Brothers & Sisters

Brothers & Sisters

Brothers and Sisters by TUCRIAH

Hi, my name is Brad. I am 8 years old and this is my story, about me and my sister Margaret, and the summer of 1998. Margaret was 15 years old, a nice-looking girl with a good body. She was starting to get a chest and Mom was just letting her start to wear make-up. Her pride and joy was her hair: it was down to the middle of her back. She kept it trimmed every four weeks, and never more than a half-inch off when cutting. She brushed it all the time and would spend at least an hour on her hair before going to school every day.

She was always teasing me and calling me names, her favorite was BRAT. I on the other hand was always trying to scare the shit out of her – I’m her little brother, that’s my job. Like the time I put a garden snake in her underwear drawer. I got grounded for a week, and no Nintendo for a week.

My story starts on the 15th June. We had just got out for summer vacation. The whole family was getting ready for our vacation to the beach house down the Jersey shore. Mom was packing and Margaret was being her usual self, talking on the phone to her girlfriends about her date tonight with Joel.

“I am never going to get everything done to leave tomorrow,” Mom said. “I still need to finish packing, drop off the keys and get Brad a haircut.”

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“I need a trim too,” said Margaret as she walked in the kitchen. Mom picked up the phone and called Lisa at the salon. When she hung up the phone she turned to Margaret and said, “Lisa is all booked up for today honey.” Then Mom got what she thought was a great idea.

“Margaret, you’re almost 16, can I put you in charge of something?”

“Sure, Mom,” Margaret said as her eyes lit up. Mom was finally going to trust her to help.

“I want you to take your brother to the barbershop to get his hair cut, this will save me a lot of time.”

“But I have no makeup on and my hair’s not done.”

“No one will see you, Margaret,” Mom said. “Tell the barber to cut Brad’s hair a little shorter for the summer.” I wore a typical boys haircut. “While you’re there why don’t you get Tom to trim your ends?”

Margaret could not believe her ears. “Me get my hair cut at a barbershop? No way.”

“It would just be the ends, and Tom has trimmed mine when Lisa could not take me.”

She was right. “OK Mom, do I get paid for this job?” Margaret asked

“I will give you $10 more for the board walk deal,” said Mom.

“Let’s go, Brat.”

And off we went. The barbershop was only a couple of blocks from the house, so it didn’t take long to get there.

We went in. Leo, the old barber, was finishing up his customer. Above Tom’s station a sign read “Be back in an hour.” Margaret looked at the boy who was getting his hair cut. “He’s cute but that crewcut has to go. I like my men with a little more hair.”

Just then it hit her she was in charge and the barber would give her brother any haircut she instructed him to. “This will be great, Brat will get his due now,” she thought.

After the boy was done he got out of the chair, paid and left.

Leo, with his coke bottle glasses, looked over and said, “Who’s next?” I went over and sat in the barber chair. Leo put on the neck strip and the pinstriped cape. “What’ll it be young man?” Leo asked.

Margaret jumped up and said, “Mom wants it shorter for the summer vacation. Give him the same haircut as the boy who just left.”

“OK, one crewcut coming up,” Leo said.

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. “Mom didn’t say that short.”

“Now, young man, listen to your big brother, he knows best.”

Margaret sat back down to watch the show. “This is going to be great. A bald-headed Brat.”

“Something Leo said struck me funny. Leo called Margaret my brother, he didn’t realize Margaret was a girl. This gave me a great idea.

“OK, give me that crewcut,” I said to the barber.

Leo turned on the clippers and started to buzz my hair off my head. With every stroke of the clippers more and more of my hair was reduced to stubble.

Margaret was loving it, this was her best stunt yet.

I felt my hair peeling off my head but all I could think was, revenge will be sweet.

I started to talk to Leo in a low voice. I said, “My mother wants us both to get haircuts for vacation. Mom thinks my brother is looking like a girl, with all that hair. She wants us both to have the same haircut: crewcuts.”

Leo looked up from his work. “Your Mom is right, your brother needs a good haircut. We’ll take care of him next.”

“He doesn’t want to have it cut, Leo.”

“Don’t worry, boy. I have handled his kind before.”

I was all smiles, this was going to be great!

Leo was almost done with my crewcut, but I had a big fat smile on my face. Leo finished up my cut, took off the cape and dusted off the chair.

“OK, you’re next.”

Margaret looked with disbelief. “No thank you, I’ll wait for Tom.”

“Tom won’t be back for an hour. Your Mom did say get your hair cut, didn’t she?”

“Yes, she did,” Margaret mumbled.

“It’s OK,” I said in a loving brother way. “I told him Mom said not more than a trim of the ends.”

Margaret started to walk over to the chair. “Well, I guess so, but not more than a quarter of an inch of the ends. OK?”

“OK,” said Leo, and he gave me a little wink.

As soon as Margaret sat down Leo pulled her back into the chair and put the neck strip on then the cape.

Margaret felt scared. “It’ll be OK,” she kept telling herself. “Brad said he told him.” As she said those words, her stomach sank. “OH NO.”

Leo was strong for an older guy. His powerful arm forced her back into the chair, he was being kind of rough.

“Now this won’t hurt a bit,” Leo said, as he turned on the clippers. Margaret was looking right into the mirror. The sound of the clippers froze her like a deer caught in a car’s headlights.

Leo’s left hand grabbed her chin. She couldn’t move her head, she couldn’t move her mouth, to yell “NO!”

Leo was bringing the clippers up to the front of her head. He looked at her and said, “Don’t worry, young man. In a minute you’ll look just like your brother.”

Margaret’s eyes opened as wide as they could – she was trying to scream.

But Leo began to draw the clippers back from her front hairline across the top of her head. All her pride and joy was now falling to the floor. When he removed the clippers she was left with a strip of stubble. Margaret went into shock. She couldn’t move if she wanted to.

Meanwhile I was laughing so hard I began to pee in my pants, try as I would I could not hold back the tears of laughter.

Leo moved to the next section, without letting go of her chin and again he let the clippers turn long silky hair into 1/8 inch of stubble. Because of her blonde hair, she was beginning to look bald. After the top was done Leo let go of her chin and quickly re-ran the clipper up the back of her head. Then the sides: first the left, then the right side. Finally Leo was done. He cleaned up the edges and off came the cape. “Now that wasn’t too bad, was it sonny?”

Margaret ran out of the shop, crying and yelling all the way home.

I paid Leo with his own money and gave him a $10 tip.

“You just made my day,” I said.

“Anytime,” Leo said.

As I was leaving, Leo stopped me. “Tell your sister it won’t take that long to grow back.”

I was stunned. Leo knew the whole time! Leo is the best barber in the world

“Our little secret,” leo said.

“Definitely,” I added

“That is why I got grounded for the whole month of June: no boardwalk, no rides no beach. “Was it worth it?” you ask. MOST DEFINITELY!


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