Gift Kari

Gift Kari


“I have a hair fetish.” That’s how I told my girlfriend Brig about my obsession with women’s hair. In the past, there had been problems with a couple of friends and one girlfriend with my fetish. The subject of a haircut came up and I would make my suggestions. The problem was that I made suggestions a little too often and they got pissed off. I learned my lesson and told Brig that was a place I might get a little weird. Forewarned, she handled me whenever hair came up.

She had short hair when I met her, and that was probably one of the things which attracted me. Thus, I never fell into my trap of obsessing over getting her to cut it short.

I awoke on the morning of my birthday and Brig was already awake beside me. We’d been dating 10 months and I felt I’d finally found the one. Of course, I always felt that.

“Hey,” I said.

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“Hey,” she answered.

“Whatcha doing?”

“Watching you sleep.”

“Been doing that long?”

“Uh-huh. But I could do it all day.”

You see why I think she’s the one?

“Happy birthday,” she said as she kissed me.

“How about a little birthday sex?” I smiled.

“There’ll be plenty of that… Tonight. At your age, you’ll need to conserve your energy. I can’t have you shooting your wad this morning.”

Argh! Did I mention I like them tough?

She got up and I watched her beautiful naked body. Brig is not the most beautiful woman I’ve ever dated or even the most beautiful I ever made love to. When I fall in love though, as I had with her, she was the most breathtaking thing I’d ever seen. I was the one watching her now.

“What time can you get off work?” she asked as she slid on her robe.

I smiled. “What’ve you got planned?”

“Oh nothing, just wondering,” she replied. “Can you meet me at Orleans at 6?”

“I think so.”

“Don’t think so. Be there.”

It had been a long time since I was in the midst of a relationship on my birthday. There had been a lot of years when I was single or just dating someone. I had high expectations of Brig. Part of it was that she was creative sure, but mostly it was because she was in love with me. I wanted the effort she put into my birthday to match that. I wanted a gift so amazing there would be no mistaking that I was something special. I wanted something unique.

That’s what I got.

We went Cajun for dinner. I was going to order something low-fat, I have a cholesterol problem, but Brig made me order a rich creamy seafood pasta. She told me that it was her that was keeping me on the low fat diet, so she could break it on my birthday. That was all the logic I needed.

The dinner was special because it was my birthday and it was with her. It seemed somewhat ordinary, however. I’d had dinner before. When I joked about my gift, she told me it was at her place, we would have to go there. We never went to her place. It was small and she had a roommate. Her roommate was not going to be home, I was told. We would go there, if I knew what was good for me.

“When we go in, don’t be surprised if there’s someone you don’t know there?”

“Wait a second,” I asked. “If you’re throwing me a surprise party, you’re not supposed to tell me.”

“That’ll be next year,” she said.

We walked in and there was an attractive woman I didn’t know sitting on a chair on top of a sheet. The woman had delicate features, long very dark hair and was around 20. “Hi,” she said. “My name’s Kari and Brig wants me to give this to you.”


Brig pushed me in the door. “Take it.”

Kari presented me with a box and walked into the bathroom.

“You’re cute when you’re dumbfounded,” Brig told me.

“Care to tell me what’s going on?”

“Open the box and I will.”

I opened the box and found a hairdresser’s cape and a valise. Inside the valise were scissors, clips, two combs, and clippers. I said nothing. I didn’t know what to say. Brig knew about my fetish and presented me with these gifts.

“You don’t get it?”


“Come on out Kari.” Kari walked out and sat in the chair again. Her hair was damp. Brig took out the cape and clipped it around Kari’s neck. “Now do you get it?”

“Could you hang out here a second Kari?”

I heard her say, “Take your time” as I pulled Brig into the bedroom. “If I put two and two together right, I’m supposed to cut her hair.”

“It is a fantasy of yours, isn’t it?”

“Well, yeah.”

“So that’s what I’m giving you. Kari is bought and paid for. Cut her hair however you like.”

“She’s a hooker.”

“No. She’s a hair model. She’s done it before. This time she’s getting paid by me. You don’t get to fuck her. You get to cut her hair. That’s it. You only get to touch her head.”

“You know this’ll probably make me really hot.”

She laughed. “I’m counting on it.”

I gave her a long, passionate kiss. I was already hard. “I ever tell you that you’re amazing?”

“Yeah, but I like hearing it every time.”

“What if I screw up her hair. I have no idea what to do.”

“You’ll do fine, but don’t worry. Kari wants to cut her hair short, and was going to volunteer to be a hair show model. I gave her more money than she would have gotten there. She needs the money.”


“Debra will fix it if you screw it up.” I started to walk into the living room. “She asked that you not cut over the ears and you cut no bangs. I told her I’d mention that but it was up to you.”

“So anything goes?”


I walked into the living room and sat opposite Kari. We sized each other over. “Hi there Kari.”

“Hi,” she said meekly.

“You’re cool with this.”

“Yeah. It’s a little weird and all, but Brig explained it to me and stuff.”

“So you’re game for anything?”


“I’m very good,” I lied. “So you’ll get paid and look good.”


“First I want you to braid your hair. Brig’ll help.”

“Braid it?” Brig asked me as she went over to help with Kari’s long locks. I noticed Brig was videotaping the session. Good. I’d want to watch this again, especially when Brig wasn’t around.

“Don’t question the genius!” I said as I winked at her. This gift was a fantasy and I wanted to enjoy every minute.

Brig saw that, but whispered to me that no matter how I felt I couldn’t touch myself. She didn’t want me to shoot my wad on anything but her. I examined my tools and thought about this. Men were paid money to cut women’s hair and my girl was paying someone so I could. I never wanted to be a hairdresser, it would have been like an ice cream lover making ice cream. My fetish would have been ruined.

Her long hair braided hung down to the middle of her back, I whispered into Kari’s ear, “Ready?”

“Bring it on, genius.”

I carefully looked at the neatly braided hair. While I had always been partial to the striking lines and versatility of short hair, I loved the perfect look of a braid. I took my brand new scissors and tested them out, opening and closing them. They glistened, they were so pristine. I put them at a point just below Kari’s shoulder blades and began cutting. The snick, snick, snick was music to my ears. It took almost a minute for the hair to come free. The braid remained perfect at the bottom where it was tied, but it unraveled a little at the top.

The remaining hair, which a few seconds before had been neatly arranged unraveled in front of me. I undid the braid and neatly combed out Kari’s hair.

“If that’s all you’re going to do, I’m disappointed.”

“He’ll get his money’s worth,” Brig yelled back at her. Brig was behind me with her camcorder. I had no idea we were taping this. She walked around Kari skillfully showing her from all angles as carefully combed the long locks neatly. The bottom fell into a somewhat jagged line. I’d always wanted to make something neat out of a mess, so I carefully trimmed a half-inch all around the back. I brushed the hair down so I could see how it fell. If a piece of hair was an eighth of an inch longer, I trimmed it. The hair was now perfectly one length in the back at her shoulder blades.

Marveling at that accomplishment for only a second, I then took a 3″ clump in the center and snipped it off to the shoulders. The hair looked now like a terrible mistake. I loved it.

Brig laughed as she did a close up on Kari’s back.

I took Kari’s hand and slowly ran it along the bottom of her hair. She felt the line at the shoulder blades and suddenly felt nothing. “What…,” she started, but I put her finger on her mouth to keep quiet.

I pushed Kari’s head down to her chin and began clipping her hair. Setting aside the hair in front of each ear with my wonderful brand new clips, I separated the back. I put all the hair above the earline up and combed the rest out. I wasn’t going to leave her hair in that sorry state. Instead, I cut straight across a little below her chin. I was amazed how easily the scissors slid through her hair.

The cut was uneven, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t done. I took the clippers out and examined them. They weren’t the fanciest, but that didn’t matter either. They were mine. I turned them on and they gave a low whir. The sound was similar to the beard trimmer I used for my goatee, but in some unknown way distinct. I held the clippers up to Kari’s ear and she jumped.

“Don’t fear the genius,” I told her.

Putting on a half-inch guard, I ran the clippers along all the exposed hair, thus creating a velvet curtain. As I ran my fingers along the area, I tingled. I knew I could explode at any moment, but tried not to.

Brig put the camera aside long enough to whisper, “You’ll use those on my nape sometime soon,” I couldn’t contain myself. I was glad I was wearing dark pants. Brig wouldn’t find out until later.

I let the rest of the hair down and quickly cut that up to the bottom of the ear. All that remained below that was the fringe I’d cut.

Now for the sides. I clipped up all the hair above both ears and carefully combed the still long hair down. I love the contrast of the long hair on the sides and short hair in the back. I carefully cut the hair around the ear, reducing a foot of hair to less than an inch.

“I thought you weren’t going to expose the ears,” Kari said in a worried tone.

“Hush. I’m not. Don’t question the genius.”

She smiled and I enjoyed that. “Sorry genius.”

Nevertheless I repeated the cut on the other side. Kari wrinkled her eyebrows when she saw the huge amount of hair fall to the floor. I blew in Kari’s ear, so she could feel the breeze.

“Don’t get any ideas,” Brig told me as she walked around Kari. She wanted to get all angles.

I turned on the clippers, and waved them whirring at her. “I’ll be back for you later.”

“You just try it,” she said playfully.

I undid the clips and Kari’s hair was comfortably over her ears again. I parted the hair on the left side and brushed the remaining mass of hair over the right ear. I snipped the left side even with the back, just below Kari’s concerned ear. A very cute bob was developing. Just the way I planned it.

I took the remaining hair and brushed it straight forward over Kari’s eyes. With a part on the right side of the head, I carefully cut the hair evenly to match the back. The bob was almost there. All I had left was the front. “Now that was bangs or wasn’t bangs?”


“Hush,” I interrupted. “No one asked you.” I knew I was having too much fun with her.

I once again parted the hair on the left and brushed it over the right eye. I then carefully shaped the bottom to match the right side. Almost there. I rounded the bob a little in the front, so the cut was a little shorter over the eye. I knew she couldn’t see through her right eye with her hair like this, and she would push it back later, but I wanted this on video.

I wasn’t done. I took my clippers and razored the back a little on the ends. There would be tremendous bounce on the sides, but not in the back.

I unclipped the cape and handed Kari Brig’s hand mirror. “The model may speak now.”

“Wow. I look… so different.”

“You like?”

She smiled and pushed the hair off her eye. “I think I do. I was expecting the worst, but this is really cute.”

“You can go in the bathroom and see the back.”

She yelled back, “I love what you did back here. I can’t stop running my fingers on it.”

I smiled.

She came out and gave me a kiss. “Happy birthday,” she said.

“Hey!” Brig shouted as she put down the camera. “That wasn’t part of our deal.”

She handed Kari her coat. “Enough of this genius stuff. You go into the bedroom. I’m going to pay her.”

“Good birthday present?” Brig said as she kissed me.

“The best I ever got. You’re something special.”

As I fell asleep that night I was worried that I could never give Brig a gift like she’d given me. I couldn’t think of anything that would make her that happy. Would it eat at me that I couldn’t give her what she’d given me?

I asked her the next morning. She told me not to worry. After my haircutting session, I had enough power to bring her to orgasm three times. I’d never done that before. We both got a birthday present, she told me.


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