Hair Story

Hair Story

A Hair Story – Rookie14

It was around 2:35 when Jen arrived back home after a long day of school. It was summertime, and the heat was intense. Jen was hot and sweaty, and she decided to take a shower to cool off. She entered, walked up to her room, placed her belongings on her bed, and began to take off her clothes. She couldn’t wait to get into that shower and cool off.

After a few minutes, she walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower. After adjusting the temperature, she stepped into the shower. She loved it as the cool water ran from the top of her head all the way down to her feet. She lifted up her long, straight light brown hair and let the water hit the back of her neck. She loved the feel as the water cooled her off. She stroked her long, wet locks of hair as the water hit her in the face. After a few minutes in the shower, she turned the water off, stepped out of the shower, and began to dry off.

She took a few minutes to dry herself off, and then she began to look at herself in the mirror while she tied the towel around her waist. She was a beauty. She stood 6 feet, weighed around 120 pounds, and had a head of thick, long brown hair that ran down to the middle of her back. You know, the head of hair that when light hits it the light just bounces off and makes it all shiny. Her hair was silky soft, and she loved to play with it. She loved her hair, and was well known for it. She stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself, mainly focusing on the hair that was now lying over her chest and covering her breasts. She was so hot that day, and she would have done anything to cool off. And all of that hair didn’t help her situation. It only made her more hot and uncomfortable. She placed her hand at the back of her head and lifted up her hair, exposing her neck. She felt more comfortable with the hair off her neck. It had been about five years since she had last cut her hair. She had gone for a graduated chin length bob with a clippered nape. She remembered that haircut, and she loved it. The hair off of her neck made her more comfortable, and she loved running her hands over the back of her neck, feeling the short clippered nape. She wondered if it was time to return to a short cut. But she didn’t want to wait. It was the middle of the summer and the heat wasn’t at its worst yet. It was going to be even hotter the next day, and it would take too long to make a haircut appointment. So, she decided to cut her hair all by herself.

Jen opened one of the cabinets and found a pair of scissors. She took the scissors and placed them level with her chin. With a snip, a foot of hair fell to the floor. She placed them on the other side of her head, and closed the scissors, hearing the “snip” as she closed them. She tried to even out the cut, and after trying for a minute, she was left with a chin length bob that wasn’t perfectly even, but it was close. She ran her hands over her neck, and she loved having the feel of a bare neck again. She ran her fingers through her silky soft hair, and loved touching the shorn hair. She felt reborn, but she still felt that she needed to go even shorter. She had never shaved her head before, but this time, she felt that she had to go all the way.

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Jen quickly looked around the house for the clippers that her brother had. She knew he had them somewhere because he had cut his hair the night before. After searching for a minute or two, she found them in one of his desk drawers. She looked at the them and seemed excited about what was going to transpire. There was a 1/2 inch attachment on them, but she tore it off, deciding to go all the way. She ran back to the bathroom, plugged them in to one of the outlets, and turned them on. She was startled as they vibrated in her hand. She became somewhat aroused. She couldn’t decide where to start on her head. She decided to start at the back of her head. She bent down, placing her head between her legs, and placed the clippers at the back of her neck. With a small push of the clippers, she ran them up the back of her head towards the front, feeling the bare skin that was left with her bare hand. After she was done, she was left with a strip of hair down the middle of her head. Two parts of her soft, silky brown hair were separated by a strip of rough stubble. But she loved it. She said goodbye to her hair, and quickly she placed the clippers at the back of her head again, going towards the front again, but this time forming another strip of bare scalp. It took her a total of ten minutes as Jen carefully went over her head again and again, making sure not to miss any hair.

She looked at herself in the mirror and then at all of the hair that covered the floor. She picked it up off the floor and stared at it, letting it drop through her long fingers. She wasn’t finished yet.

She ran to her room and got the razor and shaving cream she used to shave her legs and armpits. She opened the can or cream and lathered her head. She took the cover off of the razor, and placed it this time at the top of her head. Going from front to back, she began to shave her head. The cream gradually was removed, leaving a smooth scalp behind. She finished in a matter of minutes, and then she looked at herself. She was now a bald beauty. The only places on her body with hair left were her eyebrows and her pussy hair. She had a thought, and said to herself, “Hey, I just shaved my head. Shaving the rest off wouldn’t be different.” She took some more cream, lathered it into her nicely shaped eyebrows, and with a total of four passes, her eyebrows were gone. She then lathered her nicely trimmed bush, and with a few more swipes, her lower abdomen was silky smooth. She rubbed the area with her hand, loving the feel of the bare skin. She became sexually aroused at the thought of a hairless body. She ran to her room, and began to call her boyfriend.

“Jon, I want you to come over. I want you to see something.”

“Sure Jen. Be over in, say, ten minutes.”

Jen didn’t even bother to completely dress. She just slipped on a pair of shorts and a sports bra. Jon arrived a little bit later, and Jen opened the door.

“Jen, what did you do to…?”

“I shaved it all off. I saved it though. You can have it all if you want.”

“Yeah, sure, but what made you…?”

“No questions. Just come on in. I feel like showing you something else.”

Jen took Jon to her bedroom and closed the door. She unbuttoned her pants and let them slide down her legs, exposing her white panties. She took them off too, and Jon stared at her. He saw that she had shaved her pussy hair too.

“Why did you…?”

“I told you, no questions. I just felt like a change, and this just made it even better.”

“Okay, but I still don’t…”

“Jon, no questions. I feel like making out. How about it?”

“Okay. Can I at least touch it?”

“Which? My head or my pussy?”


“Sure. Come over here honey.”

Jon walked over to her, and hesitantly touched her bare head. He ran his hands over her head, and also became excited. He kissed her head, licking it with his tongue as he touched her bare pussy with his left hand. He carefully caressed her pussy, loving the feel of no pussy hair. He picked her up and placed her on the bed as he said, “Babe. I love it.”


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