Facts and the Fantasies

Facts and the Fantasies

The Facts and Fantasies by Dennis Deberg

The Facts…

My experiences with female haircutting started when I was about six years old.

My mom and dad had gone out which left my brother and myself with the babysitter whose name was Judy. Judy was about thirteen or fourteen and had mid-back length dark brown hair, which she always wore in a ponytail.

She had beer, helping her dad that day, and was tired so she fell asleep in my dad’s TV chair. My brother and I didn’t feel sleepy, so l went and got mom’s sewing scissors and got the idea I wanted to see how she would look without her ponytail. It took a couple of snips to cut it off, but I got through it with little trouble. When I was done I went and showed my brother and we both had a good laugh… until we realized what would happen when she woke up. I hid the ponytail under my pillow and went to sleep.

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When we woke in the morning mom gave us a good spanking. Judy never did babysit for us again. but I saw her a few days later and I thought she looked like a million bucks with her hair that short. Her mom put in a perm and she looked like a short-haired Shirley Temple.

My next experience happened when I was about nine years old. We had a neighbor girl who was about my age who always came over to play with me. One day we played house and all the things that happen when you play house happened. It got to be about a half an hour later when she said she had to go. When I asked why, she said she was going to get her hair cut and she had a 2:30 appointment. I asked her how much it was going to cost and she said $2, so I convinced her I could cut hair real good and that we could get a lot of pop and candy for $2.

She had dark hair that came down to her shoulders and was wavy. When I asked her how she wanted it cut she said, not too short in back, but to make the front fairly short. I started cutting the back a little to make sure it would be even all the way around. By the time I got done her hair was about one inch long all over.

At first she didn’t like the way it looked and went crying home to her mother. While she went home I cleaned up all the hair that I cut and hid it under the bed. I saw Angela a couple of days later, and she told me she liked her hair that short and she wasn’t mad at me. But Angela’s mom made me promise not to do it again – at least not to Angela.

My next experience was when I was sixteen.

We had just moved to a farm and it didn’t look like I would have much chance to meet many girls. One day I was out doing chores when Janice, one of the neighbors’ girl, came over to say hi. After a couple of weeks we got to be good friends.

One day we had gone swimming in the creek by our place. It was about 100 degrees that day. When we had dried off I asked Janice if I could comb her hair, to which she said yes. I also asked her who she went to when she got her hair cut.

She told me she let her sister do it because it saved money from going to the beauty shop. When I asked her when was the last time she had it cut, she said that she was thinking of getting it cut short for the summer. Right away I asked her if I could cut it for her, and much to my surprise she said yes.

When I went to go and get some scissors I couldn’t find any, so I got the electric clippers mom used on the dog.

When Janice saw the clippers she wasn’t sure she wanted her hair cut, but I convinced her this would cut her hair short like she wanted it done. Her hair was about four inches long when I got ready to start. I got one of mom’s combs and gave her one of the best haircuts she ever had. The haircut was a crewcut type and looked very good. It was about one inch all over and the best part of it is she liked it as much as I did.

For the next three years that we lived on the farm. I did Janice’s hair every time she wanted it done.

When we moved to town I had my next experience, cutting my cousin’s hair.

Her name was Donna and she had come to spend the summer with us. One day I got the idea that I wanted to cut my cousin’s hair, but to do it I needed the help of my sister. I told my sister that I would put a towel around her shoulders and pretend that I had just got done cutting her hair, and that she would ask Donna to come and take a look and see what she thought of it.

When Donna saw Mary’s hair, she thought it looked pretty good. I took the towel off my sister’s shoulders and asked Donna if she would like to have hers cut like Mary’s.

She said she didn’t want to go as short as Mary’s but asked if I could trim it so the ends looked nice, to which I said I would be glad to.

I thought that would be the last time I would be doing her hair but about a month later she asked me to cut her hair to about two inches all over her head. I cut it just the way she wanted it and she was very pleased and to this day I still cut hers, as well as her sister Dawn’s. I mean why pay to have their hair cut in a beauty shop when I do it for nothing and can do it just as well.

My last experience to date has been with a girl who goes to the same school as my sister and is in the same class as she is.

Her name is Cindy and she has the nicest, shiniest hair I’ve seen in a long while. The other day she was over visiting my sister when I said it was about time she got her hair cut.

She said she was going to let it grow so she would look good for school pictures.

About a week or so later she was over again when she asked if I wanted to cut her hair for her. Believe me, she didn’t have to ask twice. I have a nice collection of beauty shop things like hair cutting scissors, comb, clips, razors, cutting capes and other related items. I went and got the box I keep them in and told Cindy to go wash her hair, and when she was done to come back and I would be ready to cut her hair for her.

I went and got a mirror and a chair and by the time I got those set up she came out of the bathroom with her hair wrapped up in a towel. She came over and sat down and told me she wanted to get it cut from shoulder length to a boy’s cut for the summer because of the summer heat, which in this area stays 95 to 100 degrees.

I combed it out and pinned it up and started to cut it just the way she wanted it done.

When she saw how much of her hair was falling to the floor she said she wasn’t sure she wanted it cut that short, but I told her it was too late to stop now. So she sat there and watched as more and more of her blondish brown hair fell from her shoulders and onto the floor.

When I was done I gave her the mirror to see hew she liked it and the next thing I knew she gave me a big kiss and said it had turned out better than she had planned.

I told her the next time she wanted it cut she should let me shave her head. Her reply was that she didn’t think she would look very good but I told her that her head was shaped just perfect and that someday I would shave her head and prove it to her… that I think she would look very good with it all shaved off.

Now every time that I see Cindy I always ask her when she is going to let me shave her head, and she says maybe someday I can have my pleasure and make her as bald as a cue ball. Let me tell you I can hardly wait until the day comes.

… and Fantasies

This particular dream starts out where I’m the head barber at an all girls military academy.

My job is to make sure that all the girls who come into the academy have their hair cut to a specific length which meets academy regulations which is two inches in length all over the head.

The first group of girls comes in and there are about ten or eleven girls in that group. I tell them that they will be receiving academy-style haircuts, and tell them that they don’t need to be afraid.

The first girl who sits in the barber’s chair has shoulder-length blonde hair. She asks me how short it is going to be and I tell her about two inches at the longest. She tells me to make sure and save a couple of locks of her hair so she can send it to her boyfriend, which I do to keep her happy. When she gets out of the chair she looks at herself in a hand mirror and tells me she likes what she sees.

The next couple of girls also like the way I’ve cut their hair, but the one after that is a bit nervous. Her hair is half way down her back and she is very apprehensive about getting it cut.

I tell her that if she wants to join she will have to get it cut to be admitted to the academy, and that I didn’t make the rules, that I did as I was told. I finally convince her to let me cut it, and that I will turn her away from the mirror so she can’t see what’s going on.

After I’m done she tells me she’s really glad I cut it for her,

Most of the girls in the dream always have had shoulder length or longer hair, but are always willing to let me cut it to specifications.


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