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BALD - Kristen's Gifts

when I cut Jacqui’s hair she was obviously inspired my efforts and keen to get her own hands-on experience (see Emma’s haircut). Jacqui had recently separated from her husband and as part of the cathartic process had gone and had her hair restyled and coloured. Her naturally fair hair had been enriched with the addition of a variety of light shades, from golden blonde to more gleaming platinum hues. Jacqui asked me to neaten up her classic bobbed style, I managed to persuade her to go for something slightly different, slightly shorter. I began by combing and separating Jacqui’s hair into small sections, then pinning up each section until there was a horizontal line and her hair was parted from the top of her left ear to the top of her right ear. I then surprised Jacqui by flicking on the clippers and before she could really protest I buzzed off the hair that grew below this line, using a number 2 attachment on the clippers. Jacqui’s hair was very fine and soft and lay close to her scalp once the clippers had seriously reduced its length. Jacqui admitted that she liked the sensation and the way the clippers felt as I pushed them up her neck. I told her that I knew from my own experience that she would like the sensation. I removed the clips that were restraining her hair and the longer lengths fell down, concealing the newly shaved nape. Jacqui’s clipped nape was not hidden for long as I picked up my scissors and deliberately chopped off 2 inches of Jacqui’s hair, along a line halfway between her hairline and the top of her ears. As I cut her hair I was excited by the contrast between the longer hair cascading down to the closely clipped nape. The shorter hair was also darker which made the contrast all the more noticeable and, in my opinion, desirable. I put my clippers down and I was just brushing out Jacqui’s style when Emma walked in. comments to [email protected]


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