Wife’s Shaved Head

Wife's Shaved Head

I have long been a lover of female baldness and buzz cuts. Unfortunately, my wife has never been thrilled with the look. She has accepted a compromise in recent times, though. She wears her hair short, with the back clipped to about 1/2 inch or so. In exchange, I quit bugging her about shaving her head. Well, I figured a buzzed nape was better than nothing at all, so I agreed.

That was a few years ago, and neither my wife nor I had brought up the subject of a bald head until a few nights ago.

While we were watching TV and flipping channels, the most bizarre set of coincidences occured. First we passed the movie Alien 3, with the bald Sigourney Weaver. Then a local talk show with a bald woman as the guest. A few channels later we came across a Sinead O’Connor music video and then a clip of a female stand-up comic who shaves her head smooth. There were no fewer than four images of bald women in just a few minutes, something heaven-sent to someone like me who loves the look, but I could tell it was making my wife uncomfortable. She did notice my excitement though.

“Have you been paying attention to what we’ve been watching?”

I feigned ignorance, “why do you ask?”

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“Just that we’ve run across quite a number of women who have that haircut you loved so much, I figured you would be wide eyed and alert.”

“Well, I just haven’t thought about it much lately,” I told her. I lied, I had spent my afternoon re-reading all the text stories I have on the subject and watching the one video I have showing a woman getting sheared.

My wife walked away a few minutes later, and wandered back towards the bedroom. A few minutes later, she came back out wearing her sexy black teddy and lured me back into the bedroom. She had decided it was time to trim her pubic hair again. That in itself is strange, because usually I have to coax her into it. However, I could tell she was up to something. After we exchanged pubic haircuts, we cuddled in bed. My wife again broke the silence. “Does a woman shaving her head still excite you?”

I was torn, should I tell her no and miss out on whatever she might have in mind or should I tell her yes and risk getting her upset at me. I decided to play both sides of the fence.

“Well, somewhat. Not as much as it used to.”

“Liar, I remember what you were like a couple weeks ago at the mall.”

She was referring to the night recently when we went to the mall to get her monthly trim and nape buzz. When we got there, another woman was just climbing into the chair. She had blonde hair, almost to her shoulders. She was quite attractive and relatively young, around 25 or 30. When the stylist asked her how she wanted her hair done, she shocked everyone. “I am getting tired of this look and the time it takes to do my hair. I want my hair mostly shaved, the back and sides as smooth as you can get it, and the top clipped to about a half inch or so.” My wife gasped, and I immediately started to pay attention. The stylist took the clippers and went to work. About halfway through, my wife reached over me to get something to read and noticed the signifcant bulge in my jeans. It was very difficult to hide.

I had to come up with something. “Well, I will admit it is a turn-on, but I don’t obsess with it the way I used to.” I was hoping this would let me off the hook with my wife.

She thought for a moment, and then said “I was hoping you would say that. You see, after that night at the mall, I thought about it quite a bit. I was unsure of whether I should be upset with you for still getting turned on by it, or if I should let it go. A couple days later though, I was shopping and bought one of those bald caps, you know you would put it over your hair, and it would look like you were bald. Well, I tried it out, and it looked great! I was surprised at how good it looked on me. So I decided I would take the next step, which was to go wig shopping. I hunted and hunted and finally found a couple that look like my natural hair. I couldn’t even tell the difference. In fact, a few days ago, you couldn’t either. I had one on when I came home, and you didn’t seem to notice it. Well, that meant I was ready to go through with it.”

I was getting excited as she was saying this, and I could tell she was too. She continued with her tale.

“Are you ready to fulfil your greatest fantasy? Are you ready to shave my head totally bald?”

I have to admit, I wasn’t ready for that, but I didn’t waste any time saying yes.

We moved to the bathroom, grabbing the clippers on the way. My wife sat down while I took a brush and started stroking her hair one last time. I asked her if she was ready to go through with this, and that she didn’t have to if she didn’t want to.

Enthusiastically she answered me, “Yes, I’m ready. Do it. Shave my head bald!”

I grabbed the clippers and put on the guard that would leave her hair about 1/2 inch long. My wife jumped as I turned them on, but wasn’t at all nervous. I started clipping the hair in the back, leaving it only slightly shorter than her normal buzzed nape. Once the back was done, I moved to the right side. I went slowly and cautiously at first, both to drag things out and to give her a chance to back out if she wanted to. When she didn’t flinch at all, I started working my way further up the sides, little by little reaching the top. After a few moments my wife sported a nice 1/2 inch buzz cut.

I asked her if she was ready to continue. She smiled and said, “Keep shaving.”

I removed the attachment and placed the clipper blades just in front of her ear. Pulling it back, my wife looked up and saw the first patch of clean white scalp. I kept going up the sides and around the back, leaving the top for last. Finally she was left with just a strip down the middle of her head. “There goes the last of it,” I said as the clippers removed the last of the hair.

My wife raised her hand and felt her scalp, covered with just stubble. “It feels good, but you aren’t done yet.” She picked up a razor and said, “Be careful shaving it smooth.”

I smiled and told her I had no intention of nicking that beautiful head of hers. Taking the shaving cream, I lathered her head and started to shave away the stubble. Bit by bit, the stubble disappeared. I took my time, again to stretch out the process and get both her and I even more turned on. After a while (it seemed like forever), I had removed all the shaving cream. My wife questioned me when I lathered up her head again.

“I just want to make sure it is perfectly smooth,” I answered. Again, after a few minutes that seemed to take hours, my wife’s head was perfectly and smoothly bald. She reached up and felt her newly shaved scalp and smiled. “Perfect,” she answered. We both left the bathroom and jumped into bed to enjoy her new and lovely look.

Great story isn’t it? Too bad only the first paragraph is true. The rest is pure fantasy. Well, maybe someday …..


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