Fani’s Dare with Aylee

Fani's Dare with Aylee

Fani’s Dare with Aylee – J

Fani and Aylee were the absolute best of friends. Yet the little 13-year-olds always had something between the two of them. As with most girls they always thought they could get the guys. Fani could always attract them easily while Aylee had to work for it. Yet they both had their eye on the hottest kid in school at the time: Mike Jones. They both wanted to go out on just one date with him and they both knew they had a shot.

“So, Fani, you ready to watch Mike ask me out tomorrow?”

“Ha, yeah right, I’ll be riding in his car this weekend.”

“Wanna bet on that there, Fani ba bani?”

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“‘Okay what shall the wager be that he asks ME out?”

Aylee stopped and thought for a second and so did Fani. Fani had fairly short but very luscious hair and she cherished it deeply. Aylee had short red hair and it made her look stunning since she was one of the only girls in school with red short hair. So it both clicked for them.

“I GOT ONE!” they both said with a scream.

“Okay you go first, Aylee,” said Fani.

“Okay if I win the bet… I GET TO SHAVE YOUR HEAD!”

“Funny, I was thinking the same thing but instead I’LL BE SHAVING YOURS!”

“Okay so we have to shake on this and when it comes to the time none of us can back out. Okay?” said Aylee.

“Alright it’s a deal, no one backs out.” Fani had a strange feeling right there and then that she may have made a really bad decision.

So came the day and both of them were nervous as heck. They both went to school and when it came down to the time they both stood there as Mike walked over.

“Hey Fani, what’s up?” As soon as he said those words Fani felt relived that she was gonna be asked out. But it still wasn’t over.

“Nothing much, Mike, how are you?”

“Great, thanks for asking.” He then turned and looked at Aylee. Fani gasped for breath as he turned away. “Hey Aylee, I was wondering, I’ve been like looking at you a lot and I was wondering, well if you would wanna go out with me?”

Fani’s face froze as Aylee screamed out yes. She couldn’t believe, come sometime in the future she would be bald. A few hours later on the bus Aylee encountered Fani. “I’ll be picking you up at 8:30 tomorrow, so be ready!” Fani couldn’t believe it.

The time came too soon as at 8:26 AM, Aylee rang the doorbell. Fani walked very slowly to the door and walked out and into the car. The car ride seemed like an eternity as she just looked down and felt her hair and a tear fell from her eye. Aylee’s sister dropped the two off at the salon. They walked in and confirmed the appointment. 8:34 came around and Fani was called from the waiting room and Aylee followed.

“So, what is it gonna be here Fani darling?”

Aylee broke in: “Oh umm, Fani said that she was ready to go bald I think and that she wanted it ALL off, Cindy!”

“Is this true Fani? You wanna go bald?” Fani just nodded. “Okay, well I can’t fight that, go ahead and sit down and I’ll get ya ready.” Fani could sense something strange as she came back and saw a piece of rope hanging out of one of the drawers but she figured it was just something else.

Cindy pulled out a big black cape and draped it across Fani’s body, covering her from shoulders to her ankles. “This is just a dry cut so no shampoo needed. Unless you want one.”

“No, just cut it.”

“Okay Fani.” Cindy then took out a neck tissue and tied it around her neck. She fastened the cape tightly with the strap and then pulled out a towel and a shoulder pad. She put the towel on and then the shoulder protectors and fastened that tightly also. Fani couldn’t believe what was actually happening as she thought she was gonna wake up from the bad dream. Cindy reached and grabbed a pair of scissors and faced Fani away from the mirror. She then took a big chunk of hair from the back of her head. She closed her eyes, fearing the worst. With her eyes closed all she heard was a big “SHNICK” and once she felt the grip gone she realized that the hair was gone as her head already felt lighter. Cindy then took several other chunks and Fani just looked down at the cape as Cindy just gradually kept cutting. After some rounds on the scissors she turned Fani’s chair back around. She couldn’t believe how short her hair was and what she was gonna do. It was an extremely short bob. Aylee just kept staring, smiling at what was happening.

After about 5 minutes of preparation, Cindy then pulled out her clippers. Fani saw that the time was here and the end was near. Cindy turned her chair back around facing Aylee. She pushed Fani’s head down into the cape and kept her hand firmly there. Fani still couldn’t believe what was happening. She closed her eyes and as soon as she did she heard a “CLICK” then followed by a “BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” Then Fani just held it all in as Cindy pushed the clippers up the back of her head. Fani couldn’t believe the feeling as the warmth and buzzing passed up her head several times. Cindy then leveled out Fani’s head and proceeded to buzz the sides. Up and down her head, around her ears, and everywhere in between, Fani’s beautiful hair was reduced to short stubs. After about 20 passes the clippers were shut off. Fani thought it would never stop.

After she completed this she then turned Fani’s chair back around. Fani just looked and stared at the image she saw in the mirror. Cindy unfastened the shoulder protector and took out the towel from under it. She draped it over her shoulders. She then walked over to the hot lather machine. She pressed the button and took a nice big handful of it. She then proceeded to lather Fani’s head and spread it across gently as it glided on. Fani felt the warmth touch her skin and she thought it felt good. After about 3 applications, Cindy took out the straight razor. She went around Fani’s head in all directions and after a few passes she took the towel off and wet it under the sink. She came back over and wiped off the rest of the lather. Her shaving was finally complete. Cindy then unfastened the cape and took it off, ripped off the neck tissue and let her go. Fani felt her head and she just couldn’t believe her hair was gone, as a tear fell from her eye.

After the tense day Fani and Aylee were still best friends but Aylee felt bad. Fani actually got used to the bald head and she would keep it bald even though some of her friends thought she was a freak. Fani decided to stay away from stupid dares but she figured she would have her revenge one day and soon.


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