Chuck’s Birthday Surprise

Chuck's Birthday Surprise

Chuck’s Birthday Surprise by DP Templar

Chuck was back home for his birthday. He knew that Jodi had something big in store for him. He could never forget her birthday, and how she let him shave her body totally bald. He couldn’t find her when he walked in; he only saw a tape, which had the label PLAY ME on it, so he stuck it in the VCR, and prepared for anything. He wasn’t ready for this.

There was Jodi, looking lovely as ever. It had been 3 months since her body had been fully shaved. The hair on her head was coming out nicely. She said, “Hi, honey. As you can see, this is what I used to look like.” She then held out a photo of her with her long reddish brown hair still intact. “Well, for my birthday, I had you shave me bald, and I really enjoyed it, but I thought about how I could possibly top that this year, and I came up with this…”

She then brought out an attractive woman who appeared to be in her 30s or 40s, and looked quite stunning for her age. She was also sporting a hairstyle similar to Jodi. “Hi. My name is Gloria. I’m from the United Kingdom. I’m here to help get Jodi shaved, but not before she shaves me first. As you can see from our hair, we have already had our hair washed thoroughly, so now it’s time for the shave. I’m first!”

Gloria then started to strip, and then sat down and awaited the clippers. Jodi used a Number 2 attachment on the clippers, and mowed into Gloria’s hair. After it was getting lower and lower, Jodi removed the attachment, and buzzed her hair off. She then went and shaved off her eyebrows and pubic hair. Soon afterward, she got the lather and coated her head, then put a hot towel on Gloria’s head. Once she felt that it had cooled, Jodi removed it, then applied more cream on Gloria’s head. She giggled over how it felt. Then Jodi got the disposable razors with lubricated strips, and shaved Gloria smooth. After going over her head twice with razors, she then shaved the brows and pubes clean, until Gloria was sexy, smooth, and hairless.

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Jodi then started to undress. As great as Gloria’s figure was, it was nothing compared to Jodi’s athletically toned body. What a knockout, thought Chuck. Gloria took the clippers and said, “Well, I like to start from the bottom, and work up.” With that, she took the clippers and sheared her pubes off. Then she shaved off her brows, then reattached the Number 2 guard to cut Jodi’s hair. Satisfied with her job, she removed the guard and sheared Jodi’s lovely head to baldness. “She’s bald, but not bald enough for me.” Then, she started to lather Jodi’s love, and shave it smooth and clean. After she had finished, she started to kiss Jodi’s sex, then put her tongue in her. Jodi had never experienced girl-girl action before, but she knew one thing: she liked it. After she had finished, Gloria shaved off Jodi’s brows, then lathered her head, and put a hot towel on her. After it had cooled, she removed the towel and reapplied lather on Jodi. Then Gloria shaved her clean; she went over her head three times.

Jodi got up, and rubbed Gloria’s head, and Gloria returned the favor. The rubbing then led to caressing, and the women got close, and snuggled, with their voluptuous breasts being pressed together. Heaving and heaving, the two hairless honeys then started to kiss and French each other. Then, the tape ended.

Chuck had gotten quite aroused over seeing these two beautiful shave each other clean, then make out. “Did you like it?” exclaimed a voice from within the house. Chuck turned around, and saw Jodi, wearing her lifelike wig. “I hope you liked it; we made that last week. Of course, it’s still your birthday, so I’ll let you finish the job on me.” With that, Jodi pulled off her wig, and Chuck noticed that a bit of stubble was popping up. The two ran to the bathroom, where Chuck lathered and shaved his partner’s head clean and bald. The two went off to bed, and while going to bed, he wondered how she’d make next year’s birthday even better than this one.



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