Willing Deception

Willing Deception

Willing Deception – Dreadlocks

Cindy stopped to adjust her hair in the mirror as she had a hundred times as she was walking out the door. Her dirty blonde hair reached nearly to her jeans and always fell in perfect waves down her back. She loved her hair and so did everybody else. As she reached the car the heat was so intense that Cindy could feel the perspiration on her back already. “It’s got to be a hundred degrees out here!” She said it out loud and looked around to see a young girl playing in the yard next door. She had her hair cut very short in a boy’s style. She didn’t seem to mind the heat at all.

As Cindy arrived at work the thought of sitting in that office all day with no air conditioning was just too much. She gathered up her hair and put it up with a twist and resigned herself to the inevitable.

The day was going slowly, but Cindy knew that all she would be doing at home would be watching TV or something, so she might as well be making money. Julie, a good friend, popped into Cindy’s cubicle to show off her new style. Julie had always had middle of the back hair and now it was cropped off to the middle of her ears. The back was shaved up to the bottom of the drastic bowl cut and it flopped around playfully as Julie showed it off.

“It’s sooo cool, not have all that hair to take care of, and it’s a lot more comfortable in this heat I’ll tell you!” Julie spouted. She allowed Cindy to run her hand over the shaved nape that was so white and smooth.

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“How did they get your neck so smooth?” Cindy asked inquisitively.

“Well I’ll tell you, I really wasn’t going to go this short but the fellow at the salon said that I would look great in a short bob. I agreed to let him do it and after it was cut he layered the back into the bob. As he showed it to me in the mirror I asked him if he could make it any shorter in the back and he smiled and asked ‘How short?’ I felt my mischief bone rattling and said how about we shave it up to the bob part. He laughed of course and asked if I was serious, I said, ‘Absolutely,’ and before I could change my mind he had run the clippers up my neck and had reduced my entire nape to stubble. I was so excited, what a change! Then without asking he ran some lather from that machine and rubbed it on my exposed neck and began shaving it with a straight razor. I couldn’t believe how sexy that felt, having that razor shave what only moments before had sported 15 inches of hair. I almost wished I had more to shave it felt so good but I didn’t dare do anything that drastic.” Julie bounced out of the room and Cindy couldn’t help but follow her with her eyes, admiring her shiny white neck.

All the way home in the car, Cindy thought about Julie and her shaving experience at the salon. She wondered if she would have the nerve to do anything like that. It was nearly six o’clock and it was still blistering outside. She walked up to her apartment and unlocked the door, flopping onto the sofa. She slipped out of her clothes and sat naked on the edge of the cushion trying to cool off. No use, it was just too warm. Time for a cool bath.

Cindy lay back in the tub, reveling in the comfort of the moment. She looked down at her legs and decided that it was time to shave the stubble. Reaching for the disposable on the rack, Cindy slowly shaved her legs clean, being careful to shape her bush the way she had a hundred times. Without even thinking she let the razor push deeper into her curly mound than she ever had before.

“Oh God, look what I did!” She looked down at the razor path that reached almost to the top of her sex and resigned that she might as well finish the job. Quickly and methodically Cindy shaved her pubic hair away, not stopping with the hair on her mound but even denuding her lips as well. Having never done anything like this before, Cindy was shocked to see herself look so exposed: she looked like a five-year-old. She ran her hand over herself and was happy with the sensation. “My, what a difference that makes, I can’t believe I waited so long to do that.”

Cindy hopped out of the tub and let the water drain out. As she was admiring her handiwork in the mirror, she looked up at her long blonde mop that hung wet and dripping from her head. “Well, I guess one good turn deserves another.” Cindy reached for the scissors on the dressing table and held them up to her hair, raising and lowering them along its length trying to decide where to cut. “I know, I’ll flip a coin and see how short it should be, that way there’s no chickening out. Whatever the coin says I’ll do without question.” Cindy was shaking with excitement as she found a nickel on her dresser and returned to the bathroom. She was really going to cut her hair. She decided that she would flip the coin five times and each time the coin came up “heads” she would add six inches to the cut. The first toss was heads and Cindy knew that she would be cutting at least six inches off her beautiful blonde locks. Well, she wouldn’t have to worry about getting it caught when she tucked in her shirt any more, good! The second toss was heads too! “Wow, a foot has to go, this is turning into a serious haircut.” Cindy was shaking more than ever now as she perched the nickel on her thumb for the third toss.

“Tails!” Still a foot has to go, and two more tosses of the coin. Cindy dropped the coin and it came up Tails again. “Well that wasn’t a proper toss was it!” she whispered, picking up the coin and tossing it high in the air. It landed over in the corner of the room and as Cindy crawled over to it she saw that it was indeed heads.

“I’m losing 18″ of hair, oh my God, that’s off my shoulders.” Cindy was very nervous indeed. This was going to change her appearance drastically. She knew there was another toss to go as she sheepishly reached for the coin, evil thing. Cindy held the coin in her hands, knowing that one more heads and it was going to be to the top of her ears.

She sat down on the floor and spread her legs out straight in a “V” and prepared to toss the coin. She looked down at her shaved sex. “You’re to blame for this, you naughty little toy, you,” she said, and with that Cindy tossed the coin in the air. Cindy watched as it made its revolutions in the air and came to rest right in front of her sex. Cindy was afraid to look down but she knew she had to. There was Mr. Jefferson looking back at her from between her legs. “Oh nooo!” Cindy was determined not to back out now as she picked herself off of the floor and looked back into the mirror. “Forget about the coin, Cindy, just give yourself a good trim and go to bed.” She raised the scissors to her shoulders and began to cut but something inside of her knew that she was only betraying herself. A tear rolled down her cheek as she raised the scissors to her eyebrow and began to cut back along the side of her head. 24 inches of hair was cascading onto the floor in sheets as she blades of the scissors sawed through Cindy’s tresses. Cindy continued cutting over the top of her right ear and around to the back of her head. She realized that she would have to shave what hung below the cut she was now making. “Oh God, what am I doing to my hair?” She began to cut the left side the same as the right, over the top of the ear and around the back to the middle. When she had finished the cut around she grabbed the mirror and held it up to see the back. “Oh, shit!” Cindy realized that the two cuts didn’t line up at all. The left cut was about an inch shorter than the right and angled up towards her crown. “Well, Ill just have to even it up is all,” she whimpered as she reached again for the scissors. After a couple of attempts at evening out the cut, Cindy started to get really worried that it wasn’t going all that well. She had managed to bring the right side up to the length of the left side but now the back was a lot shorter than the sides and looked stupid.

“I’ll just leave that alone for a while and cut off the stuff below for now.” Cindy began hacking away the hair below the super short bob, as close to skin as possible until her nape was neatly trimmed down to a razorable length. Cindy looked at herself in the mirror and laughed. “You look like a monk,” she giggled as she began shaving her nape with her disposable razor. “I see what Julie meant, this is enjoyable.”

When she had finished shaving her neck and began to realize just how short the back of her hair was, Cindy got a funny feeling in her gut. She ran her hand over the smooth surface of her nape and up and over her occipital bone, an inch past her occipital bone until it finally touched her remaining hair. “Oh, my God look at me.” She looked again at the monkish figure staring back at her. “Maybe if I just try to even out the sides with the back it won’t look so silly back there,” she justified. She once again raised the scissors to her head but she was fighting something. “No, I won’t.” She pressed her freshly shaven mound into the corner of the wash basin. “Nooooo!” She raised the scissors up and took a snip at her hair quickly and randomly and just as quickly set them back down on the sink. There was a slash across her bangs. Not all the hair had been cut but enough to make it look hacked. “Well that won’t do, will it?” Rubbing into the corner of the basin now she grabbed the scissors again and made several random cuts into her hair, again and again until it was a true disaster. Cindy rocked back and forth on the basin’s edge as she began grabbing handfuls of hair and snipping them off as close to her scalp as she could. Cindy placed the blades flat on her forehead and closed them over and over again as they moved back over her quickly balding head. Without stopping for a breath Cindy wet down what was left of her hair and began to shave it off. She ran the blade slowly back over the middle of her head and over the crown until there was a streak of white scalp running from front to back. She grabbed a fresh razor and again shaved over the top and again. Cindy was so lost in the moment that she hadn’t noticed that she was being watched. Stroke after stroke she made until she was completely bald. She stopped for a moment to catch her breath, running her hand over her smooth pate and simultaneously over her shaved sex. All around her were the remnants of her crowning glory, removed from her head by her own hand. She looked down and saw the nickel on the floor and bent to pick it up and saw something in the corner of her eye. Spinning around quickly, there was Julie standing in the doorway of the bathroom.

“Well, well. What on earth did you do to your hair Cin? Looks like I missed the fun!” Cindy was turning 20 shades of red, standing naked and shaved completely hairless in front of a friend. Cindy knew how wild this must look to Julie who always thought of Cindy as the conservative type. Here she was naked, shaved pussy, shaved head and a bathroom full of blonde tresses.

“I got a little carried away with the razor, you see I was shaving my legs…”

“…and you slipped, right. And it all followed after that.” Julie smiled a knowing smile and lowered her jeans to reveal a completely hairless pussy. Cindy looked a little puzzled, scratching her bald head and again being caught off guard by its feel. “Now it’s my turn, sweetie.” Julie stripped out of her clothes and sat on the commode and grabbed the razor off the sink. “But first let’s finish you up, kneel in front of me please.”

Cindy, almost in a trance, did as she was asked. Julie then ran the razor over Cindy’s brow removing the last vestiges of hair from her body. Cindy leaned over to look into the mirror. Without her eyebrows she lost all facial expression, such an alien appearance, but one she would soon learn to love. She slowly and deliberately began shearing Julie’s hair from her head, until she too was ready for the razor.

Later as the two naked ladies talked into the night, Cindy asked Julie why she had insisted on keeping her eyebrows.

“This is the symbol of my dominance over you Cindy. You see, without your eyebrows you are quite subordinate in appearance. I on the other hand can don a wig and go out into the world looking quite normal.” Julie ran her hand over Cindy’s smooth head and smiled. “You want to be my slave, don’t you Cindy” Mesmerized, Cindy nodded and lowered her bare head in submission. What was happening to her? She had completely shaved herself and now she was a lesbian slave.

“You see Cindy, I am next in line for your job at work and you are about to resign.” Tomorrow I will deliver your letter of resignation and I will of course be stepping into your place as manager.” All Cindy could do was obey, she found herself getting a piece of paper and writing out her resignation and handing it to Julie. “Good slave. Now, just in case you were wondering how this is all possible, Cin, you know those tapes that I lent you about a week ago on success in management, well they were really subliminal messages that I programmed especially for you dear. You are now and always will be my complete and total slave.”

Julie was fussing with something at the back of her head and then to Cindy’s amazement, Julie peeled off a skin tight wig skin allowing her long tresses to flop down her back. “Well, I couldn’t very well expect to get your job with a bald head now could I? I’ve got to get going now slave, but I’ll be back tomorrow with my things to move in. I’ll be taking your car.” Julie headed for the door

“Oh, by the way, there’s a box in the hallway that will be your responsibility. Open it and read the instructions inside.” Cindy watched as Julie drove off in her car and then fetched the box from the hallway. Opening it she found a case of a thousand razors and a note.

“These are for you, slave, as you will never again be allowed any hair anywhere. Each morning you will take your fresh razor and shave yourself as you did today. This is the first of many tasks that I shall be demanding of you, but it is by far the most important, for this is the symbol of your submission to me.

“Love, Mistress Julie.”

Cindy carried the box into the bathroom and carefully unpacked its contents. She cleared the shelf that contained all her haircare products and threw them away and then painstakingly arranged her new razors on the shelf. As she was cleaning up the bathroom she realized that her life as she knew it was over, but it was also a new beginning.


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