Flattop Friday

Flattop Friday

Flattop Friday – Bob Barker

One Friday a month a local barbershop would have what they called Flattop Friday. This meant that everyone who came could get a flattop for free on this one Friday. One of the Fridays a few months ago, my girlfriend made a bet with me. You see, she had always wanted me to get a buzzcut, but I never had. The bet was that if I got a flattop, she would get one too. Losing my hair was going to be worth it just to see her get clipped.

So we walked down to the barbershop that sponsored the event. They even had special chairs so that they could tell which people wanted a flattop and which ones wanted just a regular haircut. It always gathered a large crowd, some getting clipped, and others just watching. Both of us sat down in the special chairs.

They took me right away. The good thing about this event was that the barbers never asked any questions. I went over and sat down in the barber’s chair. The barber strapped the cape around made sure that I knew what I was getting into, and then started cutting the sides and back with the clippers. I looked how short he was cutting it there, and I saw that he was shaving it to the scalp. I watched as my blond hair fell lifelessly to the floor under the wake of the clippers.

After the sides and back were shaved clean, he went to the top. He put the 2 guard on and started clipping again. It felt wonderful to feel the clippers glide over my head. I looked over at my girlfriend and noticed that she was having an orgasm. I knew that she had a hair fetish, but I never said anything. I was all finished. Now, it was her turn.

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She hopped in the chair that I had just been in and asked for the same cut, but she did have one special request. She wanted me to do it. So, I gave the barber $50 and told him to close up the shop and leave for twenty minutes. This would be plenty of time for her to get clipped.

I had her in the chair and now she was going to go through with the bet. I picked up the clippers and started to shave the sides and back of her head, just like mine had been. She loved hearing the sound of the clippers working on her head. She also love seeing her long blond locks being shorn. Now it was time for the top.

I put the 2 guard on the clippers and started to clip the top of her head. I methodically moved the clippers from front to back. She even took the clippers from me and started to cut it herself.

The aftermath of what we did was measured by the amount of blond hair that was on the floor of the barbershop.

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