Just a Little Bit Shorter

Just a Little Bit Shorter

Just a Little Shorter By Dreadlocks

August was almost over and summer was in its final heatwave before school started. All the boys would be hitting the barber shops again for their back to school trims, after having grown out the summer crops. That was the first time Leah had experienced her fascination with haircuts, especially short haircuts.

She was walking by the Tom’s barber shop in June when she spied someone she knew sitting in the chair. Leah had never met Jason before but she had a wicked crush on him, and there he was sitting in the barber chair. She felt angry that he was going to compromise his good looks with a short style but couldn’t help but watch as the clippers ran methodically over his head until all that remained was stubble, the shortest of crewcuts. Surprised at her own reaction, all she could do was stare as Jason walked out of the shop. He gave her a little smile, rubbing his hand up the back of his shaved neck.

Leah hadn’t seen the barber on the other side of the plate glass window. When she looked back into the shop, there he was with the same clippers that he had shorn Jason with, making shearing motions with them and beckoning her to come on in.

Taken completely off guard she froze in place.

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“If you like I can leave a little more than your boyfriend there.” The barber had come to the entrance. He smiled and his eyes followed Leah’s long blonde hair down to her butt.

“No thanks, just passing by!” Leah ran down the sidewalk and all the way home. In the back of her mind she knew how close she had come to the haircut of her life but didn’t really recognize the fantasy yet, budding in her young brain.

When she got home she lay on her bed and loosened her jeans, slipping a hand in to play. She thought about Jason and how different he looked with his crewcut. Leah fantasized about running her hands over his stubbled head as he made passionate love to her. Then her fantasies turned to herself and what it might have felt like to have those clippers run over her scalp and she instantly shuddered and had a wonderful orgasm. She was hooked. She couldn’t get the thought out of her head. Every day over the summer she spent at least an hour imagining that cut that she so narrowly avoided. She knew she had to do it but she could never work up the nerve to go back to the shop and ask for what she needed, a crewcut. She came close a couple of times, slowing at the doorway and then, seeing a group of guys in there, hurrying on her way. One time she got to the door and there was no one inside. She stopped and stood in the alcove and then walked into the shop, she walked over to the counter and saw all the cutting tools hanging neatly on their hooks, the scissors were all laid out on the counter and all the combs were in some kind of blue liquid. The chair looked so comfortable. She wondered where the barber was and thought she better leave before he returned, and slipped out the door and on down the street. But now the fantasy was rooted in fact, she had touched the tools and the chair and smelled the tonic. Leah went to her room and had the best orgasm she had ever had still smelling the barber shop in her nostrils.

“Today is the day!” Leah said. “I’m going down to that barber shop and I’m going to ask for my crewcut.” She put ten dollars in her jeans pocket out of her babysitting money and started out. When she got to the shop there was a sign on the door:

“Closed ’til Tuesday, see Tony.”

Who is Tony? Leah was upset and couldn’t believe that when she had finally built up the nerve to do it the shop was closed. Tony?

Leah was so flustered that she didn’t see the man walk up behind her.

“Shit,” the man uttered under his breath, testing the door of the shop. As he was walking away she stopped him.

“Excuse me sir, who is Tony?” Leah half expected the guy to wave her off but he was cordial.

“Tony’s Shop is on the Millers Road about half a mile out of town, but that guy’s a butcher. I’ll have to wait until Tom gets back.” He got in his truck and drove away leaving Leah standing on the sidewalk pondering.

“Hmmm, a butcher. I guess when you’re getting a crewcut, well how can you screw that up?” Leah thought to herself but her feet were already moving. By the time she got to the Millers Road it was 4:00p.m. and she knew that barbers’ were rarely open past 5:00. And she had a half a mile to go. Leah walked fast with a purpose, a little sweat beaded on her forehead as she came within sight of the shop. Not much to look at, just a plain shack type building with a spinning barber pole above the door. It looked closed but the pole was on so she walked up the door and stepped inside. There was a little man smoking a cigar and reading the sports page.

“Can I help you young lady?” The man motioned to get up but remained in the chair.

“Yes sir,” spouted Leah, out of breath. “Yes, I need a haircut” She looked at the expression on his face.

“Now listen here young lady, I cut men’s hair and I only know three cuts, short, shorter and shortest. Why don’t you go on back to town and go see Ruth at the HairBee, she cuts ladies’ hair real nice.” Tony sat back in the chair and began to read the paper again.

“Sir, I really want a haircut and I want it short. Look, I have ten dollars to pay for it.” Leah sounded desperate, and she was.

“I suppose you know what you’re askin me to do to your hair, we’re talkin’ off the ears and collar, sweety.” Tony figured that would scare her off.

“That will be fine.” Leah walked over and handed Tony the ten dollars.

“Ok, lady, but you pay me when we’re finished, ok?” Tony dusted off the chair and motioned for her to sit. Leah climbed up onto the foot rest and then sat back into the chair. It was comfortable. Tony spun the chair around and asked Leah to hold her hair off her neck. As the sheet was fastened, the reality of the moment began to settle in the bottom of her stomach, she was really going to do this. Tony spun the chair around and Leah saw her reflection in the mirror, that image that she had fantasized about on so many summer afternoons was staring back at her for real. Scissors in hand, Tony raised them up to about chin level and started to cut. Leah gasped as a two foot length of hair fell to the tiled floor.

“Are you sure you want to do this young lady? I can always stop with a chin bob.” Tony continued to cut around Leah’s head until all her hair lay on the floor and she was left with a chin-length bob. “What do you say to that?” Tony asked as she examined the blunt cut in the mirror.

“No it’s got to be shorter.” Leah was determined. “A lot shorter.”

Tony didn’t say anything but put down the scissors and picked up a spray bottle and wet down Leah’s hair until it looked like she had just stepped out of the shower. Then he grabbed the clippers. Leah felt a shiver go through her as they buzzed to life and at the same time she felt very wet down there. He brought the clippers up and under the bob at Leah’s nape and ran them about half way up her head, turning them out to cut off the overhanging hair. Tony gradually worked his way around her head doing the same motion over and over until Leah had a short taper with a mop top. She was a little shocked at her reflection and also at how far her ears stuck out from her head. Tony grabbed a comb from the counter and began to layer the top with the clippers, giving her a short boy’s cut with a part on the side. When he was finished she looked at the boyish person in the mirror and knew it wasn’t enough.

“I’m sorry, can you go a little bit shorter.”

“Yep,” was all she got from Tony as he grabbed the clippers and started to work on the top again. He was doing something with the comb and there was a lot of hair falling off the comb. She couldn’t see what he was doing as the chair was turned around. As he finished with the top Tony grabbed a different set of clippers and began to cut the back and the sides again. Leah could tell it was really short as she could feel the barber’s breath on her scalp in the back. She was really wet and was wondering if it would show when Tony took off the sheet. Finally the buzzing stopped and Tony spun the chair around so Leah could see the results. It was really short! The top was buzzed flat and the sides were practically shaved. All she wanted to do was reach into her jeans and play as she stared at the little Marine in the mirror. It was almost as short as Jason’s cut but not quite. Leah’s sexual excitement was running the show as she asked one more time if Tony could go just a little shorter. Leah could tell he wasn’t pleased but he started for the clippers again and she was sopping wet as they ran up the back of her head and over the top to her forehead. These clippers had a different sound to them, much quieter and smaller than the others. Tony kept going over and over Leah’s head with those clippers and she kept getting hotter and hotter. She knew that the wetness had to have soaked through her jeans by now. She didn’t even notice that Tony had stopped and had begun to spin the chair. Leah saw herself and smiled from ear to ear. She was completely bald.

Tony had clipped her down to almost nothing.

“Short enough for you young lady?” Tony asked, expecting a tear or two.

“Oh yes, it’s perfect. Perfect!” She handed him the ten dollars and received 3 dollars in change. “Thank you.”

“Listen, I’m closing up. Do you need a ride into town?” Tony asked, not really believing that Leah was ok.

“Sure, that would be great.” Tony took Leah right home. She ran upstairs and started to strip out of her clothes, the crotch of her jeans completely dark with moisture. She laid back on the bed and started to finger herself as her other hand rubbed her sandpaper head. Suddenly she had a thought, it was so close.

Leah ran to the bathroom, prolonging her orgasm for a few more minutes. She got in the shower and grabbed one of her father’s razors and the shaving cream from under the sink.

As she lathered her head she realized that she had gone beyond her fantasy and was creating a new one. Stroke after stroke she shaved her head clean, going over it twice to make sure it was smooth. Without even thinking about it she shaved off one of her eyebrows and then the other and then she was frantically shaving the hair off her pussy. Soon Leah was hairless and as she stepped out of the shower and she saw her bizarre reflection she just knew this was meant to be. She was beautiful. She got close to the mirror and looked at herself. One more thing. Leah grabbed some manicure scissors off the sink and began to cut off her long eyelashes. She giggled as they floated into the sink where the water washed them into the drain. Being very careful not to cut herself she spent ten minutes making sure they were almost gone completely. There was a sudden calm in Leah’s body as she laid down the scissors and looked once more at the alien-like creature that stared back at her. Still naked she walked out of the bathroom and down the stairs and towards the front door, she was no longer in control. She hesitated for a moment and then opened the door and stepped out, locking it behind her. The sidewalk felt good on her bare feet, hot and smooth.


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