Free Tattoo

Free Tattoo

The Free Tattoo By Jamie

This story takes place about three weeks ago last Wednesday. At this very prestigious law firm, two girls by the names of Lori and Susan were employed as assistants to some of the attorneys. As most everyone knows, climbing the corporate ladder to success has its pitfalls and anything can happen when completion is the factor in getting there. These two girls had worked hard but it really came down to one of their bosses’ decision on which one of the two girls was going to get this promotion. Like I said this story all started about three weeks ago last Wednesday when one of the girls that worked in another department came in to the lunch room telling everyone about their favorite nightclub and how they were going to have a tattoo night. She read it to all of the ladies in the room that the ones that got picked got a tattoo of their choice free of charge. Well, secretly Susan had always wanted to have a small tattoo placed at the top right-hand side of her shoulder. Lori however had an idea that was totally different in her mind.

As the weeks went by Lori kept asking Susan if she were going to go to the club on the tattoo night or not. At first Susan had said no but after a while she began to think to herself, “Well, it is only a small tattoo and it will be free too and for that matter I most likely won’t even get picked anyway.” So the next time that Lori asked Susan the question Susan looked at her and answered, “Yes! I think I will go for just the hell of it.”

Well, now Lori’s mind began to start thinking, “Wow! If I can just get that bitch to the club that night. Yes! This is my chance to get her out of the way. Yes!”

Finally the waiting was over and the night rolled around. It was about 7:00 when Lori arrived with some of the other girls from the office. First, everyone that was to be admitted to the bar area where the tattooing was taking place had to take a number and sign a release form stating that the club as well as the man doing the tattooing could not be held responsible for anything that took place that evening or for the way that any of the tattooing turned out. Looking down and reading this form Lori thought to herself, “Wow! No recourse! Either.” She then took her number, signed it and entered into the bar along with other girls laughing and looking to have a good time tonight.

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So that you have a better idea of what the room looked like, it was a large room with a bar area on the right-hand side and a stage at the very end next to the DJ booth. In front of the stage and booth was a medium-sized dance floor with seating all around the dance floor. Now on the stage a large old-fashioned barber’s chair stood were the tattoo artist was doing his work. The DJ was playing music while the tattoos were being done on the girls that had been selected. Lori and her friends watched as the first girls that were selected and was amazed how fast that this guy could do his work.

About 8:00 Susan got to club. She was running late and was about that last girl to enter the bar area.

“HEY YOU!” Susan turned and a large man said to her, “Hey girly, you are not going into the bar until you sign in and take a number.” He then handed her the release form and looking it over she thought to herself, “Well I’m here, right? And I have always wanted this tattoo anyway, right? And I can get done for free, right? And I know I will never get picked anyway, right?” All these things were going on in her pretty little head.

“OK!” She said and she then signed the release form took her number and went inside the bar.

Walking around, Susan heard a yell from the other side of the club. “HEY SUSAN! Over here, Hon, come and join us.”

With a big smile she walked over and sat down with the other girls and Lori and asked, “Have any of you girls been chosen yet?”

They replied back, “No. Not yet.”

Lori said. “There are about 65 girls here tonight, can you believe it? Wow! Some of the tattoos are just great too.”

As the night went none of the girls had been selected. Then about 11:30 the tattoo man called out number 42.

“Hey isn’t that your number, Susan?” said Lori with a big smile and with a stutter Susan said, “Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Yes!”

“Well then, get up there, girl, and get that free tattoo that you have wanted.”

Slowly Susan got up, pulled down her very short mini dress and made her way across the dance floor to the main stage were the tattoo man stood. “Well, hello there,” said the large burly tattoo man. “This is your lucky night little girl, sit right down.”

As Susan sat down she first asked him some questions and he asked her what she would like to have done. She then said, “Well I have always wanted a little red rose tattooed on my upper right side of my shoulder.”

“Well,” the tattoo man said, “that won’t be hard at all, honey, just pull down the top of your lovely dress a little bit and let’s get started then.”

Now Lori and her friends had moved closed to watch as Susan was having her tattoo put on. “Ooh! That hurts a little,” Susan said the tattoo man and he replied back, “It will get better as we go, darling, just hang there a little longer and we will be finished.” Knowing at this point Susan had no choice but to let the man complete his job she just ground her teeth as the tattoo was being done on her. Lori by this point had made her way up on to the dance floor and was standing almost right in front of Susan and the tattoo man. The other girls had gone back to their seats and were waiting to see the tattoo when Susan came back to the table.

As the tattoo was almost done Lori said out loud so that the whole room could hear, “HEY MISTER TATTOO MAN, DO YOU WANT TO MAKE SOME MONEY?”

Of course that got the attention of the tattoo artist along with everyone that was in the room. The tattoo man then answered back, “What do you have in mind little girl?”

“Well, how much do you charge for a tattoo on a person’s head?”

The tattoo man answered, “The tattoos for the head start at around $150 and go up to $300. There is a lot of preparation involved and then the complete shaving. In all I would say the total would come to around $5-600.”

“Wow!” said Lori. “How would you like to make a cool $1500 tonight?”

Susan was beginning to see the picture now and was starting to worry but she thought to herself that this man wouldn’t allow something like to be done to her without her going along with it – or would he? Then the tattoo man looked down at Susan and said, “Ooh! Honey, that is a lot of money and I really need it too.”

Lori said, “It is a lot of money. What do you say, tattoo man, do you want it or not?” Susan feverishly started to sweat and squirm in the large barber’s chair.

Then the tattoo man said to Lori, “What about the other girls that wanted a free tattoo tonight? If I do this I won’t have enough time to any other tattoos.”

Lori then turned to the large crowd and said, “Everyone, do you want to see this girl get her head shaved and tattooed. I am paying for it – what do you say?”

A roar came over the crowd saying, “YES! SHAVE HER AND TATTOO HER!”

Lori then turned to the tattoo man and said, “Well, there is your answer mister, let’s do it.”

The man then looked down at Susan. “I am so sorry but I really need the money, girl.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” screamed Susan as she started to run but the two large bouncers caught her and pulled her back to the chair and sat her down, holding her against her will. Lori then flashed a copy of a release form one just like the one that Susan had signed to get in.

“So! You think that you are going to get out of this. NO WAY BITCH! You are all mine tonight!” Lori then took out her visa card and handed it to the tattoo man.

The man then looked down and said to Susan, “Well, do you have a credit card, honey.”

Susan looked up with a very sad face and replied, “Yes. But both of my credit cards are all maxed out.”

“Well,” the tattoo man said, “I really have no choice then but to perform the duties that have been bought and paid for by this lovely lady-friend of yours.”

“NONONONONO! Please no, I will do anything. Don’t do it to me.” The tattoo man then instructed the two large men that were bouncers to go over and get the large box that had some rope and his clippers in it. “NONONO!” screamed Susan. “NO!”

As Susan was being tied up a loud voice from the bar said, “HEY MISTER, DO YOU WANT TO MAKE SOME REAL MONEY TONIGHT?”

The attention of the crowd completely turned to the man at the bar. To their complete surprise it was Susan and Lori’s boss. Lori then began to think, “Oh no, he is going to free her.” Lori then said, “Hey, don’t pay any attention to him. I have bought and paid to see her get this shave and tattoo, now do it.” As the man from the bar approached the large chair Lori said, “Well good evening Robert. Didn’t think men like you even came to places like this.”

“Well Lori that is where you are wrong. Just because I am in the corporate world and a very happily married man doesn’t mean that I don’t like to have fun once in a while.”

A very puzzled look came over Lori’s face. “I wonder what he has on his mind?”

Robert then asked the tattoo man again, “Well! You didn’t answer me. I said, ‘Do you want to make some real money tonight or not?'”

“Now what do you have in mind, mister? This girl has paid me more than enough.”

Then the boss of Lori said to the tattoo man, “I will pay $5000 for you to let this girl go.”

“SHIT!” Screamed Lori. “That is not fair, you accepted my credit card.”

The tattoo man said, “Yes, I did, but I can credit you back just as fast and for that matter what are you going do anyway – sue me?” Then he laughed “HAHAHAHAHAHA!” And said to the two bouncers, “Let this girl go,” and Susan quickly got up from the chair. Susan said later that she wanted to make love to her boss so bad for saving her from total destruction she couldn’t stand it. It would have been the end of her beautiful looks for sure.

As the crowd started to die down and the music began to play, Robert handed over to the tattoo man his gold card and said to him, “I am not finished just yet. There is a condition that must be met before I allow you to charge $5,000 on my credit card.”

The tattoo man looked at Lori and Susan’s boss and said, “What is the condition, mister?”

Robert said, “Well it’s like this. You were going to shave Susan’s head and tattoo it right?” The tattoo man said yes. “Well, I still want to see that done and I know that the crowd would like to see it done, don’t you think? The tattoo man agreed. “I really believe they would enjoy seeing it done to someone.”

“Yes, I think so.”

Robert then said, “Why don’t we just have Lori here take the place of Susan and do it on her?”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” screamed Lori. “Not me no not meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

The crowd came to their feet again and shouted their chant, “Shave her and tattoo her! Shave and tattoo her!”

The tattoo man said, “Well, ok then,” and he motioned over to the bouncers and said, “Get her, boys.”

Lori began to run through the club frantically screaming with fear as Susan laughed and said to the other girls they were with, “Well! I think this is going to be fun to watch, don’t you girls?”

They said, “Of course it is! She is about to get what she has coming to her.”

As the two large men pulled Lori across the dance floor, kicking and screaming, lifting up her tight mini dress and her shoes flying off her feet, the crowd along with Susan and her boss Robert all moved in to get a close view of this shave and tattoo job that Lori was about to receive. Lori’s boss Robert then said to her, “Well, I can’t believe what I have seen here tonight! It is so amazing to me what some people will do to get ahead in the business world. So as far as the promotion that you two girls were fighting each other to get I have made my decision from tonight’s actions. Lori, you are fired!”

Lori cried, “No! No! No!”

Then Robert turned to Susan and said to her, “Susan my dear, you have the job.”

Susan screamed, “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Please no, Robert,” cried Lori once again. “I deserve that job. I am better than she is.”

“I am sorry, honey, you can pick your final check up tomorrow at 10:00 AM and that way everyone else can see what you did to yourself for being the greedy and dishonest person that you are.”

“No! I am sorry Robert!”

“It’s too late, Lori.” Then Robert instructed the tattoo man to start and Lori was then placed and tied down into the large chair.

The tattoo man then said, “Susan, would you please put this duct tape over this bitch’s mouth. I have had enough of her for one night, haven’t you?”

Susan replied, “It will be my pleasure,” and the tape was wrapped around her head closing her lipstick-painted mouth. Squirming back and forth in the chair Lori’s short tight red mini dress was pulled up to her waist showing her nylon-covered legs. “Oh dear,” Susan said to Lori. “You should have worn panties, honey.”

And when the men in the crowd heard Susan say that they all began yelling, “Hey bitch, spread them for us,” laughing as loud as they could.

Watching, Lori then saw the tattoo man look down his the box and pull out what looked like an old pair of animal shears that was once used on sheep. Lori’s eyes became as big as silver dollars as her mascara mixed with tears streamed down her cute little face. Then slowly and very gently the tattoo man placed the clippers – or I think they were more like a pair of sheep shears without a guard on them – on her forehead, right between her eyes. Then as the crowd started a loud chant once again – “DO IT TO HER! DO IT TO HER!” – he clicked the shears on.

BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Everyone looked down as Lori had began to wet herself.

“Wow!” said the tattoo man. “She is really getting nervous now, she just wet her nylons.” The crowd then laughed and cheered. “Honey, you are really getting excited,” said the tattoo man. “I guess I can understand why! Girly I think you going wish that you had never seen this place after tonight.”

Then as Lori looked up she saw the man slowly guide the shears back from her forehead, cutting a wide path right down the middle of her lovely shoulder-length hair. The crowd roared with excitement as the tattoo man went right to the scalp pass after pass until her beautiful hair was completely removed from her head and laying all over the floor. Then he said, “Well, honey, that’s enough of that. Now let’s see, I think I had better put some oil on that head of yours.” He then rubbed on to her head some rubbing alcohol and then some sweet smelling oil, making her bald head look shiny and clean.

The crowd then started in with “TATTOO HER! TATTOO HER!”

By now Lori was in total shock as the man pulled out a can of Old Spice shaving cream. “Honey,” he said to her, “I hope this is all right, it is all I have with me.” Susan and Robert had moved up closer now to see the final stages of her gift that Robert had paid for.

Susan yelled, “Hey Lori! I think that scent of Old Spice fits you well!” She was laughing and leaping up and down as the tattoo man smeared the shave cream on her. He then took out his straight razor and began to shave her head bald as smooth as a baby’s butt. When he was finished he turned to Susan and Robert and asked them, “Well, what is going to be for her? She is all ganged, I certainly can’t ask her, now can I?” the man laughed.

Robert then asked Susan, “What do you think, Susan.”

Lori’s face was begging, “No, No, No!” knowing what she really was and that her greatest fear was about to happen.

“Well!” answered Susan. “Tattoo man, let’s put on her head the name B.I.T.C.H.”

“OK!” said the tattoo man. “And what color do you think will look the best on her?”

Susan looked at Robert and said, “What do you think, Robert?” and he answered, “What do you think of the color purple, Susan?”

“I like that, Robert, I have always liked the color purple. Yes, do purple.”

The tattoo man then started to load his coloring into the tattoo machine and begin his work. With anticipation the crowd really got louder and louder as Lori felt the needle of the machine grind into to her once lovely hair-covered head. Letter by letter the name B.I.T.C.H went straight back from her forehead. After about 45 minutes the tattoo man lifted up and said, “All finished!” The tattoo man then instructed the two bouncers to untie Lori and let her up.

She came up out of the chair screaming and shouting, “Look at me! I’m ruined! I am ruined!” Rubbing her head and stomping her stocking feet running all over the club so that everyone there could get a good look at her. She finally ran into the women’s restroom and you could hear her screaming at the top of her lungs “I’M FUCKED! I’M FUCKED! OH NO, I’M SO FUCKED!”

Well that was the last time we saw Lori that night. When the morning came everyone in the office had heard of what took place the night before and what had happened to Lori and that she was fired. 10:00 finally came and in walked Lori. Wearing a blonde wig she steamed past everyone’s desk and stormed into Robert’s office. Robert looked up with a big smile and said, “Well good morning, Lori. I see that you are here to get your final check.” Lori went to grab for it and then Robert pulled it away from her and said, “Wait a minute there, Lori. There are a few conditions to you getting this check, you know.”

Not thinking at all and realizing that Robert had to pay anyway she said, “And what are the conditions?”

“Well this is what they are. First you are to never try suing me for anything that happened last night and second you must give me that wig that you are wearing so that when you walk out everyone can see your real name. B.I.T.C.H.”

“WHAT!” screamed Lori. “Haven’t you ruined me enough? Well OK! Here’s my wig and give me the release form, I’ll sign it.” She then signed the form and stormed out all bald and tattooed for the entire office to see and never to be seen again.

Well I guess that everyone has a price and that night the tattoo man had his. It just happened to be exactly $5,000.


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