked at Amber with a murderous hatred. “Deal the cards,” she said with her mutilated mouth. “You can’t win every hand.”

Kelli was thrilled when she was dealt a royal flush! “It’s payback time,” she thrilled, careful to keep her elation from showing on her face. “I bet two locks!” she announced.

“I call,” Amber said with a strange smile on her face.

“Hah! Royal flush! Can you beat that?”

“No,” said Amber, “I can’t.”

“Great!” exalted Kelli as she stood and approached Amber.

“Where are you going, Kel?” Amber asked sweetly.

“I’m going to chop into that black hair of yours, Bitch!” Kelli snarled.

“Hold on. I lost two locks.” She reached down onto the table and grasped Kelli’s recently-shorn hair. “One…and two.” She handed Kelli two locks of Kelli’s own long blonde mane. “I choose to pay from my winnings.”

“But…but…” Kelli was flabbergasted.

“I lost two locks. I handed you two locks,” Amber stated coolly. “We’re even. Your deal.” Kelli stared at her in frustration, which soon gave way to despair. She sat back down, stunned.

They wagered nothing but hair for a while, and Kelli lost hand after hand. She hit the wine quite hard, and was now more than a little drunk. On those rare winning hands she held, she received in payment nothing but her own shorn locks. She lost her other eyebrow, which Amber shaved off with unconcealed glee, remarking out loud how naked Kelli’s face looked without them. Kelli brokenly felt her face where her eyebrows had been, and her eyes filled with tears as she realized how freakish she must look. Her losing streak continued until the last lock of hair was chopped from her head—an eighth-inch stubble was all that was left.

Amber said, “Well, you have no more head hair, but I want that stubble. I’ll bet you both my eyebrows against a head shaving. Okay?”

The thought of rendering Amber browless filled Kelli with vengeance. “Deal!” she commanded. She had a pair of kings, and on the redeal got another pair, this time of tens. She decided to up the ante. “I bet my…my s-stubble against your eyebrows…and I raise you thirty teeth!”

“Whoa! Kelli! Whatever have you got in your hand, young missy? Such an audacious bid! Well, let’s see…I can’t be timid now…I see your bet, and raise you my bush.”

“M-my bush?” Kelli thought of her downy pussy fur and how soft and luxurious it was. She’d sure hate losing it…but her hand was very strong, she decided to go for it. “C-call,” she almost whispered. “Two pair, kings and tens.”

“Very good, Kel….VERY good. But not good enough,” Amber gloated, revealing her hand—four two’s. “This is going to take a while,” she said as she stood to collect her winnings.

Kelli started to cry as she thought of the ordeal to come. Amber went into Kelli’s bathroom and returned with three steaming-hot washclothes which she slapped on Kelli’s head. Kelli cried out in discomfort as the heat loosened her stubble. Amber reached back into that damnable medical bag and retrieved a can of shaving cream and a straight-razor and began lathering up Kelli’s head. Tears rolled down the former blonde’s face as she was lathered, and then the shaving began. Amber worked slowly, missing nothing, and soon removed all traces of hair. She wiped the soap scum from Kelli’s now gleaming head.

“Thirty teeth,” Amber mused aloud. “I’d better get the spreader.” She reached into the bag, brought out a stainless-steel dental implement of some kind and approached Kelli. “This will ease the strain on your jaws as I make you toothless. Really, Kel. Thirty teeth? That’s all you had left. Whatever posssessed you to risk that much?”

She forced the implement into Kelli’s mouth and began tightening the screws. Kelli felt her mouth being jacked open wider and wider until her jaws creaked. The strain was almost unbearable; her mouth was forced open to its widest aperture. Amber then took the spray and liberally coated Kelli’s mouth with it; Kelli felt her lips and gums go totally numb. The pliers made short work of Kelli’s dentition; Amber bent time and again to her task, each time rising with a glistening white tooth. Kelli could not move. She knew she should stop this, knew it had gone too far, but for some reason she sat there helplessly as her rival removed tooth after tooth. At last thirty teeth had been yanked from Kelli’s head; they sat in a pile on the table next to Amber. Kelli’s tongue circled her mouth and felt only the ragged ridges of her gums…her beautiful smile gone now, never to return.

Amber with difficulty removed the spreader from Kelli’s ruined mouth. “Now!” she chirped. “How about that pussy fur?”

At this Kelli rebelled. She couldn’t bear the thought of losing her gorgeous bush, on top of everything else! “At least let me stay pretty down there,” she protested, the words sounding strange as they emanated from her toothless mouth. She began trying weakly to push Amber away. Amber’s hand lashed out and slapped Kelli’s face, hard.

“Oh, no, Bitch. All the way. You bet, you lose, you pay.”

Kelli’s struggles subsided. Amber knelt down and cut off Kelli’s panties with the straight razor, exposing her dark-blonde bush. Amber stroked it appreciatively. “God, that’s nice. So thick and soft…” She ran her fingers through Kelli’s fur, stroking her as if she were a pet of some kind. “Ah, well,” she said as she took clippers and began removing Kelli’s treasure. Kelli felt the vibration of the clippers as they were run over her skin; she knew that with each pass she was losing another swatch of her downy hair. Amber finished with the clippers and ran the still-hot washclothes over the stubble; then Kelli once again found herself lathered, and carefully shaved. Amber went into the bedroom and, returning with a mirror, bent down and held it so that Kelli could see. Kelli despaired anew as she saw her absolutely-naked pussy lips; all her luxurious growth had been shaved away, and she looked as naked as a little girl! She broke down and sobbed bitterly at how ugly she was now.

“Shall we continue?” Amber asked. Kelli was stunned at the statement. Surely they were done! What more could happen to her?

Kelli actually won the next two hands, only to be rewarded with her own hair and teeth being given back to her. Then on Amber’s next deal Kelli lost her fingernails. Amber chortled as she cut Kelli’s nails to the quick with a large pair of nail clippers; she deliberately did a horrible job, leaving Kelli’s nails looking ragged and choppy. She even took the time to remove Kelli’s red nail polish. “Nails this ugly shouldn’t be polished,” she explained as she worked.

Kelli dealt the next hand in a daze. It was now very late, and her head was swimming from a combination of the wine and of what had been done to her. Her hand barely registered in her mind as she waited for Amber’s next bid. Amber stared right into Kelli’s eyes and said, “I bet two tattoos.”

Kelli’s mind reeled. She didn’t want this. She was going to stop this, now. She couldn’t think, she was exhausted. She….”C-call,” she heard herself say, as if from a great distance, and laid down her hand.

Amber smiled maliciously. “I win again.” She stood up and drew closer to Kelli, whispering to her almost seductively as she came. “These tattoos will take a long time, and since we’re basically finished here anyway—-no way Roger woud even look at you now—I’m going to do you a favor and anesthetise you. But before I put you under I want to show you something.” She reached behind her and grabbed the deck of cards. She held a card up so that only Kelli could see. “Ace of Diamonds,” she said. It was the Ace of Diamonds! “Ten of Spades, Three of Clubs, Jack of Hearts…” she named card after card. The deck was marked! Amber had cheated! Kelli’s gaping mouth hung open and a protest started; but Amber held an ether-soaked cloth over Kelli’s nose and mouth, and Kelli could feel herself slipping into unconsciousness. “When you wake up, you freakish whore, it’ll be an all-new day,” Amber hissed as Kelli passed out.

Kelli awoke the next morning with a ringing hangover. She put her hand to her head…sat bolt upright as her fingers grazed her smooth dome…where was her hair?! She felt her face…no eyebrows! And her mouth felt funny! It had been a dream….hadn’t it?! She leapt up and ran to the full-length mirror in the sun-streaked hallway. “Oh god the tattoos…please no…” She stood in front of the mirror in horror. A very large tattoo of an eagle covered her chest, obscuring and defacing both of her beautiful tanned breasts! But even worse than that, the word, “SLUT” had been etched permanently into her forehead in large red block letters! Kelli examined herself frantically in the mirror. She was hideous! Hairless all over, tattoed like a circus freak, and toothless as well! Her rival had stolen her beauty! She fainted, the sight of herself too much for her to bear.


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