Duty Calls

Duty Calls

Duty Calls – Mr Snip

There I was getting ready to watch my usual Monday night television schedule. A little wresting with a little history channel.

Then my wife came in and said the words I have been waiting to hear for a long time. “I want you to cut my hair short! I want you to do it right away. I’m tired of ponytails.”

So, I said, “Fine. I think I could find a beauty shop that was open at 7:00pm.” Now, my wife has shoulder-blade-length, raven-colored hair. She had gone to a beauty shop a month before and they had layered her hair and not taken much off. We had been talking about how she could quit coloring it if she got it cut short. I had talked to her stylist on her previous visits about what short cut would look nice on her.

Well, it was time to shut off the Television and do my “Duty”. Here was my big moment with no time to take pictures or set up the video camera. I grabbed my clippers and my real good scissors. Into the bathroom we went, my heart pounding.

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I kept her hair in a ponytail and told her to tilt her head forward. I put a short guard on the clippers and went to work on her neck. A neck I wanted to make sure I exposed so I could kiss it. I slowly worked the clippers up into the bottom hair up to the top of her ear. I cleaned up the bottom part with no guard. I then let the ponytail loose. I took a wide toothed comb and combed out her hair, which released the cut hair and it came tumbling out to the floor.

Then I brushed her long layered soft hair out for the last time. I told her to stand up and turn her head sideways. I combed a section of hair and placed my fingers near her earhole. I then took my sharp scissors and – shnick – cut through the first section. I laid it on the counter in front of her. I then took a thicker section of her soft raven hair and lined the scissors up with the first haircut line. Schnick again went the scissors through the thick mass, releasing the lock from its home for so long. I measured it and it was eight inches. I continued across the back of her head and each time the freed mass was laid in front of her on the counter. She asked me if I had a style in mind or was I just “Chopping it off”? I told her I had a style in mind: a mid-ear length bob. The longest section was 10 inches long and you could see the layers.

I worked quickly and then when she complained about a black neck I put my electric razor to work and shaved her neck up to near the bottom of her ear. It was nice and smooth. I then wet the hair and took care of irregularities.

We went to the beauty shop where I get my hair cut and the stylist said that I had done a good job for a beginner. She said that I had chosen a nice style for my wife. She used the clipper over scissor method and tapered the hair. She was done in 15 minutes and said that she would work with my wife on a new hairstyle.

Now, it has been a couple of weeks since that exciting Monday night. My wife likes her shorter hair and I hope we can make it an annual beginning-of-summer event.

I guess watching those haircut videos had helped after all. I had been ready when “Duty Called”. The question is will you be ready? I hope you enjoyed this true story of a man whose one wish did come true. .

Thank You.

Mr. Snip.


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