Accident in Holloywood

Accident in Hollywood

I was driving my BMW when I noticed a slow down on the freeway. ‘Damn,’ I said to myself, ‘now I wont be able to make the meeting.’ I reached for the cellular when I heard a screeching sound. I looked in my mirror just in time to see this car rear-end me. It wasn’t a bad bump but I knew that it did some damage. I jumped out of my car to kick some butt when I noticed it was a woman driving. She was very attractive. She got out of her car and ran toward me.

“I am sorry,” she said.”Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

“Can we just look over this, I noticed that you only have a small scratch on your Beemer.”

I walked to the end of my car to see only a scratch and said, “I don’t think so lady.”

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“Please,” she said. “My dad will kill me, I’ve already had eight accidents in the last two years and he told me if I get in another accident he would not let me drive his car again. I’ll do anything you ask, anything.”

‘I’m so soft,’ I thought. “Lets see the damage to your car,” I said and she turned around and walked to her car. I noticed something that I didn’t see before, her red hair was french braided and the length reached just below her cute little ass. There was only minor damage to her car also – nothing that she couldn’t tell her dear old dad that it happened the last time.

“You said you’ll do anything?” I said.

“Yes, anyhting, as long as you don’t tell the cops.”

“OK, I want your registration and driver license and I want you to follow me to my home. It’s only a mile or so from here.”

“You live in Holloywood?” she asked.

“Yes I do. Are you going to follow?”

She shook her head yes and got me the registation and her license.

I got into my car and and inched along the freeway to the next exit and she followed. I drove to my house and parked the car in the garage and she parked in the drive.

“Nice place you have.” she said and I said my thank you. I walked towards the door and unlocked it. She asked, “Well, what will it be? a blowjob? or sex? I won’t have sex with you unless you have a rubber.” I just walked on in and she followed.

“I don’t want either from you. I want your hair.”

“My hair, are you some kind of weirdo?!!”

“You may think of it that way. Either I get the hair or I call the cops and tell them what you did.”

Panic flooded her face at the word cops, then I knew that I had her. She followed me upstairs to my studio where I had a beauty chair sitting in the middle of the room. She went right to it and sat in it.

“OK you got me. Let’s get it over with, just please don’t cut it all off.”

“Anything I want you said,” I reminded her. “Are you in some kind of trouble with the cops?” Again her face flooded with panic.

“Yes,” she said blurting out. “I did a hit a run and never went to court on it and I just need to get organized before I give myself up.”

I reached for the cape and put it around her neck, I could see in the mirror that she was in an uncomfortable way. I pulled her braid out and pulled the pony tail holder out and slowly began bouncing her hair to release the tight thick braid. Then I took a brush and began brushing it until it shined. It was lovely hair, thick and full and had to be at least 60 inches from head to end.

“How short are you going to cut it?” she asked.

“In a pixie,” I said.

“Well I guess let’s get on with it,” she said.

She got quiet as I picked up the scissors and snapped them several times to see her reaction. She was a steady calm. It was eerie. I thought here is a woman who spent at least 15 years growing this and was going to lose it because of an accident. Oh well, I ran my fingers in her hair to pull out a 1 inch wide lock and ran the scissors down her hair to about 1 inch above her scalp. Then without any hesitation I cut it off. I watched as it slipped through my hand and gently glided to the floor brushing my already hard cock. She looked at me in the mirror and smiled.

“Turns you on?” she said.

“Yes,” was all I could say.

“Look if you’re going to cut it, can I get some pleasure out of it?” she said.

“What’s that?” I said.

“Come around the front of me and cut and let me do the rest,” she said.

I did and as soon as I got another piece of hair ready I felt her hand unzip my pants and my cock pop right through. She stroked it and I began to cut. Then she moved, bending over to put my cock in her mouth. Oh my, a fanatasy I have told no-one about. I grabbed some more hair and cut it watching as it slid down around her head which was bobbing up and down.

Within 2 minutes I had cut the bulk of her hair off and came in her mouth. It was great. I couldn’t believe that it had happened. Yet the evidence was there I was standing in a pile of thick red hair and come dribbling out the end of my cock. I finished the haircut and believe it or not she looked awesome.

As I was walking her out the door she said, “Thanks.” I gave her her license and registration back and said, “You’re quite welcome. Maybe I will run into you again.”

She laughed and said, “Give me a few years so my hair can grow back. I quite enjoyed the haircut.” And with that she hopped into her car and drove away.



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