All Good Girls MUST Have Short Hair

All Good Girls MUST Have Short Hair

Have Short Hair

Kelsey Jamison glared at the judge as he stated his verdict.

“Miss Jamison, you will be placed in the Merrington Home for Girls. In six months you will be evaluated, and based on that evaluation, you may or may not be released from the custody of the state. I truly hope you can improve yourself by then.”

Kelsey laughed when the judge said, “Merrington Home for Girls.” She had figured the judge would choose to send her there. Her parents had threatened to send her there several times due to her academic misconduct and severe problems with discipline. However, her parents always backed down when Kelsey made her promises of self-correction, which always turned out to be lies. This time though, Kelsey knew there was no lie she could tell to make this go away. She was outwardly uncaring, but inwardly she was terrified of the Merrington school. Her father had always nagged Kelsey how she spent too much time on her appearance, in particular her hair. He always mentioned how this would no longer be a problem if she was sent to the Merrington Home for Girls, but he never went into details. He just smiled every time he told her.

Her mom broke-down in the courtroom following the decision but her dad had a curious smirk on his face. Kelsey noticed this and passed it off thinking her father was pleased that she would finally get the much-needed discipline she so much resisted. Yet there was something her father’s smirk that made Kelsey feel uncomfortable and seemed strangely familiar.

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Snapping back into her confident, cocky self, Kelsey quickly began contemplating her situation. She would be in this place for six months. She figured it couldn’t be that bad…from what she knew about it was strict but nothing they could do to her would matter much. Kelsey quickly smirked back at her father, thinking to herself, “I can do 6 months. No problem. I will own this place in a week.”

On the bus ride to the Merrington Home for Girls, Kelsey was smiling broadly. Her boyfriend and sent a note along with her and she read it over and over again with joy. Kelsey and Roger weren’t really an item, but they were lovers. Kelsey liked to think of Roger as her man, although she knew Roger had several other girls. She loved the attention she got from him though. Whenever they were together he could never keep his hands off of her—especially her hair. He absolutely adored her hair. And on more than a few occasions he threatened to stop seeing her if she ever cut her hair. Sometimes Kelsey would tease him that she was thinking about cutting her hair, just to get a rise out of him. But Kelsey knew she had nothing to worry about. She knew she’d never cut her hair and so he’d never leave her. Heck, she was apprehensive about even getting trims, always making sure the stylist showed her exactly how much was cut each time. Once even getting a stylist fired for cutting too much off (“too much” turned out to be two inches instead of the requested 1/2″).

As the bus approached her new home, Kelsey continued to grin broadly. She ran her fingers through her gorgeous hair. It cascaded down her back in a sheet of shiny silky softness which made most women green with envy. She had always worn it long and always loose, and now it reached the bottom of her butt. The natural blonde highlights in her brown mane made Kelsey truly a sight to behold.

The bus pulled to an abrupt stop in front of the entrance to the school. The school itself was incredibly immense. It was quite old and resembled a cathedral in both size and architectural style. Kelsey actually gazed at it in awe as she got off the bus. But her attention was quickly focused on something else.

“Hello girls. My name is Ms. Crandel. You will be under my direct supervision for at least the next 6 months. You and the other girls here will have no contact with world outside the walls of this school. Your parents are aware of these rules and are all agreeable with them. Life here for you will be made simple. No more boyfriends, girls. No more make-up or fancy clothes either. Each of you will exit this school a new woman. If you follow the rules, then everything will be fine. If you do not, then you and I will come to an understanding. OK? Good, now first things first, let’s get begin by making one aspect of hygiene fast and easy for you.”

As she said that last remark, Ms. Crandel beamed at the girls, revealing dark, uneven teeth. Kelsey shuddered in disgust and felt uneasy about something. As she entered the school though, the uneasy feeling became stronger.

The girls were lead into a rather small room. Kelsey’s heart began racing as she read a large sign on the wall which stated: “All Good Girls MUST Have Short Hair”. Kelsey then saw a bright red barber chair in the center of the room with a rather ugly, heavy-set woman standing behind it.

“OK. My name is Ms. Edgerton. Now I don’t want any fuss out of any of you. You are all going to get your hair cut SHORT, and if you resist I’m going to shave you bald! You understand?”

Kelsey had no time to react; she simply stood there in shock, in line with the other girls. After a second, Kelsey realized what this all meant and bolted for the exit. However, Ms Edgerton was deceptively quick for her size. She snatched Kelsey by her hair and pulled her to the ground.

“Listen! You are going to get this shit chopped off and if you give me any trouble at all I will not only make your head a shiny dome today, but I will make sure you keep it that way for as long as you stay here! Do you understand? And I think I’m going to save you for last. You get to the back of the line.”

Kelsey could only begin sobbing uncontrollably. She stood at the end of the line now, knowing she might have her luxurious hair for only a few more minutes.

The first girl, crying loudly, sat down in the chair. Her red hair was rather fine but curly, with longish bangs and hung down just past her shoulders. She had the kind of mousy hair which one can tell takes a long time to grow out.

Ms. Edgerton said to the girl, “Honey, what’s your name?”

The girl responded meekly, “Julie.”

“Well Julie, don’t be sad. This mop of yours will decorate my floor nicely,” Ms. Edgerton said with a laugh.

She placed a white cape around the girl and snapped it tight around her neck. The chair was turned so it faced the mirror. The girl would have to watch the devastation which would soon be done to her hair. The barber grabbed the scissors on the counter and gathered up the girl’s hair into a ponytail. The scissors closed around the ponytail and crunched into it again and again until it was free and in Ms. Edgerton’s meaty hand. The girls hair now hung in a rough bob around her head. The barber tossed the ponytail into the girl’s lap and resumed her work. She gathered up sections of the girl’s hair and snipped them off, about an inch from her scalp. Hair was flying everywhere. Julie’s sobs turned to screams as she watched her hair fall onto the cape and then slide onto the floor. When she could no longer bear it, she shut her eyes tight. Her bangs were snipped off very high on her forehead.

As the cape filled with hair, the two other girls awaiting their fate stopped crying and simply stood there, watching the event in horrid amazement. In a matter of minutes the cape was covered with hair and the floor around the chair was a sea of auburn.

When the snipping stopped, Julie opened her eyes and gasped at the strange reflection which stared back at her. She looked horrible. Her hair was now cut into a pixie-cut, tapered very short in back. Her ears stuck out from her head quite dramatically. It would take a long time for her to grow this out and that realization sent her crying all over again. She was released from the cape and was escorted from the room.


An Asian girl sat down in the chair. Kelsey had decided that this girl had the second-best head of hair among them (Kelsey’s being the best, of course.) The girl’s hair was so dark and shiny that it appeared blue-black in color. It was extremely straight and thick and hung down the back of the chair impressively. The girl was only 5’1″ so her hair wasn’t quite as long as Kelsey’s but considering the girl’s short height, her hair’s relative length was outstanding, about 2 feet long.

“And what is your name, deary?” asked Ms. Edgerton.

“I’m Carrie, ma’am,” the girl’s voice cracking as she said her name.

As the cape was put around her the girl said, “Please ma’am. I’ve had my hair long my entire life. It’s my only good feature. Please don’t cut it very short. I’ll be really good. Please, I’ll do anything!”

But the girl’s pleas were worthless. Ms. Edgerton stared at the girl in the mirror and said, “Looky here, darlin’. This hair of yours is comin’ off today. Ain’t nothin’ ya can do about it. But not ALL of it needs to be cut off. Maybe a bob can suit ya. Ya take good care of your hair don’t ya?” Ms. Edgerton ran her fingers through the girl’s silky tresses.

The girl nodded, her tear-streaked face showing a ray of hope in it.

“Well in that case I think I’ll sell your hair, honey!” the barber said with a loud laugh.

In one last attempt to retain some dignity though, the girl unwisely said, “Well fuck you then! You can go to Hell you fat bitch!”

Ms. Edgerton’s face immediately became red with rage and she strapped the girl to the chair, using the arm, leg and waist restraints. The girl could not budge now. She was helpless.

“You wanna talk like that then you are going to be taught a lesson!”

The barber gripped the girl’s head firmly and forced her head down. A moment later the room rang with the loud humming of the clippers. She then popped off the guard on the clippers and immediately plunged them into the girl’s nape and raced them upward and over her scalp, sending waves of blue-black locks into her lap. Carrie started screaming frantically over and over again as this was done. She was crying so hard she was shaking, though it could be scarcely seen due to the firmness of Ms. Edgerton’s grip. Soon, the barber’s grip purposely relaxed, allowing Carrie to watch the ordeal. She stared into the mirror through a cobweb of her tresses as more and more of her hair rained past her eyes. Tears caused some of the hair to stick to her face, making it very itchy. After what seemed like an eternity the clippers were shut off.

During all of this Kelsey watched. She had stopped crying by now. She still had enough cockiness inside her to believe this horrible ordeal would not happen to her. Somehow she would escape Ms. Edgerton’s wrath.

As Carrie was being helped out of the chair by Ms. Edgerton, Kelsey tried to run to the counter and grab the straight-razor that the barber had just used. However, Ms. Edgerton had anticipated this move and pounced on Kelsey like a lion to its prey. She grabbed Kelsey and wrestled her into the chair and with brute force, strapped Kelsey down tightly.

“Well well, what a feisty one we have here! And what is your name, princess?”

“Fuck you bitch!” shouted Kelsey.

Ms. Edgerton grabbed Kelsey by her hair and pulled hard, making Kelsey scream in pain.

“Well then, I guess I will just call you Princess. And you know what? You are going to be the first bald princess ever!” the barber laughed heartily as she said this.

The barber picked up a comb off of the counter and began brushing Kelsey’s hair out, one final time. She brushed it soothingly, almost lovingly, clearly savoring the experience. Kelsey’s hair was spread out over her shoulders, almost reaching her lap and hanging down far in back of the chair.

“Princess, I’ve waited for some little bitch like you for a long time. This is going to be fun, honey.”

With that, the barber placed the comb on the counter and picked up the clippers and held them to Kelsey’s right ear. She turned them on, causing Kelsey to jump.

“Take a good, last look at your hair, honey. Remember how shiny and thick and healthy it is, bitch. In a few seconds it’s all gonna be on the floor. And honey, if you have a boyfriend now, you better believe he won’t want you when you get out of here!”

Kelsey’s thoughts immediately turned to Roger. She was horrified. He would leave her now for sure! Kelsey continued to ponder this when she felt an intense sensation on her forehead.

As she glanced up she saw her lovely locks slither into her lap and tumble onto the floor. Her heart sank. With no guide on the clippers, Kelsey watched as her scalp was stripped of hair. Tears plopped audibly onto the cape. Pass after pass was made. Kelsey could only see her brown hair in her lap, the whiteness of the cape was not visible. Her head felt so light now, as only a few strands of her gorgeous hair remained. All the while the barber smiled broadly as she took joy in her job.

“There,” said Ms. Edgerton as she made the final pass of the clippers. “That should do it. Oh wait, I forgot. You gonna be BALD, honey!”

The barber lathered up Kelsey’s head slowly. Kelsey, watched through red, puffy eyes as her scalp was shaved smooth. Not a single hair adorned her once glorious scalp.

Kelsey was conquered. She was nothing without her hair and she knew it. Her cocky attitude of just a few minutes before had now left her entirely. She would not resist anything—she was defeated. Ms. Crandel helped her out of the chair and both exited the room. Ms. Edgerton lit a cigarette and sat down in the chair and admired her work, staring at the floor and the mounds of hair, red, black and brown which covered it.

“All in a day’s work,” she chuckled.


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