Her Personal Hairdresser

Her Personal Hairdresser

Her Personal Hairdresser by Jim B.

My girlfriend, Sandy, confided in me she wanted to be dominated by a bullish hairdresser once.

I told her we could role play if she wished, and I would dominate her. It all happened last Saturday night.

After being out all day buying things I would need, I was ready for her to come over for her hair appointment. When she arrived, around 6:30pm, I showed her to the living room and we had a couple of drinks. We talked more about her fantasy of having a dominating hairdresser bully her into a style she never really wanted. She likes pushy men, that was what I was going to be.

After many drinks she became a little less aggressive, kind of meek you could say. I ushered her into the kitchen where I had placed a chair in the middle of the room. I told her the beauty salon was trying to save on the linen bill. So, she would have to take off her clothing.

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She started to protest, so I went into my act. I demanded she remove her clothes, telling her if she didn’t do as she was told she would regret the finished haircut.

Quickly she removed her clothes and laid them in the middle of the room. I instructed her to brush her long hair one last time. She looked at me asking, “What do you mean one last time?” I told her her damaged hair needed to be cut, that the split ends were very bad. And, she would have to trust me.

I watched as she slid the brush through her long thick wavy dark red hair. The ends curled around the brush as she came to the end of that long mass of waves. I told her I had to shampoo her hair, since wet hair cuts so much easier than when it’s dry.

She put down the brush and flicked her head of hair over her shoulders as I led her to the sink. I had her lean her head over the sink, watching her tight little butt sticking out looking so soft. I turned the water on so it coated her long hair, her hair almost refusing to get wet. Slowly it soaked the warm water up.

When the color of her red hair had turned dark, almost black, from being saturated, I took my special blend of hair shampoo and conditioner and begin to massage it into her thick mass of wet hair. The lather was so thick I had to throw globs of it from her head. With her hair piled high on her head I reached around and started to fondle her soft pert breasts.

The nipples stood up as my lather soaked hands contacted them. I told her to continue to shampoo her hair, for this would be the last time she would get to feel her hair so long and heavy.

I rinsed her head of the lather, wrung the length of it out as the clear water flowed freely from it running down the drain. I twisted her hair so tight, her eyes were drawn back, telling her she would look good with her hair buzzed close. I saw the look of terror in her eyes as I said that. I think she knew what was coming.

She stood up as I put a white towel over her wet hair. Leading her back to the kitchen chair, I told her to undo my pants, as I preferred to do her hair with no clothes on. I removed my clothes, my nudity in full sight of her.

She reached over and began to stroke my cock. I told her to continue to massage it as I did her hair. With my cock being rubbed, I removed the towel from her wet hair revealing this mass of tangled hair. I grabbed the brush, roughly I started to brush through it until all the tangles were gone. She winced in pain as I tore through the knots, as I kept reminding her I was going to shorten this mess.

I told her I would love to take the electric clippers and reduce her head of hair into a Marine regulation cut, with the sides and back so high and tight she would look bald. She started to moan that she only wanted to have a couple of inches cut from her hair and that every time she goes to the beauty salon to have her ends trimmed, the mean hairdresser removes too much of her lovely hair.

I told her to be quiet, and pulled her face close to my throbbing cock. I pulled her hair forcing her to open her mouth over the end of my cock. I released my grip on her wet hair, letting her take me deep through her warm mouth.

When I had come, and she was satisfied, I went over to the kitchen counter returning with a vibrator. I turned it on and handed it to her. I told her to insert it into her pussy and to sit back and enjoy the feeling she would get as I cut her hair.

I took the scissors then asked her how short she wanted her hair.

She reached up with her hands, pointing to a spot about two inches above the bottom of her long hair. I placed the hungry scissors at chin length as I told her I thought she needed a radical hair cut, and closed the shears as she watched in horror as a long twelve inch section of her lovely hair fell into her nude lap.

She started to protest. I took her hand and made her stroke my cock. I placed the scissors at the same height, and closed the heavy blades. I watched as her hair fell from her head.

She asked me to put my cock in her mouth.

I pushed forward as she leant down to take all of me. She wriggled, I could tell she was starting to get that feeling again. The vibrator inside her was working.

I told her I must now cut her bangs. I combed a front section of her long hair over her eyes. I started at one side of her temple maneuvering the scissors very slowly over her eyebrows. Long sections of hair fell, revealing her pencil thin eyebrows.

She asked that I cut them again – only this time make them more wispy. I combed some the hair back from her forehead. Then, I combed down a small section of hair, this I cut short, about a half inch from the hairline. The next section I combed down and cut three quarters of an inch from the hairline ….. and on until her hair was layered thick and softly around her forehead.

She requested I finish up the cut as quickly as possible, as she was extremely horny.

She told me how she loved the attention she got when a guy played with her hair. That she wanted to end our fantasy role playing by fucking my ass off.

We made love for what seemed like hours. When we finished, she disappeared to the washroom to fix her hair.

The end result was her hair was cut at just above the chin. The finished look was straight around finishing up on the other side. Her bangs were back teased, so they stuck out a bit from her forehead and were cut to half an inch above her brows.

“Not bad for a guy who only thought about being a hairdresser years ago,” I thought, as I looked at the finished look. “Next time something shorter. Maybe cut with the clippers!”


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