All For Beth

All For Beth

Beth was the quintessential All-American cheerleader–blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful smile–every guy’s dream. She was a grade-A student, a talented singer and dancer as well, and she had a way of lighting up any room she entered. She attended a small north-eastern college, and became a cheerleader in her sophomore year. In the Autumn of her junior year, she was stricken with breast cancer. She underwent lumpectomy surgery, followed by chemotherapy, which made her very ill, and caused her long blonde hair to fall out. Within two weeks of her first chemo treatment, Beth was totally bald, and she became very depressed over losing her hair, even though her fellow cheer-leaders all chipped in and bought her a beautiful blonde wig similar in style and color to her natural hair.

Beth was very close to the other girls, especially her friend Dawn, a classmate from high school. They shared a dorm room together until Beth became ill and moved back in with her parents while she recuperated. Dawn paid Beth a visit nearly every day during her treatments to deliver class notes and assignments and to help keep Beth’s spirits up, which was no easy chore. One day after visiting Beth, Dawn hooked up in the locker room with the other cheerleaders–Gina, Lenore, Sasha and Sharon–to practice their dance routines for an upcoming basketball game, and she gave them an update on her.

“Gosh,” Dawn sighed, “Beth’s been so down ever since her hair fell out. She’s taking losing her hair really hard. I wish I knew of a way to make her feel better.”

“Well at least her hair will grow back,” said Gina. “Her breast wouldn’t have, if she’d lost it.”

“How does she look without hair?” asked Sharon (to this point, only Dawn had seen Beth minus her hair).

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“Oh, she’s beautiful!” Dawn exclaimed, “She’s still pretty, even with no hair. Her head is perfectly round and smooth, and her ears don’t stick out or anything. Her face stands out more, and when you can get her to smile, she looks lovely.”

“Makes me wonder what I’d look like if I were bald,” added Lenore.

“I’d gladly go bald myself, if it would make Beth feel better,” Dawn declared. Suddenly, a light went on in Dawn’s head, and she smiled, “That’s it, you guys! We could shave our heads as a show of support for Beth.”

“Hmmm. Sounds rather risqué,” Lenore mused, “But it’s a neat idea.”

The others weren’t so convinced. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” said Sasha, a lovely young woman of Oriental descent. “We’re cheerleaders. I’ve never seen a bald cheerleader before. I love Beth, but I don’t think I want so shave all my hair off for her.”

“Oh come on, Sasha,” Dawn implored, “Since when is it a rule that cheerleaders have to have hair? Besides, it’s just hair–it’ll grow back.”

“Easy for you to say,” Sasha replied, pointing to her mid-back-length wavy black hair, “It didn’t take you years to grow this, either.”

“We could wear wigs, just like Beth,” Dawn continued.

“Yeah right,” Sasha quipped, “Try keeping your wig on while doing somersaults and back flips.”

“I think shaving our heads would be a really cool gesture to Beth,” said Gina, who sported a short bleached-blonde bob. “I bet it might speed up her recovery.”

“I don’t know,” said Sharon, stroking her shoulder-length sandy blonde curls, “I like my hair a lot, too.”

“Oh, you guys are no fun!” Dawn said, half-jokingly and half-seriously. During dance practice, Dawn continued trying to talk the others into parting with their hair, and she had Gina and Lenore in her corner, but she couldn’t sway the other two. She went home feeling a bit deflated, but excited about her idea. She sat down before her mirror and brushed out her dark brown pageboy hair, which neatly touched her shoulders. She tried to imagine what she’d look like without it, and the more she thought about it, the more excited she became. She kept thinking about Beth, and what a show of support it would be to her if she shaved her head. Dawn remembered seeing a wig at the salon similar to her own hair while shopping for Beth’s wig, and at that moment, she decided to throw caution to the wind and have her head shaved for Beth. Maybe, she thought, the others would follow suit if she took the plunge. If not, it would still be a nice gesture toward Beth anyway.

Dawn couldn’t wait for the wig salon to open the next morning. She tried on the wig she wanted, which was a somewhat lighter shade of brown compared with her natural hair. “It’ll do nicely, though,” Dawn thought as she admired herself wearing the wig in the mirror, although it didn’t quite fit over her real hair. Dawn had a class to attend late in the morning, but she found it hard to concentrate as her appointment at the hair salon neared. She raced to the salon and arrived promptly at 12:30, and was greeted by the stylist.

“Did I hear you right on the phone?” the stylist asked. “You really want all your hair shaved off?”

“You heard right!” Dawn said proudly. “I’m doing this for a friend. Let’s do this before I change my mind.”

The stylist escorted Dawn to a private room and a waiting chair and prepped her for her transformation, draping her in a cape and assembling the necessary tools needed for the task.

Dawn took a final look in the mirror and on went the electric clippers as the stylist began shearing off Dawn’s hair. Dawn was instantly stimulated by the sensation of the clippers running across her scalp, and even more turned-on by the sight of her brown tresses tumbling off her head. Before long, she was able to view bare scalp in the mirror and she couldn’t wait to see the final result of this transformation. After about five minutes, the stylist had removed the bulk of Dawn’s hair, leaving her with dark brown stubble covering her round head.

“Amazing!” Dawn exclaimed as she admired herself in the mirror. “I look so different now! Hurry up and shave the rest of it off!”

The stylist coated Dawn’s head with shaving gel and slowly and methodically shaved her smooth. It took a second round of gel to get Dawn’s head perfectly smooth, although traces of her dark brown hairline were still visible.

“I love this look!” Dawn beamed in the mirror, touching her head all over. “It feels wonderful, too! I can’t believe I’m bald, but I’m glad I did this! Beth will be so surprised!” It was a cool, crisp north- eastern day, though, so Dawn placed her new wig on her shaven head and strutted out of the salon.

Before visiting Beth, Dawn decided to show her new look off to the other cheerleaders first in an effort to influence them to follow suit. She arrived at practice that afternoon as the others were in the locker room donning their dance gear. Sharon immediately noticed the difference in Dawn’s “hair”, and commented on it. “You changed your hair, didn’t you?”

“Sure did!” Dawn smiled.

“I like it,” Sasha complimented, “That color looks good on you.”

“Thanks,” Dawn grinned as Gina and Lenore joined in to inspect Dawn’s slightly different look. “I like it, too. What would you say, though, if I told you this is a wig?”

“What?” said Sasha.

“No, you didn’t–” Gina exclaimed.

Dawn smiled broadly and said, “I did! I’m bald now!” and slowly removed the wig and revealed her shaven scalp.

“Oh my god, Dawn, you shaved your head!” Gina squealed. The other girls gasped in amazement as well.

“Wow! You really did it!” Lenore exclaimed.

“Oh my gosh…” Sharon said, totally stunned. “I didn’t think you were serious about doing this.”

“I can’t believe you went through with it, either” Sasha added. “I thought you were just joking yesterday.”

“I was dead serious!” Dawn replied. “So, what do you think?”

“You look lovely!” Lenore said.

“It’s adorable!” Gina added.

“I have to admit,” said Sharon, “You do look really pretty with no hair. I’ve never seen a bald girl in person before. What do you think, Sasha?”

“I kinda like it, too,” Sasha admitted. “You’re prettier than I imagined you’d be.”

“You know,” Gina chimed in, “I want to try this! It won’t take long for my hair to grow back anyway.”

“I wanna do it, too!” said Lenore. “Do you think we can find wig to match my hair?”

“Probably,” Dawn replied. “Or something close to it.” She then turned to Sasha and Sharon and said, “How about you two?”

“I had my doubts about this,” said Sharon, “But seeing you like this makes me think twice. You’re gorgeous!”

“I still don’t know about this,” Sasha sniffed, “You’re talking about my HAIR! I took me years to grow this, and I’m really attached to it.”

“But honey, think about why we’re doing this,” Dawn implored. “It’s for Beth, and I think it would mean the world to her. Besides, your hair will grow back eventually, and you can wear a wig until it does.”

“That’s great,” said Sasha, “But how will I keep it on my head while we’re performing?”

“I have an idea about that,” said Dawn as she put her wig back on and reached into her locker. She placed a sequinned headband over her wig to hold it in place. “There! Now my wig won’t come off. I tell you what, Sasha–if my wig comes off while we practice today, I won’t say another word about shaving your head. But if I can keep in on while doing cartwheels and somersaults, will you consider doing this with us?”

“I’ll think about it,” said Sasha. Dawn and the others quickly finished dressing and headed up to the gym to practice their dance routines. Dawn, gave a particularly vigorous performance, constantly tossing her head back, trying to make her wig come off, but it wouldn’t budge with the headband in in place. Even after half a dozen cartwheels and somersaults, her wig remained firmly anchored on her head. “I’ll be darned,” Sasha muttered to herself.

Back in the locker room, Dawn excitedly egged Sasha on about shaving her head. “Well, now are you convinced that your wig would stay in place while performing?”

“Yeah, I’m convinced,” replied Sasha, “but I’m still not comfortable with this. I love my hair. I’m sorry, guys. Do want you want, but I can’t go through with it.”

“Suit yourself,” Dawn said disappointedly, “We don’t want to force you to do what you don’t want to do. Are the rest of you with me?” Dawn received a resounding ‘yes’ from the other three girls.

Dawn escorted Sharon, Lenore and Gina to the wig salon to shop for their new “hair”. Gina had no trouble finding one in her style and color, and Sharon found a sandy blonde number even longer and curlier than her natural hair. Lenore’s long straight red hair was more difficult to reproduce with a wig, so she chose to go with a different style altogether and picked out a shoulder-length red pageboy wig similar to Dawn’s brown one. Pleased with their selections, the girls were all off to the hair salon for their “makeovers”.

At the salon, the stylist who shaved Dawn’s head earlier in the day was still there, as Dawn requested the same haircut for the other three girls. “This friend of yours must be pretty darn special,” the stylist commented, “if you’re all willing to go bald for her.”

“She’s very special,” Dawn smiled. “We wouldn’t do this if she weren’t.”

Since Gina was so eager to take the plunge, she was escorted to the chair first. It only took a few minutes for her blonde bob style to disappear with the help of the electric clippers and Gina seemed to enjoy viewing the action in the mirror. “I like this already!” she grinned. On went the shaving gel over her scalp, and within minutes, Gina was as smooth as Dawn and cooing with delight as she examined her new look. “This is so cool!” Gina squealed. “Literally, and figuratively!” The other girls voiced their approval and each took a turn caressing Gina’s shaven scalp.

Next up was Sharon, who was still somewhat reluctant, but knew she couldn’t back out now that Gina had already been shaved. “I can’t bear to watch,” Sharon said, “Please turn me the other way while you do this.” The stylist complied with Sharon’s wishes and rotated the chair to face away from the mirror. On went the clippers, and soon Sharon’s shoulder-length curls were history. “It feels drafty in here,” Sharon quipped. She placed her hands on her head and felt her stubbly scalp following her shearing, and groaned, “I can’t believe I let you guys talk me into this!” A little while later, her head was totally free of hair and smooth as silk, and she faced the mirror with her eyes closed and opened them to view her new look. “Ohhh my gossshhh!” she gasped. “I’m so-so…bald! God, I look so different now! But I kinda like it!”

“Sharon, honey, you look lovely,” Dawn smiled. “Your turn, Lenore!”

Lenore hopped into the chair enthusiastically, and brushed out her long red hair, which reached just below her shoulder blades. “Take it off!” she proudly said, and on went the clippers one more time. Not long after they started plowing through Lenore’s hair, big tears started welling up in her eyes. “I wasn’t going to cry,” she sobbed, “But I’m going to miss my hair! It’s been long for such a long time.” The stylist offered to stop, but Lenore told her to keep going. Before long, Lenore’s lovely mane was mere red stubble, and the stylist then shaved her smooth with the razor. She faced the mirror with her hands covering her eyes, then examined her bald reflection. The tears turned to joy as Lenore eyed herself and exclaimed, “Gosh, I look better than I thought I would!” The four now-hairless cheerleaders stood side-by-side and admired themselves in the mirror before putting their wigs on and departing the salon.

The girls headed directly to Beth’s house and her mother answered the door and invited them in. “She’s really down today,” she advised the girls. “Please try and cheer her up.”

“Oh I think we can manage that,” grinned Dawn as they approached Beth’s room. Her mom announced that she had company, and Beth quickly placed her blonde wig on her bald head and managed a sad smile when the girls entered her room.

The girls engaged in idle chit-chat for a bit, and Beth noted the new hairstyles the girls were all sporting. “Everyone’s hair looks different. Did you guys all visit the salon or something?”

“Did we ever!” Gina chortled.

“Gosh Lenore, you got yours cut really short–it’s really pretty.” said Beth.

“You’re telling me!” Lenore giggled, and the others started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” asked Beth.

“Well, honey,” Dawn began, “We did something a little special for you because we love you and we want you to feel better soon. Ladies…”

On Dawn’s cue, the girls all slowly removed their wigs and revealed their bald heads to Beth, who nearly went into shock as she sat up in bed.

“OH MY GOD!” Beth exclaimed, “You’re all BALD! What have you done?”

“We all had our heads shaved!” Gina smiled. “We thought you might like a little company until your hair grows back.”

“I can’t believe you all did this for me!” Beth cried, “I love you all so much! This is unbelievable!”

“It was Dawn’s idea,” Sharon said, pointing at the culprit.

Beth leapt out of bed and threw her arms around Dawn and hugged her, then did the same with the others. She then whisked off her wig to reveal her baldness to the girls who had yet to see it. Dawn turned to the others and said, “Didn’t I tell you she was pretty?”

“Where’s Sasha?” Beth asked. “Don’t tell me she shaved all her hair off, too!”

“No,” Gina sighed, “We tried to talk her into it, but she just couldn’t do it. She’s a little too attached to her hair, but she does send her love though.”

“”Mom, come here!” Beth shouted, “You gotta see this!” Beth’s mother entered the room and nearly had a coronary over the sight of four bald cheerleaders surrounding her bald daughter. “They all shaved their heads just for me!” Beth exclaimed.

“Oh my goodness!,” Beth’s mom gasped as she began to cry. “What a beautiful thing to do! How thoughtful!” The girls then sat around trying on each other’s wigs and reveled in their bald beauty until Beth got sleepy and had to take a nap. As they prepared to leave, Beth’s mother pulled the girls aside and said, “I can’t thank you girls enough for what you’ve done. I haven’t seen Beth in such good spirits since her operation. This may be just the thing she needed to end this depression she’s been in.”

“That’s what we had in mind all along,” Dawn smiled. The girls left Beth’s house all feeling elated that they accomplished their mission.

The girls assembled in their locker room the next day for another practice, and Sasha saw them all bald for the first time. “Unbelievable!” was her response as she marveled at the three new bald heads before her. “I admire your courage to do this.” The others told Sasha all about their visit to Beth and happy it made her, and Sasha began to feel somewhat guilty for not taking part. She began to contemplate parting with her beautiful black hair…

“So,” asked Sasha the next day at practice, “do you plan to go public with your baldness anytime soon?”

“Gee, I don’t know,” Dawn replied. “I hadn’t even thought about it. This has been such a whirlwind the past couple days that going out bald never entered my mind. What do you think, girls?”

“I’m still getting used to this,” said Lenore. “I’m not sure if I’m ready to be seen in public without my hair just yet.”

“Me either,” Sharon added.

“I was thinking about going out tonight,” declared Gina.

“I think you should do it in front of the whole school,” quipped Sasha. “Like at half-time of the next basketball game. I bet you wouldn’t have the guts to do that!”

“Look who’s talking!” Dawn scoffed. “You didn’t even have the guts to join us and shave your head!”

“Then I’ll make a little wager with you,” Sasha said. “If all four of you are willing to remove your wigs in front of the crowd at the next home game, I will let you shave my head.”

Dawn’s eyes lit up over that statement. “How about that, ladies? Are we willing to do this?” A brief discussion ensued, with Sharon and Lenore balking at first, but Dawn and Gina were relentless in their attempts to sway them.

Then Lenore sprang up and said, “Hey, I have an idea! I think if we go public with this at a game, we should address the crowd and explain the reasons for it, and maybe honor Beth in some way.”

“Better yet,” Sharon added, “Why don’t we try to raise some money to help Beth and her folks out with the medical bills? We could solicit donations, and if we reach a certain dollar amount, then Sasha gets her head shaved at the end of the game.”

“That’s perfect!” Dawn exclaimed. “What do you think, Sasha?”

“It sounds a little bit like blackmail, but I guess it’s all for a good cause. Okay, I’ll do it.”

The next home game was scheduled for the following Saturday afternoon, and the girls invited Beth to watch the game, but didn’t tell her what they had planned for half-time. Dawn and the others were all nervous and excited as they donned their shiny gold dance tights and dark green cheerleader sweaters and matching skirts. Sasha was unusually sullen as she began to realize that in a couple hours, she’d be bald just like the others. Dawn gathered them together before they entered the gymnasium, and said, “Okay ladies, let’s knock ’em dead for Beth!”

The first half of the game passed quickly, and the announcer introduced Dawn to the crowd and she took the microphone and gave her presentation. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to ask you for your help tonight. You may have noticed that one of our comrades has been missing lately. Our friend Beth has been fighting a successful battle against breast cancer, but the medical bills have hit her family hard. We recently did something special to pick up Beth’s spirits. Ladies…”

One by one, the other three bald girls did a brief dance move, ending in the splits. Then they each removed their wigs in front of the astounded eyes of the 500 or so basketball fans in attendance. Dawn then removed her wig as well and as Sasha stood by next to the other girls. “Beth lost all of her beautiful blonde hair,” Dawn continued, “so we had our heads shaved as a show of support for her.” The crowd began to applaud, and the applause quickly turned into a standing ovation for the four bald cheerleaders standing before them. When the applause died down, Dawn resumed her speech. “You may have noticed that one of us still has hair. Sasha has been a little reluctant to part with her lovely hair, but we think with a little prodding, she might be persuaded to join the ranks of hairless. This is where all of you come in. We’d like to pass the hat and solicit donations from you for Beth and her family, and if we can come up with $500 or more, Sasha has agreed to let us shave her head after the game.” The crowd applauded again, and the girls, Sasha included, went through the crowd collecting bills in all denominations. After about ten minutes, the players returned to the court, and were stunned to find four bald cheerleaders roaming the gymnasium.

The girls brought the money down to one of the school officials at courtside who quickly counted it while the players warmed up for the second half of the basketball game. Dawn grabbed the micro- phone again and announced, “Ladies and Gentlemen, you’ve done it! So far, we have $524, and we haven’t even counted it all! Thank you so much for your generosity, and stick around after the game to witness Sasha’s transformation. Sasha, still nervous about what would transpire later, felt much better about the situation upon seeing the outpouring of support for Beth. The cheerleaders took their place at the end of the court, and left their wigs off for the rest of the night.

During the second half, the girls were all giddy over appearing hairless in public for the first time. “I can’t believe we’re doing this…” said Sharon. “I never dreamed I’d be standing here in front of 500 people totally bald–on purpose!”

“This feels so weird,” added Lenore, “but this is fun!”

“Beth is going to love this!” chirped Gina. “I can’t wait for her to hear about this.”

It turns out they didn’t have to wait very long, because unbeknownst to the other girls, Beth was in attendance at the game, and she made her way down to visit the girls during the second half. Gina spotted her first, and shouted, “Look who’s here!!” The girls all ran to Beth and hugged her vigorously.

“I can’t believe you guys,” Beth smiled, with a tear in her eye. “Sasha, you don’t have to do this for me.”

“I want to,” Sasha smiled nervously, “I feel left-out being the only one with hair in this group!” Sasha struggled to put up a brave front, but inside, she was beginning to have second thoughts about going through with shaving her head. She knew that it was too late to turn back now, because it would make her look bad in the eyes of not only her friends, but now the entire school as well.

Beth sat with the others for the rest of the game, and during one of the time-outs, Dawn grabbed the microphone again and introduced Beth to the crowd. “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the young lady you’ve helped out today. We didn’t know she was here, but her presence is an inspiration for all of us.” The crowd again came to its feet and applauded Beth and she waved and blew a kiss and waved sweetly to everyone. Then she reached up and slowly removed her wig, thus making her first bald appearance in public. Dawn escorted Beth back to courtside and put her arm around her, “You didn’t have to take your wig off, Sweetie!”


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