Dance Class

Dance Class

The Dance Class – Anon

Pam looked at her watch. 10:30. She just made it to her dancing class in the theater. She was a freshman at Myers College outside of Phoenix, not too far from her home in Tuscon. She had gotten there on a dance scholarship, which meant that she had to take classes and perform in the shows each semester. Her long auburn hair was pulled up into a ponytail to avoid the desert heat, and she wore a shirt with a bare midriff and shorts that revealed her long tanned legs. Her feet were always done at the salon and she showed them off in strappy sandals.

The professor started talking very commandingly. Professor Neely. She looked stern and wore almost no makeup and her hair was pulled tightly back into a bun. Pam thought she looked so dated as she played with her hair that she had just pulled out of her scrunchy. She looked around the room to see if there were any guys she liked. None here. She was not paying attention to what the teacher was saying, except for the fact that for the next class they had to be in the dance ware as stated on the syllabus.

After the class, she started talking to another girl who had been sitting next to her. Her name was Amy. She had short black hair that was cut into a bob and a nose ring. Pam complimented her on the nose ring and told her that her parents never let her do anything like that. So they talked some more and went to the dining commons together. Amy was a sophomore, and she was originally from San Francisco, and she told Amy about how good the dance program was. At the end of lunch, they exchanged numbers and promised to catch up again.

Two days later, Pam showed up early to the theater with her spandex on and her flip-flops. She pulled her hair up in a ponytail like the day before, so it wouldn’t get in her way. Professor Neely started promptly at 10:30 and Pam noticed that Amy had just made her way into the room right on time. Pam went over to her. And soon they were doing their dance exercises. The hard floor felt rough against Pam’s soft bare feet, which had taken a break for the summer. The professor would not let up, and criticized all of them all along. At the end of the class, she asked all of them to gather around the stage. Pam was worn out and so was Amy.

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“O.K., that was pretty good. As you know, I like to get going right away on the show that we have to present in early October. That means that we start with a dress rehearsal. This year, we’re doing something more modern. We need all of the participants to shave their heads. Completely off. And no exceptions. By next week.”

The class let off a collective gasp, and Pam felt a pang of shock run through her. She had always thought that her ponytail would be good enough, just like in other sports. And now this lady was… Pam turned to Amy, with tears starting to form in her eyes. “Amy can you believe this?”

“Oh, calm down, you!” She wiped the tears from Pam’s face. “I had to do that in senior year in high school. It’s really not that bad. I think you’ll like it.”

Pam ran her fingers through her long hair, wondering how it would be to have no hair at all. How would it feel on a pillow? Must be weird, she thought. She walked out of the theater and into the blazing sun. She turned to Amy.

“So you did this before?”

“Yeah. Several times. It’s really cool. I was scared at first, but you wouldn’t believe how free it feels to just get rid of it all. I did it in freshman year of high school and then once a year up until we had to do it for the senior dance show. Hey, you know what? I’ll do it for you. You can come over to my apartment and we’ll have a few drinks and I’ll also give you a nose ring. OK?”

“Fine, I guess.”

“Just give me a call.”

Over the next two days, Pam tried to prepare herself for the inevitable. She needed to perform in the show to keep her scholarship, but what would all the guys think who stared at her now going across the quad? But on the other hand, she always wanted to cut her hair short. Several of her friends did it in high school and she always got too nervous before the appointment. Plus, it would grow. And Amy, she had done it before, and she seemed really cool.

On Saturday afternoon, she called up Amy’s apartment. She answered right away and gave her directions for how to get there. It was a short walk from her dorm, and Pam stared straight ahead, thinking about getting the courage to go through with it. She wore short jean shorts and her flip-flops, whose noise she found annoying while she was trying to think.

Amy rang her into the apartment, and she went up to her second floor studio. Amy answered the door and she looked casual, from her bare feet to her back oversized T-shirt.

“Come on in.”

Pam entered the small apartment, and she saw all sorts of eclectic lamps and gadgets, which she thought looked really neat. Amy immediately offered her a beer. Pam kicked off her shoes and sat on the sofa next to Amy. Amy put on the television and they watched some comedy reruns. The beer kept flowing.

Pam quickly forgot about what she was there for, until after about four beers, Amy came back with a towel and a box.

“O.K., I think it’s time to take the plunge! You’re first, and then I’ll let you do mine.”

Pam suddenly got nervous, but the beers had curbed it a bit. Amy pulled over one of her chairs from the dinette set and placed it in the center of the room.

“Here, sit here. Come on. Have fun with it!”

Pam suddenly felt excited about the whole deal. Maybe it was because she was drunk, or maybe she just always wanted to cut her hair off. After she sat down, Amy teased her a bit by brushing her hair out for a few minutes. Pam actually liked the pampering, and got more relaxed. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, there was this pop followed by a low vibrating noise. Amy already had the clippers out, without any guard, and was ready to go to work. She started on the right side of Amy’s hair from the front. Pam saw the clippers get close and closed her eyes as they touched the side of her head. The tone of the clippers changed and Pam felt them move all along the side of her head. Two feet of hair fell to the ground. Pam suddenly felt a bit of the draft from the air conditioner around her ear and she knew there was no turning back.

Amy now worked quickly, as if she had done this before. She got excited watching all that auburn hair fall to the floor. Pam’s eyes were still closed. The vibrating of the clippers close to her scalp actually felt sensual to her, and she felt herself getting wet. The buzzing sound continued now to the other side, leaving most of her head with prickly auburn stubble that Pam was tempted to touch. Amy finished and touched up a few places. She then put the clippers down and rubbed Pam’s head with her hands.

Pam opened her eyes. “That feels so good!”

Amy looked over to her: “You look so cute, with your big brown eyes bulging out. Here, feel it.” Amy grabbed Pam’s hand and placed it on her head. Pam couldn’t believe she had done this. All her long hair was now just tiny pieces of stubble. But it felt so neat to run her hands over her hair. While she was doing this, Amy quickly cleaned up the mounds of hair so minimize the shock. The she came back to Pam.

“O.K., girl, you’re not done yet.” Amy had the shaving cream and the razor ready. Pam closed her eyes again as Amy massaged the shaving cream into her head. She got out a brand new razor and started running it over her scalp slowly. Pam felt the remaining stubble being lifted away and heard a slight rasping noise. In just a few minutes, Amy was done. She took the towel and wiped off the rest of the shaving cream and checked that there was no hair left. Now, she ran her hands over bare scalp. It felt so different to Pam. She immediately felt her scalp as well. It felt so soft.

Amy turned to Pam. “That’s it, you brave soul. No more hair. Here, take a look.”

Pam followed Amy into her bathroom and looked at her new self. The difference was a bit shocking at first, but she also realized how attractive she looked without the long hair that usually framed her face. Her head had a nice shape. She still could not keep her hands off her head. Than she thought about Amy, and got excited about doing the same to her.

“It’s your turn.” Pam grinned.

Amy quickly went over to the chair, and as she had done several times before, surrendered to the clippers. Pam turned them on and felt the buzzing sound in her hand. She started on the right side and got turned on by the sight of Amy’s black hair falling to the floor. Within a few minutes her scraggly bob was now just small black stubble, which Pam could not keep her hands off. She felt the long strands of hair on her bare feet as she rubbed Amy’s scalp with her hands. It turned her on like never before. She quickly got the razor and shaving cream and carefully removed the rest of Amy’s hair. After she was done, she cleaned off the rest of the shaving cream and remaining hair, and let Amy have a look.

“Great job,” she said. “I love doing this. I wish I could do it all the time.”

Pam didn’t respond, but she was thinking the same thing. The thought of the whole class like this was even more exciting. Pam went with Amy back into the living room and drank some more beer and occasionally rubbed each other’s bald heads before they fell asleep. They had decided to save the nose ring for the next day.


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