Copy Cat – Headbuzzer

It was a hot summer day and Samantha was cooling off inside her house trying to escape the summer’s very hot temperature. But the temperature was much hotter than usual this year and many fought the heat with short haircuts. At school some of Samantha’s girlfriends had gone for short haircuts. One of them, Dianne, had even buzzed off all her hair. But Samantha had worn her hair long all her life and she would not be willing to cut any of it because of some stupid heat.

“Samantha, what are you waiting for? You’re almost the only girl left in the class with long hair like that. You gotta cut it, it’s too hot!”

“No I wont!” replied Samantha to her friend Dianne while they were hanging out in her room.

“Sam, you’re 15. Little girly cuts aren’t for you any more. And a short haircut would be so much better. Especially in this heat!”

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“Dianne, how many times will I have to tell you? I won’t cut my hair short. Especially not short like yours.”

“You’d be surprised how this haircut is comfortable. Plus it’s good too beat the heat and just about a month ago my boyfriend told me he had a hair-fetish for women with crewcuts. So I please him too.”

“It cant be THAT comfortable,” said Samantha.

“Oh yes it is. Just touch it…”

Samantha raised a hand and rubbed it up and down Dianne’s nape.

“Wow, that feels soft! It’s kinda tingly.”

“I know, that’s why I keep it this way!” said Dianne. “Listen, I need a trim tomorrow, come with me to the hair salon in the mall and maybe you could at least get your bangs trimmed up or something.”

After all this convincing from her friend Sam finally decided she should go and maybe, just maybe, get a haircut.

Inevitably, the next day came and Dianne and Samantha were already in the hair salon waiting for their turns.

“So, how are you gonna get your hair cut this time?” asked Samantha in a kind of funny way.

“I’m just gonna get it buzzed again,” answered Dianne.

“NEXT!” shouted the female hairstylist and almost instantaneously Dianne jumped in the chair.

“Hi, my name is Kathy, what kind of haircut do you want?” asked the female stylist.

“Buzz everything off please,” answered Dianne.

Since her hair was already quite short Kathy just merely asked her what guard she wanted to be used all over her head.

“Number two, Kathy.” And as almost as fast as it was said Kathy plugged in the clippers and “pop” turned them on.

Kathy began her haircut on Dianne from the back up the nape.

Samantha was still waiting for her turn and she was just sitting there in the waiting room watching Dianne’s head buzz take place.

“NEXT!” Shouted another very young and quite attractive barberette. She stared directly towards Samantha and told her to take a seat and they could decide what kind of a haircut she would get.

“Hi, I would like to get my haircut like my friend over there!” said Sam while pointing towards Dianne who was now almost finished her haircut.

“O.K., but first my name is Mary,” said Samantha’s hair stylist.

“That’s nice, number two please!” said Samantha in a very happy-sounding voice.

Dianne had heard all of this and she started to whisper something in Kathy’s ear while Mary was plugging in the clippers for Samantha’s head buzz.

“Here we go!” said Mary as she plunged the clippers directly down the middle of Sam’s head.

“Oh my god!” Screamed Samantha as she saw the very short stubble flipping up right behind the clipper’s path…

Mary made a few more passes on the top of Sam’s head and only the sides and back were left, she continued her work and Samantha watched in amazement as the haircut took form.

Meanwhile, Dianne’s haircut had just finished and she began to talk to Kathy once more.

“Kathy, you see that girl over there getting a buzzcut?”

“Yes, what about it?”

“Well, she’s my friend and she just told Mary that she wanted whatever I was getting, so…”

“So what?”

“O.K., as soon as you see that she’s almost done, give me a mohawk.”

“So let me get this straight. You want me to give you a mohawk as soon as you see that she’s almost done so that your friend can get one too?”

“Exactly, but you’d better start now. They just finished.”

Back to Samantha…

“Oh I love it!” exclaimed Sam as she was rubbing her freshly done buzzcut.

At that exact moment Mary had turned around to see what Kathy was doing on Dianne.

“Oh, were not done yet!” said Mary to Sam as she saw that Dianne was now getting some whitewalls.

“What are you taking about?” asked Sam.

Mary just ignored Sam and plunged the clippers without guards through the right side of her head.

“WHAT?” screamed Samantha.

“Didn’t you say that you wanted what your friend over there was getting?”

“Yes, but…” Samantha turned around and saw Dianne with the biggest grin on her face while getting a mohawk with the strip down the middle buzzed at no. 2 and the sides and back bald.

“Whatever, just do it!” said Samantha. “My friend was right. It’s way too hot for long hair and it looks sexy on me…”

“O.k., we’re done.” Kathy said to Dianne.

At almost the same time Samantha had also just finished.

The two girls paid their barberettes and began to touch each other’s new haircut.

“Wow, I can’t believe you did it!” said Dianne to Sam.

“I know, it’s so awesome!”

“Hey, how’s about next time we go all the way? Smooth!”




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