Wife’s Short Haircut Surprise

Wife's Short Haircut Surprise

Wife’s Short Haircut Surprise – Cindy58868

I had tried a new hairstylist myself a few months ago. The first time I went she just gave me a light trim, but each time I returned she seemed to cut my hair shorter. My wife liked my hair and said she needed a cut herself. I suggested she make an appointment with my stylist, which she did. When she came in the stylist combed out her hair and commented that her hair was in bad condition, the ends were damaged, and that she would need to take off a few inches. My wife always had worn her hair long, straight and one length. She arrived with below shoulder-length hair. The stylist started cutting her hair and hair started falling. My wife seemed very nervous and said, “Please don’t cut too much off,” but the stylist kept cutting off three-inch pieces. She also started to cut layers in and cut the top pieces as short as three inches. Hair was piling up on the floor and tears started forming in her eyes. She said to the stylist that she was cutting too much off. The stylist said, “Leave it to me, let me finish – you will like it.” She kept cutting and cutting. After about twenty minutes of snipping, she was done. My wife was left with a short layered bob. When we drove home, she cried the whole way home and called the stylist a bitch.


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