The car trip was almost five hours and when they arrived at the gated complex, a sense of uneasiness came over Jessica. The last two months had been very difficult for Jessica’s parents. Repeatedly, they had come home to find her in bed with boys or high as a kite. She had long dyed blonde hair that she fussed with constantly and wore the sleazy clothing that should only be found on a prostitute. Her parents decided enough was enough and without telling her pulled her into the car for this journey. The complex was set back from the road through a wooded area she could barely see, the only way she could distinguish that this was the place was due to the sign posted that pointed them to small building labeled enrollment. They walked into a small entryway where a secretary greeted them.

The woman asked, “Are you the Reynolds family?”

Her mother replied, “Yes.”

The secretary motioned for them to come in to an inner waiting room. After about 15 minutes, which seemed like more like 3 hours to Jessica, a woman entered the room, her hair cut in a very extreme bob with very extremely short bangs, and wearing a black turtleneck and a long plaid skirt. She asked Jessica’s parents to come in and told Jessica to wait there. Jessica waited another half hour until only the woman came back.

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Jessica was quite uptight as the woman came back in and sat across from her.

She said, “My name is Mrs. Anderson and your parents have paid us to turn you back into a little girl and not the slut drug addict that you are now.”

Jessica started to respond but before she could, the door opened and two large men came in and grabbed her, bound her and gagged her.

Mrs. Anderson then continued, “Your parents have paid for you to be down-aged back to a little girl and that’s exactly what they will get. You will look like a little schoolgirl in every way, shape and form.”

“So let’s begin.” The two men grabbed her and took her to the next room where she was placed in a barber chair facing a mirror. Mrs. Anderson grabbed her hair into a ponytail and began cutting her hair. Within seconds her long locks were reduced to a short rough mess. She started to cry but Mrs. Anderson ignored her and began combing her hair straight down all the way around. She then reached up an inch above her ears and began cutting straight around leaving a rough bowl cut behind. Jessica was now crying hysterically but Mrs. Anderson just continued with her work. She pulled out a set of clippers with a 1/8″ guard on and began shaving the back of Jessica’s head. After about 5 passes on the back she moved along to the side. As she shaved the once-blonde hair gave way to dark 1/8″ hair. She completed her work by shaving off her sideburns and the hair on her neck. Jessica was completely speechless. But Mrs. Anderson was not yet done, as she pulled out the scissors for one last pass at Jessica’s bangs. After a few snips, her bangs were arched up high revealing her almost bare forehead.

Mrs. Anderson said to Jessica, “Now you have a matching haircut with your Mom, only it looks like a home haircut with little baby bangs for a little girl.”

Jessica looked in the mirror in horror wondering if her hair would ever grow back. Before she could think about it too long, she was moved into the next room where she was stripped and strapped to a large metal table.

Mrs. Anderson looked at the terrified girl and said, “Now it’s time for some real changes. Let start with the removal of all of that unneeded pubic hair. Little girls don’t have pubic hair.”

Jessica felt a small pain as a woman in a white medical gown began to remove all of her pubic hair with an electrolysis machine. The procedure seemed to last forever, as her pussy became sorer and sorer. Finally when she didn’t think she could take it anymore the woman finished. Mrs. Anderson then showed her how her pussy would look for the rest of her life: bald and naked.

Mrs. Anderson examined her naked pussy and said, “You are missing your hymen because you are a little slut, so to make sure your whore days are over we are going to make some physical changes.”

As Jessica struggled to no avail a mask was put over her nose and mouth and slowly she began to get sleepy.

When she awoke, she was in what looked like a hospital bed. She felt a strong pain in her chest and her vagina. There was a full-length mirror across from her bed and she pulled her covers off and got up to look in the mirror at her hair disaster. When she got up, she noticed something different about herself. She pulled off her hospital gurney only to find that her once large set of breasts had been reduced to nothing, not even mounds remained. In horror, she felt her bare chest and screamed and cried. As promised, she had been turned back into a little girl with only dime-sized nipples remaining on her flat chest. She then felt her vagina where the pain was coming from and couldn’t figure out why there was a hard piece of skin there.

Right as she was examining herself, Mrs. Anderson walked in and said, ” Very good work they have done on you. I told you, you were going to look like a little girl, and in case you are wondering that is a plastic hymen that has been inserted to keep you from having sex but judging by your appearance, I think most men will think you’re too young to touch”

She was right. At only 5’3″ with a very young-looking face; she looked like she could be a third- or fourth-grader. Mrs. Anderson instructed her to get dressed and that it was time for her orientation and reeducation.

She said, “I expect you will be ready in ten minutes or there will be consequences.”

Mrs. Anderson motioned to the closet and said, “You will find your outfit there.”

Jessica opened up the closet to find a white turtleneck, a blue sweater, and short blue and green plaid skirt, white knee socks and Mary Jane shoes along with white frilly cotton underwear. She continued to look at her flat chest that resembled a young boy’s more than a woman’s. She slowly put on her underwear, and then the turtleneck as she continued to feel her bare chest. She then put on the plaid skirt and sweater. Lastly the knee socks she pulled up to her kneecaps and then buckled the patent leather Mary Jane shoes. She straightened and pulled up her turtleneck in the mirror. The skirt barely covered her underwear and when she bent over her underwear would show. She examined herself in the mirror and realized for the rest of her life she would look like a little girl. She took the brush that was laying on the vanity and slowly brushed her hair straight down.

More than ten minutes passed and Mrs. Anderson returned and led her to a room with only a high-backed chair in it. She told Jessica to get in the chair and, fearing greater consequences, she obeyed. Her arms and legs were then strapped to the chair and her head was fixed up against the headrest and held with restraints. Her eyes were then taped open with little tubs attached on side with a solution that slowly dropped into her eyes.

Mrs. Anderson said, “Now we will begin your reeducation process.”

With that she left the room and the chair began to spin as all types of images of women dressed like whores being raped and murdered while other images of little girls being in safe and protected scenes were on other screens. She endured this for what seems like hours. When it was over and Mrs. Anderson returned she screamed to her to help and protect her.

Mrs. Anderson said, “I will always protect you as long as you look and act like a good little girl.”

These sessions went on for week each day with a slight variation. After a month, Mrs. Anderson decided her first test was in order and left Jessica’s door open with an opportunity to escape, but Jessica had been thoroughly brainwashed and didn’t leave because a good little girl doesn’t go anywhere by herself. Jessica passed the first test.

The next morning Jessica woke up and as in every day previously she was bathed by one of the assistants and then got ready to dress, but instead of her knee socks and plaid skirt, she found tight jeans and a see-through top. Jessica sat there on the bed and waited for Mrs. Anderson to arrive. When she came in the door she asked Jessica why she hadn’t dressed.

She said, “Because I don’t want to look like a slut.”

Mrs. Anderson pried further and said, “Why? What is wrong with your outfit?”

Jessica responded, “A little girl should never wear an outfit like that, because it is dangerous and bad things happen to people who look like that.”

Mrs. Anderson agreed and got her a new set of clothing and she dressed. After a couple more months of reeducation, Mrs. Anderson decided that Jessica was ready to see her parents. She told Jessica to get ready because she was going to see her parents. Mrs. Anderson asked Jessica if she felt that anything needed to be done before they came.

She replied, “My hair should be cut again so it looks just like my mom’s.”

Mrs. Anderson agreed, sat her down, pulled out the clippers and scissors and began to trim her hair. She shaved the sides and back down to 1/8″ and then cut her hair in a perfectly straight bowl cut an inch above her ears. She then got dressed in her white Peter Pan-collared short-sleeved shirt, blue and green plaid jumper, white knee socks and Mary Jane shoes and waited for her parents.

Her parents arrived and were placed in the waiting room. Jessica entered the room and they could hardly believe it. Her whore-like appearance had been changed to that of an angel. Her parents couldn’t believe it. She ran over to both of them and jumped on their laps and gave them a hug and a kiss. They had reclaimed their daughter. They thanked Mrs. Anderson and then took her home. When she was ready for bed that evening her mother undressed and couldn’t believe what they had done to her. She looked just like when she was 10 years old. She acted almost the same way asking her mother what she should wear to bed. Her mother pulled out a nightgown and she went to sleep.

Six weeks passed and she continued to have her hair cut exactly the same and wear the same type of schoolgirl outfits. Her mother took her shopping and she refused to wear anything but jumpers or plaid skirts with knee socks. She returned to school at the semester and no one could believe it was her, especially not her past boyfriend.

He said, “Jessica is that really you, what did they do to you?”

She said, “I’m a good girl now and I don’t do things the way I used to.”

He touched her shaved nape and said, “Obviously you have changed, but I like the changes that they have made to you.”

It turned out that Steve had quite different taste but couldn’t show it in school. He had always liked younger-looking girls and now he could have one because Jessica’s body would remain this way forever.


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