Kelli the Infant

Kelli the Infant

Kelli the Infant

She wanted to be treated like a little girl, and in exchange she would grant me my wildest fantasy. It wasn’t hard to get her pussy shaved. She was lying on the bed after her shower to get powdered and diapered. She was totally submissive, eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of the powder brush tickling her muffin. I was teasing her about what a pretty baby she was as I got the clippers from their hiding place under the bed. I maintained the gentle brushing, bringing the evil machine into position over her belly. CLICK! BZZZZ… I rasped from her navel straight down to her slit in one cruel stroke. “But you need to be shaved like a real baby!” I announced after the fact, and she jumped up and gasped.

“What are you doing?” she shrieked. She looked at her pussy and saw that her fluffy bush was ruined. There was a bare strip right down the middle, like what a cartoon lawnmower out of control would leave behind. She started to get teary eyed and I told her to lay back down, she was getting a smooth bald wee-wee like a little baby. It didn’t matter if she liked it or not, it was too late, she’d have to go through with it.

So there she was on her back with her legs spread, crying, and I’m going to town with my clippers, shaving all the curls loose from her triangle and watching the clippered pubes pile up on the diaper laying open under her ass. Mmmm I was loving it, seeing her soft bush reduced to bare itchy stubble. I kissed her there enjoying the sharp feeling, the warmth, the fragrance of the baby powder. I took her hand and guided it to her shaved snatch, and made her feel it. Her hand drew away at the stubbly feeling and she sobbed. She offered little resistance when I flipped her over to get at her ass and shave away the tiny hairs around her anus. “I’m shaving your bootie, ‘baby’.” That seemed to get to her. I dusted her off and took her back to the tub to soak for her pussy shave. I lathered her up in the tub and shaved her clean from belly to butt so it was totally smooth.

By the time I was rubbing baby oil into her bottom and getting her into a fresh diaper, her eyes had dried, and we cuddled up to watch some TV. I was in my bathrobe, she on my lap like a baby, wearing just the diaper, one of my hands keeping one of hers down there, so she can’t forget she’s shaved for a second. She seems to like it in her perverted way, and I MAKE her make herself come, kind of forcing her fingers. (It’s a little reward for submitting, but mainly it’s to train her, to associate sexual satisfaction with shaving and humiliation in her mind.) So there she is all happy on my lap, and it was feeding time for baby. I told her just to nurse on it, like a baby, lots of lip and tongue, no bobbing up and down like a blow job. “Mmmm that’s it, suck for your late night snack, ‘baby’.”

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Next day I dressed her in a short little girl dress with the diaper underneath. Her hair was up in pigtails and we went out for a while. We were sitting on a bench in a busy area, and I was making her keep her legs open so her diaper was visible to people looking at the right angle. “Sweetie pies, I’m really worried about you,” I told her. “There have been a lot of babies kidnapped lately, and they say babies should be tattooed for identification if, god forbid, anything ever happened to you. So let’s go, I made an appointment with that guy I told you about.” I pulled her by the arm, but she remained seated. “C’mon, it wont hurt much, it’s just like getting a needle at the doctor’s.” She seemed really scared, but I guess she thought I wouldn’t make her do it, all the way to the tattoo shop. She hesitated at the door, but I took her by the elbow and made her go in first.

The artist knew Kelli, and he broke into a big grin when she meekly announced that she had decided to get a tattoo. “What and where do you have in mind?” She looked nervously from him to me, caught the look in my eye, cast her eyes down, and said weakly, “On my pussy. It’s up to him,” turning her head toward me, “what pattern I get.” The tattoo guy grinned even wider, and evil grin, and I was smiling myself at Kelli getting through the words I told her to say. We let Kelli to the chair, and she was vibrating, knowing what was coming. The guy lifted up her short skirt to reveal her diaper. “Ohhh, Kelli, KINKY!” he said. She blushed as I showed him where the safety pin was to open the diaper. “Does she need a shave?” I felt her bare pussy and so did he, it was only a day’s growth but he decided to lather it up and shave it smooth, just for extra measure.

By now there were people looking in the window, watching Kelli with the little girl skirt pushed up, her diaper open and her pussy getting shaved… When she was clean as a whistle, the guy took me aside. Then the guy showed me some tattoo art books. He seemed really into being the first to tattoo Kelli’s virgin flesh, and really making her cry. He showed me some really nasty ones, like the word SLUT drawn so that the outline of the letters made the shape of a pig. When I told him I wanted FUCK ME right across on her mound, he thought it was a great idea. We picked a nice style of lettering, nice colors, and he went to work on her

I held her while she cried and the guy started pricking her pussy with the electric needle. He kept slapping her pussy hard, his hand made a hell of a smacking sound, and everyone was watching. I don’t think any of that hurt nearly as much as when he was done, and we showed her what was tattooed on her pussy for always! “That’s good,” I said as the guy cleaned her up and applied the bandage. “Odds are there isn’t another girl in the world with THAT on her cunt!” We diapered baby Kelli back up and I led her out into the street, with everyone staring at her.

I got “little girl” Kelli to play school with me. I dressed her in a short little blue plaid Catholic school uniform (and diaper, of course!) I asked her crazy questions, obscure stuff, and the few times she got the right answer I told her she was wrong. I surprised her from behind and got her secured to the chair. I told her she would learn her lessons by the time I got back, or she would be taught a real lesson. I left her there to sweat for a few minutes, I bet it felt like hours to her. Of course there were no books to study from, and she failed on the first question, “How many leaves on a tree?”

“Ok, it’s time for a music lesson,” I told her. “We’re going to learn how to sing this song.” Her eyes lit up when I brought out one of those cheap kid’s record player, the kind that close up into a little suitcase. (they still make those). I had a couple of children’s 45s. “We’re going to learn to sing a song, and if you can get this right, you won’t be punished for failing your test.” I set the needle down on “Old MacDonald” and she recognized it right away and started singing along. No problem, she thought, I could see it on her face. I took the needle off the record with a sccrrrattch and put on another one. “This is the song we’ll be learning to sing today.” She was all ears, enjoying this game, looking happy, you should have seen the way that look changed when the words from the tinny speaker sank in and she recognized the tune… Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear… Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair… Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy was he?

Well she didn’t look to thrilled about singing this one, especially when I started singing along, punctuating each syllable by snapping my barber’s scissors open and closed in front of her. “Baby Kelli lost her crop,” (that’s my lyrics, sung louder than the record.) “In the North Pole Barber Shop.” (My favorite lines!) “Baby Kelli wasn’t fuzzy was she?”

I started the record back at the beginning and told her to sing it, and put in she for he, etc, just like I did… Of course she started right off singing “Fuzzy Wuzzy” instead of “Baby Kelli'” so I took off the record and coached her. I combed some of her hair down in front of her eyes and said, “If this is the only way you are going to learn it…” She pulled her head back, but she couldn’t go far tied to the chair as she was. I was holding a pretty nice section of hair from all about her hairline, pulling it against her resistance. I readied my scissors and said, “listen carefully and repeat after me.” (I started making up new words as I went along, so she could never get it right.) “Kelli is a crew cut slut!” I sang, and I snip, snip, snipped in time to the song, long strands of hair coming loose about 6″ from her forehead. I got about to the middle of her face, and got the rest off to the time of “Cries when she gets her hair cut”. And I could see her tearing up as the 6″ long bangs flopped over her face.

I paused for a moment to undo her “criss cross” tie and unbutton her schoolgirl’s vest and white blouse. I took some of the cut hair and rubbed it between her tits, letting some fall on her belly and in her lap. “Ok now, let’s try it again…” I started the record again, and of course she couldn’t sing the crazy lyrics, not to mention her crying as I sang and snipped away, letting the hair fall all over… BA- (snip) BY (snip) KEL- (snip) LI (snip)… you get the idea….”Baby Kelli lost her crop, Wet her pants in the barber shop,” I kept singing, having a grand old time as she wept.

I separated a round section on each side of her head, and braided them. Then she heard a buzz, it was me approaching from the back with my clippers humming. She tried to twist and turn her head as I cruelly started shaving her down to a 1/2″ crewcut all over, except for the pigtails on each side. She cried her eyes out, her mouth was open a drooling, I made her suck me while I raped her crowning glory

“You should turn a few heads with THIS haircut, ‘BABY’!”


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