Cindy’s Wedding Part 4

Cindy's Wedding Part 4

Cindy’s Wedding – Part 4 by the NovoWriter ([email protected])

Suzy and the other bridesmaids were teasing Craig about his coming wedding night. In spite of her discomfort with her own cousin, Suzy felt an increasing admiration for her cousin’s beau. Craig clearly recognized Cindy’s need to control others, took it lightheartedly, and refused to let Cindy get her way with him. This both infuriated Cindy and caused her to swoon over him even more. Clearly he, and probably only he, had the upper hand with the determined young woman. If fact, during the summer, Cindy had become even more attentive to Craig, and more solicitous to his needs. Teri had told Suzy that was because Cindy had had a fling with another guy after she’d become engaged to Craig. Cindy regretted the whole thing, which Craig never knew about, and had tried to make up for her [secret] transgression.

Craig was fascinated with how Cindy had been able to get the bridesmaids to radically change their looks for her – even though she had bribed some of them. He didn’t understand it, but had to admit that his was the most interesting group of pre-nuptial events of which he’d ever heard. Craig was doubtless in love with Cindy, but nevertheless fascinated by the bridesmaids. He had become particularly fond of Suzy, the little sprite whom he referred to as “my kitten-cousin.” He would rub her pelt-like hairdo and tickle her until she screamed and fell, giggling, to the floor.

“You know,” he said, “the changes in you girls are pretty sexy. You should talk Cindy into trying something like getting a diamond stud in her nose.” Craig particularly liked the piercings, and frequently tried to persuade Cindy to try more than her single-pierced ears. Ever seeking the upper hand, she would rapidly change the subject, flashing her strikingly blue eyes – made more prominent by the dark brows that framed them – at him with such smoothness that Craig’s mind seemed to skip ahead and not even remember what he had said.

Cindy, who had been watching the impromptu get-together with detachment, perked up at Craig’s comment about the stud.

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“The girls look really cute with their nose diamonds,” she stated, coldly, “but the true bride must be forever the sophisticated beauty, her simple, uncomplicated looks speaking for themselves.

“Actually, group, I’m tired and I think we should break up this little party,” a hint of jealously tainted her voice as Craig had just collapsed backwards, a bridesmaid in each arm, heaving a big sigh of “Oh God, I’ve heard this before!”

The fun interrupted, everyone left, including Craig. Cindy walked up the long, curving staircase with Suzy. They paused at the top to give each other the for-cousins-only, mandatory hug before heading off to their respective rooms. Cindy, however, paused to look Suzy over.

“You know, Cuz, you really are very pretty. I’ll admit that I didn’t think you could pull this look off, but I was wrong. You are even more erotically attractive like this than you were months ago when you had that mess of dark hair and that innocent, no-ornamentation, no-nonsense look. Although I’d like to take full credit for improving on you, I think your own demeanor contributes a lot to how fetching you’ve become. You can always remember this summer as the time I forced you to radically change, and the time you finally blossomed into what you really are: a sexy, erotic, nymph. Your true self is now exposed to the whole world – and you wear yourself clearly on your face, with nothing to hide behind.”

Suzy didn’t know how to respond. Cindy sounded sincere and meant what she had said as a compliment. Finally, Suzy mumbled “Thanks, Cindy. I hope what you say is true. I’ve adjusted to the changes a little – and Jack certainly seems to like them. I guess, before, I was just going along as the world pulled me, without evaluating what I was becoming. I had become someone from an older generation without knowing it. At least you’ve forced me to step back and look at myself, although I didn’t think that you would somehow get me to change what I saw so dramatically.”

With a kiss on the cheek and a, “Good-night, Cuz,” they parted.

* * * * *

It was now only eight days until the wedding. Suzy was in the huge great room watching nothing in particular on the large-screen TV. The other girls would arrive soon. After lunch, they were to make a final trip to the hairdresser for their wedding styling. Cindy hadn’t told anyone what she had in mind, but Suzy wasn’t particularly interested. Jack had visited again and loved her carrot-red buzz even more than the short curls she had sported on his earlier visit. He was, in Cindy’s words, “fully erect” all the time he was visiting Suzy, and Suzy knew it. She was confident that he’d truly like her no matter what she looked like.

Her ears and nose were no longer sore at all. The piercings were completely healed, although she still took special care of them daily. The rose and butterfly tattoos had been sore and then itchy for a few days, but were also healed now. She ran her fingers over the rose on her hip. It just felt like ordinary skin, she thought. It looks like it should feel different, but it doesn’t. It’s just there, deeply a part of me. Jack thought they were cute. Suzy was considering an ankle bracelet design she had seen the last time in the parlor.

Her eyes still had the surprised look, but they now had a smoky aspect to them, brought about by the medium-thick line of permanent eyeliner that had been tattooed onto Suzy’s upper and lower lids. Her lips had been done at the same time, and were a deep red. She thought they clashed with her carrot-red hair, but most people loved them. Seeing her face “made-up” in the morning when she first got out of bed, or when she just emerged from the shower had been hard to get used to. In the back of her mind, she kept thinking that she must have just returned from going out, but she couldn’t recall where.

Suzy stood up and gazed at her reflection in the mirror above the mantle. The young woman – no, more girl-like than that – she saw there hadn’t existed nine weeks earlier. She could divorce herself from the reflection and study it as though it were someone else entirely. The girl was pretty in an unusual way. Her short, red buzz-cut revealed a beautifully-shaped head, and her small ears were nicely set off by the three rings in each. Her straight, classic nose took on a more informal look because of the small diamond on its left side.

The most striking features of the face were the large eyes, made larger by the eyeliner and the high, curved, pencil-thin brows. The surprised look that the brows forced on her had been offset only a little by the deep, red, sensuous lips. The tattooing of her lips had been more painful than anything else that had been done to her. They had been swollen and sore for more than a week. And now they would be forever deep, full, and arousing regardless of how she felt, because their look was engraved on her.

As she reached up to ripple her hair, the detachment dissolved and she reconnected with the image. She was a very different woman now than she had been at the beginning of the summer. Her appearance was radically different, and her feelings about herself had changed as well. She was no longer the pretty, average wife and homemaker. She was exotic, erotic. She was aroused more easily, by Jack and by men in general. She loved to be touched. She even liked Craig’s playful antics with her hair. She spent more time on her makeup each day than she had in a whole week before. Her appearance was more important to her than it had ever been during the time “before,” when she had been more beautiful.

She thought of her life in two phases, “before” and “now.” Whatever she had been before, she was no longer that woman. Cindy had seen to it that the beauty of that other woman was gone forever, replaced by the erotic creature she’d become. As her appearance had changed, the way others treated her changed, and the two together caused a change in how she regarded herself.

Her reverie ended as the doorbell rang. Micki burst into the room in her usual, hyper-active style. She put her arm around Suzy and spun her around playfully.

Micki and Suzy had become close friends over the summer. They’d shared a lot of experiences and some anxiety as a part of Cindy’s entourage. They were virtually the same height and weight. With the cosmetic changes, they looked almost identical, except for Micki’s slightly fuller face. Suzy chuckled at that thought; before the changes, Micki had been a pale blond with thick but light brows and pale lips. Micki had been less affected by the changes than Suzy. She was simply not much concerned about her looks. That was probably why she’d accepted Cindy’s bridesmaid proposal – $20,000 for Cindy having her way. As family, Suzy refused the money, although she expected that her aunt would figure out a way to get her to take it eventually.

The two friends sat down to chat while awaiting the others.

“What is she going to do to us today?” Suzy wondered out loud.

“I don’t think there’s much she can change at this point,” Micki offered. “I guess we’ll know in a little while.

“You know, Suzy, I’ve been thinking. Perhaps we out to consider getting Cindy a wedding present from all of the bridesmaids together. She and Craig are staying at t local hotel on their wedding night, and heading to Europe for their honeymoon the next night. Maybe we could surprise her with a gift the morning after the wedding. We could distract Craig for a while …”

* * * * *

They were at the hairdressers again and, as usual, Suzy was the first one up. She sat in the chair facing the other bridesmaids, not the mirror, while Betty, the hairdresser, put a cape around her. She was anxious to get it done, but not nervous like before. This would be the last trip here on Cindy. After the wedding, she would do what she wanted with her hair. She didn’t know what that would be just yet – it would certainly take too long to try to grow it out like it was. Besides, her heavy, sexy brows were gone for good and the long hair probably wouldn’t look right without them. Perhaps, with the pencil brows and deep red lips, she could be a blond – maybe a champagne color. Or maybe she’d keep her hair very short and its natural dark brown, or even dye it black. There would be plenty of time to decide. Maybe Jack would have a preference.

Her head felt quite natural at the moment. There was a slight breeze from a fan that was trying to improve the circulation of the air-conditioning. It felt cool and tickling as it rippled her short bristles. Her scalp seemed much more alive that it had when her hair was long. At least, she was much more aware of it.

Betty was running her fingers through Suzy’s 5/8-inch-long buzz. It had been almost two weeks since it had been touched up and the bristles were now long enough to muss slightly as Betty massaged her scalp. The touches relaxed Suzy and she closed her eyes, relishing Betty’s caresses. Betty then asked her to sit still as she reached for the clippers on her shelf.

Suzy kept her eyes closed, anticipating the cool steel on her head. Betty gently pushed her head forward. She heard the “click-buzz” and once again she felt the familiar, friendly metallic touch on the back of her neck. The clippers glided slowly up her neck and the back of her head. They caressed her scalp at the same time they freed her from whatever hair Cindy had decided to take from her this time. They paused at her crown, dropped to her neck again, and began to rise up in another strip to the left. Betty touched her scalp where she had just clipped and Suzy realized that the remaining hairs were little more than just whiskers.

The clippers slid about her head. She could feel them follow the contour of her soft skin, the unblemished smoothness of her nearly-perfectly shaped head. She would have no hair left, she realized analytically, the only emotion coming from the pleasure of feeling the steel on her skin. As the clipping continued, her emotions began to swell as she realized the erotic nature of what Cindy was doing to her. She felt a spreading dampness between her legs, accentuated by the lack of hair there.

Betty was standing before her now, and the clippers were sliding from her forehead back. Suzy cooed with pleasure, feeling the instrument clear the soft bristles from her scalp. Pass after vibrating pass massaged her scalp as the clippers rendered it almost hairless. Then, without pausing, Betty placed the clippers in their stand and a steamy hot towel around Suzy’s head.

Suzy sat still for several minutes, luxuriating in the moist warmth. The other bridesmaids nervously asked her how she was doing. Watching Betty removing all but a trace of Suzy’s hair had been unnerving for them – in spite of their hair already being very short. The thought of losing it all still, somehow, frightened them. Suzy said it “felt wonderful, like a scalp massage, and cooling at the same time.” Cindy could only stare in surprise, a smile beginning to form in the corners of her mouth, as she realized she had accomplished the changes in her cousin that she had set as her goal. The poor girl actually had gotten aroused by the changes and absorbed them into her personality. Well, one thing was for certain to Cindy, Suzy would never return to the person she had been before.

Betty clipped Micki while the hot towel softened Suzy’s remaining stubble. When Micki had been clipped and similarly toweled, she returned to Suzy. The towel was removed and Suzy felt the rich, thick , aromatic foam being spread across her scalp. Betty massaged it in for several minutes, getting some kind of gratification herself from watching the look of pleasure on Suzy’s face.

The hairdresser began shaving Suzy at her left temple. The Sensor razor slid smoothly across Suzy’s scalp. She heard the faint scraping and knew that the remaining traces of her hair were being erased. It was as though she were being cleaned of layers of dirt that had built up over time. She felt liberated, energized. The razor made pass after pass. Betty was very good; there was no pulling or tugging, just an even glide as the hair was shaved.

Betty completely shaved Suzy, carefully massaged her head with another hot towel, and lathered it up again. She shaved it again with a fresh blade to get it perfectly smooth. She cautioned Suzy, “You must shave it every day now, to get the scalp used to the shaving. If you don’t, you’ll find that two-days’ growth will be harder to shave than one, and you’ll risk razor burn. You certainly don’t want that for the wedding.”

The shaving was done, and Suzy’s scalp was absolutely smooth and completely hairless. Betty rubbed a special aloe vera lotion into it to keep the skin soft and healthy. She was amazed at how perfectly- shaped Suzy’s head was. The skin was without blemishes and had the tone of Suzy’s lovely face. Only a faint shadow remained, and the scalp was only slightly lighter in color than the rest of her head. The short buzz had allowed enough sun to filter down to the skin to tan it. Betty applied a dab of Suzy’s makeup and some powder to her scalp, and she was finished. For the first time, Betty turned her toward the mirror.

Suzy’s hand reached up slowly to touch her head, as her gaze became riveted on her new appearance. Her head felt as smooth and soft as her cheek. Her head was, indeed, perfectly shaped. The surprised expression of her highly curved, thin brows set the look off perfectly. Her eyes shown as brightly as the rings in her ears and the jewel in her nose. The overall effect was stunning. She was beautiful again, in an erotic, intensely sexy way. Without her fully realizing it, the last vestiges of her old self, of the long- haired vivacious Susan, melted away as she examined the image.

She felt so clean. It almost seemed that she must have been buried in her hair for all these years without realizing it. The air felt fresh and cool on her head. She turned to the others and saw real approval in their expressions. She was renewed, confident, satisfied.

* * * * *

The wedding was four hours away when Suzy awoke and started her preparations. All of the bridesmaids had spent the night at Cindy’s house and had paired up to help each other get ready. Micki and Suzy had shared a two- room suite in the huge house. Micki was already out of the shower and waiting for Suzy to shave her. Suzy lathered her still-damp head and spread thick foam all over it. She then shaved her carefully twice with a fresh razor.

Suzy showered while Micki continued her preparations. She washed slowly, enjoying the warm water on her smooth body and almost-smooth scalp. She giggled as she washed between her legs – she still hadn’t gotten used to the soft, smooth, hairlessness that Elsa’s electrolysis had given her. “I’ll always look like a ten-year-old there,” she thought, amused.

Micki was waiting for her when she emerged from the shower, and motioned Suzy onto a padded bench by the makeup table in the large bathroom. Micki lathered Suzy’s head and began to shave her slowly, carefully, rubbing her hands over the just-shaved spots to insure their smoothness.

Micki had shaved Suzy twice since they both became bald the previous week. Suzy had shaved herself daily the other times. Micki knew how much Suzy liked the feel of the razor against her skin and took her time. Suzy sat perfectly still, breathing softly with her eyes closed, the better to concentrate on the marvelous feeling of being shaved. Micki shaved her twice and rubbed lotion into her soft skin. Their heads had tanned evenly over the previous eight days, so only a little foundation and powder were necessary to even the tones and cover the slight hair shadow.

After the shaving Suzy performed her daily ritual of turning the rings in her ears and the stud in her nose and applying an antiseptic to keep them clean. She continued with her makeup, applying foundation, mascara, a pencil-line to accentuate her thin brow, and eyeshadow. The eyeliner was already there and her deep, red lips needed only a clear balm to moisten them.

She dressed in the short, light-mauve sundress that Cindy had picked out for her bridesmaids. It fit her slim, shapely body perfectly, revealing the butterfly tattoo on her shoulder. Cindy had given each of them a diamond pendant on a thin, gold chain and a diamond tennis bracelet and diamond ankle bracelet which Suzy thought co-ordinated nicely with her nose stud.

She was anxious to get Jack’s reaction to her clean, smooth head. He would arrive in town just before the wedding, and wouldn’t see her until she walked down the aisle.

The bridesmaids rode together to the church in their own limo. They were energized with the excitement of the day – a day they had built up to all summer long. As they approached the church, Kate remembered to ask Teri, “did you find out where?”

“Of course, came the reply. I’ve even got the suite number – and the key!”

“Fantastic! What about him?”

“Won’t be a problem. He’ll be out for a while, and you know he’ll be supportive afterward – probably long afterward.” They all giggled.

“And Elsa?”

“She’s in. Everything’s a go.”

They wowed the churchgoers as they came down the aisle, four beautiful, matched, absolutely bald bridesmaids. Individually, and as a group, they were stunning. Out of the corner of her eye, Suzy saw Jack almost fall out of the pew, his mouth hanging open and then forming the biggest smile she’d ever seen on him as he saw her. This was going to be some night.

And it was. Jack loved everything about her look, including her permanently lined eyes and alluring lips. But most of all he loved her shaven head. Before the night was over, he had extracted a promise from her to keep shaving it for at least the next six months – “and then they’d re-evaluate together, before she tried something else [short].”

Early the next morning, Suzy rose, showered and shaved, and went downstairs to meet the others. Elsa arrived with the car at 7:00 and whisked them off to the Westin Galleria.

They waited in an alcove down the hall until Craig left the room and headed toward the elevators, believing he had to move his car because of construction in the parking building. The bridesmaids slipped into suite 1220 and quietly fastened the chain and deadbolt. They stood poised outside the bedroom until Kate gave the signal.

The four rushed into the room, playfully giggling. Cindy, whose back had been turned to them rolled over, startled, and started to sit up, rubbing her eyes. Seeing who was there, she intended to shout “what the hell are you doing here?” just as Teri shoved a wad of cloth into her mouth and slapped duct tape over it. There was a bridesmaid on each arm and Micki plopped down hard on Cindy’s legs. That left Teri free to start tying Cindy’s wrists to the bed posts. Once done, she followed with her ankles.

Cindy’s eyes seemed as large as saucers as she tried to make sense of what was going on. Teri spoke to clarify things for her.

“All of us felt that we hadn’t given you a really memorable wedding present, Cindy. When we thought about it, we all wanted you to experience the same thrill we’ve come to know about having our appearance radically changed. So we’re going to give you the most wonderful makeover you’ve ever dreamed of.

“By the way, when Craig gets back, we’re going to tell him that you intend to go along with this wholeheartedly, and that he should return to take you to the airport for your flight to Paris at 6:00. Now realize that we aren’t doing this to punish you. We all honestly believe that you’ll benefit from this experience, and come to love the new you. But we’re prepared to tell Craig all about your tryst with Tony Sinca if you don’t do just as we say. Understand?”

Cindy’s shocked expression changed to one of horror as she contemplated the effect her unfaithfulness would have on the start of her marriage. She nodded her head in agreement.

“Good. No need to ever worry, your secret’s safe with us. We know you’d never do anything like that to a great guy like Craig again, right?”

Cindy nodded again.

“By the way, if you ever do and any of us find out about it, we’ll be back to give you another new look – and you probably won’t like it as well as this one. One of Micki’s good friends is a plastic surgeon. Get it?”

Cindy nodded yet again, as Kate, shushing her, carefully removed the tape and gag.

Craig tried unsuccessfully to open the door at that moment. Suzy opened it to the extent of the chain and told Craig, “Sorry, Cuz, you can’t come in. Teri, Micki, Elsa, and Kate and I are here to do a makeover with Cindy. Cindy wants it to be a surprise for you. Isn’t that right, Cindy?”

With little prompting from Teri, Cindy yelled back, “It’s OK, lover, I know you’ll love my new look!”

“Come back at 6:00, Craig, and we’ll have her all ready for you. Make sure you pull the car right up to the front of the hotel, she probably won’t want to walk far.”

“Are you going to …?” He started to say with a smile of pleasure beginning to form on his face.

Suzy cut him off with a sly smile herself. “Humm… You’ll see.”

“Then get to work! I’ll be back at six!”

Elsa had already unpacked her bag. She handed an electrolysis wand to Teri, to Kate, and held one herself. “Eyebrows and pubes have got to go,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Untie me first, please,” Cindy requested. “I’ll lie still. Please don’t tell Craig about Tony.”

“No one is going to tell him anything. It’s all behind you, as long as you do what we say.” Suzy started to untie her cousin. Cindy, rubbing her hands, lay perfectly still as Elsa started removing her brows, and Teri and Kate worked down below.

A couple of hours later, Cindy’s eyebrows were gone. She was red, sore, and slightly swollen, but truly browless. Teri and Kate continued to work. Elsa produced her needles and a small jewelry box.

Cindy moaned, “Do you have to do that? And how thin are my brows now?” She was still on the bed and not within sight of a mirror.

“Absolutely, Cuz,” Suzy replied. “And if you remove even one of them, you’ll disappoint Craig in two ways. Number one, he really likes the idea of what we’re doing to you, and number two, we’ll tell him about Tony.

“Oh, by the way, your brows are infinitely thin – since you don’t have any at all!”

“But I didn’t have all of yours removed,” Cindy started to complain.

“True, but you had a permanent expression of surprise etched on our faces.” We’re actually being kinder to you. You can pencil on a thin line wherever you want and it’ll look more-or-less real, except for close examination.”

Elsa numbed and pierced Cindy’s nose on the left side. She inserted a diamond stud (it was a zircon, actually) into her nose and locked on a fastener inside. Elsa next pierced each of Cindy’s ears twice more, to total three in each. A bright, zircon stud was inserted in each new hole. She then pierced each ear twice through the cartilage near the top. Cindy yelped in pain since the local anesthetic provided little comfort as the needle and stud were driven through the tough part of her ears.

Teri and Kate continued zapping Cindy’s pubic hairs. They were making real progress now, as only a small tuft of hair remained. It took another hour before they completed the task. While they were finishing, Elsa tattooed a butterfly on her shoulder. It was Elsa’s first tattooing – she had just finished apprenticing a few days before – and she was quite proud of the job she did. It matched the others’ perfectly.

“Now, Cindy, this is going to hurt a bit so we’re going to fasten you to the bed again,” Suzy told her. They tied her to the posts, spreading her legs wide and propping a pillow under her bottom.

Cindy felt Elsa rub the anesthetic over her inner groin. “No!” she yelled, her eyes wide with fear. Micki put her hand over her mouth, shushed her, and told her if she burst out like that again they’d have to gag her. Her hand stayed in place as Elsa jabbed the needle through Cindy’s inner lips. Cindy jerked involuntarily and winced in pain. She winced again as the ring was locked into place.

Not taking any chances, Micki kept her hand over Cindy’s mouth as Elsa pierced her twice more on the left and then three times on the right side. Suzy held Cindy’s hand through the ordeal, and gently massaged her temples. In spite of what Cindy had done to her (and she had actually come to love most of it), she had felt that the genital piercings were going too far. Nevertheless, all three of the other bridesmaids had insisted.

They were done. Cindy sported six small rings between her legs. Teri pointed out that, “You won’t be walking very much for a week or two. We’re sending a supply of the anesthetic with you to help out some. Fortunately, you’ll be in first class on the plane so you’ll have room to sit with your legs apart. That’s not very lady-like, but it should help.”

They carefully rolled Cindy onto her side as Elsa tattooed the rose onto her hip.

Next, they sat a pillow on a chair, put a Tucks between Cindy’s legs to soothe her, and sat her upright in the chair. She still hadn’t seen herself in a mirror. It would be a little while yet before she did.

Without fanfare, Suzy started cutting the long, thick hair from the front, as close to the scalp as she could. For the first time, tears formed in Cindy’s eyes. The tugging and the crunching of the scissors continued as Cindy’s full head of hair cascaded to the floor. When Suzy had reduced the long hair to stubble, Micki handed her the electric clippers, without a guard, and she proceeded to quickly shave the rude tufts.

They each helped to lather Cindy’s head and shave it clean with a Sensor razor. They rinsed and dried her and massaged lotion into her scalp. Like Suzy, she had a perfectly-shaped, blemish-free head. They took her into the large, darkened bathroom. Cindy walked cowboy-style, her legs held apart as best she could.

In the bathroom, one of them flicked on the light, and Cindy saw herself for the first time. She gasped a loud, “Oh!” as her eyes adjusted to the bright light and her image came into focus. She reached up to feel her head, rubbing her fingers gingerly over it. Without eyebrows, her usually-dominant personality seemed to fade away and her demeanor became that of someone else altogether.

She turned her head from side-to-side to examine the studs in her ears. “Those are kinda pretty, don’t you think?” she asked meekly.

“Honestly,” Kate said, “you’re now as pretty as we are. You know we’ve grown to love these changes, and you will too. By the time you get back from Europe, you’ll be all healed and so used to being bald that you’ll probably never want hair again.”

“The only problem is that my face looks featureless without my eyebrows. I wish you hadn’t taken them all off.”

“You’ll get used to that too. You have a great smile. Use it more. We’ve packed the same makeup for you that we have. There’s an eyebrow pencil in there that you can use to draw some on when you go out – if Craig will let you.”

“I’m so sore. How are Craig and I going to enjoy our honeymoon?”

“Teri laughed. “You’ll find other ways to do it for a few weeks. Craig seems the adventurous type.”

“When you get back from your two-month honeymoon,” Micki explained, “we’ll all get together again. We’ll make sure everything is still in place and healed up as much as possible by then. Elsa will also touch up any regrowth hairs so you’ll stay clean. We expect you to beg Craig to shave your head each morning and evening while you’re gone. We intend to check with him to ensure that you’ve been regularly shaved. You know what will happen if you don’t.”

It was nearly six o’clock. The troupe got Cindy dressed in a sleeveless top and short skirt. Pants were out of the question. Cindy was so sore that she ultimately rejected the panties, deciding to risk it for the sake of comfort. Craig arrived a few minutes later. He was delightfully astonished at Cindy’s new appearance. Within minutes, they were on their way. Cindy left the hotel with her eyebrowless, bald head exposed for all to see.

“This has been quite a summer,” Micki observed. And all because of Cindy’s wedding.”

And with that, it almost ends.

* * * * *

It was a cold December back home, but that didn’t matter in the least to Suzy and Jack. They basked in the warmth of a brilliant sun suspended in the cerulean sky of Bali. Jack had just rubbed lotion all over Suzy, and was finishing with a gentle massage of her smooth scalp. He kissed her on the top of her head, then continued down the back to her neck, then rolled her over and kissed her ruby lips again and again.

They lay back on the blanket together, Suzy’s head resting on Jack’s strong arm.

“I wonder how Cindy and Craig are doing,” he mused.

“I suppose she’s walking around better by now,” Suzy responded, laughing. “One thing’s for sure, she doesn’t have any more hair than I do!”

“Life is good,” Jack responded with a smile, reaching over to tickle her head. His hand slid down to the smoothness within the thong bikini.

“Ooo, Jack. Uh huh … Umm … Life … is … good …”

End Part 4, and End of Cindy’s Wedding – If you liked the story, send me a note at [email protected]


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