KAREN – Billd

The two women entered Barbara’s apartment for what Karen hoped would be just long enough for Barbara to change clothes, and then they would be on their way once more. She had begun to feel perkier and wanted to get back out to a bar where she could imbibe more alcohol, and perhaps even find some male companionship for the evening. She was immediately struck by the difference in Barbara’s apartment. In all the time she had known Barbara, she had never known her to rearrange the furniture. Barbara was the type of person that liked to put things in a certain place, and leave them there never caring for change or diversity in her surroundings. Yet the first thing Karen saw was the living room furniture completely rearranged. The sofa and loveseat, which usually formed an

We were now separated and each pushed to a wall at either end of the room. The coffee table and end tables were gone, and the wall unit was pushed into the corner. All in all it made for a rather ungainly and awkward looking arrangement. Barbara had gone into the kitchen as soon as they entered the apartment, and now emerged carrying two drinks. She handed Karen a vodka and tonic and told her to make herself comfortable while she changed. Karen was pleased to have the drink, not wanting her alcohol induced semi- stupour to wane in the slightest. A short time later Barbara appeared from the bedroom wearing different jeans, and asked Karen what she thought. Karen said they looked fine, but Barbara insisted they didn’t feel right and she had to find something else. Barbara repeated her pretend changing several more times, pausing every soften to refill Karen’s glass. Karen had no way of knowing that this was all a play for time. But she was about to find out.

At 10:05 PM there came a knock on the door. Karen sat still not knowing if she should answer the door. She wanted to get back out, and felt that if she or Barbara answered it, it would only serve to delay even further the continuance of the nights partying. Barbara emerged from the bedroom in a rush of enthusiasm and opened the door. “Hi!! How are you? I didn’t expect to see you guys here tonight!” She stood back from the door and allowed the two men and one women to enter, signaling with her eyes to them to introduce themselves to Karen. She said, ” This is my best friend Karen.”

” Hi Karen, I’m Bob.” ” I’m Kenny, nice to meet you.” ” I’m Terri.”

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Karen shook each of their hands saying it was nice to meet each of them. Barbara informed them that she was in the process of changing, asked them to make themselves comfortable, and disappeared once more.

A moment later there came a second knock on the door. Barbara called out from the bedroom for someone to please answer it. Karen opened the door to find four more people standing there. ” Uhhh Barbara! There’s four more people out here!” Being half loaded, and not recognizing any of these people, Karen just stood there looking very confused. She thought she knew all of Barbara’s friends, yet here were now seven people whom she had never seen in her life. Barbara called back to let them in and make all the introductions saying she would be right out. Karen began to wonder what the heck was going on here. Within seconds the rapping on the door began anew. Karen who had not yet sat back down, answered the door without waiting to be asked to do so. Two more people entered the apartment. Barbara appeared again and invited everyone to help themselves to something to drink pointing to the kitchen. Soon everyone was sitting sipping various alcoholic beverages, and engaging in small talk with many a chitter and chuckle. After three more separate knocks on the door, a total of 19 people had entered the apartment. Barbara now came out of the bedroom and began to quietly introduce herself to each of her guests. Karen just looked around in amazement at the group of strangers who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Finally Barbara came to her, and explained that she had decided to through a little party and wanted it to be a surprise. That cleared up some of the questions in Karen’s mind, but one now stood out in full relief. Why would Barbara want it to be a surprise? But being somewhat intoxicated as she was, this question too seemed unimportant, and she decided to just go with the flow and have a good time. There were a couple of good looking guys here that seemed to be unattached to any of the women present, and she thought she might yet enjoy the company of a man this night.

Two hours had passed since the first of the guests had arrived. Karen, now thoroughly drunk, sat talking to a guy named Pat whom she found rather attractive. She saw Barbara take two of the guys back towards her bedroom and assumed that Barbara had the same thing on her mind that she did. To her surprise, all three of them emerged a moment later. Even more surprising was the fact that each of them carried what appeared to be hair styling chairs, which they placed in the center of the living room. Karen’s mind went blank. She tried and tried to find some sort of reference point that would make sense of this latest development. Finding nothing in her psyche to settle on, she sat staring at the chairs slack jawed with wonder. Her eyes seemed to have stopped working for a moment, because she hadn’t seen Barbara approach her. Now she focused on Barbara’s face which was only inches from her own. Barbara was saying;” Karen? You there? Hello?”

“What’s going on here Barb?”

“Don’t freak out on me Karen, OK? Just listen. A few weeks ago while I was at your place, I accidentally saw a message on your computer. I didn’t mean to be nosy, honest. I saw it was on, and just went in to turn it off for you. But then I saw that message, and I nearly freaked out right then and there.” Karen sat passively listening to Barbara. She heard what she was saying, but wasn’t completely sure she fully comprehended the significance of it all yet. Her eyes darted from time to time to the right to see a couple of the guests removing several assorted hair cutting tools from a small duffel bag which seemed to appear from nowhere, and placing them in an orderly fashion on three small tables that had also suddenly appeared in front of the three chairs as though they were creating a three station hair salon. Barbara was still talking. “Anyway, I didn’t say anything at the time, cause I didn’t want to embarrass you or anything. But seeing that message gave me an idea. I knew as soon as I saw it that you have a hair fetish, so I decided to through this little party for you. Please don’t be mad at me hon. I’m only trying to help you.” The only thing Karen could say was, “Why?” “Why what Karen?”

“Why? Why did you arrange all this? Why aren’t you calling me a freak or something for wanting to get my hair cut off?”

“Don’t you know the answer to that yet? Come on Karen, think about it! Think about our conversation at the bar.”

Karen searched her foggy memory for a moment. Suddenly she fixed Barbara with a knowing stare that conveyed a mixture of shock and elation. “No way! You too?”

Barbara smiled and nodded her head. “That’s right hon, I’ve had a hair fetish for years. I always thought that I was alone. Then when I saw that message on your computer and I started reading that group too. I arranged this party for both of us Karen. Kenny over there is the guy you were writing to that day, and everyone else here has exactly the same fetish that you and I have. There is no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed any more Karen.”

Karen allowed Barbara soothing words to sink into her turmoil stricken mind. Slowly, but most assuredly, a burdensome weight seemed to lift itself from her shoulders and chest. Her breathing, which only moments before had been labored and heavy, became easy and steady. She looked at her friend with awe and a renewed sense of affection. The knowledge that her best friend in the world shared her desire to be shorn melted away the last vestiges of trepidation she had suffered for so many agonizing years. She grasped Barbara’s hands in hers and smiled warmly at her.

“Are we really gonna do this Barb?”

“I am Karen. And I hope you’re gonna too. The hell with tomorrow and what other people will think. Let’s do it Karen. Let’s let ourselves go and finally do it.”

“Yes. You’re right. The hell with what anybody else thinks. I’ve wanted this for so god damned long. We’ll do it together.”

Several of the guests stood staring at the two women holding their breath. They were all aware that Karen didn’t know about what was going on, and that Barbara was filling her in. They breathed a collective sigh of relief when the two women stood, both smiling, and Barbara announced, “Commence oh festival!”

Without a word being spoken, two men and one woman took their places in the chairs, the two guys on either side and the woman in the center chair. Two women moved into position behind the men, and a man behind the woman. The crisp snap of never before used capes was heard as they were draped around the three soon to be shorn people. The guy behind the center chair started combing the woman’s’ shoulder length blond hair, while the two women went immediately for their clippers and combs. Two clippers sprang to life simultaneously sending a warm tingle down Karen’s spine. In unison, the clippers began to climb up the back of the two guys heads, while the guy behind the woman began to gingerly snip one inch locks from the woman’s head. The two guys who each had middle of the ear length hair, watched as a small pile of hair began to develop in each of their laps. Within a minute, each had received a 1/4 inch crewcut. The woman now stiffened slightly as a third clipper joined the humming chorus, and she knew she was about to enter the realm of buzzcut heaven. The clipper slipped into the hair at her right temple and mowed a 1/2 inch path back to her nape. Men and women alike stood transfixed by the sight of these three people being shorn. All inhibition slipped away, and the three haircut recipients began to masturbate beneath their capes. The 1/2 inch clipper guard fell into the woman’s lap, and the bare clipper slid across the top of her head leaving sixteenth inch stubble in it’s wake. Her back arched in orgasm, as her “barber” ran the clipper over her head with breakneck speed, leaving her milky white scalp exposed to the world. The two guys had long since been shaved down to stubble by their female barbers and were now enjoying the finishing strokes of an electric razor which cleared the last of their hair from their heads. With the two men shaved smooth, and the woman clipped to nearly nothing, the capes were removed and all three got out of the chairs.

They were quickly replaced by the two women and one man who had just performed the first three haircuts. The tome of the evening had already been set. With the complete clipping of the first woman, and shaving of the first two men, all the guests new that all the men would be shaved smooth, and all the women would be buzzed to the fullest extent that the clipper could cut. The three newly shorn guests mingled with the rest of the gathering allowing all to rub their freshly shaven scalps. Karen and Barbara, now fully resigned to their fates, spent a considerable amount of time felling the woman’s head. Both were still a bit nervous over the thought that soon they would be able to feel the same stubble on their own heads, but they were also more excited than they had ever been before.

The sound of clippers and scissors, buzzing and slicing their way through hair could be heard once more. The woman in the far right chair was virtually screaming with pleasure, as her male barber lifted long sections of her mid back length, ash blond hair at random, and sliced through it with reckless abandon cutting it at different lengths all over her head. Bald patches began to appear at various parts of her head. She screamed out that she was gonna cum and the barber placed the scissors flat against her forehead and began hacking through her hair as close to the scalp as possible. After a few minutes she calmed down a bit, so he snapped the clippers on and laid it at the nape of her neck. She pushed her head backwards into the clipper, and announced that she was coming again. The guy in the center chair had already been clipped and was now being shaved clean. The woman who had received the first clipping grabbed the clipper that was no longer in use, and began to help shaving the woman on the right. The woman on the left seemed to still be a bit nervous about the whole thing. Her barber was proceeding inordinately slow, snipping no more than the dead ends from her mouse brown chin length bob. Two of the as yet unshorn women went to her and began allaying her fears with words of encouragement. In soft hushed tones, they began to entice her with verbal descriptions of how sensual it would be to feel her hair sliding over her face and into her lap. They were no strangers to the sensation, each having had their heads shaved on many previous occasions. Soon the woman was panting as though she had just crossed the Sahara without a canteen. She reached out from under her cape and stroked her hair. She then grasped her barbers hand and urged it to the clipper. She closed her eyes as it’s insistent hum, guided by her hand and held in his, moved closer to her left ear. The two women were still cooing in her ears about the rapture she was about to experience, when she pushed her barbers hand with the clipper in it, up through the hair in front of her ear. From that moment, her shearing went apace, not too fast, not too slow, until just as the two men were done being shaved smooth, the last of her tresses slid silently down into her lap. As if it had been carefully choreographed, all three capes were removed with identical speed and motion.

The three most recent barbers now took their seats, and prepared to mingle their hair with the growing pile that now lay in silent tribute to those before them on the floor.

The entire group now turned their gazes on Karen and Barbara. They looked at each other for a moment realizing that they were the next designated barbers. Karen took a deep breath, Gave her friend a warm hug, and said, “We’re on! You ready?”

“I’ve never been more ready for anything in my life.”

The two women took their places behind the two men who were now seated in the chairs. In the middle chair sat the woman who had just shaved the last guys head. She had exceptionally beautiful waist length, golden hair. As the cape was fastened around her shoulders, she looked back and forth at Karen and Barbara and said, “I think we three are exactly the same. This is the first time for all of us, and we’ve all wanted to do it all our lives.” Her eyes closed and a soft moan issued forth from deep inside of her as she told her male barber that she was ready. Karen and Barbara fastened the capes around the men in their chairs, who each sat, eyes closed, waiting for the sound and feel of the clipper on their heads. Both women paused for a moment to watch as the male barber gathered the woman’s gorgeous hair into a loose ponytail, placed the jaws of the scissors into it at the hairline, and began shearing the long lush tresses. The ponytail came loose in his hand and he let it fall into her lap. Ecstasy played across her face as she begged him to cut more, more, more!

Barbara reached for her clipper and snapped it on. The man in her chair was already masturbating and calling out to her to shave his head. She raced the clippers over his head from forehead to nape, and watched with awe as the hair peeled away and slithered to the floor. Karen meanwhile elected to take things a bit more slowly with her “client” and was snipping two to three inch portions from his hair using the scissors over comb method. She had seen this done many times in her life, and had fantasized about doing it herself for years. She seemed almost like a professional barber, so adept was she with the shears. Her scissors sliced through his hair with the ease of a hot steak knife through butter. Her state of intoxication, although lessened by this time, served to make her more skilful rather than less, as she felt not the slightest inhibition over performing the task at hand. She soon had the man’s hair cut down to a very professional looking crewcut. She glanced over to see that both the other man and the woman were already completely clipped, and Barbara had begun to shave the man smooth. She reached for her clipper and began shaving the man in her chair. Moments later, all three were clipped and shaved and the capes were removed. It was Barbara and Karen’s turn to take their seats.

At that moment, Kenny stepped forward with one of the as yet unshorn men, and announced that a special treat had been arranged for their hostess and her best friend. The center chair was pulled back, and the other two chairs were turned so as to face one another. Barbara and Karen were then placed in the chairs and capes were placed around their shoulders. Two unshorn men were guided behind the chairs and scissors were placed in their hands. The two women looked at each other. Their times had come. Karen smiled at Barbara then closed her eyes and said, “I’m ready.”

Each of the women felt a scissors being placed in their hands. Kenny said, “We all agree that it is only fitting that the two of you make the first cut of each other’s hair.” They looked at each other again for a moment, each a little unsure of what to do. Barbara felt the bow that held her hair in place come loose and her hair tumbled down over her shoulders in a reddish brown sea of waves. As if some psychic power told them what to do, they leaned towards each other, and each grabbed a long thick section of hair from the left side of each others heads. They lifted their scissors together and placed them at exactly the same length in each others hair, that being just above the ear. With a final knowing smile, both women started working the blades of the shears through each others hair. The locks came free simultaneously to the cheers of the unlocking group. They looked at each other again, each admiring the short choppy hair that now stuck out over their left ears. They were gently lifted from their chairs, which were once again set facing forward with the third chair placed between them. Into the third chair sat the man who had cut the last woman’s hair. Barbara, who had taken off her shoes when she first got home, now swished her feet around in the huge pile of hair on the floor. Kenny and two other men positioned themselves around Barbara’s chair, and began lifted and cutting her hair at random. Three other men did the same to Karen. As the hair was cut from each woman’s head, it was tossed into the lap of the other. Karen watched as lock after lock of Barbara’s hair fell with a thud into her lap, and Barbara watched as Karen’s hair slithered down her cape into hers. Karen seemed to be experiencing the endless orgasm. As each lock of hair was severed from her head, another orgasm seized her, causing her to writhe in ecstasy. Barbara felt as though she were in one of the many dreams she had had. Only her dreams had never felt so good. Together the two women heard six clippers spring to life and felt their greedy teeth clearing swaths of hair from their heads. The shaving was fast and furious as each of the men attended to specific areas of the women’s heads. A scant three minutes after they had shorn the first locks from each others heads, Barbara and Karen sat looking at each others shaven heads. Kenny then announced that as an extra special treat, these two women would be shaved completely bald. As they felt the electric razors touch their heads, The two women drifted off into their own little worlds of comfort and bliss. All to soon they were aware that their shaving was complete, and they were being prompted out of the chairs.

They took no notice of the remainder of the shavings as they sat entranced by each others baldness. Karen hugged Barbara for a long time afterwards trying to convey her heart felt appreciation for the freedom her friend had helped her to achieve. For the first time in her life she felt completely unburdened. The two women then agreed to never again suppress their desires to be shaved, and made a pact to treat each other to regular shavings.

By 3:00 am that morning, the last of the guests had departed thanking Barbara emphatically for a wonderful time and promising to get together again in the future for another shaving party. As Barbara opened the door to let the last few guests leave, the girl from across the hall was just entering her apartment. She stared with wonder at the six men and women who appeared in Barbara’s doorway all with shaven heads. As the four guests descended the stairway, the woman walked across the hall and said, “Excuse me! Can I ask you a question?”

Barbara said in a very bright and cheerful voice, “Sure, go right ahead!”

The woman stammered a bit, then finally said “I don’t mean to be nosy or anything, but are either of you connected to the Internet?”

Karen and Barbara looked at each other and giggled a bit. Then together they said, “We both are, why do you ask?”

“Does either one of you go by the nickname Clip me?”

Karen was astounded. That was indeed her nickname on the net. “I use that nick!” How in the world did you know that?”

“It’s a small world isn’t it? I’m Buzzgrl!”

Karen and Barbara stood stricken their mouths open in disbelief. The woman said, “Did you guys just have the party that I read about on alt.sex.fetish.hair a while back?”

“We sure did.”

“Wow, this is incredible! Me and my roommate wanted to go to that party!”

The two bald women gave each other a sly smile, and Barbara said, “It’s not too late. Where’s your roomy?”


“Go get her then and come on over.”

The Party continued.

Sinshearly yours,

Billd (Clipper)


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