Balded on a Dare

Balded on a Dare

I do not know how it all got started but I do know what set it off. You see my girlfriend and I have always taken great pride in and good care of our waist length hair. Our hair was an important part of our act, but that was soon to change. Everyone at the club had always admired our long flowing tresses. Some men at the club we danced at hated it sometime because it hid our big beautiful breasts for just a brief second or two.

While in the dressing room after my set on stage, I was thinking about doing something to my gorgeous honey blonde hair. I was trying to decide whether to get a permanent, a dye job or both. My roommate was on stage so I had to wait for her to finish the set. I looked through some old tabloids that a dancer had left behind, I think it was The World Weekly News. A photograph of a bald woman caught my eye so I stopped to read about her. She was the hook for a short article about the Kojak glamour look that was to invade the United States. I laughed aloud. That was about the time my friend arrived in the dressing room.

“What is so funny?”, Angel asked as she wiped the sweat off her lovely brown body and 50 DDD bosoms.

“Oh, the hairstyle that is going to sweep the nation. The Kojak hairstyle for women,” I said as I showed her the article with the photograph of the bald woman. “A style that won’t be very popular with the ladies or the men.” It was then the wheels in Angel’s black-tressed head began to turn. She was coming up with something special for both of us.

“I dare you. If you do it, I’ll do it too,” said Angel with a wicked little gleam in her brown eyes. So this was the beginning of the end for our waist length hair.

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“What is your dare?” I answered her

“Get the Kojak Glamour look of course. I think we would look great, bald or at the very least getting our long hair trimmed to a much shorter style,” Angel answered.

“Can I sleep on it?”, I asked her. “Get dressed so we can go home.”

That night I had a hard time sleeping because I was thinking about my roommate’s dare. A couple of hours later I finally fell asleep. It was then I had the strangest dream. But in my dream it started so innocently, I was seated before a vanity brushing out my black hair, which should have been blonde. On the vanity were two empty wig stands. Watching in the mirror I saw Angel come in and remove her blonde hair and put it on one of the stands. She was bald. Then she came over to me and removed my black hair, I was bald too. “Time to shave,” she whispered in my ear as she led me to a barber’s chair. In my dream with our shaved heads Angel and I made it to the major striptease circuits.

The next morning I told Angel I would shave if she really wanted us to be bald. She agreed and to make sure neither one of us would back out while the other one was getting barbered we would have it done simultaneously, a double header so to speak.

Angel had heard of a salon, from another exotic dancer, which catered to women with unique tastes like ours especially after having their hair done both before and after. You know a little pussy eating and licking. A very special treatment to put a woman in a great mood about her new hair style. Believe me, we were going to need it but not as much as our future stylists.

I, Lisa, made the call to the Venus Calva beauty salon the next morning, and had the appointment set for closing time that same day. I told the woman that we wanted the special treatment for their truly beautiful customers. They knew what I was talking about: a pussy shaving and something special for ladies only.

We made it to the beauty salon a few minutes before closing time. We planned our hair styling around that time for two reasons. One, so we would not be disturbed by other clients. The other, so we could go straight to the strip club with our newly styled heads.

Angel walked in wearing a white halter top and a red miniskirt. The top barely held in or concealed Angel’s 50 DDD tits and the bottom scarcely hid her near naked sex. I wore a white mini-dress that hardly covered my naked pussy and just held back my 60 FFF breasts. They threatend to rip out of the confining top of my white dress. We wore such short skirt and dresses for a reason. Angel and I wore no panties. The expressions on the owners said it all. They were going to love giving us their special treatment. Our beauticians looked us over. Their eyes lingered on our breasts. They nodded with approval at their new clients.

Then we talked to the only two women in this very exclusive salon. We did not tell them exactly what we wanted at first. That was going to have to wait.

“Lisa and I want our pussies shaved first. Then you can do our hair. We want to see how good your after services are first,” Angel commented.

They were happy to make our wish come true. The door was locked and the closed sign was hung in the window. Sasha and Jessica pulled the curtains closed. They had set up two large screens in front of the window as a precaution to block the view of any curious on lookers.

“Okay ladies, let us get started so we can party in a few minutes,” said Sasha. “Hike up your skirt and your dress so we can remove that nasty cunt hair of yours. It is your wish to be smooth like us.”

The two of them opened their red mini-dress like styling jackets as she spoke. They were tanned all over, even their smooth naked sex was tanned. These two were no slouches in the tit department either. If they ever gave up doing hair they could make a living as exotic dancers like us. The two of them massaged their love buttons and tits a few seconds as pre-warm-up for all four of us ladies.

Angel slipped out of her red skirt, while I raised my dress. The beauticians decided who would get whom as their client in her special chair and as her partner later. Angel got auburn tressed Jessica and I got the wavy black haired Sasha. Our beauticians kissed and had us sit in the red velvet barber’s chairs.

“You do not have much hair down there,” Sasha remarked.

“Well, as strippers we like it to be kept clipped short and partially shaved for the men,” I replied as I rubbed my hand over Angel’s almost smooth snatch. She did the same thing to me.

“Angel, you are going to be a snap to be shaved smooth. You have less than your friend,” exclaimed Jessica.

You see Angel had a one inch strip of black pussy hair just above her jade gate. It drove men crazy and not to mention me as well. While I had only the sparsest blonde pubic hair, which covered my vulva. The area under my vagina and all the way back to my anus was always shaved smooth.

Angel and I were seated in the red velvet-covered barber’s chairs. Jessica and Sasha began their work. The two picked up beard trimmers and flicked them on. They buzzed as they were brought to our near naked pussies. We both let out a moan as their vibrations sheared away our pubic curls. Our hair was clipped off in less than a minute. Then foamy was sprayed on our pubes and spread around. It felt so good to have someone else do the shaving for you. Sasha and Jessica picked up their straight razors. The duo slowly began to scrape away the shaving cream. Each stroke was slow and deliberate so as not to nick our lovely pussies. It was hard for me not to move. The shaving was making Angel and me horny. Our barbers were getting hot too. They were beginning to juice. Their wet pussies glistened in the salon’s light. It was a turn on for them to shave two strippers and then give them the treatment. Five minutes later Jessica and Sasha wiped away the remaining lather from our now hairless love chambers.

Using hand mirrors, the women showed Angel and me our beautiful bald cunts. They were wet like our barbers’.

“You like,” asked Sasha.

“Very much so,” I answered.

“How did you like your pussy-do?” inquired Jess.

“I could not ask for anything better,” Angel responded.

Our chairs were reclined and the salon’s women started their special treatment on us. The barbering duo knelt before us. Slowly, their hands went around and over our hips so they could spread the lips of our naked vaginas to make our clits a clear target. They placed their lips and tongues on our clits. Their faces were soon buried in our smooth pussies.

Jessica’s and Sasha started slowly vibrating their tongues. The tips constantly vibrated against our buttons constantly and evenly. They tongued us gently. The duo slowly brought Angel and me to orgasm and kept us there for what seemed like forever until both of us had to scream stop. We could no longer handle the pleasure they were giving us. We were fulfilled; now we could get on with our head styling.

“If we are going to get our hair done Angel and I may as well be naked just like you two,” I said.

“Help us the rest of the way out of our clothes,” Angel requested.

They did as they were asked. Jessica helped Angel out of her halter top. I was helped out of my dress with the aid of Sasha’s willing hands. Now, we were on equal footing so to speak. This whole “haircut” thing was really heating up for all parties involved. The four of us were ready for the real head styling to take place. Jessica and Sasha had no real idea how short Angel’s and my hair was going to be when they finished with us.

We were seated in the red velvet barber’s chairs again. We were ready to get our long, lovely, locks lopped off with the scissors first. The thought of it sent a chill of excitement down my spine. I could not believe that I was going to destroy several years of growth. I had put so much time and money into growing my honey blonde hair to its present waist length. No one would believe it, including myself. Just because I was having myself balded on a dare. I, at least, had someone to go through the experience with me. We were going for the Kojak glamour look for women. The four of us were eager to begin Angel’s and my transformations from locks to lockless.

Jessica and Sasha picked up the scissors and clicked open and closed a few times before they brought them to our hair.

“How much should we cut?” Jesse asked.

“Six inches,” Angel said.

The dark nipples of Angel’s big bronzed breasts went hard, as the shears cut off the first six inches of her long black hair. The sound was loud in my ears as Sasha’s scissors removed six inches from my own blonde hair as well. It made my pink nipples grow hard. I could imagine hearing our shorn tresses softly hitting the red and white tiled floor of the salon.

“Is that enough cut off?” asked Sasha.

“No, just keep cutting until we tell you to stop,” I said.

So another half a foot of hair was clipped away from our heads. The pile of hair on the floor grew larger and larger with each six inches of tresses cut from our heads.

About five minutes later Angel’s black hair and my blonde hair lay on the salon’s floor. We were sporting ultra mannish bobs by this time.

“Is it short enough now?”,Jessica asked.

“No, but it is time for you to use the clippers on our curls to make them shorter,” I vocalized my opinion.

It was about this time the cutting of our hair was beginning to inspire our barberettes. Their nipples were growing hard with each cut of our once glorious hair.

“Do not bother using the gauges. They will still leave our hair way too long,” Angel declared.

“Turn our chairs so we can face each other and use the clippers in the center of our heads for the first sweep,” I directed.

The chairs were turned. A loud buzz filled the air as the clippers were clicked on. The clippers were brought to the last mass of tresses that still graced our scalps. Clippers were plunged into our remaining hair. They were muffled by our thick black and blonde hair but it wasn’t for long. The clippers grew loud again as they mowed a trail down the center of our heads. A path ran from our foreheads down to the nape of our necks. I felt my hair hit my naked body as it was trimmed from my head.

I began to play with myself as I watched the same thing happen to my beautiful roommate’s ebony locks. She was going to look absolutely gorgeous, once she’s completely bald. I hoped I would look as good as she.

“Lisa, you are going to be a knockout without all that long hair you used to hide behind,” Angel said with a lustful smile.

“Now, you live up to your name. Since Jessica started cutting off your hair, I haven’t been able to take my eyes off of you, Angel.”

“Maybe this was not such a bad dare after all? Could it be possible the Kojak Glamour Look was really coming to the United states? Maybe I was just tired of taking care of this long blonde mess of tresses I used to wear,” I thought to myself.

The burring clippers were getting me off as they cut away what was left of our once stunning tresses. I was juicing as they made their passes over my crown. I was enjoying it and so was my roommate. In a matter of minutes the long haired beauties that had walked through the salon’s doors were no more. We had skin tight crewcuts and one step away from becoming baldxotic dancers. This was a new word I created, while we were being clipped clean. It seemed to fit our new look and our occupation.

It was very doubtful if would still have our jobs as dancers with our heads shaved smooth. I didn’t care at the moment. Angel and I were free of our enslaver and enslavement, our long hair. She seemed to enjoy the whole process more than me. It was as if she had had this experience before. Don’t give me wrong I loved what I was, having done to myself and my long blonde hair, it just seemed that Angel had planned this whole thing out in advance somehow.

Hot towels were wrapped around our near naked pates. Our heads felt the soothing heat of the towels as it softened the stubble that graced our heads. The beauticians whipped up some shaving cream while the towels did their work.

The feel of hot lather on our stubble-covered pates was next. A kiss of cold steel would soon follow. The keen edges of the razors would eliminate the last vestiges of our hair. Sasha and Jessica removed the hot towels from our heads. A hot layer of shaving cream was applied to our scalps. It felt so soothing and relaxing. The snowy foam stood out in contrast on Angel’s near naked ebony pate.

I watched in awe as the once black tressed sepia beauty become a voluptuous bald black goddess. Each stroke of the razor bared more of her brown scalp. I was getting hot as I watched her final transformation. While, at the same time I got glimpses of my own remarkable change in the salon’s mirror behind my companion. Angel was right: I was going to be a knockout once I was completely smooth.

I couldn’t wait to touch her slick dome and simultaneously have her hands on mine. This dare was turning out better than either one of us could have imagined. We now had a new form of foreplay for us and our other lovers, the removal of stubble from our heads. Angel must have known that we would discover a new erogenous zone once our hair was totally removed.

The straight razors slowly removed the lather and stubble from the front of our heads. The keen-edged tool moved farther and farther back on our skulls. Whenever the blade was full Sasha and Jessica wiped it clean on the towels they had placed on our shoulders. Wherever the blades had passed, they left nothing behind but skin. I never knew the feel of cold steel could be so liberating as it made our heads feel lighter and feel so much cooler. I felt the cool air in the salon on my hairless head. It was a strange sensation. I could see Angel was enjoying it too. About twenty minutes later the razors had made their last sweep of our bald heads.

We felt the sting of witch hazel as they sprinkled it on our heads to close the pores of our skin. It was wonderful stinging feeling. The beauticians were not finished with us yet. They had their own special treats for us. A rose scented oil was poured on our satiny smooth skin. They began to massage it in but that was only one treat. The next one took Angel and me by surprise.

“Do us now.” Jessica was smiling at Sasha as our tress undressers rubbed the scented oil into our newly balded scalps.

It looked like I had to wait before I could caress the bald goddess’ head that sat across from me. What’s a woman to do when another woman wants to be shaved too, especially if it is the one who just shaved your head. The answer is obvious, you shave her head of course. Angel and I were out of the barber’s chairs in less than a minute as Sasha and Jessica took our places.

“Don’t bother with the scissors, just use the clippers. They will be faster for you and us,” Sasha ordered.

“Yes, you will bald us quicker than we did you. We don’t want to play your game of how short can you go,” Jessica said, urging us on.

Angel and I took the clippers and switched them on. We made the first swipe down the center of the beauticians’ gorgeous heads of hair. It was to late for them to back out now. Once we finished with them they would either be sporting crewcuts or be baldies like us. The buzzing clippers quickly cropped off the seated women’s hair. The clipped curls of Jessica’s auburn tresses mixed in with Angel’s locks on the salon’s floor. Just as Sasha’s wavy black hair joined my honey blonde ones in the huge mat of hair on the hair. While we were doing this, their hands were caressing out smooth pussies. They were getting us off while we were getting their hair off.

Now it was time for the shaving cream. Using a bristle shaving brush, we laid down a thick coat of shaving cream on the beauticians’ stubble. They just smiled at one another and then they turned their gaze toward us, their barbers’.

“You are going to have stop playing with us now. It was time for the razors and we don’t want nick you in a sexual state of frenzy,” I told them.

They stopped their fun loving game with our bald slits until we could finish their shaving. Jessica and Sasha talked us through the procedure with the razors. We carefully pulled the blades across their snow-covered skulls. The strokes were short and delicate. Angel and I didn’t want to nick or gouge our new friends’ soon to be bald domes. Thirty minutes later we were finished with razors.

Angel and I wiped the last of the lather from Sasha’s and Jessica’s smooth heads. They were completely smooth just like us. This was when the real fun began for all of us. Our beauticians didn’t have a chance to get out of the chairs before we were going down on them. We were returning the special treatment they had given us earlier when they finished shaving our lovely pussies. My tongue went inside Sasha’s hairless honey pot, while Angel took on Jessica’s smooth mound.

My tongue searched out my hair undresser’s swollen clit. Once I found it I began to play with it with teeth and tongue. Slowly at first then I gradually began to work my tongue faster and faster on her love button. My playmate was starting to come, I felt her hands grasp my silky smooth scalp as she tried to pull my head into her. When her juices started flowing I began to suck them. They seemed to taste sweeter with the loss of my tresses. I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt to have someone caress my naked pate.

In a few minutes the four of us were on the hair-covered floor rolling around in the enormous pile of hair. Hair that once adorned all four of our beautiful bald heads. The hair stuck to our perspiring bodies as we rolled around in it. This was going to lead to another love making session in the salon’s private showers and this time I would be with Angel and her smooth all over body. Ten minutes later we exhausted our Sapphic lust. The four of us went to the mirrored showers of the salon.

I adjusted the shower nozzle and the temperature as I felt Angel’s right hand massage my right breast. Her left hand reached down and started playing with my swollen clit. It was definitely getting a workout today. Then I felt Angel’s tongue lick my smooth scalp. I started moaning as three of my erogenous zones were being stimulated simultaneously. The wicked gleam in Angel’s dark eyes had returned: she was enjoying this and so was I. A few seconds later I turned and faced my partner with soap in hand and began to lather up her smooth body and slick head while she did the same to me.

“I can see we are going to be on time now with our hair gone,” Angel said with a big smile on her face.

“Yes we will, but main worry for now is, will we still have our jobs, now that we are bald.”

“Let’s not worry about that right now. Let’s enjoy our new hairless freedom for now.”

And we did. The water washed the soap from our bodies and beat against our naked scalps, it was relaxing. I pulled Angel close to me and began to mash my massive 60 FFF boobs against her 50 DDD tits. My hand found her naked cleft and hers mine. Our magic fingers wiggled each others clit as we slowly kneeled on the shower’s floor. Once there we got into the scissored position and began to grind our naked pussies together. Angel and I were oblivious to everything but ourselves as we rubbed and bumped our slick slits against one another. It was fantastic, time had seemed to stop for us. Only the screams of pleasures of Jessica and Sasha brought us back to reality. We had to get to work at the club.

I paid the salon owners two hundred dollars for each of our head and pussy shavings and their special. While I was getting dressed Angel made another appointment for us. Then it dawned on me, we didn’t bring anything to cover our baldness. It was then I decided not to hide it. I was bald and the world was going to know about it. Angel followed my example.

As we started walking out the door, I notice for the first time the pictures on the wall. They were of the owner, one showed her with hair as long as mine had been before the shaving and the other with her head shaved. And above the door a sign in gold letters “BALD IS BEAUTIFUL BUT SHAVED IS SEXY”

When we walked out the Venus Calva Beauty Salon, everybody stared at our newly bald heads. Glancing around I saw few cocks go stiff at the sight our hairlessness and our big boobs. This was a good sign for us as well at least for me. Angel and I walked to my red corvette convertible and took the top down. We got in and drove off to the club.

“AAAHHH, this feels nice,” I said as the wind blew across my naked scalp. My head tingled as the cool air passed over it.

“It does, doesn’t it,” Angel replied. “I can’t believe I have forgotten being this smooth could be such as turn on.” As her right hand glided over her hairless head as she turned and smiled that wicked smile.

My eyes grew wide when I heard this, Angel had been bald before. I didn’t know this. I guess she still has a few secrets we don’t share yet.

“Lisa, remind me to tell you about my first time being shaved bald.”

“You can bet on it,” as I drove onto the club.

We got several comments about our new look as we drove to work. Some were rude but for the most part our bald heads received a good deal of praise for our bravery and how great we looked. Angel and I almost caused a couple of accidents because the other drivers were not watching the road but our bald heads.

Twenty minutes later we arrived at the club, the management freaked when they saw their two featured dancers smooth as billiard balls. They insisted we wear wigs while we performed. We agreed reluctantly, Angel wore the blonde wig while I wore the black wig just like in my dream. The blonde wig on Angel’s head look so sexy.

We had a plan that we talked over backstage. When it came time for us to do our double act on stage we would pull off the damn wigs. The two of us couldn’t wait to see the reaction of the audience when they saw our baldness for the first time.

Our music started playing and we began our routine. The two of us faced one another, slowly I untied the strings of Angel’s white diaphanous gown. She let me pull it open for her then I went behind her and pulled off her brown shoulders. My hands reached around the front of her 50 DDD breasts and unfastened her white bra. I pulled it away from those heavenly delights. Once the bra was off it was tossed backstage and I returned to the exotic black beauty and kneeled. My mouth opened as I tilted my head toward the white silk g-string she wore to cover her hairless sex. The material was grasped by my teeth, ever so gently I pulled the string down to her knees. Then and only then did I touch it. Angel stepped out of the g-string as I pulled it the rest of the way to the floor. She was naked and the crowd went wild when they saw her completely shaved pussy.

Now it was my turn, wearing only a black T-shirt, Angel invited a man from the audience to get me wet with a bottle of seltzer water. He sprayed me down good, my wet T-shirt was plastered to every curve of my 60 FFF boobs and slim body. My hands started ripping the shirt open. While this was going on Angel knelt on the stage floor like I had done earlier. As the shirt was torn from my torso, I felt Angel’s hands grab my black g-string and tear it off too. I was naked and the crowd went nuts seeing another shaved slit. What would they do when they saw our bald heads?

Once our clothes were off, we were ready for the big unveiling. I went to Angel to pull the snowy blonde wig from her head. The crowd grew silent, as the wig slid from her head. You could have heard a pin drop when Angel removed the ebony wig from my own slick scalp. If you thought our shaved pussies went over big, you should have seen the results from our shaved heads. It turned the rest of the night into nonstop partying. The men and the other dancers couldn’t get enough of seeing Angel’s and my smooth scalps. Even the management didn’t want us to wear the wigs any more that night.

It was then I decided never let my once beautiful honey blonde crowning glory ever grow back. Once have tried bald you’ll never want to back to having hair, at least in my book for now.

The End?


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