Instant Princess

by: Shear Delighter
April 29, 2020

The candles were lit and dinner was almost ready. I had spent all afternoon preparing my husband Jack’s favorite meal, and was nervously waiting his arrival.
The sound of his car pulling into the garage made me tingle like a young school girl getting ready for her first kiss, and I went to the kitchen to be there when he opened the door from the garage. He had stopped at our favorite wine store and bought the one he knew I couldn’t resist. I kissed him and thought about how he would react to my proposal to spice up our marriage, and let’s face it, fulfill my secret fantasy.
“What’s up? And why does the house smell so damn good” he asked? Be patient I told him and he immediately started to smile, wondering what I had in store for tonight.
We quietly ate and smiled over the flickering candles that were making every second more mysteriously intriguing.
I poured some more wine, a lot more actually, praying he would at least consider my suggestion, illogical at best.
So I started first, clearing my throat as I thought about what my first words would be, hoping I wouldn’t choke on them.
“I want you to shave my head tonight”. As he sat there quietly thinking of something to say, this day’s events ran through my head.
I had gone to the salon to get my highlights redone and my shaggy nape cleaned up with some clippers.
As Robert covered my freshly streaked hair with foil and plastic, the door opened and this, young homeless looking woman came in and went directly to her hairdressers booth, sat down and waited for him to come off break. From my vantage, waiting for the blonde dye to do it’s work, I could see everything as it happened, thinking what exactly am I about to witness?
I soon found out. She sat there quietly as he put the neck tissue and apron on her, gently tying it as to not choke her. The usual he asked? Obviously having done this before for her. She said Michael is coming home tonight, and I do not want him to see me like this. Do it!!
Do what I thought? Insane images ran through my mind.
Well, he opened the top drawer on his mechanics type tool box, and pulled out the biggest black clippers l had ever seen. He plugged them in and immediately proceeded to run them through her scraggly locks, without abandon. She closed her eyes and moaned as the short hairs fell down to her lap, freed from her scalp and gone. Gone til’ the next time, when she would re-enact this scenario as she probably had many times in the past.
As I watched, he transformed this poor little urchin into what I would say? What’s the word? “Royalty”? “Yes, Royalty!!”
This Instant Princess was now more beautiful than Snow White and Sleeping Beauty together, if that’s possible.
So enamored with all that was happening, I hadn’t even noticed that he had covered her entire head with a warm white lather, sharpening his straight razor, removing any burrs that would disqualify it from being a razor, capable of removing every last hair on her now #00000 buzz cut. With every scrape she squirmed again, quietly oozing as she always did when her head was wiped clean of anything remotely resembling hair.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. Now she was even more beautiful? More beautiful? Yes, drop dead gorgeous beautiful.
At that instant I knew there would be no turning back this time. My head would be razor shaved before midnight…
Robert took my foiled tresses and brushed them as he dried each one with his crazy new blower, making sure to get every curl. When he was done, I said “perfect, as always”, and knowing that I wouldn’t be returning, left him a very generous tip. I stood up and headed to the door, where I found her outside, sitting on the stoop, obviously waiting for someone. She said my car is in the shop and my sister is picking me up. She should be here soon.
I immediately complimented her beautiful shaved head and before l could finish, she blurted out I know, I know, l have this very edgy look that drives men crazy. My husband, Michael, insists that I keep it this way, and being a loving devoted wife, I happily do this for him.
He’s been overseas on business for over two weeks, and tonight? Home to sleep in our king-size bed together…
I love my husband dearly, but I really wish he would do one thing for me, just one thing… Shave my head himself and not make me have to go to this hairdresser, who I’m sure would rather be giving a perm to some high-society mistress with deep pockets for a large tip.
I asked why she waited until the last minute to come here, realizing I was probably over-stepping my right to be nosy.
No problem, she said; I’ll tell you. Why do I wait? Because of the excitement and sexual release I always feel when my shaggy buzz cut is instantly taken in a violent fury of clattering clippers and scraping razors. My hairdresser knows this and always makes quick business of it when I come in.
I only wish it was just me and my husband and not this salon full of glaring eyes and wagging tongues. So, are you thinking about shaving your head also? Using me as your inspiration that doesn’t exist on its own? Be my guest, but promise me one thing. You’ll bring your husband in on this from the beginning. Please promise me. You will not regret it!
Her sister pulled up, l promised, we exchanged numbers, and hugged as she gracefully climbed into her sister’s Toyota and rode off into the distance.
“Shave your head? Where did this come from?” Did l forget to mention that I hadn’t told him about what happened today, only reliving it in my head, as we sat in silence?
“I got my hair highlighted today and watched a seemingly homeless young woman transform into an extremely beautiful princess after they shaved her head. I want to become a princess too. Will you help me? Please?”
“Of course l will Sweety, how could I say no?”
You know in my business travels abroad, l am frequently in countries where it is common to see women with their heads shaved. In India, there are places in the center of every city where their sole purpose is to publicly shave men but mostly women for religious reasons. I will have to admit a shaved woman can be very alluring, so much so, that some ladies of the night there, do it to attract their “Johns”.
Music to my soon to be naked ears…
He pulled a kitchen chair into the center of the room as l grabbed my newly purchased Wahl professional clippers that will soon come to life and do what they were designed to do. Take my freshly streaked hair off right down to the “wood”, an old English term that my granddaddy used to use.
He kissed me passionately and when the clippers started humming, he smiled as a curious bulge appeared out of nowhere under his boxers. I could immediately see why my new friend was so sad about her situation. He teased me with the clippers, putting them right against my ear, knowing the sound would be much louder there. He was right!
Finally he quit playing around and plunged those suckers right into the middle of my expensive highlights, mowing and mowing until the top half of my head was a smooth patch of velvet, begging to be touched. When he did? l quivered. When I did? Fountains of pleasure fluids started flowing through my female body parts like those gigantic chocolate fountains you see at the buffet chains.
How can this be topped? I thought as the Wahls climbed my sides and neck, chewing up whatever got in it’s path.
I was a goner and he knew it. As the heated towel touched my bristly skin, I knew we were close to finishing this game of truth or dare, and I took in every sweet moment.
He had stopped talking, and was in his own private “stupor” and began purring with every stroke of his razor. Scrape, Purr… Scrape, Purr…Scrape, Scrape, Purr, Purr… I lifted my hand to feel my head, and he grabbed it before I could reach my now tingling scalp. “No, No. I will let you know when you can do that. Be patient sweetie, l’m almost done”.
As he wiped my skull gently with a warm wash cloth, and towel, l jumped up and squeezed him, yelling “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”
He sat me back down, rubbed in a healthy portion of skin lotion and finally calmed me down and said
“OK, now you can touch it…
OMG! OMG! I felt like I was touching an alien. I never knew how different the skin on your head is compared to the rest of your body. That hard, round dome is a giant touchstone when it’s relieved of that protective protein we call hair. The skin is just so incredibly tender, sensitive and smooth.
It’s no wonder that you always see people constantly rubbing their stubble and top of their buzzed or shaved head, myself now included.
Jack cleaned up his little mess and brought up a fresh bottle of wine from the kitchen.
As we both crawled into bed, we laid there together, holding each other as if we had never really done that before.
He touched my head gently with just two fingers, running them over my ears, tugging on my lobes, and caressing my shaved neck that used to be clipped in a bristly wedge under my bob; a bob that seemed so short then, but no longer. Not now.
No, not now, that I’ve created my own royal kingdom and dwell there in bliss, known only to my loyal subjects as their beloved, forever shaved, “Instant Princess”…