Without Consent

Without Consent

Without Consent by Shorthaironwomenfan

Sarah was a fifteen-year-old girl with regular shoulder length hair, with an average dull blond color. She had never really had a change in style in her life, and hadn’t ever thought about one until one day in October…

“I wish I could change my hair,” she thought that morning as she brushed her hair. “Something shorter would definitely be nice. It would look good, and be a lot easier to care for.”

That morning she told her mom what she wanted to do with her hair. Her mother’s reply was, “I don’t want you ruining your hair, you’ll thank me for this someday. If you do I’ll ground you for life.”

Sarah replied, “Yes ma’am,” but in reality she was furious. She knew what she wanted, and that one way or another she would do it.

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Two days later…

Sarah was hanging out at the mall with her friends, when she noticed the salon there. “I really want this done,” she thought, “and I know that they are used to giving short crops at this place.”

She told her friends that she needed a haircut, and asked if they would like to join her. They replied yes since there was nothing else to do. So they all walked into the shop, and sat down to wait for Sarah’s turn.

“Who’s next?”

“I am,” replied Sarah.

She sat down in the chair and was caped by the stylist. “What will it be?”

Sarah looked around, she had not thought of what she wanted yet. “I want something really short, but stylish. Do you have any suggestions?”

The woman pointed to the picture on the wall (a short blonde pixie with a blocked nape). “That will suit you well.”

“That’s definitely not average!” Sarah thought to herself, and said, “Sounds good to me, when will we get started?”

The stylist grabbed the scissors, and quickly put Sarah’s hair in a ponytail. “Do you mind if I chop all this off at once?”

“The quicker the better!” Sarah exclaimed.

Suddenly Sarah felt some pressure on her ponytail, and then her hair fell to the ground, and the ones left behind floated down to her neck. “I like this,” Sarah thought to herself.

Then she felt the cold scissors on her neck start to cut. Then they worked their way up the side of her neck, and past her ears. Then the stylist pulled her bangs down and cut them right above her eyebrows. “WOW, I didn’t think it would look this good, and it’s not even done,” she said out loud.

“I knew this style would suit you, you’ll really go crazy once its finished,” the stylist said as she took some hair to be cut at the highest point on her nape.

Sarah just kept watching the mirror as her hair was getting cropped down to 1.5″ on the top of her head, and 3/4″ on the side and back and smiled.

Then, the stylist set down the scissors and pulled out the clippers. She plugged them in and pulled the switch. The clippers roared to life. She placed the taper guard on and went around the ears and nape. Then took that off and did the lower part of the nape without a guard. She then turned the monster that was the clippers off and picked up the straight razor.

“What’s that for?” Sarah asked.

“To accentuate the nape,” she replied as she spread hot lather on the stubble which she had recently cut. Then with 4 quick strokes it was done.

The cape was quickly pulled off Sarah, and she just stared in the mirror. She then messed up her hair, and was delighted to see that its appearance barely changed, unlike that long hair she had been so sick of.

Her friends who had been shocked the whole time just walked out behind her and said nothing. Maybe they liked it and were too scared to admit it, or didn’t know what to say.

The group walked out the mall doors and called for their ride home. Sarah’s mom came to pick them up (Everyone’s parents other than hers were busy).

The car drove up about 30 minutes later, and it hit Sarah. “What will she do to me?”

They all got in the car, and then Sarah’s mom realized that Sarah had left something, her hair. She then questioned Sarah. “What did you do to your hair? I told you not to cut it, I ought to….” but then remembered that Sarah was not the only person in the car, and decided to hold her tongue.

Once they got home she looked at it, started filling up with anger, but then it hit her. The cut looked awesome. Her only reply was, “Nice cut Sarah!”

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