First Second Best Cut

First Second Best Cut

First, The Second Best Cut – EnjoyCut

Angela wanted to surprise her friend. So she went to the salon for a haircut. He always was very intrigued about her hair. She never knew why but he loved to wash, dry and brush her hair. Angela loved him doing that for her. It felt so relaxing when he took care of her hair.

Now she was in the chair and the stylist had cut her hair almost four inches. It now reached in long layers just over her shoulders. It was blown dry with some gel, in a way that it got lots of volume and some very nice tiny locks that looked wet. To keep the volume and the sculpture of the hairdo matching around her beautiful soft featured face lots of hairspray was used.

She just loved the smell…. Closed her eyes…. Dreaming about the afternoon to come…. Damp between her legs…. Glowing in her face…. She couldn’t recall having had an experience like this before while getting her hair cut. She looked like a queen in heaven….. When she got out of the chair, Angela couldn’t keep her eyes from her reflection in the mirror. She was sure Tony would love it too.

They would meet for lunch and he was already waiting for her at the table where they always sat down on Friday around noon. Tony had taken the afternoon off since it was his birthday.

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When she walked in Tony was speechless. Angela didn’t know what to think until he took her in his arms and tenderly kissed her on her mouth, then her neck… while inhaling deeply the smell of her hair. “Happy birthday, Tony,” she whispered. “Thank you… thank you…” he returned in a soft voice, using a lot of air while talking. After a few more words he asked Angela to sit down on the opposite side of the small table. The sun was shining down through the window on her hair and gave it a magical aura.

Tony ordered some wine and the menu-card to celebrate the event. Angela started talking about lots of things that she had been through that week. Tony couldn’t concentrate on the words coming from her mouth, and instead of looking into her eyes, he just gazed at her hair. It was until Angela started speaking about her experience at the salon when Tony found himself forced to listen to her words again. After ordering another bottle of wine he wanted to hear every detail of her haircut. “Do you like it, Tony….?” Her voice sounded rather sexy…. He felt a strange knot in his stomach. His head was filled with a humming sound. He could hardly hear Angela speak.

They decided to go for a walk down town to do some shopping. Angela had consumed enough wine to admit her special feelings during the haircut. Immediately Tony held his jacket it front of him, trying to hide the outburst of his feelings. While she explained, the same gloomy feelings came back to her. It was like a trance she was going into.

Then suddenly she stopped talking. Tony had been leading their route… and they were passing a barbershop. Angela stopped and gazed through the window. Tony stood behind her. He was watching her patiently. Admiring her hair from the back.

She turned to him, looking him straight into his eyes. He was starting to feel weak. She ran her fingers through his hair and told him he needed a haircut too and this was just the place to get it done. Angela promised him an extra birthday present at his place… afterwards. He nodded his head and just said OK. “Would you mind me coming in with you?” she asked. And without waiting for an answer she walked in behind him.

It was small shop with two chairs. Every thing was clean, shining and simply old-fashioned. After greeting them with a simple ‘good afternoon’ the older barber asked them to sit down on the chairs in the back. There were no other customers waiting, so it shouldn’t be too long to wait. Angela couldn’t stop watching the barber working on a gentleman who was getting a crewcut. The clippers did a very smooth job while sounding so aggressive. Her eyes turned to Tony with a smile. She bent over to him and whispered that she would love to see him getting his head shaved. First he felt a shock and then after recovering he told her he didn’t think his hair would grow back over the weekend, before going back to work again.

“I’d love to feel the smoothness of a man’s head,” she said, fully ignoring his statement. Her smell, her hair, her skin, her eyes, her soft voice. “Just think of the extra birthday present, Tony.” He didn’t speak. Useless to argue. She just smiled.

“NEXT!” They didn’t notice the customer of the older barber had already left.

Tony walked up to the barbers chair. “So, what can I do for you, sir?” the barber asked, while draping the cape around Tony’s neck. He was confused and hesitated. He couldn’t speak. He looked in the mirror, right into Angela’s face. She was smiling at him. And her lips were forming the word ‘SHAVE’. “Do you have something in mind?” the barber asked again.

But before Tony could say anything, Angela replied: “He has a special celebration today and wants his head shaved, don’t you darling?”

“Are you sure?”

“Ah…. yes please, I want my head shaved,” Tony added, trying to sound as if he had made this decision himself.

“Oh well, people wear all kinds of haircuts nowadays,” and the barber oiled the clippers. Angela was fingering her own hair, watching very close every pass the clippers made. Not wanting to miss a single second of the work the barber did on Tony. The old man looked in the mirror from under his eyebrows at her. Noticing her interest in his skillful actions. She started to feel a little dizzy when the strong sensations came back. Her pussy felt wet and she ran her hands through her hair. “NEXT!” The other barber had finished his customer and since there had been no other one coming in, it seemed he was referring to Angela. A warm sensation was building up in her. She loved her new hairdo. But at the same time she was longing to feel the caring hands, the cutting, the styling….. She couldn’t help herself licking her lips and before she knew she was walking up to the chair and had sat herself down. Tony’s eyes were popping out when he saw Angela sitting there, smiling at him while the barber was covering his head with warm lather. He wanted to scream at her, but the words didn’t seem to come out….

“Something special, madam?” her barber asked.

“I would like you to turn the chair towards him,” she replied, pointing at Tony. The barber turned the chair.

“And your hair, just a trim?”

“No, short back and sides, please.”

Now Tony’s heart was drumming like hell. He had had his fantasies about Angela getting her hair cut, but this… this was outrageous. This was… strange. This was… was… just what he wanted for a long time. Angela getting her beautiful, well-kept, freshly-styled hair cut short… very short.

“Please sit still, sir. I’m nearly ready”, his barber told him, making the last passes to smoothen his scalp. After being finished Tony walked backwards to the chair in the back of the shop, keeping his eyes on the scene of Angela and the barber. She easily moved her head in anticipation of clippers running, leaving almost no visible hair at the sides. She sat there with her eyes closed. Turned away from the mirror, she didn’t seem to care a bit about the result. She just wanted the experience. The humming sound. The vibrating machine. Soft moanings escaped from her mouth. Everyone acted as if they didn’t hear.

The top hair was cut to two inches, leaving just short bangs. Snip-snip-snip… snip-snip-snip. Then the clippers were brought back to the stage again. Blending the parts, clippers over comb. Bending her head forward, backward, sideward with her eyes half open, it seemed as if Angela was so relaxed, that she easily could fall asleep. And the only reason she didn’t, was the noise of the clippers and the touch of the comb. The clippers were put to rest again. Happily Angela accepted the offer of a neckshave. Did she enjoy it….

The barber was very happy with the quality of his work. He took off the cape and helped Angela out of the chair. The three men applauded spontaneously and the girl ran one hand over the back of her head. Feeling all the stubble. With the other hand she rubbed Tony’s smooth scalp. They paid the barbers generously and left the shop. Running and kissing towards the nearest bus stop… They couldn’t wait to get to his place… for the rest of the promised birthday present….



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