Kaija’s Fantasy

Kaija's Fantasy

Kaija’s Fantasy By Dreamcut’r

It was Friday night in Monterrey, California and I was kicking back and just relaxing with a couple of my dearest friends, a 31inch Surround Sound Zenith TV and the satellite remote control when the phone rang. At the other end calling from the cell phone in his car was Brett, my best friend and a world-class party boy, telling me that I had 5 minutes to get ready.

“Ready for what?”

“For the Party du Jour,” said Brett almost mysteriously. “Just put your ass in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt and I’ll meet you out in front in 4 minutes!”

Knowing Brett as I did, it was hopeless to ask him the details so I jumped off the sofa, killed the satellite feed of Deuce Bigalow – Male Gigolo (well you gotta do something on a Friday Night), ran to the bedroom and quickly changed.

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Brett was pulling up in front of the condo as I was finishing locking up so I sprinted down to the new Saab Convertible and hurtled myself into the cool leather seats.

Less than 10 minutes later we were pulling into the driveway of what could easily be called an American Castle. This was quite a house! My guess was it had 30 or so rooms if it had one. We drove up and handed over the keys to a valet parking attendant. The owner of this place probably employs this guy full time, I thought as I followed Brett up the steps to the front door.

Inside the front door, the house opened up to what is best described as a Grand Ballroom. It was filled with about 50 happy party people. You know the type, more style than substance. Brett practically flew into the room and in a flash was the center of attention.

I knew it was going to be a wasted night for me before even entering the room. I’m a pretty simple guy at heart. Good friends, quiet times, romantic surroundings. This scene just didn’t qualify. I would rather sit and talk and snuggle with my girlfriend than spend time trying to be witty and sophisticated at some phony party. I had been dateless since my recent split so I decided to give it my best effort and see if I could find another tortured soul of the female variety. 45 minutes later I concluded that such an event was totally futile so I decided to take an unescorted tour of the digs.

At either end of the party room, graceful curved stairways led up to a mezzanine overlooking the party now in full swing. I slowly worked my way across the room and up the stairway and was rewarded with a great view of the partying crowd and through a spectacular window an incredible view of Carmel Bay, before now, available only to the Angels and Gods of varying types.

The view of the Bay mellowed me out from my depression and I continued my tour. A few doors down the attached hallway was a terrific room. In most houses it would be called the family room, but in these surroundings it was “the library in the Great Room”. Along each wall were bookcases containing thousands of well-worn books. There were 3 separate seating areas and it was now that I realized that I was not the only one in the room. Sitting all scrunched up on one of the oversize sofas and reading a book was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She was looking at me in a most annoyed way and finally said, “What are you doing here?”

I… I… I… I don’t know,” was my snappy reply. Followed shortly after with… “I was just exploring!” Well, I guess my total puppy-with-his-tail-between-his-legs demeanor caught her off guard for she started giggling and then laughing in the most delightful way. She asked me my name and why I wasn’t down at the party. I explained sheepishly that it wasn’t really my scene and that I only came to the party because my friend had asked me to come along. She told me that her name was Kaija and that she was best friends with the daughter of the family that lived here. She said that she was visiting from Seattle for the summer and asked what I thought of the house. I said that the taxes on the house for one year probably exceed my total lifetime earnings. That got me another delightful giggle. She explained that her friend’s father had made it big with an Internet startup company in Seattle, which he sold recently for 100 million. The whole family had moved here in Carmel only 6 weeks ago and her friend Sheila was throwing the party for her and her new friends. Kaija also said that for the last hour Sheila had been trying to hook her up with a few of her new friends. Not finding anyone to her liking she excused herself with a dumb excuse having something to do with a migraine headache, menstrual cramps and a pregnancy test. That got a chuckle from me and I asked shyly if she would like some company. “Sure,” was the quick reply and she rearranged herself on the sofa so I could sit down.

Let me describe Kaija. Maybe I shouldn’t except in vague terms so your own fantasy image of the perfect girl will emerge as the story unfolds. Nah, can’t do it… gotta describe her.

Kaija is 5′ 8″ tall and petite except for large and firm breasts. We’re talking a porn star body type. Her face is angelic which belies the fact that she has full firm lips, which exude a latent sexiness about to erupt. Her eyes are the deepest Amethyst Blue and a beautiful contrast to he finest asset… thick, shiny, ass-cheeks-long brunette locks.

As I sat down I told her she had beautiful hair and was rewarded by Kaija gathering her hair up at the nape and draping it over her shoulder. It was a magnificent sight. “Thank you kind Sir,” was her heartfelt reply.

We talked and talked and I missed my ride back home ’cause Brett thought I got lucky and left with some party bimbo. Boy was he wrong. After 5 minutes talking with Kaija I knew she wouldn’t be going back to Seattle if I could help it.

Anyway, our relationship progressed rapidly and we discovered over a short span of time that we were actually made for each other. She moved out of the mansion and into my condo after 3 weeks and we continued to grow in our love and commitment to each other.

Another Friday night later in month, Kaija & I were laying on the sofa stretched out watching Deuce Bigalow – Male Gigolo (I really heard it was good) when Kaija said that the weather in Monterrey was starting to annoy her. The summer heat and humidity was starting to affect her crowning glory. Her hair was starting to frizz and split and it was a daily chore to keep it in the perfect condition she was accustomed to. Seattle was humid but it didn’t have the heat that was now wreaking havoc with her beautiful tresses.

“I’m considering cutting my hair… what do you think?” she said and her face scrunched up like she was expecting the worst from me.

I didn’t react immediately and that caused even more concern to emerge on Kaija’s face.

“No… No, if you’re thinking about it it’s probably a good idea. I love your hair long but I’ll bet you’ll look great in short hair.”

“Who said anything about short hair? I was talking about a 2-inch trim. Do you see me in SHORT HAIR? What styles? I’d look hideous! How short? Where would I get it cut? Do you LIKE short hair? Oh, I couldn’t!”

“Whoa, hold on there, pretty Miss! All I was saying was that it was your choice and you could do anything you wanted relating to your hair. Yet, since you asked, yes I think you’d look great with short hair. I particularly like the style where the nape is real short, maybe even clippered and the hair on the crown is cut to the middle or just above the ears. I think it’s called an angled back bob or a bowl cut. The contrast of the really short hair on the nape with the longer hair above has always been a turn-on for me. Women who wear this style always look so beautiful, graceful, sophisticated. Your hair is beautiful, you are beautiful, and you will stay beautiful to me whether your hair is long or short.” That really seemed to sooth her jangled nerves. She hugged me tight and held on for what seemed a long time. The thought of cutting her hair short had rattled Kaija and I was intrigued with her reaction.

When Kaija was more or less back to normal I asked her what had prompted her intense reaction to the thought of short hair and she got real quiet and said nothing for what I perceived was 15 minutes.

Finally she said, “I have never seen a picture of me where I didn’t have long hair. Yet my entire life I have also had the fantasy that my husband would on the day we married accept my hair as my greatest gift. He would cut my hair in a way that would please him the most and because he would love my hairstyle he would love me even more. This fantasy has been incredibly strong since the day I remember first having it. It has been my masturbation fantasy throughout my life and nothing gives me a greater orgasm than fantasizing about my husband cutting off my hair.”

Kaija then turned, facing me for the first time since this conversation started, took my face in her hands and looked me straight in the eye. She said, “I love you, more today than yesterday and tomorrow my feelings will increase. Telling you my fantasy has been like lifting a weight off my shoulders. You don’t have to marry me but PLEASE CUT MY HAIR!”

I was overwhelmed, I never had emotions flood my psyche like they were now doing. I wanted to hold this vulnerable woman in my arms and tell her I felt the same way.

“Kaija, I love you, I want to be with you forever and I will cut your hair but only if you will marry me.”

She jumped up, grabbed me in a bear hug, tears streaming down her cheeks and planted the warmest, softest, most romantic, most erotic and yet the most trusting kiss I will ever experience.

Four months later, our wedding was complete and we were winging our way to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We arrived late and settled into our suite for the night exhausted from the travel and the excitement of the last few days. We hit the sheets and drifted off together for the first time as husband and wife.

As I awoke the next morning I realized that Kaija was not in bed. I called out and she replied that she was in the living room area of the suite. I jumped out of bed and slowly walked toward her voice. Sitting in the middle of the living room on one of the kitchen’s bar stools was Kaija. She had a bed sheet wrapped around her neck and scissors and a comb in her hand.

“I think it’s time to do your husbandly duty,” she lovingly said. I noticed a small movement from the lower portion of the sheet.

“No!” I said. “I will do this my way.” With that I pulled off the sheet revealing Kaija’s gorgeous body, took her hand and led her back to the bedroom. We got dressed, left the hotel and went down to the lobby. We walked around the corner to a salon and entered. I explained to the receptionist that my wife was considering going short and could their stylist consult on styles. I said she probably wouldn’t consent to having her hair cut then and there but I would pay for the consultation. We looked at the various style books and we all decided that an angled bob to the middle of the ears would look stunning on Kaija. With a glimmer in her eye she said to the stylist that she would probably be back if she couldn’t stand the heat during the next few days. Just as we were about to leave a beautiful Hawaiian Girl with very long hair came in and decided to get her hair cut in the same style Kaija and I had just chosen. We were allowed to watch as this girl lost almost 30 inches of hair. When the cut was finished she looked great and I had grown more than just emotionally. Kaija, noticing my condition, said thanks to the stylist and we headed back to the room.

Still wanting to control the fantasy I led Kaija to the bathroom and filled the jacuzzi tub to the top. I coaxed my new wife in and started to shampoo her hair in the softest sexiest way I could. After the shampoo I massaged her scalp, shoulders and neck until I had her moaning and groaning with every touch or squeeze.

I lifted her out of the jacuzzi and carried her naked to the kitchen stool left from our earlier encounter. I told her to sit straight up and that her fantasy was about to begin. I realized that this woman/girl, my new wife, was about to start experiencing something she literally has waited most of her life to happen, so I was not about to make the experience brief. I took a brush and comb and started first by brushing her hair. Soon, she was making deep guttural sounds and moans. Occasionally she would stop these erotic sounds and start a higher pitched trilling, which sounded a lot like the soft purring of a kitten. I was literally playing her pleasure strings and it was giving me a raging hard-on. She kept trying to grab me and kiss me but I told her to stop or the fantasy would end. She stopped and started to live in the fantasy.

I continued to brush until her hair was almost dry and my wrists were aching. When I was finished Kaija took a quick deep breath to show her disappointment that I had stopped. Now I sprayed some water onto her hair to dampen it for cutting and combed out her hair so it was evenly distributed across her back. I picked up the scissors and started a cut in the center of the hair hanging to her ass and removed 2″ of hair. I continued to the right and then left to remove an equal amount on each side until the cut was even. I turned Kaija around and showed her the wet hair on the floor and explained that this was the cut she wanted when they first started talking about her cutting her hair. You could tell she was excited. There was a stain starting to grow on the barstool fabric.

She challenged me. “Is that all you’re gonna take? I’m disappointed in you!”

“Turn around. I’m not quite finished!”

I wet her hair a little more and cut an additional 6 inches off the length. Her hair now hung to the top of her hips.

“Let me think about this… is this enough?” I thought out loud.

“No… MORE please,” she begged.

I place the scissors at shoulder-blade level and closed the blades. About a foot of hair rained down her body softly bouncing off the curve of her buttocks as she was sitting on the stool. There was quite a growing pile of brunette hair accumulating on the floor of the suite.

Now the real fantasy was to begin. I moved her chair in front of the full length mirror on the closet door so she could watch as I combed her hair straight down all around her head. I started at the right side of her chin and cut a straight chin length bob around her head. Hair fell for the first time into her lap where it made contact with Kaija’s very animated fingers playing with her glistening slit.

I watched and waited for Kaija’s reaction to her latest hairstyle. She brought a hand up and touched the ends of the bob. Flipped them up, shook her head a few times and declared that she loved this style. I said it wasn’t the style we picked… the one I picked.

I was going to continue until it was the cut I wanted. Kaija grinned when she heard my words. They were the essence of her fantasy.

Now I started to section the hair just like I saw the stylist do earlier in the day. I used paper clips to hold the hair up and when I was finished the nape was separated from the rest of the hair with a part running from the top of one ear to the other. I lifted the hair to the level of the part and put my fingers on the scalp and scissored off all the hair on top of my fingers. After doing this all over the nape I was left with a rather uneven nape, now short but chunky and unruly looking. I told Kaija that I didn’t like the look and I would need to bring in the secret weapon because I couldn’t perform the scissors over comb technique the stylist had used earlier in the day to get the nape of the young Hawaiian Girl short and even. I left her in front of the mirror trying to get a look at the now short hair on her nape and retreated to the bedroom where I had hidden a set of Oster Clippers. I had borrowed these from my barber, telling him they were for shaving the hair of teammate for a lost bet. I also borrowed the guards from a 6 to a number 1. I plugged them in popped on the Number 6 guard and flipped the switch. PLOP they exploded into sound. Kaija jumped like she had been hit by lightning. She then relaxed and moaned deeply.

I pushed her head down toward her lap and placed the clippers at the base of her neck. The number 6 guide left about a half inch of hair but it looked beautiful… clean, neat and perfectly cut. I sheared the entire nape with this guide by starting at the bottom of her hairline and flipping my wrist out as I lifted the clippers so there was a definite taper to the back. I took off the guide and redefined the bottom of the nape to a beautiful W pattern then stepped back to admire my handiwork. I just couldn’t keep my hands off her hair and I touched, fondled, caressed and kissed her again and again all over the newly cut area.

The rest of the cut followed with sections pulled down and cut to conform with the predetermined mid-ear length. The crown was shortened to conform to the rest of the cut. The bangs were left eyebrow length but thinned and made airy looking When I was finished Kaija had a beautiful short angled bob with short nape with just the bottom of her ears showing below the weight line. The quick taper and short nape contrasted beautifully with the longer hair of the crown.

Kaija’s face was glowing. She was crying and now she stood up turned around and gave me a kiss that let me know she was extremely turned on. Her pussy hair was sopping and she exuded the odor of sex. She was squirming as she kissed me. She broke the kiss and started to undress me. Tee shirt quickly over my head. Nikes kicked off. She undid my belt and lowered my pants and briefs all in one motion. Just as she was about to swallow my manhood I stepped back and told her the haircut wasn’t quite finished. I told her to lie down on the rug and I proceeded to rev up the Osters and rid her of her pubic hair. As the clippers hit her pubic mound she screamed and erupted in an orgasm that must have awakened Pele the Hawaiian Fire God. It was a good 2 minutes before she stopped her gyrations. I finished the clean-up and Kaija was now shorn above and bald below.

I said the haircut was now officially finished and thanked her for the precious gifts of her heart and her hair. I gave her a very tender kiss and told her I was now going to thank her brains out. I was more excited than I’ve ever been in my life and my penis was so hard a laser wouldn’t have touched it.

Prior to the pussy shave, I wasn’t much for oral sex but that hairless prize in front of me looked so delectable that I licked and nibbled and sucked Kaija to two more climaxes before she pushed me off and said in her throaty sex voice that she wanted to fuck me. She spread her legs and guided me toward her ultimate prize. I told her to roll over and entered her from behind all the while looking at the beautiful clippered nape my wife was now sporting.

We finished our coupling, showered and headed out for some sightseeing. I couldn’t stop looking at Kaija’s hair and all day showered her with nibbles, and licks, and bites. I was like a teenager with his first conquest. Very kissyface! I think Kaija loved all the attention because she did nothing to stop me. Every once in a while she grabbed Mr. Bill to let him know he would shortly be needed.

On the way back to the hotel and additional bedtime, we passed the salon we were in earlier and the stylist was outside with a cigarette. When she saw Kaija, she said, “Wow, what a great haircut!” and asked which salon had cut her hair.

She said “Oh, I would only let my husband cut my hair and I think he’s done a great job. He did it this afternoon. I especially like the nape. What do you think?”

Stevie, the stylist, said that I had real talent. She even asked if I would cut her hair like Kaija’s. I declined and said my talents belonged to my wife and I would continue to make her the most beautiful woman in the world.

We are still very sexual beings and to this day 12 years later Kaija still lets me cut her hair. She’s had her nape shaved, tried a short crop, once a 1/4″ buzz, but her favorite and still mine is the angled bob with clippered nape.


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