Fetish Unleashed

Fetish Unleashed

Fetish Unleashed By barber boy.

There once was a girl named Judy. Judy was 16 years old and had blonde straight shoulder-length hair. She was in great shape which made her very beautiful. It was June 4 and it was a very hot summer so far, beaucause she lived in North Carolina. Judy was a very popular girl. One day after school Judy decided to go for a haircut at a local salon.

Judy had gotten there a little early so she sat down in front of the stylist’s chair waiting. The stylist showed up with girl around 18 years old. The girl started negotiating how to cut it with the stylist on how short to go. Judy got bored so she went outside for a smoke. When she got back in and sat down in the same spot she noticed that the girl in the chair now had gone from waist length hair to about two inches all over. She then noticed the stylist pulling out a pair of clippers. She turned them on and the hum filled the salon. Judy noticed the girl in the chair glancing at her. Judy looked at herself and noticed she had nip – ons. She couldn’t believe she was turned on by this haircut.

Judy looked back and noticed the stylist had started buzzing the back of the girl’s head. She then moved to the right side and then the left, the stylist was enjoying this quite a bit. When done buzzing she put gel on the top of her hair , styled it and the girl ended up with some type of a pixie cut. She looked very happy as she was leaving.

The stylist then called Judy to the old-fashioned barber chair, strapped the red pin-striped cape arround her neck and asked her what she would like. Judy began to wonder about cutting her own hair short when the stylist asked her if she would like to try something new, something short. Judy took a deep breath and replied, “Yes, cut it short. I want the top shorter than the last girl you did.” The stylist nodded and then proceeded to grab Judy’s hair and put it in a ponytail. She then grabbed a great big pear of shears and cut Judy’s ponytail off. Judy heard a big “Snick” and felt overcome with feelings. She had never felt this excited before from a haircut. The stylist then grabbed the clippers off the shelf and turned them on again. There was another loud hum that filled the salon. She ran the clippers up her nape very slowly again and again until there was only stubble.

Judy started feeling wet so she stuck her hand down her black jeans and in her panties and started to run her fingers in her pussy trying to stay still. The stylist did not notice and started on her left side. She buzzed her sideburns off. She ran them over and over again very slowly. She then proceeded to do the same on the left and by that time Judy’s pants were all wet. The stylist then moved to the top and started to cut whatever long strands that were left to about one inch long. The stylist then got the idea to make it into a flattop. She finished up with the scissors in about 10 minutes. She then picked up the clippers again, turned them on and took a big comb and started to shape it. Judy was enjoying this thoroughly. Fifteen minutes later the stylist brushed all the clippings off Judy and unstrapped the cape. Judy tried to hide that she had an orgasm and was wet but the stylist could tell. But the stylist did not say a word, except, “That will be eighteen dollars, please.” Judy paid her and tipped her well and left quickly. Once out of the shop Judy caught a glance of herself in the shop window from her right side. She then asked herself what she had done. But she kept walking, now a little faster. The next day Judy went to school wondering what everybody would say. Everybody loved it. Throughout the semester Judy went on to shorter cuts including her friends. Judy became a barber and now owns her own little shop.


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