Angela’s New School

Angela's New School

Angela looked around nervously as the car passed through the gates of the school. This was the most prestigious and expensive girls college in the state and had a long waiting list for entry. The car stopped in front of the college entrance and the driver unloaded Angela’s cases. Angela stepped out of the car, a strong wind catching her long blonde hair. A woman came out of the imposing building. “Hello, you must be Angela. I am Miss Court. I will be your dorm mistress here at the college. Please pick up and your cases and follow me”.

Angela grabbed her cases and followed Miss Court into the college. Angela’s blonde hair cascaded halfway down her back, and she paused every couple of minutes to run her hands through it. She noticed that the hair of Miss Court in contrast was cropped brutally short, sliced off at least a couple of inches above her ears. Angela followed her new host into a small room at the end of the corridor. “Leave your things here Angela please, and follow me”.

Miss Court escorted Angela into a large open shower room. “Please take off your things, shower, and then put on one of these robes”. Angela waited for the woman to leave but realised that she intended to stay and watch. With some embarrassment, Angela started to peel of her clothes. She removed her tight-fitting Levi’s and her matching denim shirt, hanging them up on a nearby hanger. Angela stood in front of Miss Court wearing only her little satin panties and a matching bra. “Everything Angela” instructed Miss Court.

Angela reluctantly removed her bra and panties, standing before Miss Court naked. Angela showered as quickly as she could so that she could cover her young naked body. Angela dried herself hurriedly and slipped on the pink silky robe. The robe was covered in lace frills and stopped abruptly halfway down Angela’s thighs. The young girl took a second towel and started to dry her luxuriant hair, a process that took some time. Miss Court stood grim faced, tapping her foot impatiently as Angela dried and then started combing her blonde tresses.

Finally happy with the results of her hair styling, Angela stood before Miss Court. “If you come with me, we can get your uniform sorted out young lady”, the older woman instructed as she left the shower room. Angela hurried after Miss Court, her long hair swishing against the silky material of the short robe she was wearing. Miss Court led Angela into a small dressing room that was surrounded on three sides by floor-to-ceiling closets. “We like our young ladies to look like young ladies Angela”, Miss Court intoned as she started to take clothes from the closets. Angela looked at the clothes with growing disappointment. Having more or less lived in Levi’s for years, the sight of the frilled and beribboned outfits that Miss Court was selecting was something of a shock.

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“These are your standard clothes Angela that you will wear for most of the day. Come along young lady, start getting dressed”.

Angela took the pink panties and started to slip them up her long slim legs. They fitted almost as if they had been made for her. The material was the same as the robe she had been wearing, a soft silky material, but the panties were covered with rows and rows of lace frills – panties fit for a little girl. The matching bra was also in pink silk and extravagantly trimmed with even more lace frills. Angela was somewhat embarrassed to find that even though she was a young woman of seventeen, there were no stockings. Instead she was presented with little pink knee socks. But even this was nothing compared to the school’s uniform dress. The dress was pale blue and made of a material that crackled and rustled as Angela slipped it over her head. The sleeves of the dress were short but full, and edged with lace frills. The bodice of the dress fitted tightly and was embroidered with pale pink satin bows. The skirt was designed in three layers and cut very full in a circular style. This just about covered the frills on Angela’s panties. At least it did until Miss Court tied a petticoat around her waist under the skirt. The petticoat was made of layers and layers of starched taffeta that held the skirt out at almost forty-five degrees. Finally Miss Court handed her a pair of black leather pumps with a small heel.

Angela stood in front of the full-length mirror and gasped in astonishment. She looked about eleven or twelve in her little girl’s party dress. The petticoats ensured that the tiny skirt was lifted clear from her body so that no matter how she stood, Angela’s panties could be seen. “That’s better isn’t it?” Miss Court asked, a faint smile playing on her lips. “Its time that we met the girls who you will be sharing a room with. Come along”. Angela trailed after Miss Court, very aware that with every step her little skirt was flicking upwards to display even more of her panties. Miss Court stopped in front of a door. “You will be in here dear. Go in and introduce yourself, and I’ll be back in a few minutes to cut your hair”.

“Cut my hair?”, Angela asked in horror, her hands rushing to her long blonde hair. “Of course”, said Miss Court, “We have to give your official school haircut, its the same for all our new girls”.

Still in shock, Angela pushed open the door to her room. Inside were five other girls. They all seemed to be around the same age as herself, and all were wearing the same pale blue dresses with their abbreviated skirts. The girls were seated in a circle around a chair in the middle of the room. “Your chair awaits you”, said one of the girls giggling. Angela walked across to the chair and sat down slowly, noticing that as she sat her skirt rose, revealing the edges of her panties.

Miss Court came into the room carrying a small wooden box. “Make Angela ready please girls”, instructed Miss Court. A circular plastic gown was draped over Angela and tied firmly at the back of her neck. The other girls approached the chair carrying the belts from their bath robes, and quickly secured Angela’s arms and legs to the frame of the chair. Angela realised that there was nothing she could do to prevent this haircutting even if she wanted to. “Thank you girls, go and fetch the others please”.

“Others?” Angela asked with growing alarm. “But of course dear, all the girls like to watch when we give the new girl her first special cut”, Miss Court replied. There was a noise in the corridor outside, and soon girls started streaming into the room. Angela stopped counting after she reached twenty-five, and just sat back in the chair, resigned to the loss of her cherished locks. Soon Angela was surrounded by a group of eager young girls, all straining to get a good view of the forthcoming cropping.

Miss Court produced a spray bottle and began to dampen Angela’s long tresses. Angela felt a comb being drawn through her hair and tensed her body, ready for that first fateful cut. Miss Court brandished a pair of scissors in front of Angela’s eyes, grabbed a lock of her hair, and then began to cut. One of the girls held a large mirror and Angela could only watch with mounting horror as the scissors progressed along the side of her head.

Large lengths of her hair started to tumble to the floor as Miss Court cut straight across the side of Angela’s head level with her ear lobes. The scissors continued their unstoppable route, across the back of her head and round to the other side. In just a few short, terrible moments Angela’s once glorious head of hair had been reduced to a blunt cut bob. The chair was now surrounded by a circle of blonde hair lying in uneven clumps. Miss Court then moved Angela’s head roughly over to one side. Angela felt the scissors slicing their way across the side of her head, abruptly removing another three inches or more of her hair. This process was then repeated on the other side of her head. Angela forced herself to risk a glance in the mirror and gasped as she realised her hair was now cut well above her ears.

Miss Court put down the scissors and started to brush Angela’s newly cropped hair. Relief flooded through her body as Angela realised that the worst was over. But why were all the girls smiling at her in that knowing way? Miss Court had her back to her and so Angela couldn’t tell what she was taking out of the wooden box. One of the girls stepped forward and plugged a flex into a nearby electrical socket. Of course Angela thought, why am I worrying, she’s just going to blow-dry it.

Angela felt a tremor run down her back as Miss Court turned around holding a pair of electric clippers. She tried to break free from the chair, straining against the belts holding her firmly into the chair, but quickly realised that struggle was useless. “It will be so much easier if you just sit still like a good girl”, Miss Court sneered. Some of the girls giggled, enjoying the discomfort that someone else was having to endure.

Miss Court placed a hand against the back of Angela’s head and firmly moved her head forward. The first tears started to flow as Angela heard the buzzing as the clippers suddenly burst into life. Angela felt the cold metal of the clippers against the nape of her neck. Heard the buzzing change in tone as the sharp blades made their first encounter with her hair. Hair began to fall onto the gown. Her hair. The clippers progressed slowly up the back of her head, slicing away large clumps of blonde hair. Angela slumped further down into the chair as Miss Court ran the clipper again and again up the back of her head.

The cutting stopped for a moment and Angela felt a surge of relief as her ordeal appeared to have finally ended. But she then felt the clippers working their way across the sides of head. The buzzing increasing each time they swept past her ears. Miss Court stepped back and lifted Angela’s head, forcing her to gaze into the mirror as the clippers started to run across the top of her head. A narrow white strip gradually widened as more and more of her hair was cut and then buzzed down to nothing more than stubble. Finally, Miss Court put down the clippers, brushing away the remains of her hair. Several of the girls leaned forward, eager to get a closer look at the near shaved scalp of the young girl seated in front of them.

Angela gazed in the mirror at the stranger who looked back at her. This strange girl with just tiny remnants of what used to be her hair. She flinched as she felt something cold and wet being applied to her head. Turning her head quickly, Angela saw the shaving foam canister Miss Court held in her hand, and instantly understood in a terrible moment what was to happen next. With great care Miss Court quickly lathered the whole of Angela’s head. Pausing for a moment, Miss Court then took a razor and started to shave away what little remained of Angela’s once luxuriant hair. Angela felt and heard the razor as it scraped across her scalp, leaving a trail of pale white skin in its wake. Finally Miss Court put down the razor and wiped Angela’s head with a towel. The gown was removed and a second mirror was held up behind her. “Short enough dear?”, Miss Court laughed.


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