It was my birthday today and Julie promised something very special. She had been very busy the last days, running around in the afternoons, making telephone calls. And she had a kind of very special grin on her face, when she looked at me. I really was very curious to know what was going on.

She still had the short bob I did about a year ago. I regularly cut her hair to maintain the style. And I let her cut my hair too. That was a kind of funny experience, for both of us.

We decided to celebrate my birthday on Sunday. Julie asked me to take the Monday off and have a free day. I did and wondered what she’d planned for Sunday. So there I was, it was Sunday morning and Julie was gone. I woke up and tried to touch her, but she was not here, not in the entire flat (it was hers) and there was not even a note.

I got up and searched the flat, maybe this was a kind of game. Nothing. It was 10:30 now, and I began to feel a little disappointed. If this was a game, I did not like it very much. I heard the doorbell and went to open the door. There was a boy handing me a letter. I gave him a tip, closed the door and opened it. Inside was an address, nothing more. It was quite close to her flat, but I could not remember what was there. I got dressed and went there.

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It was a barber shop. Quite small. Julie was in there, and the barber and his assistant and two customers. When I entered I saw a table standing behind the barber chairs. A big breakfast was prepared on it. Julie kissed me and asked me to take place. I sat down, face to the barber chairs in front of me.

There were two women, waiting to be served. Julie smiled. “I thought you would like breakfast in a barbershop ” she said. As I saw the barber and his assistant preparing to cut the hair of their customers. I considered that a very fine idea. The women had quite short hair already, and asked to cut it into their style again. So I had breakfast, constantly watching how the two where styled.

Julie finished her meal quicker than me. I always had an eye on the happenings in front of me. “I will be back soon” she said and went off. As the action was still going on, I had no problem with that, and continued eating.

Then a tall woman with long dark hair entered the shop. She whispered something to the barber and he nodded. I watched her looking thought the magazines. She smiled at me. The two women in front of me were finished and left the shop. The barber turned around and said “I am Greg”. His assistant left the shop too and Greg locked the door. “This is Cindy,” he said, “she wants to have her hair cut, and Julie told me you might want to assist me.” I stared at the two. Cindy smiled at me. I could only say “Sure” and stood up.

“First I will describe the style Cindy will get.” Cindy sat down and Greg took some magazines. He showed me one of the pictures. It was one of this new fashion short styles. The hair about 1 1/2 inch long, but some shorter, giving a kind of untidy look, with small strands reaching in the face. “We will modify this a bit” Greg said, “we will crop the neck in a special way.” Cindy, sitting in front of us nodded. She took her long hair and pulled it up to show her neck. Greg now explained the cut he wanted to do. “There will be a cropped section running around the head, very short. Beginning over the ears and following the line down the neck. About 1 or 2 inches broad. Above that another section, cropped a little longer, following that line too. The rest of the hair on the top will be done as shown in the magazine”. Greg explained. I could imagine the hairstyle. And I felt my hands getting cold, just thinking about cutting or even helping to cut Cindy’s hair.

Greg got a set of scissors and other equipment and handed it over to me. I looked at the parts. Cindy looked in the mirror and said “OK, guys start it.”

A little “I must be dreaming” came into my head. But Greg looked at me and smiled, took one of the scissors and began to cut the hair. So I did too. I took a strand in my left hand and cut it right below the right ear. We finished that around the head. I always looked in the mirror to see Cindy’s face, but she looked comfortable with it. “Julie told me you can cut hair” Greg said, “but I will explain what we are going to do anyway, so there will be no misunderstanding.” That was OK for me. After all there was equipment I never used before. And I did not want to ruin Cindy’s hairstyle.

“First we do the top.” Greg said. “We will start by cropping the hair to one length.” He took my clippers and fastened a guidance on it. “OK, go on” I started to crop Cindy’s hair down to 2 inch length. Greg was constantly watching. I felt the hair falling down over my hands. Cindy smiled at me to encourage me. I ran the clippers over her head. Clipping her hair down to the length Greg told me. Finished, Greg took special scissors and said: “I will show you how to use those.” I watched him. He cut small strands with this scissors, that seemed to be more like a comb. So some of the hairs were cut by it, and some not. “We will make 3 different length with this one” Greg said. Carefully I took my scissors and joined him. When we had finished the topping, Cindy’s hair was looking exactly like the picture showed in the magazine. Little strands, pointing in different directions. And she liked it. I could tell out of the way she looked in the mirror.

“Now the sides and neck, and then back to finish the top” Greg said. I took the clippers again and fastened the guidance Greg handed me over. “We will crop now around the head, starting over the ears and following the line down to the neck. Then we will change to another guidance, a shorter one, and do the second step, at about the half of the cropped section. So it will be like two steps and then the strands on the top.” Greg explained and showed me how he wanted to do this. I understood that he explained that part carefully.

After all he did not know me, and this was a important part of Cindy’s style. The hair would be cropped down to about half an inch, maybe a little shorter, and at the second step even shorter than that, down to a quarter, as I could tell looking at the guidance prepared.

I carefully positioned my clippers above Cindy’s right ear. The lower side of the clipper were one line with the hairline there. Slowly I started to crop down, following that line down to the neck. Now she had a band of short cropped hair, about two inches broad. Greg let me do the neck. He told me to go a little higher up there and I did so. I looked an Cindy and she looked great. Above her cropped hair there was a kind of fluffy topping. Giving her the look of a little boy, who had not combed his hair for a while. We changed to the scissors again and finished the longer hair in the back and on the sides.

“Now for the last part” Greg said and got another clippers. These were smaller than the other, about half broad. “You will crop now the next step around her head,” he said, smiling at Cindy,” but be careful”. I took the clippers. They were looking like puppy-clippers. Very small. The guidance was fixed and I prepared for the final. Very carefully I began to crop the right side of Cindy’s head. The remaining hair were no more than short stubble, a little broader than one inch. I continued around. In the neck I cropped a little higher up, to match the line of the top. After some corrections with the scissors, to do a straight line Cindy was ready.

She stood up and smiled, touched her cropped hair and said “I like that. Julie was right, it will fit me” she said. Greg in the meantime packed the equipment into a bag. Cindy grinned and took an envelope out of her bag. She gave it to me. I opened it and read: “You liked it? I am sure you did. I am waiting at your side. Julie” She was right, I liked it. I said good bye to Cindy and thanked her, for taking the risk to let me crop her hair. Greg gave me the bag and said. “This is a present, all this things you do not have, at least Julie did not see them yet.” I took the bag and the only thing I wanted was to be with Julie as soon as possible, to tell her how much I liked her present. So I left the place and went to my flat, carrying my new equipment with me.

At home I opened the door and called Julie. “I am here” she answered. I heard her voice coming out of the bathroom, next to the sleeping room. I entered the sleeping room to go and hug her for that present and nearly ran into something. There was something new in this room. A barber’s chair, chrome and black leather. It looked like an old one, but was either restored or a copy. There was a big “happy birthday” sign on it. I examined it. It was adjustable in height and turnable and really very beautiful.

Julie stood in the doorway to the bathroom. She was naked and smiled at me. “You try how it works?” she said, approaching me. She folded her hands behind my neck and kissed me. I smile and said “you want to fix your style again?” Julie grinned: “No, I want the style you did to Cindy today. It took me weeks to convince her to that style. I guess you know how to do it?” With a smile she sat down on that chair. Now I knew why she had insisted on me taking the next day as a free day. I got my new equipment and prepared it for the haircut. But first I carried her over to the bed. We had enough time left. And I first wanted to tell her about how much I liked her present.


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