Definite Newsflash

Definite Newsflash

A Definite Newsflash by Geneva

I realized that my days at the local television in Houston, Texas were getting rather long and hard at times for me to be the leading television director of the highest-rated six o’clock news in the Houston area. I have specialties in saving shows that were about to crash and burn right in front of my eyes, even make the ratings go from the basement to the current status of being number one in the area, let alone in the country. Also, I can talk to several people at once, roll videotapes, push buttons on the console in the production room, and still make the show’s broadcast look really professional. I was prepared for anything that came in my way at the station, but I wasn’t prepared for Tim Hartmann.

What I realized also was the fact that Tim stole the 6PM news broadcast director’s spot right out from under my nose when he was hired secretively from Channel 5 in Houston. He even made once-overs toward everyone with his deep brown, hypnotic eyes of his, and including me. But, this past Friday night at the station would change my whole life forever.

“You’re Williams, right?” he said, as he called me by my last name. Without waiting for me to answer him back with my first name, NOT my last name, he continued by saying, “I hope that you are as good as they say at Channel 5 that you are.” He then grinned at me very sneaky like and walked over to sit in the control room of the studio.

He wore white high-top sneakers and tight jeans over his nice but firm rear. His hair was brown and in a buzz cut, and he looked like that he was in the army or something of that nature. The buzz cut looked so good on him that I wanted to touch it, and if I had touched it, I would get turned on by that in a “New York minute”. I had never been attracted to anyone outside of my family as I was to him at that moment.

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As we were sitting together in the control room of the studio, listening to him bark out the orders for the upcoming segments of the broadcast, he looked to me to be so focused and so intense with his work, and that he had so much energy to put into it. But, I wanted this man from the first moment that I met his eyes, and I had to keep my composure in the whole time that the one-hour broadcast was going on. And I wanted him so much. All I needed was the right opportunity to nab him for some good passion.

Then the right moment came when he took over a special news broadcast that was to air for the May sweeps, and he would be locked up in his office after the 11 o’clock news broadcast that I was in charge of. So, I jumped at the opportunity to grab him for some definite lovemaking.

“I’ve come to bring you some food, Tim. Can I help you with anything?” I said, as I was walking into his office with 2 subs and some sodas for us.

He said to me, startled, “What are you doing here at this late hour? Don’t you realize that it is after 2 in the morning?”

“I brought us some subs from the all-night deli downstairs and some sodas. I thought that you might need a break from staying here late these past 2 weeks.”

“Well, I guess that I am hungry. Thanks, Williams.”

And as Tim said this, I walked over slowly toward his desk and said, “That is not exactly what I had in mind for the dinner menu tonight, Tim.” I leaned over his desk and then said to him, “Well, Tim. Why don’t you find out if I am as good as they say I am? I am ready if you are.”

“With pleasure, Geneva.” As he said this, he went over to his file cabinet and got out shaving cream, a straight edge razor, scissors, a brush and comb, and a towel. He then motioned for me to have a seat at one of the chairs surrounding a circular table near his desk that he used for small conferences or his workspace. He put the towel around my shoulders and put the scissors in his hand and got a comb and started to grab and pull at bunches of hair on my head. Suddenly, I heard snap of the scissors as they ran across the clump of hair and I knew that he was going to give me the ride of my life. A haircut to remember.

He kept cutting and cutting until finally all of my hair was on the floor of his office except for the small pieces of hair that was still on top of my head. “Now, stay in that chair, Geneva, and I will get some water for the shaving cream and I will be right back. Don’t move, my love.” As he said “my love”, I knew right there that he was planning to make love to me after he had shaved my head completely bald. I didn’t know if this was a punishment to me or what, but I kept it in stride.

He came back with the water and a shaving brush and then started to brush my head with the shaving cream until my head was as white as snow. He got the straight edge razor from on top of his desk and then started to scrape off the cream from my head. At this point, he was facing me with his cock fully bloomed and ready for action. My breasts at this point were hard as rocks and my pussy was throbbing with excitement, just waiting for Tim to work his magic on me.

He started to make quick, smooth paths from the top of my head toward the front and removed the hair from the blade each time he made a path. He made several paths on top of my head to make sure that he got all of the hair off and then he worked on the sides with the right side first. He pushed my head down toward the left side of my body and pulled the top of my ear toward him as he made several more paths on the right side of my head and to get my sideburns off as well. The same procedure was repeated on the left side of my head. Finally, he went for the back of my head.

He pushed my head down ever so gently so that it would meet my chest and then he worked on making several paths with the blade of the razor going up my head from the back of it. After he was finally done, he then went to his file cabinet and got out some aloe cream and rubbed it into my scalp so that I would not have any razor burns. He then grabbed the towel that was hanging around my neck and wiped off the excess cream from my head.

After that, he took me to the bedroom in the back part of his office and then laid me down on the bed ever so gently. He then got onto the bed and kissed me. Our kiss was so electric and sizzling that our tongues were intertwined and wrapped around each other. I could hear nothing but our own breathing and our own hearts beating and slamming against each other as we kissed and held each other in the embrace.

I could feel him straining with desire under his jeans and he pulled them down and off his body to reveal that luxurious love rod of his that I wanted for so long to fondle at and to lick up like a popsicle stick during the heat of summer. He then helped me to take off my jeans and a t-shirt.

As he did all of that, my legs parted in an invitation for him as I felt the warmth between my legs turn wet with desire, more so than they ever did in my whole life. Then, I could feel his hand gently going up my leg toward my nicely shaven pussy.

He put one finger in there and found the clit and circled around it until it got hard as a rock, while he put the other one in the hole of his desire and caressed it. I felt his breathing becoming erratic as fast as my own as he started to nibble on my neck, sucking and tracing patterns on it with his tongue, and heading down toward my breasts that were erect at this point.

I could see him grinning with pleasure as he teased me with his fingers in my nectar of the gods area, stroking me ever so gently, and then taking his hands away for no reason at all. My wet and swollen lips opened for him with desire, begging for him to get inside me. He then wanted to taste me and feel my shaven pussy on his cheek. He said, “I want to taste you, to feel your sweet nectar of the gods everywhere on me.” And before I knew it, he opened up my legs and pulled me toward him on the bed and we did the “69” position.

His breath was so hot and inviting, and the wet touch of his tongue eagerly licking and sucking my clit and my pussy was driving me insane to the point of where I was clawing at the bed and calling out his name toward the heavens. I had about 3 orgasms in a row at this point and I wanted for him to get inside me right there. He was good, but I could do better. And I started to lick his love rod from the back, over the top to the front and back again, to the point where I found the vein in the back part of his rod and started to tantalize it and tease him to the blueball stage.

He groaned ever so loudly as I fondled his manhood, admiring the solidity and the perfection of how it was made and marveling at the thought of it being deep inside me. So, I didn’t waste any time with the thought, so I got him to the blueball stage and said to him, “Now, I want you inside of me, Tim. You know what I want from you…to come inside of me…NOW!”

Then, I took his love rod and plunged it deep inside my wet pussy, letting him go ever so slowly and gently until he reached the heat of the moment inside and started to pump away. I moved my hips in the beat and rhythm of his while he reached for my breasts and circled the nipples with his right hand as his left arm was holding my back.

We moved together in rhythm and straining to reach the point of excitement for the both of us. His thrusts going up and down were deep and hard. Then, he slowed down long enough to give me a quick kiss before he exploded. The pleasure of his explosion sent warmth deep inside my body and sent me to the point of my excitement as soon as he came inside of me.

After that, we both made a wet spot on his bed and then he flopped beside me on the bed underneath the sheets. We then locked each other in a deep embrace and a long lasting kiss, and both of us not willing to separate, not even for a moment. Then, we broke from the embrace and he said, “Well, Geneva. You are definitely a lot better than what they have said you are. Even more so, I might add.” And I looked at him and stared into his deep brown eyes of his and said, “And you are definitely better than what I have heard of you, too.”


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