Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Double Trouble By Geneva

I was really exhausted from my trip to Ohio from California and I had no idea that Rod was waiting for me in the hotel room of the airport hotel. Rod was sensational in bed and I knew that as well. However, things were about to get just a little bit better with him, when suddenly the phone rang in the room.

Mike, my husband, had called my room and wanted to know how my flight was. I picked up the receiver and flopped down onto the bed with a thud. “Hello,” I said. “Hello, Geneva. It is Mike. How are you? How was your flight?”

“Oh, it went well, without a hitch, my love. I have taken care of most of the business that I had to do here for my company today after I got off the plane, and now I am just going to be in this room to relax.” And with those last words, I saw Rod peeking out from the bathroom and had a very big grin on his face. I took the chance to spread eagle for Rod as he peeked around the corner from the bathroom, to see me in all of my glory. And his eyes were definitely sensed on the pink flesh of my nicely shaven and down-to-bare pussy area. I started to grow wetter and hotter for him as he came toward me.

“It has been a while since I have seen you last, my love,” Mike confessed to me, and I totally admitted the same to him as well. “Mike. You know that I will be home in less than twenty-four hours from now, so that you and I can continue where we left off before I had to go for my company. When I get back tomorrow night, you and I can make up for some definite lost time.”

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“How about if we can do the whip cream stuff again when you get back? I liked doing that on your pussy so much, and you definitely cooed with excitement over that, when I did that to you.” As he asked about the whip cream stuff on me and made a comment about it, I started to close my eyes at the awesome memory of that and of him doing that to me, and of him eating the whip cream up on my pussy with his tongue. Mike did that to me on our honeymoon and as well as other nights after that when I would come home from a late night of working late at work.

“Yes, Mike. I do remember that and wish that we can do that again when I get home. I do miss that and you, you know. More than you will ever know, for that matter. Now, do you remember when you shaved my head for the first time in your house? Please refresh my memory, if you can.” As I said that and trying to balance the phone underneath my right side of my head, Rod got the electric clippers, the razor, and the shaving cream out from his suitcase and gone on to get them set up on the nightstand next to the bed in the room. I then put Mike’s voice on the speaker phone portion of the phone, so that his voice could penetrate across the whole room.

“Well, first I would take you over to the bed and then sit you down real close to the edge of the bed, so that I could get behind you with the scissors and then cut your locks of hair off.” As he said that, Rod got out the scissors from his suitcase and then went to put a towel around my neck and then to take a clump of hair into his fists and then cut it off, and then he did it to more clumps of hair. As he did this, many clumps of hair came cascading down around me.

“Then, after I did that, I would then take the electric clippers, with NO GUARD on it, and then proceed to shave your beautiful hair off. And then, I would make sure that there was only stubble to be had from the several passes that I made across your head. The first pass I did from the rear of your head and had your head forced down by my left hand as I made my pass going up toward the top of your head. The second pass was from the rear from the left side of the first pass and then the right side of the first pass was done after that.”

“After that, once I made sure that those three passes were perfect, I then lifted your head up from your chest and then moved your head over to the left side, turned the top of your ear toward me and then got the sideburns and the right side of your head. I also did the same thing with the left side of your head as well. Then, the front was the easy part and I did that in two passes, very swift-like. Then, I did the top and made three passes, one in the center of your head and two passes, one on either side of that pass.” And as he said all of that, Rod did the same thing to me and made me get hotter and hotter with each pass he did on my head. This made me come almost instantly for Rod as Mike was saying this through the speakerphone in the room.

“Then, I went over and got some shaving cream in my hand and then put it on your delicate head, and then got the straightedge razor that I had and then made several passes on your head to make sure that there were no traces of stubble to be found anywhere.” Rod did just that and made my head look fabulous, like Mike said that it was going to be, that honeymoon night that we had in the hotel room in the Grand Cayman Islands. After that, Rod got some baby lotion and put it onto my head so that I would not have razor burns. After that, I shaved Rod’s head the same way as he did mine and that was glorious for me. I also shaved Mike’s head after he did mine, on our honeymoon night in the Grand Caymans.

“OK, Mike. What else can you refresh my memory with that I have been missing so far from you?”

“Well,” he said, “I’d then undress you and then run a hot bath in the bathtub. While you would soak in the tub with your new bald head and your bald pussy that I think and know that looks very sexy on you, I would then get from room service, some strawberries, hot chocolate sauce and powdered sugar and then feed them to you. After that, I would get a towel and dry you off after you got out of the tub, and then escort you toward the other bed in the room. God, do I wish that I could kiss you now, Geneva, and taste your sweet nectar of the gods onto my lips so bad . . .!”

Rod did this act to me and after I toweled dry and was escorted by him to the bed. He then kissed me so passionately, so deeply, that I fell under his spell. “I want to kiss you so passionately, so deeply, with our tongues intertwining in each others’ mouths, Geneva, which I want to tell the whole world, after we kissed, that I am still so much in love with you and will never, ever, never let you go from my sight. After that, I would kiss my way down to your breasts from your mouth and your neck and suck on each of them like a baby’s bottle until they were both raw and very sensitive to the touch.” As he said that, Rod did just what Mike said that he would do to me when I got home that next night. “I know, Geneva, that your nipples are getting hard right now for me to lick them, to be sucked and to be bitten or nibbled on until they were raw!”

Rod obliged by doing just that and made my body quiver and sing for him. And I felt the lips of my pussy start to get wetter and wetter as he did that. The lights in the room were turned down low by Rod and I could see him do every one of Mike’s erotic suggestive acts on me.

“Then, finally, my love. I would reach the area of your wet, newly shaven, luxurious pussy and then put my sweet tongue into your sweet nectar of the gods’ love nest. I want to now pull the lips of your wet cunt apart so far enough so that I could see that small clit of yours and to taste your sweet honey that you so sweetly produce for me every night that we are in our bed together. Mmmmmmmm, the taste of that sweet nectar is soooo good!” As he said that, I could feel myself getting louder with my moans as Rod pulled me down toward him. By this time, Rod’s head was near the foot of the bed, and he wanted my rear end to be on top of his mouth as we would do the “69” together.

“It has been a while now, Geneva, since I have last felt your cunt wrap around my rod-like shaft of my dick, as I ease myself into you . . . ” As he said this, Rod stopped the “69” position, before he was about ready to come, and then asked for him to be inside me. I said “yes” to him and he slipped himself into me, just like a 2 x 4 would go in. As his shaft went inside me, I tried to scream with delight, but that failed because Mike would hear it on the other end of the phone. But, then Rod and I pumped until I finally wanted to be on top of him for the duration of the foreplay that we were about to do.

Mike said to me as he was getting hot and bothered himself, “I just love to see your nice, raw breasts just bounce up and down as you ride me like a horse. That, Geneva, is pure enjoyment to me. I just want to come inside you now, Geneva. I wish that I were there with you to do that. I just want to eat you all up, and you are so delicious to me. You are like a popsicle, just waiting for me to lick you up. Oh, do I miss being smothered in your flesh as I do the “69” with you, and I miss the taste of your nipples and your breasts as I tease them with my tongue as you ride me like a horse as we pump so nice and at a good rhythm, too.”

As Mike said this, my breathing became quicker and quicker as Rod and I pumped together in perfect harmony, and I listened as Rod and Mike’s breathing became sporadic and their heart rates went faster and faster with each pump that Rod and I made together. Then, Rod’s hands raced up my back to a comfortable position and his pace on the pumps slowed for a couple of minutes. I said to him, “Let’s switch again, now, darling.” And we did just that, so that he was on top of me again. Rod started to heat up as I was cooling down. But, his sweat on his chest and his back made me want to heat up again as we did the foreplay again.

“My love, my darling. You are about to come… I can feel that myself,” Mike said as his voice became more sensual and very, very calm at this point. I could feel the shaft of Rod working in and out of me and his balls slamming against my very wet pussy. Then, Rod took his right hand and then reached with his index finger down to where my clit was and then rubbed on it very fast, in beat with the pumping that we made. I then felt my orgasm coming into full bloom, looming over me like a hurricane or a very fast tornado before it hit land. I said to Rod, “Now, my love . . . NOW!”

Then, the orgasm came for the both of us and it was a very powerful one indeed. After that, as both of us collapsed into each other’s arms, I just realized right then that I had sex with the two most important men in my life, one on the phone that was my husband and one with me in my arms that was my lover and my husband’s best friend. I shivered at the thought, but it was a good thought and one to be remembered for a very long time to come.

As we finally came to a halt and were resting in each other’s arms, Rod and I kissed ever so softly and tenderly as to complete the sensual play that we both had together. Then, I heard Mike’s voice boom across the room by saying, “I wish that I were there with you right now, my love. Damn! I wish that I were there with you!” And then, Rod and I laughed together knowing that same thought just passed through both of our minds. Rod and Mike are best friends and have been since they were toddlers, and that was a long time ago. And if I had to choose who I wanted to be with for the rest of my life, I would choose Mike over Rod . . . the sex and the shaving is a lot better and it definitely ripens with age.


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