The Window by Buzz

I watched in the window as she raised the scissors up to her forehead. Her bangs hung to just below her highly arched eyebrows. With a steady hand, she started to cut from one side of her forehead to the other. I watched as the small locks of red hair fell softly to the floor. Her whole face opened up and I could see her grin as she chopped off more and more of her bangs. When she finished, her bangs fell to mid forehead. I then watched as she brought up a comb and recombed her bangs down straight.

Then she brought up the scissors once more and started to cut again at her perfectly straight and blunt bangs. The hair fell quickly as she hacked the lovely curtain of bangs off to a length considered too short for most people. I watched as she cut them almost to the hairline. Her lovely bangs were no more. Left were just stubs of hair where once long straight bangs hung.

I was in awe as she stood back from the window. She brushed off the clippings that fell from her stubby bangs and knocked them to the floor. She then removed her top to reveal a set of pert breasts. She looked lovely.

I then watched as she took the bristle brush and brushed her long shoulder length hair all about her shoulders. Her hair curled as it touched her shoulders, the colour of candy apple. She then put the brush down and brought her hand up and gathered her long shoulder length hair up in a high ponytail. and then proceeded to comb down about 3 inches of hair from the back of her head. I watched as she sectioned of a line of hair midway between her ears with precision, she parted the hair into a perfect part.

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Now she pulled all the upper hair into a tight ponytail, pulled so tight, that her little bangs were pulled almost straight up from her scalp.

She then took the brush and combed down the hair that hung between her ears. It hung straight and looked sensual as it touched her shoulders. She looked like a vixen with the high ponytail.

I then witnessed her take a pair of scissors and grab the hair that hung down from the part and hack it off without taking any care. She slashed it off close to the scalp, leaving only stubble where once hung a blanket of red hair. I then watched her dust the long cut off hair from her back and shoulders. She reached over and grabbed something from the window sill. It was a set of battery operated clippers. She then brought up a hand mirror to view her handiwork. Then with the other hand she brought up the clippers and started to shave away her stubble. I witnessed her shaving her hair up to the part. She looked so sexy as I watched the hair being shaved away.

When she was done, all that was left of her once long red hair was a white stubbly scalp. She was bald from the bottom to the top of her nape. She brushed the hair off her nude top and then took her hair out of the elastic. Her hair once again was its lovely length, touching her bare shoulders. She then brushed her hair out once again and turned her nude body to the window, so I could fully see her. It was then that she motioned me to come into the house. I stopped rubbing myself and got out of the car. I went into the house and my wife beckoned me to join her in our bedroom. I grabbed the clippers as I passed the window and my wife smiled at me….


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