Bab’s Cropping

Bab's Cropping

After dinner BJ (nickname for Barbara Jean) and I set up in the bathroom, the first time in our new rented cabin. Although we’ve lived here since summer, it’s the first indoor cut here. We’ve been setting up out in the North Ca. coastal sun, enjoying the warm-it never gets HOT-weather. We kinda miss it being hot; New Orleans natives both, we don’t like cold…plus BJ wears too many clothes, I miss her skimpy summer stuff-and when it was really hot, the summer haircuts came more often. And they were shorter….

But we ‘re settling in for winter and cutting wood for the fireplace, and letting hair grow…a bit. I cut my hair a lot more often than BJ’s (I’ve never done hers in the new place) and had set up a mirror on a hinge so I can see the back of my head. Plus there are two large mirrors across from each other, good lighting, and enough room for a chair and two people. Barbara had been growing out her last summer cut, a 1″ clipper cut w/ longer bangs. I kept trimming the bangs at her request as it grew out, she doesn’t like hair in her eyes, and she wants to be warmer but doesn’t like it too thick on the crown; hard to avoid with thick hair like hers. Plus she was ready to trim the nape of her neck, as we both like sensual contact in this erogenous and often overlooked part of the body. So we decided on a tapered nape, above the ears, boyish cut…although she would NEVER look like a boy, no matter how short her hair.

Barbara is about 5’2″, somewhere around 101 pounds, was a dancer when we met and has the legs to prove it, and although a few months shy of 40 appears half her age- very few wrinkles on her face, just the lovely laughing ones I enjoy seeing. Years of aerobics and light weight training have kept her trim and toned, and if anything in better shape than when we met 15 years ago. except one thing…..her hair. When BJ was a little girl she had very light blond hair; a pretty color, but her mom kept cutting it in a bowl cut so it was never long as a child. By puberty to her dismay it had darkened to a medium brown…and with the products of the time, when she attempted to dye it back to blond it went red, like her mother. I even have a picture from the early 70’s of BJ in below the shoulder hair, long waves of thick locks-her hair gets wavy as it gets long. By her 20’s she met a friend (now of both of us) who was a pro hairstylist, Rene, and when I met BJ she was wearing a cap of loose permed curls, close back and sides. Well, she grew it a bit for our wedding to have it long enough for Rene to put up elegantly, and has been through many hair cuts since. But also like her mother, it has gotten greyer and greyer; we make jokes about the “Dorian Grey” hair that is the only part of her getting older! But she really doesn’t like it, and as she wears makeup once in a blue moon and usually dresses DOWN, sort of a cross between grunge before it was cool and what could pass as standard Butch clothes. (BJ fools many Lesbians to thinking she’s one, but she’s straight.. but not narrow. One of our friends, Jos, who describes herself as “a large bald bagpipe playing butch”, even was sure BJ was gay. Took a lot of convincing her.)

So she’s tried coloring the grey but it’s a pain in the butt; BJ feels that the grey is less noticeable when she keeps her hair short. Of course I encourage her, and it’s obvious I’m sincere when I tell her that I’m not like so many men who are in to long hair, but really like it short…very short. Well I knew we wouldn’t be buzzing her to the 1/2″ I’d like to do again on her, but we did have some fun.

We heated up the bathroom, set up the chair and laid out the tools…pro clippers, big and small scissors and combs, a few clips for sectioning her hair, and after putting on clothes we didn’t care about getting hair all over, began to cut. We were trying a dry cut this time, as an experiment. I’d seen an article in a hair mag about how to do this and wanted to play around. I started by cutting her bangs shorter, about 2/3 the way down over her forehead, above the eyebrows. She has very thick bangs and at this length her hair has none of the waviness it can get when longer, so I have to chip little angled cuts into the fringe so it feathers a little more- if not they look too blunt and heavy. Every now and then BJ wanted me to blow the cut hair off her face, and I would gently do so, watching the little bits of hair scatter. Then I cut the sides above her delicate ears, tapering it closer at the hairline using a little scissors and with a slicing kind of movement added a razoring touch… learned that from Rene, who said BJ had hard hair to cut because of the growth pattern. Barbara has wonderful ears for very short hair-they’re small, nicely shaped, and are close to her head. Perfect for exposing. Next I evened out the layers on top, really just nicking off the ends and any stray longer hairs. Left a fair amount of hair on top- and BJ’s hair doesn’t need products to look thick and fluff up, if you comb it back against the growth.

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Then I got to the fun part. Since we were inside I could use the electric clippers to taper her neck. She told me to make sure I could get easy access to her nape and I was happy to oblige. I used no attachment and did it freehand with a comb, lifting out layers of hair and shearing them off with the buzzing clippers. I took my time and carefully sculpted a smooth transition from the longer hairs on top. She had a little nape fringe I enjoyed clipping clean off, and all too soon I was done. She had a very cute boy-cut, and a very exposed neck. I brushed off the hairs from her shoulders with a towel, and she ran her hands through the fresh cut tresses and told me “it feels good-‘specially the back” And her hair did feel softest in the back. Funny that BJ’s hair is silkiest when less than an inch.. feels coarser longer. Never could call her long hair a “silky mane”. But when cut short it feels like the soft fur on a pet, kinda like our cat’s smooth pelt. My Sicilian hair never feels silky, not shoulder length nor buzzed close nor any points in between.

Later BJ went into the bathroom and made some comment about looking like a boy’s cut and how it brought out a buried memory of when as a girl she had gotten a similar haircut (by a pro-mom had stopped cutting by then) and her aunt had said that it looked “like a boy’s haircut and why did she want it that way?” Barbara realized that this was the same time as her brother was trying to grow long hair and the same elder relatives that called her hair boyish called his longer than Beatle length hair girlish. We laughed, and I told her that there was no way she looked like a boy, even with a crewcut she’d be feminine. She appreciated that.

I enjoyed using the clippers. May be my favorite part-sometimes I get the urge to keep clipping, and have to restrain myself before I cut too much off…for her. I’m not sure there is such a thing for me, too much off. Maybe when there’s no hair at all? naw….

Anyway it’s not as exciting as some of the other cuts, but it was sweet and we had fun, and she’s happy.


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