Elvira and the Centerfold

Elvira and the Centerfold

Elvira and the Centerfold

When she showed up at the Annual Playmates Halloween Bash dressed as Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, Petra had no idea her competition would be none other than Elvira herself, Cassandra Peteron! There was an immediate tension between the two ‘Elvira’s. Petra subtly hinted that she looked better, while the comical Cassandra began taking cracks at her overly bustuous imitator.

“Let’s see… other than originality… I’d say she was lacking in, uhhm… support? THOSE babies certainly look like they hang low.” Cassandra chuckled. Petra, being not far away, heard it all. “I’ve seen her video. Centerfold Fantasies? It’s pretty amazing that someone lacking in talent would feel the need to steal the show like she did! Sheesh… that must’ve been her fantasy!”

Petra tried to ignore the potshots, and wandered off to another part of the party. Cassandra had the crowd laughing wildly. Mostly at Petra’s expense.

About a half hour later, Petra returned to the bar for a refill. A tap on her shoulder brought her face to face with Cassandra.

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“Uhh, why don’t you go home and change, honey. No one likes a rip-off,” Cassandra said quietly. Petra had had enough.

“Oh yeah? I lack originality, talent, and support? Well what the hell do you lack? Why don’t we see how everyone likes a REAL rip-off?” Petra said as she angrily lunged at Cassandra.

The next few seconds seemed to pass in slow motion, as Cassandra’s eyes widened at Petra grasping for her big hair. Then, with a smooth decisive yank, her wig was pulled off revealing her slick bald head! Cassandra was totally hairless!

“NOOOOOOOOO!” she screamed as she feebly tried to hide her naked scalp. Petra smiled and tossed the wig into the air, where it became snagged in a hanging light, far out of reach. The crowd gasped at the sight. There was no sudden eruption of laughter as Petra hoped. Just a hushed silence as Cassandra ran off to the bathroom to hide.

“What?” Petra yelled. “She had it coming! I’m the sexiest here! Fuck her!”

She took her drink and again wandered off, elbowing her way through the leering crowd of Playmates past and present. Two of them went to comfort the newly exposed Cassandra.

A short time later, one of them approached Petra, who was, by this time, fairly drunk.

“Hey… she’s taking this pretty hard. I think you should go say something to her,” Sylvie said. Petra just rolled her eyes and tried to ignore the comment.

“Why? It’s not my fault she’s as bald as Kojak,” Petra replied as she nursed her drink.

“You’re making us all look bad. I really think you need to go apologize.”

After a prolonged silence, Petra blurted out “OH ALRIGHT! I need to check my make-up anyway. Maybe I can use her HEAD! Geez… this party sucks! These things used to be fun! I’ll do it. OK?”

Entering the bathroom, Petra saw Cassandra standing with her back to the door. “Hey Baldy. Some of the wimpier bimbos think I ought to say I’m sorry. Well guess what? I’m not. Even if they don’t see this as funny, I sure do. Turn around when I’m talking to you!”

As she did, Petra snapped a picture of her with her little camera.

“I’m glad you find it amusing,” Cassandra said with a snarl.

“Oh yeah? Why’s that?” Petra said with a laugh. Suddenly, the music blared up really loud out in the main room and Petra was grabbed from behind. A ball gag was stuffed in her mouth and tied beneath her long dark hair. Her camera was taken away and her hands quickly tied behind her back.

“Strip her. She had her chance,” Cassandra said coldly. It didn’t take much effort to free Petra’s massive tits from her dress. They bounced around wildly as she was lifted off her feet as the dress was completely removed. Now completely nude with the exception of her black stockings and shoes, Cassandra made her next command: “Sit the bitch down. I want to get this started.”

Petra was thrust down into a heavy chair, where she was bound tightly with a supply of nylon rope. “Help me get her in front of the mirror… damn she’s heavy. OK. Thank you ladies. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some unfinished business to attend to!” Cassandra said.

“No problem! Let us know if you need anything else!” Sylvie said with a grin.

“Byyyyyyye Petra!” Tawnii said mockingly.

The two Playmates left the room. Cassandra locked the door. Petra’s muffled cries and struggle to escape were both futile. She knew she was in deep trouble now.

“Nowthen… where were we? Oh yes. You find my lack of hair amusing. AND since you seem to enjoy copying me,” said Cassandra as she produced a large set of electric clippers, “I always wanted to go to beauty school. Gee. I wonder how I would have done. Wanna find out?” Petra shook her head violently. “Too bad. I do. Hey, it’s only hair. Right Petra?” With a loud electric ‘pop’, the clippers buzzed to life.

Cassandra moved around behind her. “Say bye-bye to your pretty hair, you BITCH!” she said as she brought the shaver around to Petra’s forehead. Petra closed her eyes tightly and tried to scream as she felt them slowly mowing across her head. They left a 2-inch wide path of nubs from front to back!

“Oh hold still! Hey, this is just like shearing a sheep! Baaaa! Baaaaaa, Petra!” Cassandra laughed as she went about removing her glorious mane. “You still won’t look as good as me! But maybe this’ll draw attention away from you other… uhh… sagging talents! Just a little more… here behind the ears… and… we’re… almost… done! Well… with these anyway! Have a look, dear!”

Petra still had her eyes closed as she was facing the mirror. She could feel Cassandra brushing a LOT of hair off her shoulders and breasts. Embarrassingly, her nipples grew stiff and stood up stiff! “Oooooohhh… you like this, don’t you? Look at yourself!” She emphasized her point by tugging on Petra’s tits. Opening her eyes to the mirror, Petra was shocked and let out another muffled scream. “We aren’t done yet! I just wanted you to see the last of your precious hair!” Cassandra said as she rubbed Petra’s bristly dome.

Cassandra retrieved the rest of her items from beneath the sink. “It seems you’re not too popular with some of the other girls either, my dear. They were gracious enough to donate everything I’ll be needing. Amazing what people carry with them these days!” she explained as she shook up a can of shaving cream. “That’s right, honey… you’re gonna shine just like I do!”

Petra held back the tears as Cassandra proceeded to lather up her scalp and pull out a few Lady Schick disposable razors!

“What’s that Petra? A little off the top? I think I can do that!” Cassandra chuckled as she began carefully removing the last traces of hair from the centerfold’s head! She hummed a cheerful song as she revealed more and more bare skin, sparing only her eyebrows!

Thirty minutes and two shaves later, Cassandra was done (as were Petra’s chances at becoming a shampoo model!) A hot wet towel was wrapped briefly around Petra’s now naked head.

“Well now… I wonder what we can do to keep you nice and smooth up here… what was it you called me? Baldy?” she smirked. “Oh! How about we try this!” A large bottle of Nair had Petra again shaking her head ‘NO!’ She pleaded desperately through her gag, hoping she could finally get some leniency. It wasn’t going to happen.

“Awww… you shook the towel off… I guess you must really want this bad! Hey! Who am I to deny you your wishes?” she laughed as she emptied a large amount onto Petra’s head. The hot towel had opened her pores. Now the Nair flowed easily into them all, erasing her hair at the roots… permanently! She took great care in massaging it all in, not missing a single spot! Petra groaned as she felt its warmth. She knew it was working. After letting it soak in for a while, Cassandra buffed Petra’s bald head to a high gloss shine!

“I think we can take the gag off. It wasn’t to keep you from crying for help, mind you. I just heard enough from you for one night! Now then, Petra… tell me how you like your new hairdo?”

Petra gasped deeply. “How COULD you? You… you shaved me bald! I… I… I’m ruined!”

“Why… it doesn’t sound like you like it! Why don’t we get another opinion?” Cassandra said as she untied the newly shorn Playmate.

“What are you DOING?” Petra whimpered as she was yanked out of the chair.

“Relax, honey… everyone out there’s seen a naked woman before!” Petra tried to fight, but Cassandra was clearly in better shape. With her arms held behind her back, she was shoved out of the bathroom in all her naked and bald glory! As Petra screamed, the throng of partygoers erupted into laughter! Cameras flashed, capturing her ‘new look’ on film for ever!

“Don’t look at me! Ohhh!” she cried as she fought her way through the crowd towards the exit. Cassandra smiled as someone tossed her her wig.

“Well? She wanted to look like me!” she laughed. “I wonder if we can get these pictures on her web site?” Petra’s bald secret was about to become very public!


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