Dressing Room

Dressing Room

The Dressing Room Part One by Ransom King

I remember my first night inside Cabaret Calva’s entertainers’ dressing room. The dancers’ regular hairdresser was on his honeymoon with his new wife, who, by the way, he met here. It was a privilege to be called into a room that very few men are allowed in before or after an ecdysiast’s performance on stage. The room looked like every other dressing room I had been in the past. There were make-up mirrors, lights, and dressing tables; the only thing in the room that was out of the ordinary was the old-fashioned barber’s chair and large number of wig stands. Most of them had wigs on them while a few were empty.

“What is that chair doing here?” I thought to myself, not giving the wig stands a second thought. My question was answered in less than half an hour. While I waited, I set out my styling brushes and combs to do the entertainers’ hair as they came on and off stage. Wendy walked into the room and moved to a dressing table. My jaw dropped when she sat at the vanity and removed her gorgeous black hair and put it on an empty stand. The lovely exotic dancer was almost bald, but not quite: her head was covered with fine dark stubble. I watched as she put on a black silk dressing gown. She then came over to the chair and sat in it.

“Do me.”

“There isn’t anything I can do with your hair, it’s too short.”

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“Oh yes there is. You can shave my head smooth and take your time. I don’t have to be on stage again for another ninety minutes. I want to feel the soothing lather and the kiss of the razor’s edge against my naked scalp.”

Her strange request took me by surprise. Here was a beautiful woman wanting me to shave her head smooth, but I did what was asked. While applying a layer of shaving cream to Wendy’s closely cropped head, she spread her long legs over the arms of the barber’s chair to open her hairless quim. At the time I didn’t know the soon-to-be-shaven stripper was going to masturbate while I was shaving her head.

With first strokes of the razor Wendy began to let out a slow, soft moan. As she did this I looked down and saw her fingers massage her exposed clit. Each time the razor passed over her head she rubbed her clit harder and faster. She was building toward a climax with each stroke of the keen blade of the razor.

“Wendy, you have to slow down and quit moving around so much. I don’t want to nick your head while I am shaving you.”

“No, you just have to work around my masturbation. So get back to shaving my head and if you are lucky, I just might reward you for your effort.”

I have to admit, I enjoyed the idea of fucking this lovely creature before me but that was not going to be the case. So I went back to work with the razor. With each pass of the razor left her head as smooth as her pussy. Each and every time the blade was full of shaving cream and black stubble I wiped it clean on the towel I had placed on Wendy’s shoulders. By this time not only was she masturbating with her left hand, her right was rubbing all over both her 48DDD tits. She pushed the right breast up to her mouth and began to lick and suck her pink nipple. The nearly balded buxom stripper had half her head shaven and then she switched to sucking and licking her left tit, while Wendy’s left hand was massaging her clit. She was really juicing by the time I had made the last pass with the razor on her smooth head. Wendy climaxed the same instant I removed the last blade of shaving cream and black stubble from her totally hairless head, some forty-five minutes later.

Just as I was finishing her up, Venus arrived. The club had just finished hiring her when I came in. When Wendy got out of the chair, she took her place in it.

“Do my hair now,” Venus requested.

To Be Continued


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