Wonder Babe and M’yla

Wonder Babe and M'yla

Wonder Babe and M’yla by Ransom King

It had taken M’yla a few months to set up the confrontation between Wonder Babe and herself. She would have her revenge against the super-heroine for thwarting her plans to turn the contestants of the Women with the Longest Hair contest into baldies. It was something she had wanted to for the longest time since she turned Rapunzel into a bald beauty. She never freed the former long-haired beauty from the curse she had put on her.

She had done her research well on her adversary, she knew Wonder Babe’s weaknesses and she intended to use them against her. M’yla only needed to capture the heroine’s magic lasso. A lasso that when used on a person made them tell the truth and force them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. Many of Wonder Babe’s foes had tried the same ploy to steal the magic lasso but their schemes were always too complicated and that is why they failed. But M’yla’s plan was very simple: momentarily blind the busty super-heroine and with a little of her magic speed herself up and whisk the golden rope off her girdle.

The time of their meeting grew near and everything was in place for the bald witch to steal the golden lasso. Wonder Babe carefully walked into the dark mansion, she was ready for almost anything to happen. She made her way to the center of the house and found herself in a darkened room. There was no way out now for her, which was right where M’yla wanted her. The shaven siren did two things to blind her nemesis, she flipped on the harsh spotlights in Wonder Babe’s eyes and blew a powder into them as well. With the aid of her magic she made the dash for the coiled rope on the sexy heroine’s girdle. M’yla snagged it, the plan had worked.

While Wonder Babe tried to clear her lovely blues eyes of the blinding powder, her rope was tossed over her and pulled tight. Her arms were bound to her sides. “I have you now Wonder Babe,” M’yla gloated to her captive, “and you have to do everything I command until I free you from the control of your magic lasso. What should we do first? I know. I’ll have you strip down to your colorful G-string Blunder Boobs.”

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M’yla gave the rope enough slack to where Wonder Babe could free only one of her arms, the right one. Once it was free the rope was pulled tight again. First the golden girdle was unfastened and removed and tossed aside. With the aid of the bald enchantress, the captive heroine was helped out of her red, white, blue and gold trimmed corset/bodice and it too was tossed aside. Now Wonder Babe was just wearing a blue G-string with a white star in the center of it.

“So these are the big tits the guys are dying to see, I guess I’m really lucky in seeing them.” She caressed Wonder Babe’s breasts and tweaked her big pink nipples. “My body is just as beautiful as yours,” M’yla said as she slipped out her black dress. She was just wearing a silver metallic G-string. “Once you finish shaving your head you get to enjoy my gorgeous body.”

“SHAVE MY HEAD!” screamed Wonder Babe. “Please don’t make me shave my head. I needed my hair for everyone to admire me. With me bald no one will take me seriously as a heroine.”

“Exactly. That is why you will give me all of your beautiful black hair Wonder Babe,” M’yla said as she pulled the magic lasso tighter around her nearly naked super-heroine captive.

The black-haired Wonder Babe just stared at the clippers that were placed there by the sorceress, in her unbound right hand as if they were some kind of snake. Their buzzing sound had the busty heroine hypnotized waiting for orders from M’yla to begin clipping off her beautiful dark hair.

“Just wait until I remove your lovely gold tiara from your head then you can start clipping off your gorgeous ebony locks, Wonder Babe. Oh I’m sorry, I mean Wonder Baldie,” the beautiful bald witch ordered as she jerked the tiara from her bound captive’s head.

Wonder Babe couldn’t stop herself as the clippers buzzed a path down the right side of her head. The gorgeous ebony locks fell from her head onto her bare shoulders and the floor. This was the first of many sweeps that would reduce her long dark hair to short stubble. Then she moved the clippers to the left side of her head leaving her with a Mohawk. It was an effort on her part to try to stop herself from clipping all her black hair off. It didn’t work as she had hoped. M’yla’s command couldn’t be disobeyed as she finally ran the clippers down the center of her head. Wonder Babe’s head was now covered with ultra-short stubble.

“Please stop, I don’t want to be completely bald,” begged the closely-clipped busty super-heroine.

“You have thwarted my plan to make beauty contestants bald, so I’ll have my revenge by shaving your head instead. Wonder Babe, get used to being a baldie.” M’yla taunted her “guest” of honor. “You can drop the clippers now Blunder Baldie.”

Wonder Babe did as she was told, the clippers dropped to the floor with a clatter. The hairless enchantress sprayed lather in her own hand and spread it over the cropped heroine’s head. A moan escaped the bound beauty’s lips as M’yla wiped her hands clean of the shaving cream on her big breasts.

“I’m glad you enjoy that. You are going enjoy this even more.” The hairless sorceress handed Wonder Babe a straight razor that would shave her head smooth and shiny. “Now take this and shave your head.”

The razor was flipped open, and it was ready to strip the lather and black stubble from the super-beauty’s head. It would be a difficult and awkward head shaving. Carefully the keen blade was dragged against the left side of her head. It followed the curves of her head. A hairless wake appeared where the razor traveled across Wonder Babe’s ever growing smooth scalp. Whenever she hit a rough spot, M’yla aided her until the aid wasn’t needed anymore. The blade was wiped clean whenever it was full of lather and black stubble. An hour and half later Wonder Babe’s head was as smooth and shiny as her captor’s.

“I can’t make up my mind, Wonder Baldie, if I like you with hair on your head or with your head completely bald. I love your bald head but I know you don’t, that is why I’m keeping your hair,” she said, waving the busty heroine’s shorn black locks in front of her face. “Now for the real fun. Kneel before me, you hairless harlot, and eat me out.”

The beautiful bald heroine did as she was ordered. Using her free hand she pulled down M’yla’s silver G-string. Wonder Babe couldn’t control herself since she was under the control of her own magic lasso. Her long pink tongue sought out her captor’s unhidden clit, she lapped the hairless pussy of M’yla for almost an hour before the hairless enchantress screamed in pleasure.

“I was going to let you go after I shaved you bald but since you did such a good job of eating me out, I think I will keep you as a sex slave with the help of your magic rope.” The bald witch just smiled at the beautiful bald Wonder Babe.

After a few months the world had all but forgotten the super-busty Wonder Babe but M’yla was another story. It seems she had succeeded with her plan to bald the Women with the Longest Hair contest with the help of another bald woman she called Blunder Baldie, the wonderful shaved sex slave. Wonder Babe now serves M’yla because she can’t find the lasso to free herself of the post-suggestive commands of her enslaver. The only question now is where will this bald duo shave next?


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